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Simon T. Bailey is an international speaker, writer and personal transformation strategist. Recognized as a trailblazer in his field, Simon’s dedication to transformation and brilliance has earned him a spot as one of SUCCESS magazine’s Top 25, joining Brené Brown, Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey, as well as leadersHum Top 200 Power List in 2023. For over two decades, he has mesmerized the world, leaving an indelible mark on 2,300+ organizations across 54 countries. Corporate giants such as American Express, Deloitte, Marriott, Visa, Stanford Health Care, and Taco Bell have all experienced his magnetic allure.

Amidst the pressing challenges of talent retention, employee burnout, the Great Resignation, and the impact of remote work on mental health, a billion-dollar retailer sought innovative solutions to invest in organizational health and prioritize employee well-being. Recognizing the importance of upskilling managers for the future, they turned to Simon T. Bailey International for guidance.

Through a transformative three-month coaching program, Simon virtually mentored 3,000 managers, empowering them to transition from a command-and-control leadership approach to a heart-centered style rooted in Caring Science. This strategic coaching was particularly vital in the retail sector, known for its high turnover rates, and the results were remarkable. Participants scored between 94% and 97% in categories reflecting their confidence in their ability to coach effectively, allowing the Fortune 500 company to nurture and retain top talent while fostering a healthier and more productive workplace.

With a love and dedication to coaching individuals and organizations, Simon has now created Brilliant Coaching.™ This transformative growth experience offers tailored solutions to meet unique needs and align with specific goals and objectives, empowering both individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential.

Simon T. Bailey

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Simon is an incredible speaker and a pleasure to work with. He researched our membership and customized his presentation in a way that really connected with our audience. Simon and his team set the standard for professional speakers and I do not hesitate in giving him my highest recommendation. Tom Merriott, Director of Training, Nexstar Network
Simon was exuberant, full of energy, and established a meaningful connection with attendees today. He shared words if wisdom for personal wellness, leading with kindness, and doing for others. This is something I strive to achieve daily as a leader in my organization. ASID Attendee
Simon T. Bailey – yes, yes, and yes! Truly inspirational. A fantastic choice for a guest speaker, and having a speaker that followed the conference theme and message was an added bonus. I hope you bring more guest speakers like this to future events! Visa DPS Client Conference Attendee