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Portrait of Nick Santonastasso

Speaker Spotlight: Nick Santonastasso Delivers Breakthrough Experiences

“My sessions are methodically put together to take [attendees on] an emotional roller coaster,” Nick Santonastasso says. You can expect to dig deep and work to overcome or heal during an event. 

Before becoming a professional speaker—appearing on stage with Tony Robbins and at events for Thrive, Lockheed Martin, the University of Florida and more, as well as teaching MasterClass workshops—Santonastasso was a professional prankster and bodybuilder. 

From prankster to speaker 

When he was young, Santonastasso wondered what he’d do when he grew up. Stepping on stage wasn’t his first thought, although now he recalls that his dad mentioned he could be a sports announcer or speaker. 

“I was always worried about how I was going to make ends meet with no legs and one arm. I can’t work a regular job,” Santonastasso says. While in the womb, he was classified with Hanhart syndrome, a rare condition that leads babies to be born with underdeveloped limbs, an underdeveloped tongue or missing fingers and toes. In Santonastasso’s case, he was born without legs, with a left arm with one finger on it and an underdeveloped right arm.  

Still, despite his dad’s career wisdom, becoming a speaker “wasn’t actually in my awareness,” Santonastasso says. 

First came other ventures. 

For instance, at age 18, he had a stint as a professional prankster, growing a following on the now-defunct social media platform, Vine, and finding fame through a variety of pranks, including giving Norman Reedus, a cast member of The Walking Dead, a shock. But pranking didn’t fulfill him, and in his 20s, he moved to Tampa, Florida, to pursue bodybuilding. He figured, “Not many people with no legs are in shape and bodybuilding. So if I can do it, people will watch.” 

While in Tampa, Santonastasso attended an event for entrepreneurs and met his future business partner, who heard his life story and predicted he’d make it on stage with Robbins one day. 

With that, Santonastasso began a career in speaking. 

While making money and building a career were his initial goals, he realized there was a higher level to achieve after attending one of Robbins’ events and witnessing the transformation taking place. “I’ve watched this man make people cry and laugh and smile and break through and heal things,” Santonastasso remembers. His takeaway: “Whatever he’s doing, I want to do it at that level.” 

Leading crowds to breakthroughs 

There’s so much that Santonastasso loves about speaking at events. For one, he says, “I love the art and mastery of being able to orchestrate a crowd.” But there’s more too. He’s also passionate about that moment when audience members reach a breakthrough, “a moment where they heal something or think about life in a totally different way.” 

Realizing how much he enjoyed speaking and how much of an impact he could have doing it, Santonastasso got to work. He began to develop his ability to talk about topics like psychology and neuroplasticity, a person’s ability to rewire their brain. In some ways, his strength as a speaker is his ability to condense time for other people by sharing a map toward healing with them based on his own healing journey from the traumas he’s endured. 

During one of Santonastasso’s main sessions, you can expect three parts: First, he tells a story about himself or something he’s discovered or learned. Next, he teaches a specific lesson. Finally, he provides a tool in the form of one question or a series of questions, which Santonastasso says helps guide attendees to their own answers. “I can ask the audience a very powerful question, and they’re going to find a very powerful answer.” The questions help people realize experiences or thought patterns that aren’t helpful and may be holding them back in many areas of their lives. 

While he shares personal stories, his speaking events aren’t about him, Santonastasso clarifies: They’re about leading the audience to breakthroughs. And these are truly transformational moments. People leave calling others to share their new insights, Santonastasso says. He’ll hear feedback like, “This felt like 10 years of therapy in one hour.” 

You can expect to feel emotional during the event—and afterward. There’s a power to asking questions, Santonastasso says. When we ask intelligent and intentional questions, he says, we can uncover things about ourselves that may be healing and liberating. 

On stage at Tony Robbins events

Even before Santonastasso entered the speaking world, he admired Robbins and the work he did on stage. When he finally attended an event, he was in awe of Robbins’ abilities. He and his partners worked to get on Robbins’ radar for two years, even speaking for free at one of his youth leadership conferences in California. 

Years passed since Santonastasso attended his first Robbins event. And then, finally, he was invited to speak at an Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event in Dallas, Texas. The reaction was positive, and since then, Santonastasso has been a guest speaker at more UPW events, spanning the globe from Miami to Singapore. 

Devoted to speaking and coaching  

Speaking is Santonastasso’s great passion. He makes guest appearances (as with Robbins) and keynotes events. But it’s not the only way he connects with people to deliver transformational experiences. 

He also has an online education company. “We offer people the opportunity to go deeper on my courses and my mentorship and masterminds,” he explains. Through this company, he helps others—coaches, experts and entrepreneurs—become transformational speakers, sharing what he’s learned in his own time building a speaker empire. 

Share what you know—because someone needs your message 

“Everyone has a story,” Santonastasso says. “And every day that you don’t share your story, there’s someone out there suffering because they haven’t met you yet.” 

Like music, Santonastasso says, people have opinions on speakers and their messages. That is, not every speaker will appeal to everyone. When you’re authentically yourself, you’ll attract some people and repel others, he says. But this is helpful. “You’re going to repel the ones that will never do business with you anyway. You’re gonna attract your tribe that would love to go deeper on the journey of transformation with you.” 

If you’re someone who feels like you have a story to tell the world, Santonastasso encourages you to do so. “Everyone has something valuable to share with the world. And there are people out there that need you.” 

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Motivational speaker on stage in front of hundreds of people learning how to become a motivational speaker and get paid

How to Become a Motivational Speaker: The Essential Beginner’s Guide

Being a motivational speaker allows you to share your knowledge with others and experience  rewarding personal and professional fulfillment.

But before you can book your first speaking engagement, you need to learn how to become a motivational speaker and what to charge for your services.

