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Founder of New Age C.E.O.S.


Justin Owens is an award-winning author, speaker, sales trainer, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder & CEO of New Age CEOS International, Inc. And Run the Play Inc. organizations that specialize in awakening leaders to their true potential.

With over 30 million in sales generated over his career, Justin is keenly focused on mentoring high-level trainers, salespersons, and entrepreneurs. His book, Run The Play Playbook: Leadership 101, shares leadership and communication strategies that allowed him to lead and run multi-million dollar organizations.

His visionary perspective has established him as a thought leader and influencer while earning him opportunities to work on global campaigns with Fortune 500 companies—and now he wants to share his knowledge with the leaders of tomorrow. He’s on a mission to empower emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms. He believes that success doesn’t have a look, age, creed, color, or gender.

When he’s not traveling the world mentoring and guiding the next wave of champions, he’s being a top notch #GirlDad to his daughter. Justin currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Justin Owens

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