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Rory Vaden is the world’s leading expert on the psychology of influence—which he defines as moving ourselves and others to take action. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success and Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, and his insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, on Good Morning America and Fox News national television. He is comfortable on camera, and thanks to his experience as a Hall of Fame speaker and 8-figure entrepreneur, Rory has become a trusted voice by both the media and consumers alike.

Whether it’s viral videos on YouTube, some of the highest rated podcast interviews of all-time or just a casual conversation on a social media live broadcast, Rory excels and engages in all types of interview environments. He will add tremendous value to your audience and is always easy and professional to work with. His home studio includes green screen, full lighting and high-quality audio for convenient virtual interviews.

Rory holds an MBA and has started five different multi-million dollar enterprises from scratch. While he is available to appear as an expert guest on a variety of breaking-news subjects, he is invited most frequently to share his pithy and practical tips and opinions on topics such as:

  • Personal development and productivity
  • Small business growth and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and executive trustworthiness
  • Brand strategy and marketing effectiveness

Rory Vaden

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Personal Development and Productivity
Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurship
Leadership and Executive Trustworthiness
Brand Strategy and Marketing Effectiveness


Rory showed us a refreshing new look at discipline that motivated and educated our people. His message hit the mark and he did a wonderful job showing our group he understood our industry and company. CLU, Chief Development Officer Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual
Rory captivated the sold-out audience, nearly 600 individuals. Thanks to his amazing presentation, we raised a record amount of funds. MSW Chief Executive Officer of “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County
Rory Vaden has a unique ability to inspire and empower those in his audience. His energy, humor and wisdom created the environment to connect with all ages. Rory’s self-discipline strategy has made a strong impact on my organization. National Sales Director of Mary Kay