10 Best Financial Speakers for Hire

Hiring a professional financial guest speaker offers benefits you may not yet know. Yes, you encourage your financial team and top brass to consider new, better approaches to wealth management. But education in personal finance benefits not only your employees—it benefits your company.

Lack of money management skills among staff can lead to financial hardship. This financial stress results in job and wage dissatisfaction, distraction on the job and even substance abuse. Hiring a financial expert to speak at your next corporate event provides associates with the inspiration to take charge of their own lives, and educates them on the real-world tools required to do so. With that in mind, let’s look at 10 of the most influential financial keynote speakers now available for hire:

Sharon Lechter

Understanding your finances begins with financial literacy. No one delivers the goods quite like keynote speaker Sharon Lechter. This five-time New York Times best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich for Women and Three Feet from Gold has pulled audiences to their feet at more than 1000 keynote presentations. Most importantly, Lechter’s expertise in finance has made her world-recognized as a foremost financial speaker, having delivered addresses for companies such as IBM, American Express and The California Women’s Conference. If you seek to hire a woman speaker, or simply want one of the best financial literacy speakers available today, Lechter needs to be on your short-list.

Anthony O’Neal

Financial debt affects individuals and corporations alike. Finance speaker Anthony O’Neal knows that debt means more than interest payments. It impacts growth, risk management and the ability to successfully leverage your top assets. When not writing best-selling books such as Destroy Your Student Loan Debt and Teen Entrepreneur, O’Neal has helped millions overcome their debt with his podcast, The Table. His actionable message of living debt-free offers a complete shift in both your mental and spiritual mindset, and the results have made him one of the most popular speakers today.

Grant Cardone

Crowdfunding has evolved from a short-term debt management or startup solution to a means of massive long-term growth. World-renowned author of The 10X Rule, keynote speaker Grant Cardone has assisted millions to better leverage, manage and defeat debt. His crowdfunding solution, Cardone Capital, leverages crowdfunding options to help real estate investors and others live their best debt-free lives. Cardone has been featured in Forbes, Fox Business and MSNBC as a leading authority in portfolio development and value creation.

James Whittaker

The best financial planners minimize risk in cool markets and maximize profits during hot times. Slow and steady wins the race, but keeping your team enthusiastically on board can be difficult. Financial planner and tech guru James Whittaker knows firsthand how to navigate every inch of these confusing financial waters, bringing a 10-year career in financial planning to every keynote address. Also a best-selling author, entrepreneur and former Google engineering director behind Google Chrome and Google Maps, Whittaker has engaged audiences at companies including Success and Yahoo Business.

Tom Corley

Individuals and teams each develop habits, both good and bad. In turn, those habits contribute greatly to your health, happiness and financial success. Internationally-recognized speaker, author and CPA Tom Corley has devoted his career to the study of habits that contribute to—or detract from—accumulation of wealth. His books, including Rich Habits Poor Habits and Change Your Habits: Change Your Life, stem from five years of research on both the wealthy and the impoverished. As with his books, Corley’s keynote addresses change lives by helping people understand the common practices that drive financial success.

Leanne Jacobs

Holistic wealth creation coach and professional speaker Leanne Jacobs wants you to be both wealthier and happier. A devotee of both physical and spiritual fitness, she doesn’t believe that we need to sacrifice our health to obtain and manage wealth. Her book Beautiful Money: The 4-Week Total Wealth Makeover invites readers to achieve wealth by connecting their inner selves with clear, external actions and goals. A former executive working with L’Oreal, Nike, Johnson & Johnson and others, Jacobs’ presentations provide energy and clarity that captivates audiences and changes perspectives.

Steve Burns

One big piece of your finance management may include trading in stocks. Yet for many, navigating the regulations, taxes and understanding the best values may seem imposing to some. And an error can be costly. Stock trading expert Steve Burns makes the complexity of the stock market understandable for new investors. A trader since 1995, Burns founded New Trader U in 2011. Burns has also written numerous best-selling books with his wife Holly as co-author,  including New Trader Rich Trader and The Ultimate Guide to Technical Analysis.

Suze Orman

A widely recognized celebrity speaker, author and former television host, Suze Orman provides expertise in finance including wealth growth and management. Among her many best-selling books, you will find useful financial advice from titles including The Road to Wealth and The Ultimate Retirement Guide. Orman also hosts the popular podcast Women & Money. As one of the top speakers in the world today, Orman provides leadership and knowledge in financial topics such as home ownership, student debt management, credit card debt and more.

Nicole Lapin

Guest speaker, podcaster and author Nicole Lapin advises on personal savings, wealth management and financial issues of particular interest to women. She is widely recognized as a former anchor for CNN, Bloomberg and CNBC. Her best-selling books Boss Bitch and Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start Investing and Grow Your Own Wealth advise readers at a practical level on how to understand and make the best financial choices. At a broader level, she inspires readers and listeners alike to live their best lives with greater financial freedom

Peter Ricchiuti

Investment advisor, radio host and best-selling author Peter Ricchiuti has a powerful history in finance. He has worked with some of the best, including Kidder Peabody in Boston, and managed the state of Louisiana’s $3 billion investment portfolio. He has spoken worldwide with both honesty and humor, engaging audiences with laughter as they learn the financial habits that lead to success. His books, including Being Your Own Boss Is Terrific and Stocks Under Rocks: How to Uncover Overlooked, Profitable Market Opportunities, assist novices and advanced investors alike in better planning for a better, more prosperous future.