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    Walter Nusbaum is President of The Nusbaum Group and the author of “Do You Have What It Takes?” and “The Sink: Radical Transformation With One Small Change”

    Walter is a highly sought after speaker who travels all over the country speaking on leadership development, driving higher levels of employee engagement and the art and science of shaping organizational culture.  He has spent the past 20 years speaking to and working closely with senior executive teams, managers/supervisors and non-profit organizations of all sizes.   From the small private firm to the Fortune 100 corporation, Walter takes key growth strategies and helps to implement them in order to drive greater growth and productivity.

    Walter’s academic background is in strategic management, philosophy and leadership development.  He lives in Denton, Texas with his wife Stacey and their 4 children.

    Walter Nusbaum

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    Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture: The Seven Traits of Healthy Cultures
    Radical Transformation Through One Small Change: The Sink Philosophy
    The Building of a Leader
    Growing Your Influence: Understanding Others and Connecting With Them
    The Virtuous Leader: Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow
    Drifting Towards Failure, Striving Towards Excellence


    Walter was one of our keynote speakers for our OKC Elevate professional development conference and his presentation was a huge hit! The feedback from those in attendance was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and we would recommend Walter to anyone looking for a dynamic communicator that knows how to connect with their audience. Cynthia Reid, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
    Walter Nusbaum delivers powerful, pragmatic, real-life presentations which always captures the hearts and minds of our organization. We always love bringing Walter back to speak to our teams! Joe Sauger, SVP, Engineering & Compliance Services; Buckeye Partners, L.P.
    If you are looking for a dynamic and powerful speaker to challenge people and make a real impact in the way they think and act afterwards, then Walter Nusbaum is your speaker. We could not be more pleased with the outcomes from his presentations and are excited to bring him back since we have had so many requests! Brittany Hebert Franklin, CEO, Sky High