How to become a paid motivational speaker in 7 steps

Becoming a motivational speaker requires more than simply talking in front of an audience. These seven steps can help you launch a career as a motivational speaker.

1. Self-assessment and introspection

The best motivational speakers have a deep understanding of themselves. They know their strengths and actively work on their weaknesses. If you want to be a motivational speaker, you need to understand all aspects of yourself.

This requires you to look inward and use self-assessment to identify your passions, areas of expertise, and how you’ll use your unique perspective to help others. Journaling, reading thought-provoking books and working with a therapist are among the ways you can start building and strengthening your perspectives.

2. Develop expertise in your practice area

Some people seem to be great public speakers naturally, but everyone needs practice speaking in front of a crowd. You should feel comfortable addressing a large audience before trying to get a speaking engagement. Practice making speeches in front of friends and family, join a local Toastmasters club, or sign up for as many work presentations and speaking opportunities as possible to get comfortable speaking publicly.

You’ll also need expertise and experience in your chosen practice area or industry. For example, if you plan to share your knowledge with small business owners, you will want to have firsthand experience as a small business owner, so you can speak with authority on the topic.

3. Craft a unique message

There are thousands of motivational speakers out there, so you must stand out from the rest. Take some time to develop your distinct voice and message.

Ask yourself these questions to help you find your niche and authentic voice:

  • Who do you want to speak to? Who could gain the most from hearing about your experiences?
  • What is your ideal audience size or venue?
  • What topics or industries are you most passionate about?
  • How does your story differ from other motivational speakers or influencers in your practice area or industry?
  • What standout personality traits do you bring to your speeches?

4. Build a brand

Motivational speakers are business ownersjust like a restaurant owner or clothing boutique owner. Unlike other businesses, however, motivational speakers are selling their stories and personality as their products. To be a successful motivational speaker, you’ll need to build your brand.

Building your brand as a motivational speaker includes identifying your target audience and poising yourself in front of them. Having an online presence via a website and social media channels is essential to becoming a motivational speaker. 

You may also want to  consider becoming a certified motivational speaker. A certification could help you land speaking engagements when you’re first starting out. There are both free and paid certifications available, and you can earn more than one to build your resume.

5. Networking and mentorship

If you’re trying to learn how to become a motivational speaker, you likely have experience in a certain field. This means you may already have connections and contacts with your ideal audiences. Leverage your network to help book engagements and grow your brand.

Additionally, you can improve your speaking skills by reaching out to more experienced speakers for mentorship. Partnering with a mentor can help expand your network and give you the chance to learn directly from leaders in the field.

6. Gain practical experience

Once your message is set and your brand is in place, you can start seeking speaking opportunities. As with any new skill, it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up to larger engagements. Each successful speech expands your exposure and can help open the door to bigger opportunities.

7. Hone and improve your skills

Good motivational speakers constantly improve their skills and refine their craft. You should request feedback after every engagement and use it to hone your skills, message and brand.

Getting your first paid gig

Unlike searching for a new job, you probably won’t find a list of paid speaking gigs on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Motivational speakers get most of their paid gigs from their network or by pitching their services directly to event hosts.

First, create a resume that shows how you’ve established yourself as an expert in your industry or on your topic of choice. 

Next, you’ll need to demonstrate your skills as a speaker. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with a high quality video of you speaking to an audience. Volunteering as a speaker is often a good way to get coverage of your speaking skills in a real-world setting.

Once you’ve created a portfolio and/or a website, reach out to your network. Some of the best people to contact about potential speaking opportunities are people who know you in relation to your speaking topics.

If you’re discussing business topics, you might reach out to past clients or coworkers to see if their current businesses would benefit from a motivational speaker. On the other hand, if you’re focused on personal passions—such as a community cause—try contacting people in your personal network. For instance, if you previously worked as a management consultant and you want to speak about the power of embracing change throughout your career, reach out to past companies you’ve consulted for, and ask if they have any upcoming events or know of any local conferences that are looking for speakers.

How much should you charge for a speaking engagement?

As of January 2024, the median salary for a motivational speaker is just under $79,000 annually. But that rate fluctuates based on experience and education.

However, many speakers are self-employed or use speaking as a side gig to a full-time career. You can help determine your rates by choosing a salary goal and breaking it down into speaking engagements.

For example, if you want to earn at least $30,000 a year speaking as a side business, plan on speaking at one event per month. You’d need to charge at least $2,500 per event to meet your goal.

When setting your rate, consider your experience as well as the budget of the event. A multimillion-dollar business client will likely have a larger budget than your local nonprofit. Additionally, it’s generally recommended that you start with smaller engagements and then work your way up to higher-paying, larger speaking engagements as you build a portfolio and network. It may take months, or even years, to build enough experience that you can charge high enough rates to make your full salary as a motivational speaker.

5 benefits of becoming a motivational speaker

Becoming a motivational speaker isn’t just about making money. Many speakers do what they do because they enjoy inspiring others to better themselves. Let’s check out the benefits of becoming a motivational speaker, and why you might want to consider it as a career. 

1. Personal fulfillment

As a motivational speaker, your speech could make a positive impact and difference in the life of another person. This in turn may lead to personal fulfillment and enable you to experience happiness and satisfaction derived from helping others.

2. Professional opportunities

You don’t have to be a full-time motivational speaker to benefit from speaking events. Many motivational speakers use speaking engagements as a way to diversify their income stream.

In addition, your speaking assignments could lead to career growth. Businesses hire motivational speakers to help boost employee enthusiasm and offer fresh perspectives to workers. A business leader inspired by your speech and experience might want to hire you to help the business in more than a one-time role. They may reach out to you about a potential job opportunity with their company, giving you a leg up in the hiring process.

3. Networking and connections

Being a motivational speaker helps you build a robust network that can lead to new opportunities. A large network can help you book new speaking engagements as connections recommend you to their contacts.

