Why Hire a Business Speaker for Your Event?

Your company event is coming up!

Whether you are preparing your next product launch, raising funds for a charitable cause or just want to reinvigorate your teams, a company event can play a critical role. A well-planned event educates and motivates your staff while teaching new skills and building employee cohesion. Event organization is tricky, but it’s worth the effort. You’ve got this!

So how does hiring a professional business speaker add lasting value to your event?

You show teams you’re invested in them.

Booking a keynote business speaker shows your staff that you’ll support and care about them long-term. You want them to continue learning. You believe in a process of continual improvement. And your business culture is strong and confident enough to provide outside views from the best business speakers available.

Booking a high-profile business speaker quantifies just how invested you are in your employees beyond a paycheck and perks. It shows that you want to inspire them, and that you believe their best is still inside of them.

Motivate employees at a personal level.

The top business speakers provide inspirational, relatable stories and personal anecdotes. Far from dry lectures and number-crunching, they provide motivational, actionable accounts of what personal and professional success look like.

Business speakers such as Erin King, Grant Cardone, Anthony O’Neal and others reach your audience at a deeply personal, motivational level that is not always possible in a routine workday. They’ve experienced challenges every step of the way and can relate practical means to build resilience and overcome those challenges. Best of all, they are gifted at sharing that information in a way that is inspirational, entertaining and memorable.

Business speakers inspire creativity and leadership.

Business requires processes and procedures. For teams and cross-teams to function cohesively, Standard Operating Procedures must often be followed to the letter—and it’s not always easy teaching employees to do so. During that process, it’s easy to lose sight of what inspired you to hire these unique individuals in the first place. That is, their past successes that made them so attractive.

What makes business speakers ideal for your event is their ability to step back from routine for a day. They tap into the creative and leadership attributes of your staff, reminding them that every single one of them has the potential to become a bold thinker or leader. They prepare your employees to share creative new solutions and to brainstorm better processes that can take your operation to the next level.

Promote beneficial lifestyle and work habit changes.

Investing in an employee is different than investing in new hardware or software. Both can increase revenue and productivity, but humans… well, we’re complicated. While labor resources will be some of the best investments you make, people come with baggage. They have both positive and negative attitudes, sometimes on the same day. And they bring varying degrees of mental health and resilience.

A professional business speaker has been through it themselves. And they’ve learned to not only thrive in difficulty, but to use challenges as fuel toward bigger accomplishments. Business speakers such as Allison Graham, Anne Grady, Michael Gelb and others bring deep, relatable knowledge that helps your audience build better, more resilient lifestyles. In turn, those lifestyles produce happier, more cohesive employees and teams. Hiring the right business speaker means hiring someone who knows the key to building a more resilient and productive work culture with useful tactics anyone can learn and implement.

Professional business speakers help focus your event.

Event planning isn’t easy. There’s the micro level of ensuring you have the right number of chairs, water bottles and space to accommodate your guests. But there’s also the macro level of ensuring your event has a consistent theme or message. When planning events, sometimes the best presentations and workshop ideas don’t fit neatly into a singular, memorable message.

Hiring the right keynote speaker helps you to tie it all together. Whether your corporate event lasts half a day or a week, the best business speakers provide unity to your event. They pull everything you planned into a larger message your audience will never forget. Best of all, they’ll make that message actionable, motivating your audience to lead and assist you on the next steps toward organizational success.

The Success Speakers Bureau can get you started.

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