Top Female Speakers to Book in 2023

Booking a top female keynote speaker makes sense. For millennials and Gen Z especially, booking a female motivational or business speaker says that you—and your company—are not adverse to change, and that you are willing to engage your audience with new, fresh ideas and diversity.

Whether hiring a female speaker for an in-person or virtual presentation, you only want the best. Your guest speaker must captivate and motivate your audience, but they also need the real-world experience required to impart wisdom of lasting value. You want someone who matters. With those ideals in mind, let’s look at some of our favorite female speakers for hire in 2022.

Anne Grady

Resilience expert Anne Grady has earned a global reputation as a top female speaker. Her consulting company, the Anne Grady group, is even certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Along with her business skills, her personal experiences have influenced both her keynote addresses and overall resilience. For instance, it was her son’s severe mental illness that led her to research and better understand neuroscience, and her cancer experience that built upon her personal strength and emotional endurance.

Grady’s fast-paced and engaging addresses help your executives and staff build the leadership skills and resilience they need for success. Some of these speaking topics include “Building Resilient Leaders,” “Developing a Growth Mindset” and “Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence.” Grady has been trusted by major brands such as Google, Lockheed Martin, Univision, General Mills and many others.

Courtney Chakarun

Recently named Chief Marketing Officer for eXp World Holdings, Courtney Chakarun is a world-class leader in the realms of digital branding, personal development, and both corporate and personal growth. Her model of decentralized decision-making perfectly suits today’s digital landscape and her deliveries assist companies in scaling their assets for accelerated and continued brand amplification and growth.

Chakarun is a former CMO of Roostify, a digital lending platform in the real estate space with over $30 billion of monthly home loan processing. She has also held marketing leadership roles with CoreLogic and General Electric. In each position, Chakarun’s digital marketing acumen and ability to leverage decentralization for scaled growth played major roles in her success. 

Erin King

Persuasion is key to making sales. But effective, persuasive communication skills are also required in leadership, strategic planning and marketing. In fact, using better persuasive communication techniques can assist us in nearly every aspect of our professional lives.

Communications expert and top female speaker Erin King electrifies audiences with a tried-and-true message of communication skill both online and off. In fact, this best-selling author of Get More Yes has been trusted by organizations ranging from Disney and ABC to Merck and Siemens. Her dynamic and humorous style engages any audience from the start, and using her trademarked “PUB” method, King guides attendees to gain courage and level up both personally and professionally.

Natasha Graziano

The right mindset will transform your life. But communicating that fact effectively and understanding the science behind such transformation remains elusive for many. Motivational coach and celebrity speaker Natasha Graziano brilliantly communicates the changes we can make in our lives for personal and professional growth. In fact, not only has Business Insider named her a top female mindset coach, Forbes has ranked her as the top female motivational speaker under 40.

Graziano combines ancient wisdom and neuroscience in her personal development message to build stronger, more resilient leaders. As a social media expert, she puts her skills to practice in her own life, having earned more than 12 million followers on Instagram alone. Trusted by Marie Claire, Mind Valley, Vogue, Poosh and other top brands, Graziano’s speaking topics include:

  • “Accelerate Your Authority Online and Have More Impact, Influence and Income.”
  • “How to Gain a Million Followers and a Million Dollars in Under a Year.”
  • “The 5 Pillars to Achieving Your Goals Faster With Natasha’s Proven MBS Method™️.”

Karen M. Allen

LIfe’s ups and downs, and our own negative thoughts, hold us back. Few understand the harm of a negative mindset as well as TEDx speaker alum Karen Allen. Following the loss of her husband, Allen took charge of her pain by studying psychology and the best post-traumatic growth methods. Today, she is passionate about sharing what she has lived and learned about empowering oneself to reach their full potential through a positive mindset. In fact, the powerful mental exercises she has developed led her to write two books: Stop & Shift and Now What?

Founder of the 100% Human movement, Allen engages audiences at a very personal, human level. No two keynotes are exactly alike, but she brings the same professionalism, wisdom and charm to each. Allen is trusted by clients including YouTube, Travelers Insurance, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente and many others.

Kindra Hall

Stories shape the world around us. They are the basis of our morals through fables, and they influence our understanding of others, our communities and even ourselves. No speaker knows the power of storytelling in business the way entrepreneur and business speaker Kindra Hall does. 

Hall is the best-selling author of Stories that Stick, president and chief storytelling officer at the Steller Collective consulting firm, and a contributing editor to SUCCESS magazine. In each role, she develops leaders who will better communicate the value of their company and products through strategic storytelling. Her keynote addresses include “Choose Your Story, Change Your Life: Rewriting the Stories You Tell Yourself” and “Stories that Stick: The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling.” One of the most sought-after speakers by global brands, Hall is trusted by Berkshire Hathaway, Hilton Hotels, Facebook, Target and many others.

How can I book a top female speaker?

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau proudly invites you to research all of our keynote speakers before your next event. Speakers on this list, as well as Mel Robbins, Susy Batiz, Alexia Vernon and others, are among our most in-demand female speakers. Along with other featured speakers such as Jay Shetty, Kelly Cardenas and Robert Herjavec, each offers a unique programme to fit your needs and electrify audiences.

Plus, we make booking easy. Simply contact us with your needs, and we’ll assist you with choosing and booking the best speaker for your event.