You can also use your network to form collaborations with other speakers and business leaders. You could partner with speakers in your industry to host a business conference to bolster your network and initiate a revenue stream.

4. Personal development

Being a good public speaker is a great skill to hone. When you become a motivational speaker, you’re committing to refining your public speaking skills over and over again. With each event, you improve your confidence and communication skills, which can be important for personal development.

5. Influence and leadership

Being an influential speaker can lead to more speaking opportunities, which will ultimately grow your brand and increase your income. However, the influence and leadership that come with being a speaker go beyond monetary rewards as you affect real change in others. 

Influence as a motivational speaker goes beyond collecting a paycheck—the best speakers inspire transformation with their words. As a motivational speaker, your influence can help people start their own journeys toward making long-term, sustainable changes in their lives.

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Johnny Quinn
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Johnny Quinn Tackles Your Organizational Challenges Head-On

While companies vary greatly in terms of size, structure, scalability, profit margins and more, they share many of the same organizational challenges. Keynote speaker, author and former NFL receiver Johnny Quinn specializes in several of the areas that matter most to achieving peak performance. As a speaker and author, he tackles some of the most important issues businesses and other institutions face today, including:

  • Team culture
  • Resilience
  • Leadership development
  • Change management

With each keynote address, Quinn delivers more than a speech; he delivers an experience. His engaging style and ability to project authenticity as a speaker impact people from all walks of life.

Alongside his TEDx speech, “Understanding the Olympic Mindset,” Quinn has been featured by outlets such as ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. With that in mind, let’s look closer at Quinn and what booking him means for your company event.

Johnny Quinn embodies a mindset of goal-setting and achievement.

When it comes to increasing resilience and developing goal-setting skills for your teams, you want someone with real-world experience in struggle and achievement. Quinn delivers in ways few others can via the experience gained over the course of his own remarkable journey.

With unwavering commitment to his goals, he played in three college football conference championships, leaving the University of North Texas as their “all-time leading receiver in receptions (187) and receiving yards (2,718),” according to his website. That helped launch his NFL career, but he was not chosen in the draft. Instead, signing on as a free agent, he played for the Buffalo Bills and the Green Bay Packers as well joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League. Again, challenges beset him. Facing cut after cut from these teams, he had a choice: Give up, or learn to face setbacks head-on by setting new goals with determination and drive.

Quinn chose the latter. After tearing his ACL and getting cut for the last time, he joined the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Through hard work and training, he was soon rocketing down mountains at more than 80 miles per hour. In 2014, he competed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, becoming the third NFL player ever to do so. Through these experiences, Quinn developed and honed his ability to bounce back from every difficulty.

Quinn describes these experiences in his deeply personal and impactful book, Push: Breaking through the Barriers. Much more than a chronicle of success, the book outlines his spiritual journey as well as his professional one. It details how achievement is more than commitment to yourself. It’s also commitment to improving the lives of family and those around you.

As Quinn informed his audience at TEDxPlano: “I don’t know where you’re at today. But what I do know is that tomorrow can look different. And, my friends, I’ve got some wonderful news: You get to choose, and that choice is giving more.

Johnny Quinn delivers powerful keynotes, breakouts and workshops.

Quinn’s transformational messages of building more confident leadership in times of change and developing resilience aren’t limited to TEDx talks and network appearances. He also delivers powerful keynotes with his virtual talks and in-person appearances.

Forward-looking companies, medical centers and associations and other institutions have benefited from Quinn’s keynote addresses, breakout sessions and workshops. Some of his past clients include Toyota, Battelle for Kids, Verizon, Baylor Medical Center at Frisco and dozens of others.

Quinn’s in-demand leadership and development speaking topics are:

1. “Breaking Through Barriers”

Learn how to overcome the barriers that hold you back by developing greater “resilience, determination and a growth mindset.” Quinn provides the real-world tools necessary to overcome both professional and personal challenges and take your career to the next level.

2. “Think Like an Olympian”

As an Olympian, Quinn knows what it takes to pursue and achieve excellence. With this talk, audiences learn how to channel their inner confidence while developing the mindset and discipline needed to achieve greatness in the marketplace.

3. “Cultivating a Champion Mindset”

The most successful leaders have positive, resilient mindsets and the ability to develop and achieve bulletproof goals. Quinn teaches the practical tools and techniques anyone can use to develop a positive and resilient mindset for high-yield opportunities and growth.

4. “Leading in the Digital Age”

Digital technology has utterly redesigned the marketplace, and leaders need to acquire new skills to meet the demands of the digital landscape. In this talk, Quinn focuses on areas such as new applications of adaptability, innovation and successful collaboration in the digital era.

Book Johnny Quinn or other top business speakers for your event.

“Johnny [Quinn] was phenomenal, clear and captivating!” says Mona Phillips, broker at Realty ONE Group Elite. “We need more of his wisdom to reach everyone.”

Read more testimonials, watch videos and check booking availability for Quinn at his bio page.

Or search other top motivational speakers, executive coaches and emcees provided by the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. With more than a century of experience in building networks among thought leaders and entrepreneurs, SUCCESS will manage all the booking details for you with the professionalism and certainty you deserve.

Speaker Spotlight: Daymond John Challenges Entrepreneurs to Dream Bigger
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Daymond John Challenges Entrepreneurs to Dream Bigger

The name Daymond John resonates for achievers worldwide. As a self-made millionaire, top business and motivational speaker and bestselling author, he commands the attention of millions. And just when you think he’s done it all, John challenges himself with his next big venture. Best of all, he shares his genius by inviting you along for the ride.

From his humble origins in Queens to a global empire, John has become one of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers. Whether he’s discussing the power of branding, the importance of perseverance or the value of teamwork, John’s keynote addresses can inspire every member of your organization from the ground floor to the C-suite. That’s why he made our bestselling authors list as well as our top celebrity speakers and best sales speakers lists.

