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Serial entrepreneur, family man and action-taker. Darin’s philosophy on life revolves around Faith, Family, then Finance. He loves mentoring entrepreneurs that want to make an impact on the world!

Darin is a renowned leader and former Multiple Seven Figure Earner in the network marketing profession, global keynote speaker, executive trainer, mentor and coach. Before leaving the profession as a distributor, Darin built massive teams all over the world and earned awards for recruiting, retention and sales.

He has owned profitable franchises, built online businesses with a digital brand and created a vast following on social media. Darin has been featured in various magazines and books, along with being on an advisory council with John Maxwell.

Darin enjoys spending time with his wife and five children when he is not focused on work. However, he was not always a successful businessman. Over twenty years ago, he was bankrupt and felt like a failure. He managed to emerge from that experience with a unique perspective and an “I Will Until” attitude on life.

The experiences of Darin’s life have made him an inspiring and relatable person. He genuinely wants to help people “be more, do more, and have more” in their life. He has mentored people with all kinds of backgrounds, including Students, Stay at Home Moms, Waiters, Doctors, Lawyers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Engineers.

Darin Kidd

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If you're looking for someone to transform your people, Darin Kidd is the best speaker you could have. Dr. Fab Mancini
They're always absolutely impressed. I can't recommend Darin Kidd enough. He's one of the few people that I'm always willing to put in front of my audience because they're always absolutely impressed. Their minds are blown. It always increases my credibility because I'm associated with this guy. Honestly, whatever this guy's doing, you always want to be a part of it. Rob Sperry, 8-Time Author and International Speaker
He's more than just a great story teller. He's a mindset developer! I cannot recommend Darin enough. He's one of the best leadership trainers around! Trinity Ables Hanson, Executive Director