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Speak Up and Stand Out: 5 Personal Brand Examples for Speakers

Between social media and the internet, it’s easier than ever to connect with others. But with access to so many people, how do you set yourself apart from others, especially as a speaker. Enter—the personal brand.

A personal brand or personal brand statement is a short description that highlights your particular skills, experience and personality. You use it as a way to differentiate yourself from other speakers while showing potential clients what you have to offer.

Let’s dive into the art of personal branding by analyzing personal branding examples from five well-known speakers.

Personal branding for speakers: What is it?

Before we look at personal brand statement examples, it’s helpful to understand what it is and why you need one.

Essentially, a personal brand statement is a public pitch that lets other people know who you are, what you do, why you do it and why you’re the best option to do it. As a speaker, a personal brand helps establish you as an expert in your industry or on your speaking topic.

In many ways, a personal brand statement is kind of like an extremely short version of your resume. It shows potential clients or collaborators your experience and skills.

But unlike a resume, a personal brand is all about showing off your unique personality in addition to that experience and skill set.

Why do you need a personal brand as a speaker?

Speakers need to have a strong personal brand if they hope to have success as a professional speaker. Your personal brand makes it easier for the right clients to find you. When you’re connected with the right audience, your speech becomes more impactful.

Additionally, a captive and invigorated audience is more likely to recommend you to their network for future speaking engagements.

3 benefits of personal branding for speakers

There are three main benefits to personal branding for speakers:

Memorability matters

A strong personal brand creates a lasting impression for your audience. Using a distinct brand is the first step to helping listeners remember your message long after your presentation. If you’re memorable, it’s more likely that event organizers and attendees will recall your expertise and unique style.

Unlock opportunities that fit your passions

You want to speak to audiences that share your passions and excitement for a topic. A vegetarian speaker, for example, might not be the best option to deliver the keynote at a beef industry event.

Your personal brand can help you find and connect with the right audiences. You can infuse personality and passion into your branding statement to show off who you are and who you like to work with. In turn, potential clients who see your brand will know right away if you’d be a good fit for their event.

Build trust and credibility with audiences

A consistent and authentic personal brand fosters trust and credibility among your audience. When people recognize your brand and associate it with reliable expertise, they are more likely to engage with your content, recommend you to others and view you as a trusted authority in your field.

How to build a personal brand

In a speaking career, crafting a unique personal brand is vital for making a lasting impact. Creating your brand includes showcasing your expertise and personality to stand out from other speakers. Let’s look at the best way to build your brand.

1. Decide on the tone and purpose of your brand

Defining the tone and purpose of your brand is essential to success as a speaker. The tone you set for your brand helps you find and resonate with potential clients and audiences. Meanwhile, the purpose of your brand can help you create speeches that serve lasting impact.

2. Write a brand statement

Your personal brand statement is generally one or two sentences that describe your brand. You should aim to include your experience, who you speak to and your personality, including values or beliefs.

3. Use your branding consistently

A good brand can become an unrecognizable brand if you don’t stick to your branding. Using different tones, color schemes or messages across marketing materials or speeches could leave you with an unremarkable brand.

Instead, plan to keep your branding consistent across all channels. For example, if you use the color blue and green on your website, stick to those colors on social media posts and in your on-stage marketing.

Best practices when establishing your personal brand

It might feel a little difficult to create a personal brand from scratch. Luckily, there are a few best practices you can follow when designing your brand.

Your personal speaker brand should highlight your:

  • Unique story and point of view: What set you on the path to becoming a speaker or got you where you are in your career or life?
  • Skills: What skills do you have that make you the right speaker for your topic?
  • Values and passions: Why do you speak on the topics you do? What do you stand for?
  • Authenticity and personality: Let people see who you are!

Personal brand examples from 5 top motivational speakers

Still need some inspiration for your personal brand? We gathered personal branding examples from these five speakers to show how to make a brand that resonates with audiences.

1. Anthony O’Neal

Anthony O’Neal is a financial motivational speaker who helps audiences get out of debt and build wealth. His brand is all about being a family and team. Additionally, he regularly references his faith to help him connect with like-minded audiences.

When you go to his website, the first thing you see is a tagline: Calling all wealth builders: Welcome home! This immediately puts O’Neal on your team as a mentor and supporter.

2. Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler uses humor to help audiences let go of fear and embrace growth. When you visit her website or social profiles, you’re hit with two things: movement and bright colors. All of Poler’s photos and stills from her videos show her in movement, which underscores her message of letting go of the known and jumping into the unknown. In addition, her bright color scheme encourages audiences to be authentic and bold.

3. Kevin Karschnik

Where many motivational speakers use bold color schemes and expressive language, Kevin Karschnik takes a different approach. Karschnik’s brand shows off a clean, professional look and gets right to the point: Kevin will help inspire audiences to meet their potential with actionable steps they can use right away.