Even if you know John from his starring role on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning Shark Tank, there’s still much to learn. John’s business savvy coupled with his electrifying personality supercharges brands and transforms companies. He has partnered with top corporations such as Chase for Business, AARP and Audible. As a keynote speaker and executive coach, he can inspire your team to take on the challenges of game-changing perseverance and success.

Background: The making of a Shark

Like any authentic public speaker, John has a stunning personal story to tell. It begins with growing up in Queens, New York, and working handing out flyers at age 10. Facing the challenges of poverty, dyslexia and difficulty at school, he worked full time in his teens. He waited tables. He started a commuter van service. He did the hard grind it takes to get ahead, missing no opportunity and always having bigger goals in mind.

John founded his first company from his mother’s home. By building his own sense of purpose, he made his dream a reality. John turned his startup company FUBU into a major fashion brand with over $6 billion in product sales worldwide.

“It takes the same energy to think small as it does to think big,” John tweeted in 2017. “So dream big and think bigger.”

With experience as a successful and forward-thinking entrepreneur established, John co-hosted the hit ABC series Shark Tank. Here he grew further as a globally recognized business strategist, assisting entrepreneurs in achieving their own dreams and establishing his own personal brand as “The People’s Shark.” His popularity soared, gaining more than 5 million social media followers as one of the “LinkedIn Top Voices” of 2020.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, he dovetailed his fame as a top business strategist to launch his services as a cutting-edge brand ambassador and adviser. He worked or is currently working with companies such as AARP, The American Cancer Society, Shopify, Knocking and others, continuing his mission to educate and empower the brands and leaders of tomorrow.

John’s books

Someone with John’s business expertise and a penchant for helping others never runs dry of personal motivation or game-changing ideas. Throughout his journey, he developed his inspirational message of success as a bestselling author. As a writer, he shared in an even more personal way his formulae for success. John’s popular and life-changing books include:

Keynote addresses and consulting services

Booking John means that you are willing to deliver to your guests one of the most entertaining, exhilarating and tested keynote speakers of our time.

His celebrity status brings attention, and his compelling rags-to-riches story both captivates and inspires audiences from all walks of life. But more than that, he delivers the goods in helping your teams achieve their own success. His message of hard work, personal sacrifice, resilience and the willingness to think big challenges and uplifts your teams.

“Poverty of the mind is permanent,” John has said. “Being broke, that’s temporary.”

John teaches the strategies to overcome self-limiting mindsets. He provides the proven, winning methods to negotiate from a position of strength, win the sale and optimize the talents of your staff. His message is universal, but it’s pragmatic, too. Students, entry-level employees and chief officers alike learn from his story and his methods. That is why John is so demanded by major companies and educational institutions alike. John has spoken for General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, and AT&T as well as Yale and Purdue University. In each case, listeners leave with the tools they need to move the company and change their lives.

Book John

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has made hiring your next motivational business or celebrity speaker easier than ever. Visit John’s speaker page to learn more about him and check booking availability.

SUCCESS will put its century-and-a-quarter of relationship-building and thought leadership experience to work for you, including negotiating your best fees and handling your most important talent logistics.

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Top International Motivational Speakers to Book in 2023
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Top International Motivational Speakers to Book in 2023

Today’s top motivational speakers bring out the best from you and your teams. They rally your audiences with inspirational, actionable messages that drive institutional growth and prosperity. Whether speaking on topics of women’s leadership, self-care or personal development, booking a motivational keynote speaker adds lasting and measurable value for your company. Additionally, motivational speakers with international experience may provide even further benefits.

For instance, your company may employ people from all walks of life and around the globe. You may have customers living beyond U.S. borders as well. International motivational speakers provide a unique, global perspective and expertise that enriches your audience’s experience. 

With these benefits in mind, let’s look at five top international motivational speakers to consider booking for your next major in-person or virtual event:

Ricky Mendez

Are you ready to increase sales, create a better company culture and improve prosperity both for yourself and your peers? International speaker and mindset fitness coach Ricky Mendez shows you how. He teaches top global brands the tactics and strategies needed to build winning mindsets. Through his systematic process, audiences learn how to defeat negativity, procrastination and the minimalistic mindsets that hold them back. The result? A healthier, happier and higher-achieving workplace.

Through Mendez’s mindset and prosperity planning methods, he has improved companies and their cultures, working with top companies such as Home Depot, Costco and Sears, among others. In each case, he builds the confidence required to motivate action.

His game-changing speaking topics include:

  • “Mindset Fitness”
  • “Prosperity Planning”
  • “Leadership from Within”
  • “Borrow your Way to Wealth”

Learn more and check booking availability for Mendez.

Lee Marie Jacobs

International speaker Lee Marie Jacobs offers a refreshing, attention-grabbing perspective. One of our “Top Leadership Speakers to Book in 2023,” she specializes in the space where holistic health and wealth meets transformational leadership. She is a certified yoga and pilates instructor and clinical nutritionist who holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical toxicology as well as a master of business administration. She’s also a former sales and marketing manager who worked with companies including L’Oreal, DuPont and Johnson & Johnson. An advocate for better health and well-being to build truly sustainable wealth and happiness, Jacobs inspires readers with her four-week plan that advocates for “creating joyful, powerful and meaningful wealth in her book, Beautiful Money

Her speaking topics include:

  • “Soul Leader: The New Era of Leadership”
  • “Energy Management: The Evolution of Time Management”
  • “Beautiful Money: Holistic Wealth Creation”

Learn more and check booking availability for Marie Jacobs.

Nataly Kogan

“Challenge in life is constant,” says international speaker and bestselling author Nataly Kogan. “But struggle is optional.”

