Jay Shetty Smiling for the Camera

Keynote speaker and No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Jay Shetty is on a mission. By sharing a message that is both spiritual and practical, he uses his books, podcast and speaking engagements to help others find their purpose. In a short time, his wisdom has gone viral—Shetty has been featured by top media outlets such as TODAY, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, National Geographic and BBC News. AdWeek even featured him on the cover of their “Young Influentials” issue, and SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has named him in their lists of “Top Personal Development Keynote Speakers” and “Best Motivational Speakers to Know in 2022.”

A pivotal moment came for British-born Shetty at age 21 when he first heard a monk speak. Soon after, he began spending half his summers working in finance. During the other half, he lived a contrasting, simple life among monks in India. After three years of leading this dualistic life, he chose the life of a monk. He joined them for another three years, living a simple life that included up to eight hours of daily meditation as well as engaging in studies of wisdom and acts of service in nearby communities.

Shetty knew he had to leave, but the lessons in gratitude and mastery of the mind stuck with him. He knew the powers of mindfulness and empathy, and had learned the gifts of building confidence and gaining resilience through clarity of mind. He learned, too, to control negative thoughts and find joy in mindful, daily discipline. “Mindfulness wasn’t just a tool,” Shetty writes on his website. “It was a way of life.”

Today, Shetty’s mission is to help others by sharing the wisdom and insights he gained. And he uses today’s most powerful media tools to their fullest effect in order to do so.

Shetty shares his wisdom across popular media.

As one vehicle for his mission, Shetty started his On Purpose podcast in 2019. Available through major streaming services such as Apple and Spotify, On Purpose is a top health and wellness podcast, one which earned a No. 1 ranking on Spotify in India in its first year. Along with superstar guests such as Kobe Bryant, Alicia Keys, Will Smith and Ray Dalio, Shetty takes on topics to help his listeners worldwide boost productivity, improve physical and mental health and build resilience.

Shetty published his first book in 2020. An instant hit among fans and critics alike, Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Everyday debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. In it, he guides readers through struggles such as overthinking, comparing ourselves to others and defeating negativity. He also provides wisdom on how to discover your purpose and how kindness benefits our personal well-being.

More recently, Shetty has authored his second bestseller, 8 Rules of Love. Here, he lays out a roadmap of actionable steps and skills to better nurture love in your life. Based on Vedic wisdom and modern science, his methods help readers to better manage relationship cycles while also avoiding the pitfalls of false and unfulfilling relationships.

Shetty’s keynote addresses improve mindsets and performance.

“The Monk Mindset works,” Shetty writes on his website. “Whether you want to find your purpose, manage negativity, build real confidence or overcome your fears, the tools I learned when I lived as a monk truly do work.”

If you consider booking Shetty as your next keynote speaker, media spokesperson or workshop leader, you’ll be in good company. Shetty has worked with top names including HSBC, Facebook, Google, SABMiller, Nasdaq and many others. He assists clients in building better brands, creating a stronger social media presence and driving purpose, creativity, innovation and mindfulness in the workplace.

His speaking topics include:

  • “Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day”
  • “The Millennial and Gen Z Mind”
  • “Conscious Communication”
  • “Resilience: The Art of Growing When You Want to Give Up”
  • “Self-Care For Service”

Whatever the topic or the audience, Shetty’s unique experiences and proven communication skills guide his sense of purpose and attentive mindfulness to your needs. 

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