Focusing on how audiences can use his methods right away helps set Karschnik apart from other speakers, especially because he specializes in speaking to corporate or leadership audiences.

4. Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden’s tagline and personal brand statement is: “New York Times bestselling author and Hall of Fame Speaker Rory Vaden helps small business owners to grow their reputation and their revenue.”

As far as personal branding examples go, Vaden nails it. This short and to-the-point description tells you everything you need to know about Vaden as a speaker:

  • He’s got experience and the credentials to back it up.
  • He works with small-business owners.
  • He helps his audience increase their brand reach and their profits.

5. Nataly Kogan

Motivational speaker Nataly Kogan’s brand is bright, loud and positive. The first line of her website encourages readers that they’re awesome humans who don’t need to struggle or “tough it out.” Right away when you see Kogan’s branding, you know her speeches will be positive, uplighting and lighthearted.

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Speaker Spotlight: Natasha Graziano Builds Growth Mindsets
Branding, Business Speakers, Celebrity / Entertainers

Speaker Spotlight: Natasha Graziano Builds Growth Mindsets

Top female motivational speaker and mindset coach Natasha Graziano improves companies and lives. Drawing from neuroscience and ancient wisdom, the bestselling Be it Before You Become It author propels millions in the corporate world and beyond to the top by teaching them how to tap into the powers within. In the process, she helps millions to achieve their goals and takes companies to new heights.

But what exactly sets her apart from other major influencers and mindset speakers? And why should you book Graziano as your next in-person or virtual keynote speaker?

Graziano delivers keynotes that resonate across audiences.

Graziano wasn’t preordained to become Forbes Magazine’s No. 1 motivational speaker under 40. She earned it. Graziano was a broke single mom before transforming her life and becoming a top celebrity public speaker. At one time, in fact, she even faced homelessness. Graziano builds upon this life-changing experience in her keynote addresses so that even star-dazzled audiences relate to her instantly. They understand that her success—and theirs—requires some work.

But her relatability goes beyond her personal journey. Graziano’s proven methods to build a stronger, happier lifestyle appeals to both the scientific and spiritual among us. Her M.B.S. Method™ (meditational behavioral synchronicity) is rooted in ancient wisdom as well as modern neuroscience, and the result is truly transformational. Its practice leads to the removal of self-defeating thoughts, the ability to attract more positive people and stronger spiritual alignment.

Graziano leads as a digital branding expert.

Though a young influencer and speaker, Graziano nonetheless brings vast experience to enhance your digital brand story and marketing game. At present, Graziano:

  • Hosts the Law of Attraction podcast with over 100 million views
  • Has more than 15 million followers across social media platforms
  • Is a proven expert on gaining followers on Instagram and beyond

That is, Graziano’s expertise in digital communications and branding is more than a speaking topic. She has developed her personal brand using proven methods through teachable wisdom and hacks that will get the most from your digital communications efforts.

While Graziano’s in-person celebrity appearances deliver an unrivaled warmth and humanity, she excels at delivering virtual keynote presentations, too. Her unique ability to reach across the miles with her podcast led her to be featured in Wealth Insider, New York Weekly, Economic Journal and other popular outlets.

Graziano boosts top brands.

Professionalism matters. You need a motivational speaker who delivers on time, every time. That’s where Graziano comes in. 

Trusted by top brands throughout industries and across continents, her notable clients include names like Poosh, Vogue, Forbes, Marie Claire, Influencive, Elle, Mindvalley, Business Insider and many others. Other top thought leaders have taken note of her abilities as well, including Grant Cardone and Daymond John.

Her speaking topics clearly address your company growth goals.

You want a top woman speaker. But you also need someone whose message aligns with your corporate goals. As a trendsetting thought leader and successful entrepreneur herself, Graziano has designed her speaking programs to meet the needs of your growth goals. Let’s look at her three most in-demand keynote addresses:

Accelerate your Authority Online and Have More Impact, Influence and Income

Online authority builds lasting revenue for traditional business models. But for digitally based companies, digital clout is critical. In this presentation, Graziano explores how to:

  • “Tell your irresistible story.”
  • “Become a recognized expert.”
  • “Grow your Instagram following.”
  • And more!

How to Gain a Million Followers and a Million Dollars in Under a Year

Gaining online followers is vital to any enterprise, and Graziano has the experience. Your audience will learn how to:

  • “Use instagram to optimize your business to reach hundreds of thousands of leads for free.”
  • “Become a digital leader online and offline.”
  • Earn new clients and create pre-launch buzz.
  • And more!