An immigrant of the former Soviet Union at age 13, Kogan learned English by watching Who’s the Boss? Today, executives know her as a storyteller and jubilant speaker. Her book, Happier Now, explores her own journey from cynicism to joyfulness through a science-based shift in mindset. A globally recognized expert in emotional fitness and leadership, she has been featured and authored articles for top media outlets including Time, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. She also created the Happier Method™ and serves as founder of Happier and Happier @ Work.

With each media appearance and speaking engagement, Kogan provides life-affirming, evidence-based tools people can use to improve emotional fitness, manage stress and become stronger, more resilient leaders. One of our top self-care motivational speakers, Kogan’s speaking topics include:

  • “The Power of Emotional Fitness @ Work”
  • “Happier Now!”
  • “Thriving Through Change”

Learn more and check booking availability for Kogan.

Nick Santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso knows firsthand the value of motivation and goal-setting. Born with the rare genetic affliction known as Hanhart syndrome, he entered this world with no legs and only one arm. Through perseverance, he nevertheless joined his high school wrestling team, later gaining success as a bodybuilder, fitness model, author and international keynote speaker. Throughout his journey, he chose to become a victor, learning the values of resilience and building the perseverance needed to dominate his goals.

Santonastasso shares his motivational message through a massive social media presence including more than 650,000 followers on Instagram, as well as substantial followings on TikTok and YouTube. A top speaker for schools, sports teams, conferences and Fortune 500 companies alike, Santonastasso is also one of our top motivational speakers due to his inspirational message and compelling delivery. His keynote message, “Victim to Victor: Annihilate Excuses to Effortlessly Dominate Your Goals,” continually captivates audiences.

Learn more and check booking availability for Santonastasso.

Thomas Blackwell

International speaker, author and peak performance coach Thomas Blackwell has one driving vision: “to significantly improve the language and mindset of more than one billion people worldwide through authorship, inspirational talks and workshops and peak performance coaching,” according to his website. Featured as one of our “Top Faith-Based Keynote Speakers Today,” his addresses and workshops have reached into the hearts and souls of his audiences.

A former Division I athlete and coach, Blackwell brings the stamina and dynamism you want from a motivational speaker. He also offers real-world entrepreneurial experience as the founder and CEO of Say Do Achieve, a company dedicated to improving lives through language and mindset. This bestselling author of The Liberty of Our Language Revealed motivates and inspires through his unforgettable keynote topics that include:

  • “We Bring About What we Talk About”
  • “Instructional, Motivational, Inspirational… The 3 Levels of Effective Speaking and Teaching”
  • “The Liberty of Our Language Revealed”

Learn more and check booking availability for Blackwell.

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Speaker Spotlight: James Whittaker Shares the Secrets to Success
Business Speakers, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: James Whittaker Shares the Secrets to Success

Motivational keynote speaker James Whittaker wants you to succeed. He knows the secrets of success through gaining influence and winning at every pursuit. And he has dedicated himself to sharing the secret sauce to help your business thrive to its fullest potential.

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, this bestselling author and keynote speaker has a gift for helping others achieve success. He helps audiences gain clarity and resilience in the face of financial challenges and both business and personal setbacks. 

To achieve that level of acclaim, Whittaker developed a deep understanding of the tools and methods used to help the world’s leading entrepreneurs build lasting relationships, develop goal-setting skills and grow their companies. As a gifted speaker, he knows how to articulate these messages in a way that motivates audiences across the entire spectrum of commercial fields.

Whittaker’s background makes him a top business speaker across industries.

When people think of James Whittaker, they think of financial success. He built a 10-year career as a financial planner, and his journey did not end there. With an unceasing entrepreneurial drive, he gained a wealth of knowledge in industries including film, publishing and marketing.

Whittaker further explored the secrets of success by interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs. From top business moguls and television personalities to thought leaders and athletes, he unlocked the mindsets and behaviors that led these individuals to success. He learned the formula for optimal motivation as well as goal-setting strategies, growing a circle of influence and the value of anticipating challenges through planning. Collectively, this knowledge developed into his Win the Day® strategy for success.

Whittaker supercharges your event as a financial icon.

As a bestselling author and popular podcaster, Whittaker brings excitement to your event. In fact, he is a well-known speaker in the realms of motivation, business relationships and financial well-being. Booking James Whittaker creates buzz and improves attendance as a widely-recognized business planner and entrepreneurial success story.

He is a co-author of Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite: How to Unlock the Awesome Power of You released in 2020 in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Mental Dynamite features the often unlikely and always inspiring success stories behind some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. Whittaker also wrote the bestselling Think and Grow Rich The Legacy. This masterpiece of motivation and personal finance also offers a rare introduction by Bob Proctor, who was named one of the “Top 10 Motivational Speakers of All Time” by SUCCESS magazine.

Whittaker also hosts the immensely popular Win The Day® podcast, further exploring the stories and secrets of success behind some of today’s most interesting leaders. He’s appeared on television shows such as The Today Show, as well as in top publications including SUCCESS magazine, Entrepreneur, The Sydney Morning Herald and others.

Whittaker provides impactful keynote addresses.

Even the most knowledgeable people can give a lifeless keynote address. To motivate audiences and transform minds, you need someone gifted at capturing and holding their attention. You also need topics that matter at a personal level across diverse populations.

James Whittaker delivers. His confident delivery style engages audiences with passion and humor, interweaving inspiring stories with lasting takeaways.The result? His crafted style captivates audiences and leaves them with a sense of purpose and a desire to take action.

While Whittaker has a list of speaking topics, they remain versatile across industries and audiences. He will even tailor his message for your specific needs. His current speaking topics are:

  • “Win the Day™️: How the World’s Most Successful People Win the Day Every Day … and How You Can Too”
  • “Win the Influence: How to Create, Manage, and Leverage High-Level Relationships”
  • “Win the Business: How to 10x Your Influence, Income, and Impact”

Now you can book James Whittaker with confidence.

