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International speaker, coach, empowerment guru and founder of MPower Prosperity


Ricky believes in Mindset Fitness over willpower. As an international speaker, consultant and coach, he teaches simple and easy strategies to increase quality of life and business. Ricky teaches these methods so we can rise above the three biggest dream killers of them all; negativity, procrastination and fear. He believes this can help us solve the world’s happiness problem.

This mindset allows us to take the power back over our life and business. Ricky has taught these strategies with global brands like lululemon, Costco, Home Depot and he has collaborated with global thought leaders like David Meltzer, John Assaraf and billionaire entrepreneurs Tom and Lisa Bilyeu.

Ricky Mendez has directed over a half billion dollars in sales and has been trusted to appoint key personnel to implement his sales and prosperity planning programs. First he focuses on developing you as a more productive and profitable human, then a more productive and profitable employee or entrepreneur.

He attacks the issue of a minimalistic mindset by inviting people to change the way they think. Condition the mind and the body will follow. He believes TODAY is the greatest time in human history to be alive because there’s greater opportunity than ever before.

Ricky Mendez

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He helps you become more successful, empowered, and purposeful. Dave Meltzer, International Best Selling Author I Top 100 Business Coach
Ricky Mendez’s Mindset Fitness seminar is a game changer. He can really help your business. Marshall Faulk, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Entrepreneur