Keynote Speaker Carey Lohrenz Takes Leadership to New Heights

Audiences know Carey Lohrenz for her excellence in leadership, team-building and personal development. As a keynote speaker and bestselling author, Lohrenz has what it takes to navigate complex situations with grace and precision. And her background as the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy exemplifies her willingness to approach life with a commitment to continual growth and improvement.

Building from her experience as a combat aviator, Lohrenz has become a top motivational business speaker. Hundreds of clients including Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions rely on her expertise in personal development. Her authentic keynote addresses go beyond delivering inspiration and motivation—she also provides the tools needed to develop the leaders of tomorrow. In doing so, leaders learn how to thrive in high-risk, crisis situations and maintain happiness with a healthy work-life balance.

Lohrenz brings a unique and valuable perspective to your event.

It took grit and determination to become a U.S. Navy lieutenant and the first female F-14 fighter pilot. But Lohrenz learned that such success takes teamwork. Piloting in combat mission-ready situations requires flawless communication skills. Lohrenz not only depended on fellow aviators for mission success, but also the teamwork of countless support crew on the ground.

In that process, Lohrenz became a master of decision-making and optimal performance under pressure. Flawless execution was critical in dynamic, high-stakes situations. While few of us will ever fly a naval mission, each of these in-demand skills transfer readily to work environments. Innovative leaders take risks by necessity, and flawless communication skills and teamwork result in maximum returns rather than loss.

But Lohrenz learned yet another skill: that well-being and personal development matter just as much as professional development. Chronic work stressamong other factorscan lead to burnout, reducing performance in the long run. Just as Lohrenz had to learn how to “wind down” after a mission, leaders also must learn the strategies necessary to “let go” and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Due to Lohrenz’s leadership strengths and advocacy for veterans, the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has twice featured Lohrenz as a foremost professional speaker. She has appeared both as a top leadership speaker to book in 2023 and top keynote speaker for charity events and causes.

Lohrenz brings excitement as a popular author.

You want to book a keynote speaker who brings excitement to your event. That enthusiasm increases engagement, raises attendance and builds greater networking opportunities. As a bestselling author, Lohrenz creates the buzz you need to help ensure your event is a success.

Fearless Leadership

In her first book, Fearless Leadership, Lohrenz displays her chops as a leadership expert as well as an engaging storyteller. Among other topics, she adroitly examines the “fundamentals of fearless leadership”— that is, “courage,” “tenacity” and “integrity.” Former CEO of Southwest Airlines Howard Putnam raves, “A fascinating read. If you aspire to be an exceptional leader and really make a difference, Fearless Leadership offers a down-to-earth, understandable flight plan.”

Span of Control

In her follow-up Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Span of Control, Lohrenz dives deeper into the mindset required to overcome “the specific natures of uncertainty, stress, burnout, anxiety and pressure,” according to the book description. Through personal anecdotes and interviews, Lohrenz shows us how to better manage our fears and self-doubts and increase performance. Says retired U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, “If you’re going to buy one leadership book this year, make it this one!”

These speaking topics provide the professional development options you need.

Lohrenz has served as a trusted keynote and guest speaker for top brands and major educational institutions. Her clients include Comcast, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, State Farm Insurance, TripAdvisors, Verizon and many others.

Motivational keynote topics for optimal performance include:

  • “Lessons in Leadership”: Learn the fundamentals of tenacity, resilience and commitment to excellence that optimize performance and drive growth in challenging times.
  • “Lessons in Partnership”: Gain a competitive advantage with clear strategies to build and maintain strategic partnerships and alliances.
  • “Striking a Balance”: Succeed in both your personal and professional life with the tools you need to build a mindset of self-belief, purposeful actions, focus and firm planning
  • “Remaining Relevant”: Become empowered with the practical tools you need to adapt to dynamic situations and remain relevant to consumers, shareholders and your team.
  • “High-Risk, High Reward”: Mitigate risk with planning strategies that help you assess your situation, reduce error and increase performance for a more positive risk-to-reward ratio and optimizes returns..

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Lohrenz delivers her keynote addresses with the authenticity and courage you need to guide teams to successful outcomes. Now, booking Lohrenz with confidence is made simple by the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. All you need to do is visit Lohrenz’s bio page and drop us a note regarding your event needs. While you’re there, you can learn more about her background, watch a speaker reel or simply learn more about us.

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