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How Words Empower an Audience
Business Speakers, Motivational

How Words Empower an Audience

Motivational speakers and authors empower audiences to make transformative changes in themselves. These empowering changes can have benefits reaching across personal relationships, corporate teams and entire communities. The greatest speakers throughout history changed the world with the empowerment of words, and today’s top motivational speakers continue that legacy. Whether through bestselling books, keynote addresses or virtual guest appearances, words can spark emotions that resonate at personal, communal and even spiritual levels.

But stirring the inner strength of others is only the first step. For lasting change, an audience needs to truly feel motivated and empowered. They also need to know how they can make a difference. With words as their primary tools, today’s best motivational speakers and authors must provide listeners with the means to organize themselves and others for change. How do they use words to do that? And how can future speakers leverage this knowledge and skill?

Motivational speakers and authors create an emotional connection.

The skilled use of language can stir emotions in any of us. For motivational authors and speakers, building an emotional connection with an audience is often the primary tool in gaining and holding our attention. Through their words, speakers create feelings of inspiration, hope, sadness or joy. The most talented speakers can have audiences literally laughing through their tears.

One of the most effective means of stirring these emotions lies in storytelling. Motivational keynote speakers and authors such as Anne Grady and Suzy Batiz share deeply personal, sometimes painful stories from their lives. While we may not share their exact experiences, we relate to the emotions they experienced. We share the universal connection of personal tragedy, seeming defeat, fear and worry, and the strength required to thrive. In this way, the best speakers use words to guide us through a catharsis of tears and laughter while building trust.

Cultural motivators use words to build communities.

In a group setting, the emotions public speakers stir in us take on an even greater power. When we laugh, those around us laugh, too. When we cry or cheer, we see, hear and feel those around us sharing in those emotional releases. Whether those around us are team members or strangers, the catharsis of emotion becomes communal. The energy is often palpable, creating a sense of a greater community.

In this way, politicians, preachers and community activists use words as a foundation to grow entire movements for change. Veteran advocates such as Mo Brossette or women’s leadership speakers like Mally Roncal empower us through a strength in numbers. They use this gift to create a sense of a larger community in every public address.

Many speakers enhance spiritual connections through words.

If you attend religious gatherings, you know the power of words in building spiritual connections. This sort of shared spiritualism applies to churches, mosques and synagogues, but also to meditation retreats we love. Whatever your spiritual connection, great leaders and guides use language to transform a personal experience into a shared spiritual one.This form of empowerment can be electrifying.

Today’s top faith-based keynote speakers use words to create that same kind of bond even in business settings. No, they are not preachers, but they understand audiences at that spiritual core. Speaker and author Anthony O’Neal uses that understanding to empower audiences to live debt-free. Thomas Blackwell, on the other hand, creates stronger corporate cultures by improving individual mindsets. And Kelly Cardenas uses his gift for words to build and inspire stronger teams. In each case, their understanding of human spirituality creates stronger connections to motivate their audiences.

Speakers use words to transform self-perception.

The greatest obstacle in life can sometimes be ourselves and our own negative self-perception. The simple words “I can’t” often hold us back from happiness, learning and prosperity, and certain life experiences may inhibit us from being our best. Negative friends, family members, bosses and other social experiences can teach us to limit ourselves.

Gifted authors and speakers use words to help us move from a self-limiting mindset to a growth mindset. Through shared stories and wisdom, they guide us to see ourselves in a new light. Positive mindset experts such as Karen M. Allen, Shawn Achor and Nataly Kogan use words to help us reflect on ourselves. By enhancing our self-awareness, they empower us to see where we hold ourselves back and how we can rise above self-doubt.

Words can empower us to focus on self-care and well-being.

Part of enhancing our self-perception involves improving our overall self-care. That means better health, nutrition and lifestyle. Greater well-being improves performance, and with improved performance comes greater opportunities for success. Even small, daily or weekly gains can be the most self-affirming spark to empower us in the long run.

Keynote speakers such as Allison Graham remind us of the necessity to care for our own well-being. By doing so, we become better leaders for those around us. Others such as health expert Trent Shelton help us better understand that mental and physical wellness are inseparable. Through healthy, mindful habits, we build resilience and become stronger both for ourselves and those around us. Empowering us to take those necessary actions requires the gift truly motivating us to action.

Motivational experts provide a clear call to action.

Using the techniques outlined above, motivational speakers and authors create a sense of excitement and empowerment among their audiences. But that enthusiasm will be short-lived without one more critical piece: a call to action. But this is no simple task for the speaker. It requires building subject matter trust, authority and expertise. It also challenges the speaker to craft their words so that anyone in the audience can understand what to do while remaining enthused to do it. To do this, two main strategies come into play.

First, the speaker must simply and concretely articulate the actions necessary. Northwestern Medicine reports a routine can have benefits including improving mental health, mood and sleep efficiency. Audience members feel more empowered when they know exactly what to do next. The best motivators don’t say “Exercise daily.” Rather, they lay out a specific and unique fitness regimen that explains how to build a healthy lifestyle.

The second strategy lies in using words to guide audiences to visualize the exciting outcomes of their actions. These mental images and feelings should be colorful, personalized and inspiring. Advertisers, politicians and religious leaders each paint with words so that audiences see and feel the results of their actions. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech resonates to this day due to his artful use of language. He enabled his listeners to visualize an improved future, going beyond the how to take action and accentuating why. This method further motivates audiences through an understanding of outcomes and what lies at stake.

