Connie Podesta

Award Winning Author, Emcee, Speaker & Internationally Recognized Success Leader

Connie Podesta is a game-changing, moneymaking, sales- generating, idea innovator whose rare blend of laugh-out-loud humor, out-of-the-box strategies and signature tell-it-like-it-is delivery style have made her one of the most talked about and entertaining motivational speakers in the marketplace today.

Connie has spoken in front of more than 2 million people worldwide and 1,000 organizations in every major industry. She is a two-time award-winning author of seven books, a radio/TV personality, comedienne, playwright and Organizational Therapist. She is an international speaker on Change, Leadership, Sales, Branding and Diversity. Bottom line: Get ready! Connie is a whirlwind of energy and ideas that will definitely help you GET WHAT YOU WANT out of life!


  • Stand Out from the Crowd: How to Be No. 1 and Stay There!
  • Sales... Like You’ve Never Heard It Before
  • Life Would Be Easy.... If It Weren’t for Other People!
  • How to Get What You Want... The Right Way!
  • Leadership... Like You’ve Never Heard It Before
  • Diversity: Helping People Understand People