How a Real Estate Motivational Speaker Can Reduce Agent Burnout and Reinvigorate Teams

Leadership speakers for real estate conferences and other events are in high demand—and there’s a reason.

Today’s firms face a growing challenge: high turnover rates among their agents. In fact, the turnover rate among real estate agents grew from 35% in 2016 to 49% in 2020 according to Zippia. Each agent or broker lost means a new one must be trained. Worse, the connections that your agent built over time need to be repaired and rebuilt. Many are lost entirely.

Most agents quit for obvious reasons, such as difficulty networking and failure to develop leads. Not giving up requires enormous determination, self-discipline and, most of all, motivation. That is where hiring a successful real estate motivational speaker at your next conference can help.

Keynote speakers make a difference at your next real estate conference

Someone fresh to the real estate game may feel on top of the world. After all, they took their courses, aced their tests and obtained the license they sought. Many have bachelor’s and even master’s degrees. Plus, they just landed their first job with a great real estate company. It seems nothing can hold them back!

Yet, those first weeks prove challenging. Weeks turn to months and even years, and some of the best leads—the ones your agents nurtured with love and care on weekends and after-hours—fall through with a phone call. More often, they fall through with an email or prolonged silence. For many, burn out sets in even before that first sale.

Leadership speakers have been through these trials, too. It’s one thing to off-handedly say that persistence wins the race, but it’s another to hear it from someone who has been there, often having struggled for years. A great real estate motivational speaker will connect with your audience through true, relatable stories that can have your team both laughing and crying in the same breath.

Team members who may have felt isolated and ready to give up will bond not just with the speaker but with each other. While competition often brings out your agents’ best performance, the shared experience evoked by a great real estate speaker provides the needed fuel and comradery to keep going.

The best real estate speakers inspire through their own success

Every great story has an arc. And while your speaker knows the difficulties faced by their agents, they also know the road to success. That achievement in itself will inspire your team.

Sales coach and speaker Grant Cardone started his career in auto repair sales. He faced many trials including addiction. Today, he is the best-selling author of The 10X Rule and Dominate Your Market with an estimated value in the billions due to his business and real estate acumen and perseverance. Trainer, coach and speaker Ben Fairfield, on the other hand, didn’t enter the world of real estate until 2005. Then this Idaho native spearheaded the largest Century 21 franchise in the world.

These great real estate speakers won’t need to brag. Their success speaks for itself and inspires your real estate sales team to aim higher and remain focused. They know the accomplishment that comes from never giving up.

Look for practicality in your speaker

The right business speaker has more to offer than inspiration and star power for its own sake. You need someone familiar with real estate who will know the how of agent success, too. On top of relating the trials and tribulations of their own journeys, a great speaker will offer practical methods for success including:

  • Presentation tips & networking advice
  • Advanced use of digital media
  • Low/no cost advertising
  • Navigating and leveraging open houses for success
  • Lead follow-up tips and more

Easily find a great motivational speaker for your real estate event

Real estate company events are unlike any others. From international conferences to local and regional showcase events, you will find an unusual mix of prospective buyers, sellers, media and investors. Many speakers will be involved, and finding the right keynote speaker who can captivate and motivate all audiences is critical. And if you are a real estate firm owner, manager or event organizer, you need someone to motivate your team and hold them together for the long haul.

Online speaker services such as BettsWorks and The Success Speakers Bureau assist you in finding the top motivational speakers for your real estate conference or other corporate event. These leadership sites not only narrow your search to the best speakers available, but they ensure that booking top talent is just a few clicks away.

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