Alexia Vernon, motivational and keynote speaker

Many of us rely on an inner voice to guide us, both personally and professionally. It helps us avoid unnecessary risks and other dangers. But what happens when that inner voice tells us not to trust our own capabilities, skills and knowledge?

Recent research published in Psychology of Women Quarterly suggests that women often face greater negative consequences in the workplace for taking risks, potentially “discouraging them from future risk-taking.” Rebuilding or developing their growth mindset amplifies women’s creativity and innovation, job performance and potentially even the overall success of the organization.

Women’s leadership speaker, executive coach and award-winning author Alexia Vernon knows the dissatisfaction a negative relationship with your inner voice can cause. She harbored a deep fear of public speaking and her very visibility.

Vernon has since transformed, giving keynote addresses to top companies and organizations and delivering “A New Paradigm for Feminism” at TEDxWilmingtonWomen. In fact, the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has named Vernon as both a top TED speaker and top executive coach to book for your company. Even the White House has dubbed her the “Moxie Maven” for her approach to women’s empowerment, communication and development.

As an entrepreneur, Vernon further expands her message as founder and president of Step into Your Moxie, a WBENC-certified woman- and disability-owned business. Here, she provides programs and services to help elevate and amplify marginalized voices. Companies and organizations such as MGM Resorts, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Zappos have benefited from the tools and methods provided by Step into Your Moxie. Tomorrow’s leaders learn to “speak with confidence, clarity and compassion,” “navigate discomfort in high-stakes and crisis communication” and more.

What is Alexia Vernon’s message for growth?

Even overachievers can hold themselves back through factors including perfectionism, self-doubt and fear. Vernon believes that we hinder ourselves by “prioritizing action steps over kind and forgiving self-talk” and “[going] at our goals alone,” according to her website. But to truly amplify our own voices, we must first use better communication strategies to grow together as allies and develop “mutually beneficial relationships.”

In her book, Step into Your Moxie, Vernon invites readers into an action plan using warmth, humor and grace. Described as “a mastermind session, therapy and a dinner date with your best friend all rolled into one” by fellow author and mindful leadership coach Emily Bennington, Step into Your Moxie is a call to action for readers. It serves as a guide for women to elevate their personal and professional lives by learning to communicate with clarity, honesty and compassion.

Similarly, Vernon’s Moxielicious podcast guides entrepreneurs and executive leaders to “unapologetically speak up for themselves, their companies and the ideas and issues that matter most to them,” according to the podcast description. Featuring top thought leaders in everything from disability-inclusive leadership to better mental health in the workplace, Vernon thoughtfully provides the tools and knowledge necessary for better employee well-being and an improved workplace environment. Most of all, listeners receive encouragement to gain confidence and amplify their voices in their personal and professional lives.

Along with her own media, top networks, news journals and magazines have relied on Vernon to inspire their audiences. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health and many other outlets have helped convey Vernon’s positive message for personal growth.

How does booking Alexia Vernon as speaker amplify voices?

Vernon does more than inspire women to amplify their voices and heighten their influence. She drives her audience members to take positive action and build better mental habits. Trusted by universities and Fortune 500 companies, Vernon provides in-person and virtual keynote addresses that empower audiences to achieve greater career and leadership success.

‘Step into Your Moxie®’

In her signature keynote address, “Step into Your Moxie®,” Vernon’s authenticity as a speaker shines through with deeply personal stories. Sometimes humorous and other times heart-wrenching, she takes audiences on a journey of tragedy that ends in self-realization and achievement. Perfect for women’s leadership events, attendees learn to reclaim visibility and become the heroes of their own life stories.

‘Speak with Moxie: Persuasive Conversations That Inspire Action’

Speaking with moxie means developing your credibility, likeability and trust. Whether you are an entrepreneur, senior leader, sales professional or seeking to boost your confidence prior to a presentation, this signature address provides the tools needed to connect effectively with others. Your leadership and sales teams will learn the power of persuasive storytelling, develop better pitches that break through resistance and become more successful negotiators.

Additional keynote addresses include:

  • “We’re Listening: How Companies Champion Women Post #MeToo”
  • “Allyship: The Pathway to a Workplace That Works for All”

Be sure to check out Vernon’s virtual speaking reel to gain a greater understanding of her engaging style and transformative message of empowerment and well-being.

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