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Speaker Spotlight: Mo Brossette Motivates Audiences to Master Their Fears
Business Speakers, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Mo Brossette Motivates Audiences to Master Their Fears

Stronger teams begin with healthy, self-aware and confident individuals. Motivational speaker Mo Brossette has made his mark as an expert on human behavior, mindset and nutrition. He has taught corporate leaders and their teams how to reduce burnout through stress management, movement and mindset training. Taken together, his audiences are equipped to master their fears and overcome self-limiting beliefs. In fact, Brossette has made both our “Top Personal Development Keynote Speakers” and “Top Health and Fitness Speakers lists for his accomplishments and unwavering commitment to improved well-being.

At the heart of Brossette’s techniques lies an important message: Stop attempting to overcome fear, and master it instead. When interviewed for SUCCESS’ Brilliant Thoughts podcast, Brossette had this to say: “It’s not about not being afraid. It’s about being in the middle of the fear and learning how to use that to do the right things.”

But where did this top motivational speaker and powerhouse in the worlds of nutrition and wellness come from? And how does booking him as your next keynote speaker help you and your team to become stronger, healthier and more confident both personally and professionally?

Brossette brings a background of expertise and service.

Brossette has made a difference in health and fitness motivation for more than 25 years. He previously served as director of mindset and nutrition for the Adaptive Training Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas. There, he led the “Redefine” program for critically injured military veterans and helped those wrestling with trauma and physical pain overcome their fears and self-doubt.

Brossette also operates the Alpha Training Academy. More than a fitness program, the academy trains individuals to accept fear and stress and use it to build Focus, Excitement, Awareness and Resolve. Requirements of the program include breath work, journaling, good nutrition and learning first aid. His academy for youths, the Young Alpha Leadership Academy, assists tomorrow’s leaders through development of life skills, stronger communications and self-reliance.

Brossette improves mindsets through motivation and mastery.

With this background in nutrition, movement and mindset, Brossette has risen to become a top leader, coach and motivational speaker. His philosophy of “lean forward and fight hard” lies at the heart of his inspirational message.

Brossette does more than tell people where they need to go. He teaches them how to get there. He uses his wealth of experience to train clients and executive teams in proven methods to build greater self-awareness and confidence. Plus, his problem-solving and stress management techniques help clients create better lives for themselves, both professionally and personally. Most of all, Brossette’s message builds stronger teams by showing them how to transform worry and fear into fuel for strength and achievement.

Transformative keynote speeches and coaching.

As you can imagine, a mental and physical fitness counselor knows how to command a room. His encouraging style includes humor and relatable anecdotes, but there’s an objective to his every word. Brossette knows that there’s a lot at stake. For instance, a 2022 Gallup survey found that employees experiencing “fair or poor mental health are estimated to have nearly 12 days of unplanned absences annually compared with 2.5 days for all other workers,” resulting in an overall economic cost of nearly $48 billion in lost productivity each year.

Brossette’s programs reduce that stress and anxiety, building stronger communications skills and healthier habits. Your teams will learn how to increase resilience, reduce fatigue and even sleep better. The result is healthier, happier and more productive individuals throughout your organization. Associates come away charged and ready to meet the challenges of leadership with confidence.

Working with organizations both big and small, Brossette brings his best to every session or event. In fact, AT&T, Midwestern State University, Body Machine Fitness and other organizations have benefited from Brossette’s speaking and training services.

His corporate and institutional speaking topics include:

1. “Breath and Stress Management”

You and your team will learn how to better cope with fear, stress and anxiety through breath work and proven communication techniques. The result is reduced burnout and a greater edge in daily performance.

2. “Improving Leadership & Teamwork”

Here, your team will learn the keys to greater emotional intelligence and communication, improving individual confidence and company outcomes. Higher morale and stronger inter-office understanding will result, driving greater overall productivity.

Book Mo Brossette today!

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Speaker Spotlight: Trent Shelton Builds Better Mindsets
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Trent Shelton Builds Better Mindsets

Finding success in the face of adversity sometimes requires reinventing yourself, which may mean a change of career or taking on new opportunities for personal growth. But whatever your path, true prosperity will always challenge you to be more resilient, improve your mindset and be personally accountable in all that you do.

Keynote motivational speaker and author Trent Shelton has embodied each of these attributes while experiencing hardship and ultimate success. Best of all, he knows how to convey this message to vast audiences, building better mindsets for tomorrow’s leaders.

Shelton’s story

Shelton had big dreams while growing up in New Orleans and Fort Worth, Texas: he wanted to play pro football. Enrolling at Baylor University as a speech communications major helped him realize that dream. He excelled as a wide receiver for the Baylor Bears to wide acclaim. In 2007, he began his career in the NFL as a free agent, eventually becoming a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, as well as the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Commanders. But that NFL career ended abruptly. Plagued by injuries, Shelton did not make the next draft. Worse, this abrupt change led to depression and a loss of self-worth.

Home again in 2011, Shelton took an opportunity to speak at his church. His inspiring message immediately connected with the congregation. He soon took this gift online, making short YouTube videos with a curriculum for resilience through inner strength and personal responsibility. For Shelton, creating these videos served as a form of therapy. But for audiences, the videos served as deeply emotional and timeless motivational lessons. Shelton had found his true calling.

Known for his signature closing, “It’s Rehab Time,” Shelton soon founded the RehabTime Organization, a Christian-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. Here, he serves audiences worldwide with an empowering message of faith, mindset development and self-care.

Shelton’s inspirational podcast and books

With more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, the Straight Up with Trent Shelton podcast inspires millions with straight talk. Supercharged by his powerful voice and inner strength, physical fitness and reducing stress for greater well-being lie at the heart of his energetic message of personal motivation. Some of his most popular video titles include “Not Everyone Is Your Friend” and “Time to Move On: How to Change Your Life,” alongside topics including overcoming your fears and self-harm. You can find his weekly message of positive well-being and the role of fitness on platforms including Apple, Spotify and iHeart.

