Speaker Spotlight: Kelly Cardenas Builds Winning Cultures

Keynote speaker Kelly Cardenas knows that building iconic brands begins with the heartbeat of your organization: people. Your business empire can only go as far as your corporate culture allows. But that culture is made of individuals. While positive attitudes and strong ethics can build your brand, negative attitudes can spread. They can create weak links and infect your entire organization.

Renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author and podcaster Cardenas delivers more than a pep talk. He offers realistic, time-tested and goal-driven strategies to construct a thriving corporate culture that will lead your organization to success.

As we dive deeper into Cardenas’ philosophy and career as a business keynote speaker, keep this question he poses in mind:

“What would it mean to you to have a way to evaluate character, and integrity that would be directly linked to the bottom line performance and more importantly the sustainability of your organization or relationship?”

Learn to build people with Cardenas

Cardenas knows what it takes to build a multimillion-dollar brand from the ground up. In fact, he built his own as founder of Kelly Cardenas Salon. As with other leaders, one may wonder where he found the time to run the company, as well as contribute to Forbes magazine, develop a successful podcast, deliver keynote addresses and author a bestselling book. The answer is both simple and complex: You must create teams with the skills, motivation and empowerment to act. After all, not much gets done when employees need to wait for authorization to take action.

But building that cultural efficiency requires more than blind trust. For sustained success, you need to develop teams of people with the brilliance to lead, act and, when necessary, put questionable actions in check. To build your empire, you need to develop a team that can function perfectly beyond micromanagement and even in your absence. As Cardenas says, “First and foremost you build the people and then you allow the people to build the business!”

Cardenas: public speaker and cultural coach

Achieving higher levels of performance from your team takes more than a hunch. It requires distinct strategies. As a keynote speaker and coach, Cardenas delivers a proven system to hone in on the very heartbeat of your organization. By booking Cardenas, you will learn the best methods to:

Cardenas wants you to succeed. Audiences naturally gravitate toward his charm, humor and larger-than-life yet approachable persona. No one looks away while he speaks, but he wants commitment from you, too. 

In the spotlight: bestselling book and podcast

If you want to learn more about Cardenas, you need to look no further than the popular media he produces. His book, The 6 Indicators for Business and Life, guides you through his proven process of finding success in business and in life. In fact, numerous leaders praise the book: Global Expeditions founders Philip and Duran Atkins write, “Kelly Cardenas has been a breath of fresh air and inspiration since meeting five years ago. His personal and professional ‘culture’ is truly above and beyond; something that is so uplifting and outside of the box.”

Plus, don’t miss his Attitude Determines Altitude podcast. Cardenas applies the “98/2 rule” (success = “98% attitude and 2% aptitude”) with his trademark humor, infectious smile and deep knowledge of business. And he makes a great host, too, with guests that include professional coaches, actors, influencers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople. With an overall rating of nearly five out of five stars on Apple podcasts, the podcast is sure to entertain you while also enriching your business awareness and personal sense of purpose.

Book Cardenas for your event

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