Why Hire Simon T. Bailey for Your Event?

Booking a professional business speaker provides lasting benefits for your organization. Whether speaking virtually or in-person, a professional keynote speaker will motivate teams with powerful, proven messages of success. 

Simon T. Bailey, recognized as one of the most influential motivational coaches of our time, brings that rare ability to electrify any audience in any profession to every event. His entertaining delivery and warm style impart messages and takeaways that enhance business and lives. 

So what exactly makes Bailey a standout motivational speaker for your next event?

Bailey brings prestige to your event.

No matter how great the message, it won’t help if it doesn’t grab your audience’s attention—or if you don’t have an audience.

Bailey elevates the seriousness and importance of your event. Hiring him as your speaker tells those in your organization and beyond that you have something special planned. Widely-known for his televised Spark You talk show, Bailey has also authored seven influential books on business, personal brilliance and leadership. Online, his presence spans from the professional LinkedIn courses he developed to his viral Goalcast video with 90 million views.

Booking Bailey is like reaching for the top shelf wine at a dinner party: with him as your speaker, guests know this event is something special.

Bailey reaches audiences at a personal level.

Getting your audience’s attention is just the first step. The second is booking a professional speaker who delivers. 

The value of hiring a motivational speaker doesn’t rest in repeating a corporate line or providing the platitudes your associates want to hear. It lies in inspiring positive change. And for real, lasting change to take place, you need to reach your audience at a personal level. Bailey is an expert at understanding people at this depth. A professional success coach for much of his career, he provides widely popular online courses such as Shift Your Brilliance and How to Find a Sponsor while providing one-on-one coaching for leaders. Likewise, his latest book, Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life, speaks to his understanding of people, relationship-building and success.

Bailey brings that level of honesty and mastery of personal motivation to every keynote address.

You get an expert in business and sales.

Delivery is one thing. But you also need a keynote speaker who understands business, sales, branding and overall accomplishment because they have been through it. They started at the ground floor, they worked their way to the top, and they know every twist and turn on the road to lasting success.

That is, you need someone who knows what they are talking about.

Bailey could not afford college tuition, dropped out in his first year, divorced at age 25 and was soon thereafter diagnosed with cancer. And still, he built a successful career, one which includes 30 years of work in hospitality that led to his becoming sales director for the Disney Institute. He has worked with more than 2000 organizations in 50 countries and—if his level of education concerns you—has finished his degree and been awarded 3 honorary doctorates.

Bailey knows sales, branding and entrepreneurship intimately. More importantly, he knows what it takes to find your brilliance and elevate from surviving to succeeding.

Count on utmost professionalism every time.

“It was terrific to have Simon as the host and a keynote speaker at our virtual annual conference. His positivity, joy and sense of humor are contagious. He’s an energizing speaker with a natural curiosity and he set the perfect tone for our conference.”

Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE

Chief Executive Officer at American Health Information Management Association

Skill, relatability and experience matter. But professionalism matters, too, when booking your next speaker. You need someone who delivers dependably every time. Your reputation depends on delivering the best. So let’s get to the bona fides that ensure professionalism and are coveted by speakers worldwide.

Bailey has been honored as:

  • Top 12 Business Speakers by Washington Speaks Bureau
  • Top Inspiring Black Voice by Atlanta Daily World
  • Top Sales Kickoff Speaker by Big Speak Speakers Bureau
  • Top 20 Motivational Speakers by Direct Selling News in 2021

Bailey has also been inducted into the National Speakers Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, among other honors and awards. It seems there is no holding him back, and he can help your organization do the same.

How do I hire Bailey?

Whether you’re seeking your next keynote speaker for a virtual or in-person presentation, Success has connected the right business speakers with the right leaders since 1987. Just as importantly, we have built lasting, empowering relationships for more than 100 years.

When you book Bailey for your event, the simplest way is to connect with the Success Speakers Bureau. We’ll make bringing Bailey to your stage the easiest part of your next company event.