Top Faith-Based Keynote Speakers Today

Spirituality has served as a driving force for some of the top motivational speakers in history, including Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr. and countless others. But don’t expect a Sunday sermon from faith-based keynote speakers. Rather, their spirituality and sense of calling provides a center for them, building their personal resilience, confidence and drive to succeed.

It also helps instill a sense of purpose in assisting others. This is where public speakers and executive coaches come in. 

Our list of top faith-based keynote speakers includes people who motivate your audience in building winning teams, finding financial independence and cultivating more positive mindsets. Most of all, they help both current and future leaders find their spark and live their best lives.

Here are five of our favorite spiritually-based keynote speakers. Each has a stellar background in helping people transform their lives, both inside and outside the corporate world.

Anthony O’Neal

What does spirituality have to do with living debt free? For faith-based motivational speaker Anthony O’Neal, the two are inseparable. Debt binds millions of people to an existence where they don’t truly own their own property or labor. The journey to a debt-free existence means not only financial freedom, but the power to pursue prosperity and happiness both professionally and personally. But the journey is not easy. It requires mental fortitude, clarity, an inner strength and certainty in oneself. That’s where faith comes in.

Anthony O’Neal is the No. 1 national bestselling author of Debt Free Degree and its follow-up, Destroy Your Student Loan Debt. As a financial speaker, educator and podcaster, he has reached more than 15 million people in 15 countries through his podcast The Table. Additionally, his YouTube show, The Table with AO, has gained more than half a million subscribers. Here, O’Neal and his guests cover financial topics including money tips and building wealth, but also personal issues such as relationships and mental health.

O’Neal’s keynote addresses are at once passionate, relevant and relatable. He keeps it real with a sharp wit, resounding authority and an inner strength. At every engagement, he lives up to his pledge to “serve ambitious and purpose-minded people who are on a journey towards mental, spiritual and financial freedom.”

Live debt free.

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Simon T. Bailey

Inspirational messaging and limitless energy are the hallmarks of every one of Simon T. Bailey’s keynote presentations. An author, success coach and philanthropist, Bailey is, above all, someone who believes in you. Best of all, he has the passion and skills to help you believe in yourself.

At each event, Bailey’s inspirational messages achieve more than just improving the happiness and health of your employees—they assist audiences in creating a healthier work culture overall. Bailey has more than 30 years of experience in helping employees find their spark, having worked with more than 2,000 companies including Enterprise Fleet Management, Labcorp and Liberty Military Housing. He draws from his inner faith to help audiences move past their uncertainties and inhibitions to take full advantage of their talents and abilities. That is, to find their spark.

His dynamic and wholly engaging speaking style has earned him recognition as a top motivational speaker by Direct Selling News and SUCCESS. His boundless energy and passion for helping others have also led him to sit on the board of both the U.S. Dream Academy and Orlando Health Foundation. Bailey’s business and self-help books include Success is an Inside Job, Shift Your Brilliance and Be the Spark.

Find your spark.
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Patrice Washington

Most people don’t make an immediate connection between personal finance and faith. But that’s part of why Patrice Washington stands out as a keynote speaker. Of course, there is still a financial aspect to wealth in Washington’s model, but it is made up of so much more. It includes a spirit-guided quest for purpose, empowerment and well-being. Rather than chase money, she knows that personal growth and fulfillment in work and life lead to true wealth and prosperity. And that includes the monetary kind!

Washington’s message and financial expertise have gained her devoted audiences and critical acclaim. An author, podcaster and keynote speaker, she encourages and guides people to claim prosperity as a birthright. Additionally, media outlets including SUCCESS magazine and Forbes have highlighted her Redefining Wealth podcast. 

Known as “America’s Money Maven,” Washington’s keynote messages serve as a shining light in the fog of self-doubt. She speaks with passion and clarity to help you “shift your mindset, earn more using your God-given gifts and live your life’s purpose.”

Know your purpose.

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Kelly Cardenas

The pulse of any organization lies in its humanity. To build an iconic brand, you need people. With faith in the right people, you can create a corporate culture of excitement, trust and enrichment. From there, your team will work together to build a company that defies the odds in hard times and grows to amazing heights in good ones.

Few inspirational speakers understand these timeless principles as well as Kelly Cardenas. A Forbes contributor, podcaster and author, he built his own multimillion-dollar brand as founder of Kelly Cardenas Salon. A master of building people and teams, his faith-based message of developing people first reaches all audiences at their very core.

For Cardenas, faith does not mean blind trust in anyone around you. Rather, it is a process you grow from the ground up. With the right choices of associates, you can create a corporate culture that refuses to lose. You need a team that can meet the challenge in bad times as well as good. Cardenas shows you how to build that team.

Create a winning team.

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Thomas Blackwell

Perhaps better than anyone, inspirational keynote speaker and coach Thomas Blackwell understands the connection between language and success. In fact, he serves as founder and CEO of Say Do Achieve, a company committed to improving results and mindset through language. His book, The Liberty of Our Language Revealed, explores how the words we use alone, in conversations and in our prayers impact our mindset, success and, ultimately, our overall happiness and well-being.

Blackwell’s background includes a music and voice scholarship as well as tennis and soccer competitions while in college. These pursuits helped him hone not only his captivating stage presence, but also his stamina. As a business leader, he owned and operated a successful insurance agency with more than 100 agents in three locations.

As a speaker and coach, Blackwell has delivered his impassioned message more than 1,000 times to corporations, sales teams, athletes, religious groups and students. Speaking topics include “We Bring About What We Talk About,” “The Liberty Of Our Language Revealed” and “Performance Pep Talk” among others.

Cultivate a better mindset.

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