Speaker Spotlight: Naveen Jain Turns Tomorrow’s Dreams Into Today’s Reality

Visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and keynote speaker Naveen Jain has spent his life turning dreams into reality. Raised in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India, he looked up to people such as Bill Gates who created their own spaces in technology. Early on, he cut his teeth with several Silicon Valley startups before joining Microsoft in 1989. He earned three patents with Windows 95 development teams and helped develop Microsoft Networks.

He pressed on with his passion to improve the human experience through disruptive ideas and technology. Coupled with an unabashed approach to business, his greater vision led to game-changing expressions of the human spirit that shook the industry. He founded Viome, Moon Express, the World Innovation Institute, TalentWise, Intelius and others.

“Dream so big that people think you’re crazy,” Jain advises. Fortified by this motivational spirit, he has become an in-demand inspirational keynote speaker. Jain’s ability to think big and execute thoroughly has led to honors such as “Most Creative Person” by Fast Company, “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young and one of Red Herring’s “Top 20 Entrepreneurs,” among other prestigious recognitions.

But Jain’s commitment to bettering the way humanity lives doesn’t end with entrepreneurship. Through the Naveen & Anu Jain Family Foundation, he and his wife, Anu, aim to improve health, opportunity and educational access for women and girls, as well as improving access to healthcare, education and entrepreneurship opportunities for all. He also serves on the boards of the Xprize Foundation and Singularity University. Many might wonder, what could Jain possibly do next?

Jain confronts today’s greatest challenges with Moonshots.

Jain’s book, Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance, provides an aspirational look into his mind as a leading entrepreneur and thought leader. With a foreword by Sir Richard Branson, Jain challenges readers to “learn how curiosity, imagination and exponential innovation are creating life without limits.”

But Moonshots goes beyond the printed page. More than a book, it is a roadmap to discover individual potential and begin your very own “moonshot,” created by Jain himself to dream big, win big and create abundance from scarcity to improve all of humankind. The real-world manifestation of these ideas arrive in two key ventures: Viome and Moon Express.


Imagine making illness a thing of the past. What if we could precisely and truly address root causes of illness rather than mitigating symptoms? Lauded by publications including Elle, Forbes and Well + Good, Viome seeks to empower its clients by doing just that.

Viome health and wellness care begins with a simple, self-administered test of your microbiome analyzed by a CLIA-certified lab. An AI-driven platform provides the food and supplement recommendations matched precisely to your unique biological makeup for the prevention—and even reversal—of chronic disease and the furtherance of personal wellness.

Moon Express

Earth-bound humanity faces many challenges, including a scarcity of resources. Jain stands among the most ambitious entrepreneurs willing to reach the sky…and beyond.

With Moon Express, Jain seeks to redefine what we consider possible and build a truly multiplanetary society. With the assistance of their partners, Moon Express seeks to “redefine possible by returning to the Moon and unlocking its mysteries and resources for the benefit of humanity,” according to the website. 

As a keynote speaker, Jain motivates your talent to see beyond limits.

Yet, fixed mindsetsrather than growth mindsets—among staff, leaders and even investors and stakeholders can deter the progress you need to remain at the cutting edge. Today’s best motivational speakers provide the excitement, inspiration and tools your leaders need to challenge the impossible, think the unthinkable and disrupt your industry with bold, new thinking.

When you book Jain for your event, you don’t receive an obtuse technologist who talks over people’s heads. You get a foremost creative dreamer with a record of success. He excels at making the complex accessible. More than that, he inspires his audiences to embrace change, think beyond the next quarter and pursue big ideas with both boldness and curiosity.

With a message of “Stay focused on the mission,” Jain has spoken for TedX, SXSW, the Global Health Summit and soon for the 2023 Biohacking Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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