John Addison

Leadership Editor of SUCCESS Magazine, Best-Selling Author & Former Co-CEO of Primerica

John Addison, former co-CEO of Primerica from 1999 to 2015, emerged as a leader shortly after joining the company in the early 1980s.  John helped navigate the company in the years following its acquisition by what became Citigroup. He became president of Primerica in 1995 and co-CEO in 1999. He and Rick Williams created one of the most successful IPOs of the decade.

Guiding the sales force through these monumental changes, while also working to keep morale high, developed John’’s passion and talent for motivating others and allowed him to inspire and empower over a million people during his career. In addition to his stellar reputation as a businessman, John has made a name for himself as a top-rated speaker, renowned for using his down-home delivery and humor to provide insight and wisdom on leadership, personal development and success.

Today, the former co-CEO and thought leader is focusing on his passion of helping people become the best they can be as Leadership Editor of SUCCESS magazine. He truly understands how to inspire and motivate and will share his insight with your field to help them achieve the success they crave. John’’s best-selling book Real Leadership, full of his insight and inimitable humor, can be found at bookstores nationwide.


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