Billy Goldberg Optimizes Work Cultures for Growth

Billy Goldberg has what it takes to help you uncover new opportunities and build entrepreneurial mindsets within your company. As an executive coach and keynote speaker, he works with clients to leverage irresistible work cultures for optimized relationships, growth and profit. 

Pulling from his own background in sales and business development, he has put his leadership acumen to work in founding his own company, The Buckeye Group, based in Beverly Hills, California. With company clients as diverse as Part and Parcel, The Wild Unknown and SUCCESS, Goldberg has established himself as an executive coach.

Who is Goldberg?

Goldberg developed a heart-centered, mindful approach to business leadership early in his career. He served as an agent at William Morris and further developed his financial expertise as a vice president with the Bank of America. He also filled the role of account executive at the Tennis Channel and Gannet Sports. In each case, he learned to see where systems were inefficient and how work cultures could be improved through optimized talent management and hiring.

Bottom line entrepreneurial expertise

Goldberg put his background of business knowledge to the test by founding The Buckeye Group. As a consultant and coach, he helps leaders see themselves and their operations through a fresh lens. Goldberg guides clients through a process of diagnosing organizational weaknesses and taking action. This operations-based approach frees valuable time better spent elsewhere. Executives and their teams can then focus at a higher value level, such as developing creative solutions for sustained growth and prosperity. The result is that people feel better about what they do while also achieving more. In fact, Goldberg has “personally generated more than $50 million in new revenue for clients such as The Miss America Organization and DirecTV,” according to his Buckeye Group profile.

Fully human with laser focus

A man with endless drive and a growth mindset fueled by curiosity, Goldberg approaches life with the same joy as he does business. In fact, his organizational philosophy is based on a desire to help others achieve happiness through positive mindsets and expanded concepts of success. He lives that dream himself, residing in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. There, he co-founded and served as a former board chair of Melissa’s House, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating housing for persons with mental illness.

Services to amplify your productivity, relationships and business success.

Executive coaching

Are you ready to harness your best talent assets for maximum growth? As an executive coach, Goldberg assists high performers by aligning their vision with quantifiable, sustainable outcomes. Leadership development, financial wellness, corporate culture, organizational refinement and more fall within his experience. Plus, the coaching services require no long-term contracts. His program has been hailed for offering customizable solutions, offering the services you need at the frequency that works best for you:

“I need a very customized solution to the operational challenges I face in a creative agency business. Many other models do not apply to mine, nor do the conventional benchmarks for success necessarily interest me. TBG was able to understand our culture, and the nuances of the systems and tools we needed to gain visibility into the business. Billy rolled up his sleeves and helped us implement scalable, adaptable—ultimately measurable solutions—that allow us to maintain the integrity of how we create work product for clients, while still being very high touch, and profitable at the end of every day. Very few people could have done that.”

—Hilary Laffer, Part and Parcel

Coaching for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have different needs than C-suite executives. As a creative or entrepreneurial endeavor grows, many leaders find themselves buried in tasks that distract from their initial vision. From creatives to small and mid-sized businesses, Goldberg helps you align your passions with the people and processes you depend on. By taking their time back, entrepreneurs can then leverage their greatest asset: themselves. The result is a great leap forward to sustainable growth, personal happiness and increased profit without burnout.

Goldberg’s keynote addresses provide a master class in leadership.

As a top leadership speaker, Goldberg’s engaging keynote addresses are laser-focused and results-driven. He engages audiences in the best methods to build meaningful partnerships, establish thriving work cultures and develop heart-centered leaders. Trusted brands and organizations such as SUCCESS, Santa Monica College and AMDA have each benefitted from Goldberg’s crafted deliveries and high-value communications.

Speaking topics include:

  • “Find Your White Space”: Learn to look past filtering what you think you want, adjusting your mindset to have a sharper grasp of optimal deals, partners and market gaps. 
  • “Heart-Centered Leadership”: Make long-lasting impacts by taking a critical look at yourself as a leader and identify gaps that need attention to create sustainable growth.
  • “Thriving Corporate Cultures”: Tap into the elements needed to build lasting relationships with your team, vendors and clients.

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Every company wants a happier, more creative work culture. Understanding how to systematically address routine decision-making and build stronger, lasting relationships helps them get there. Whether booking Goldberg for a keynote address or executive coaching, he has the passion and the experience to guide you to greater profit and sustainability.

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