Shelton’s dynamic voice translates to the written page flawlessly with the same energy, style and personal assistance to achieve a healthier mindset. The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose and Straight Up: Honest, Unfiltered, As-Real-As-I-Can-Put-It Advice for Life’s Biggest Challenges have each gained him acclaim as an author, as well as just under five-star Amazon reviews.

With personal stories and solid advice, he guides his readers through relationships, depression and ultimate achievement as only Shelton can. Most of all, he helps his audience achieve the ultimate accomplishment: being all that you can be. And for an even deeper dive into romantic relationships, don’t miss You’re Perfect: for the heart that is meant to love you.

Keynote speaker for personal growth

Shelton’s message reaches more than 60 million people weekly through impactful videos and social media engagement, but there’s nothing quite like seeing him live at a corporate or institutional event. His energy exists in the moment and it’s irresistible. His stamina as an athlete and rhetorical gifts have led him to pack stadiums worldwide in cities including New York City and London.

Plus, as an internationally recognized motivational speaker, the mention of his name alone draws interest. A true professional, he never disappoints. He provides lasting benefits for audiences by creating a more positive work culture and inspiring every attendee to overcome challenges, develop healthier mindsets and be their best selves.

Booking information for Shelton

Booking your next motivational keynote speaker should be easy. To make your next corporate, institutional or fundraising event a success, you want professionalism and a trusted name you can rely on. The Success Speakers Bureau checks each of those blocks for you. We provide more than the best mindset speakers and executive coaches available today—we connect the businesses of today with the leaders of tomorrow.

Check booking availability for Shelton, or browse our menu of available speakers and coaches including categories such as motivational, personal development, training, celebrity and much more. You’ll find biographies, speaking reels and even bestselling book links to help you get started.

And if you’re still undecided on the best speaker for your next event, simply drop us a line. We’ll put our expertise and connections to work to make your next live or virtual event a game-winning touchdown!

Speaker Spotlight: Patrice Washington Redefines Wealth and Prosperity
Motivational, Personal Finance

Speaker Spotlight: Patrice Washington Redefines Wealth and Prosperity

Celebrity keynote speaker and author Patrice Washington wants to redefine wealth and prosperity. In fact, this inspiring young Black woman says that wealth has nothing to do with money at all. At least, not in how you pursue it. With a focus on personal development and well-being as well as financial expertise, her message goes beyond budgeting and debt management. She empowers people to find true purpose and happiness in their lives.

So what is Washington’s bold new message? And why should you book this inspiring and original young star for your next event?

A fresh take on personal finance

Those who chase only money rather than purpose often achieve neither. But those who seek purpose and fulfillment build both wealth and prosperity in their journey. That truth lies at the core of Washington’s message. Whether making a television appearance or delivering a keynote address, Washington changes the way her audience thinks of wealth.

Washington first entered the public eye as a personal finance expert, and eventually became known as “America’s Money Maven.” But her background in financial psychology led her to look even deeper into human behaviors. Why do we handle—and sometimes mishandle—our money? And who achieves lasting prosperity? Through this process, she redefined “wealth” from something you can find on a spreadsheet or in material possessions. Instead, she defines it as something bigger, something that includes the spiritual aspects of creating true fulfillment in life. Only then do we shift from a life of scarcity to one of opportunity and abundance.

As a motivational speaker and financial coach, Washington sees prosperity as a birthright. Through her podcast, books and speaking engagements, she assists all of us in reaching prosperity through purpose, discipline and joy, not self-deprivation.

Washington shines in media

Washington’s message has reached millions while gaining mass critical acclaim. Featured by Steve Harvey as a personal finance expert on both television and radio, she has also appeared on Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends. SUCCESS magazine named her on a list of the top “16 Motivational Podcasts by Black Hosts You Need to Listen To.” She has also been featured in hundreds of publications including Essence magazine and The New York Post.

Her holistic approach to wealth has also led her to host the Redefining Wealth podcast, available on platforms including Apple, Audible and Spotify. Here, Washington helps millions redefine wealth through personal transformation and well-being as she tackles issues of career and work-life balance, health and personal finance.

Washington also shines as a bestselling author. Her books include Real Money Answers for Every Woman, Real Money Answers for Men and, most recently, Redefine Wealth for Yourself: How to Stop Chasing Money and Finally Live Your Life’s Purpose. In this newest title, Washington engages and inspires readers to live their best, most prosperous lives through stories, exercises and principles including her “Six Pillars of Wealth.” At every step, she inspires us with practical methods to create goals, change habits, prioritize relationships and live with purpose in work we love.

Keynote speaking that transforms lives

Now you know why Washington has become such a shining star in the world of finance. But what can you expect when you book her as your next celebrity keynote speaker?

True to form, Washington delivers personal finance expertise and so much more. To get a sense of her energetic style, check out Patrice Washington’s Speaker Demo Reel on YouTube. No matter the audience or amount of pressure, she engages her audience with excitement and charm while leaving them with key takeaways that change lives. Washington’s signature workshops include “Redefining Wealth: A Blueprint for Creating Success on Your Own Terms” and “‘S’ is for Surrender: How to Find Peace + Prosperity in the Simplicity.”

“It’s not easy for a speaker to transfer a live moment into a virtual moment and still have it feel like you were in the room,” says a recent client. “Your virtual keynote was literally FIRE!”

Maximize your event: booking information for Washington

When you see Washington on television or read one of her books, the connection you feel is immediate. It’s like no one exists except the two of you. But, as any publisher or event planner knows, cultivating that seamless connection takes effort.

SUCCESS provides more than a century of expertise in connecting business leaders with the people whose lives they change. Today, the Success Speakers Bureau puts that experience to work for you. Book Washington now, or simply contact the Success Speakers Bureau to see how easy we make booking top thought leaders, TED speakers, personal financial coaches, women’s leadership speakers and more.

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