The 5 Pillars to Achieving Your Goals Faster with Natasha’s Proven MBS Method™️

A cornerstone of Graziano’s growth model, the MBS Method™️ assists countless corporations and employees in achieving their best success. Her five pillars will guide you and your company to:

  • Remove self-limiting beliefs.
  • Move from trying to obtain growth to achieving daily improvement
  • Become a powerful creator of your own reality.
  • And more!

Ready to book Graziano for your event?

Even if you are undecided about who to choose as your next guest speaker, the Success Speakers Bureau is here to assist you. Simply contact SSB with your virtual or in-person speaker needs, and we’ll do more than help you choose the best speaker for your event. We’ll also manage every step of the booking process so you can focus on other details.

And if you’re still browsing, explore our catalog of top motivational speakers with specialties including Women’s Leadership, Personal Finance, Corporate Culture, TEDx Speakers and much more.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Branding Speaker for Your Next Company Event
Branding, Business Speakers

Why You Should Hire a Personal Branding Speaker for Your Next Company Event

Personal brands aren’t so different from corporate brands—both encompass all that people think of and feel when they hear your name. As with a company brand, you want people to think of positive aspects such as honesty, integrity, readiness and even comfort.

Personal branding speakers hired from a reputable agency may be available in-person or to speak virtually. Top speakers such as Erin King, Michelle Poler and Richard Janes bring both authority and excitement to any company event. They can also enhance your corporate image while augmenting any professional development programs you already have in place. Let’s consider some of the benefits of hiring a personal branding keynote speaker:

Your employees will better represent your corporate brand.

With the rise of social media, we’ve made aspects of our lives public in ways unknown to decades past. Even our personal social media accounts often list our places of employment or profession, and as such our personal image or brand affects that of our company. And with any post just a screenshot away from being made public, strict privacy settings provide no solution.

Unfortunately, when online, people can easily come across as complainers rather than problem solvers. Even when intended jokingly, stray posts and comments can build a brand of someone people would choose not to do business with. Personal branding speakers guide audiences to understand their brands more holistically, and to better present themselves for success. In doing so, audiences learn to better see themselves as others may see them both online and off. The end result is that in hiring a speaker, you assist your employees and coworkers in building a positive reputation to better represent themselves.

Personal branding techniques work in corporate branding, too.

Personal and corporate branding lack much distinction today. In fact, they are utterly intertwined in the digital era of hybrid work and social media. Our private and professional lives don’t flip on and off like a switch. As such, people learning to develop their personal image will find themselves applying those lessons in the workplace too.

As an example, sales representatives can apply the lessons learned in reputation building to their next sales call. And with tips to build a strong personal brand, their solid reputation may very well precede them. After all, few things are as persuasive as a great reputation for honesty, timeliness and problem-solving. From marketing to customer service, the best branding and motivational speakers help your staff to build their best corporate reputation.

Personal branding speakers help employees succeed in their careers.

The best branding speakers frequently built their careers as entrepreneurs, salespeople and entertainers. That is, they know what it’s like to have virtually no distinction between their company and personal brand. One builds upon the other toward greatness. As public figures, they provide powerful, memorable, often funny and always engaging lessons on developing your best brand. In fact, beyond having strong reputations, they actually know what it’s like to see their names trend online.

And wouldn’t you like to be trending in your profession?

Having a solid reputation at the office improves job satisfaction as well as overall happiness and performance. Often, individual employees may mean well, but they simply lack the tools to improve their reputations and standing in the workplace. Personal branding speakers provide the tools, tips and strategies to build success.

You can improve team and cross-team communications.

Personal brand development also assists in overall team cohesion and corporate culture. That is because much of personal branding boils down to how we communicate with others. We are not simply projecting an image. Rather, we interact with others either face-to-face or through email, through messaging systems such as Slack or project management systems like Asana. Workplace from Meta/Facebook, our videoconferencing account profiles and other professional platforms each present opportunities to develop our brand. But the main feature in that development is in how we communicate when using them.

Communication is a minefield. We know to listen, yet being too quiet can come across as disinterested or aloof. Neither of those attributes contribute to a positive personal brand. Personal branding speakers help your staff learn the skills needed to develop a positive brand not only in presentation, but in interaction. It’s no surprise that many personal branding speakers have solid, real-world experience in communication architecture and strategic development.

How do I find the best branding speaker for hire?

Understanding how to hire a speaker for your event requires that you define the needs of your event, the message and its audience. That’s always been the case, but logistics such as making connections, booking and even travel arrangements can be equally tricky. Thankfully, the best booking agencies for speaker talent make the process simple.

Backed by a reputation of personal development, leadership growth and connection building, Success offers customized booking services through the Success Speakers Bureau. Not only do we provide access to top keynote speaker talent, but we provide the logistical support for both on-premise and virtual addresses.

Find the best personal branding, celebrity, real estate, personal finance, or sports and adventure motivational speaker for your event. Browse our available speakers now!