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Growth Mindset Coach and Founder of 100% Human


Karen M. Allen (formerly Karen Millsap) is a Mindset Expert, TEDx Speaker, and the founder of the 100% Human movement.  She is passionate about equipping individuals with the tools and resources to feel better, live better, and achieve their goals with a healthy mindset. 

She empowers highly motivated individuals and business leaders to harness the power of their mindset and develop the self-awareness necessary to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. 

After the unexpected loss of her husband followed by years of transformational experiences, Karen reclaimed control of her fate by rediscovering and healing herself from the inside out. Since 2014, Karen has been studying the human mind, positive psychology, and post traumatic growth. Combine this with her own experience, and you have a trifecta that not many other speakers or coaches can offer. 

Karen is the creator of the mental exercise: Stop + Shift. She developed this method to help people jumpstart their mental strength training. It’s a simple, yet powerful, technique that teaches individuals how to let go of negative thought cycles and move to more productive and positive thinking. 

Karen’s client list includes Google, Experian, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, Travelers Insurance, YouTube, WD-40, Raymond James & Associates, Women’s Foodservice Forum, and many more! Her work has been featured in Forbes, SHRM magazine, on Good Morning America, MSNBC, and many others!

Karen received her undergraduate degree in Communication from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. 

Karen M. Allen

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STOP & SHIFT: A Mental Exercise to Reset Your Mindset
100% HUMAN: 3 Guideposts for a Human-Centric Culture


Karen was our keynote speaker for International Women’s Week 2022, sponsored by Women in Experian ERG. Karen truly knocked it out of the park and the survey gave her glowing reviews! Her ‘Stop and Shift’ message was filled with personal stories and practical application for everyday life. She had us fully engaged throughout the session! We want to have Karen back and we highly recommend her for other speaking events. Experian
Karen is a world class speaker that is bringing the missing link to corporate America, deeper human connection. She is a remarkable communicator that carries a vital message to the workplace. Her story of perseverance is one that will make a lasting impact for your organization. I was overwhelmed with the amount of reaction to Karen's keynote at our town hall event. I honestly did not realize the size of the need for this transparent message. If you want your team's culture to be transformed into a united one, you must bring in Karen to speak or do a workshop. Sprint
We 100% recommend Karen for your next event. We decided to book Karen because one of her LinkedIn courses matched our conference theme, but we had no idea what we were getting. Karen's presentation was easily one of the best of the conference and she kept the audience engaged. We all left refreshed, motivated, and ready to implement Stop & Shift in our daily lives. She pushed forward the idea that if you are a state of growth individually, you will be in your professional capacity as well! Nothing but 5 stars from the team at Thomson Reuters. Can't wait to have her back! Thomson Reuters