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What is a positive mindset? “Mindset” refers to a person’s attitude or perspective, and it plays a role in shaping our beliefs, behaviors and responses. Someone with an anxious or negative outlook may experience anxiety or even fear in the workplace upon receiving good news or achieving success. Someone with a positive growth mindset, on the other hand, is likely to embrace challenges as opportunities for enrichment, learning and growth.

For many, a positive attitude is a key to happiness and greater well-being. These positive growth mindsets stand in contrast to fixed ones, which lead people to take fewer risks, both personally and professionally. This aversion to change may hold them back from discovering their full potential.

Most importantly, positive mindsets can be taught and learned. People can improve their perspectives through simple daily exercises such as reframing negative thoughts and practicing gratitude and self-care. 

How do positive mindsets impact the workplace in 2023?

Healthy, mindful outlooks help us communicate better, build emotional resilience and increase our confidence. And while each of these aspects of positivity benefit us personally, they also impact us in the workplace. 

“Once you start to access your championship mindset and apply it to everything in life, you will notice a change. You will start to see a shift in who you become. You will see results,” wrote keynote speaker and trainer Trent Shelton in a 2019 SUCCESS article.

When seeking professional development, consider beginning with the cultivation of a growth mindset. Our personal and professional relationships may benefit from our individual transformation and growth. We learn not to just “go with the flow”—we gain the mindful confidence to lead it.

Top keynote speakers who can help build positive mindsets

Changing modes of thinking isn’t easy. It requires more than telling people to “chin up” or “think happy thoughts.” In fact, negative mindsets may be deeply ingrained. Even top performers may still be affected or held back by tough lessons and setbacks from their past. 

How one thinks may paint an individual’s perception of themselves. Negative mindsets can alter one’s perception of reality, often to their detriment.

Top motivational speakers with an expertise in building positive mindsets break through these barriers. Through powerful storytelling and humor, they engage audiences with memorable and empowering life lessons. Just as importantly, they provide the actionable tools and methods by which audiences can build more productive, mindful daily habits for success.

1. Michelle Poler

TEDx speaker and fear-facer Michelle Poler advises her global audiences to “fear less, do more.” Rather than avoiding fears, she wants to help her listeners and clients leave their comfort zones with the use of engaging humor and authentic storytelling. Her book, Hello, Fears, inspires readers to adopt a growth mindset for personal development while providing practical strategies to become the heroes of their own lives.

“The enemy of success is not failure,” Poler said in a virtual address. “It’s actually comfort. Life will always give us options. Some will take us back into our comfort zones. Others will challenge us but help us grow.”

Growth mindsets encourage us to embrace new opportunities.

2. Mally Roncal

A-list celebrity makeup artist and keynote speaker Mally Roncal knows the obstacles and rewards of following your dreams. She had plans to become a doctor but chose to follow her passion for beauty instead, graduating from working at a makeup counter to traveling the globe to do makeup for Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and others. As an author and motivational speaker, she delivers a powerful message of positivity, diversity and inclusion.

“Know your meaningful difference,” Roncal advised at a recent event. “Do you have something that is so specifically yours… that not one other amazing person in this room can do?”

A positive mindset means believing in your own strengths.

3. Kevin Karschnik

Kevin Karschnik is globally recognized as an expert in leadership and communications. As an entrepreneur and co-author of Corporate Ovations, he has the experience to help audiences improve leadership skills, build lasting relationships and boost overall performance. His hard-hitting keynote speeches tackle issues such as maintaining a positive mindset under pressure and embracing flexibility in leadership.

“Pick something that you want to work on,” Karschnik said at a sales communication keynote presentation in Las Vegas. “Think about the one thing that you can focus on that’s going to improve your communication.”

Mindfulness means focusing on the present.

4. Nataly Kogan

Becoming an effective leader requires high-level mental fitness. Bestselling author and creator of the “Happier Method™” Nataly Kogan delivers the simple yet powerful methods that have helped countless people across the globe to struggle less while achieving more. Featured by TEDxBoston, Kogan formerly held top positions with McKinsey and Microsoft. Today, she is an in-demand keynote speaker who has served top companies including Dell, GE Capital and Vanguard.

“There are very simple, scientifically-proven practices shown to dramatically increase our sense of emotional well-being,” Kogan has stated. “This is what I call ‘living fully.’ It’s truly the ability to experience all the moments in our lives.”

A positive mindset requires mindfully living in the moment.

5. Anne Grady

Resilience expert Anne Grady is an entrepreneur, author and two-time TEDx speaker. Capturing audiences with humor and authentic storytelling, she delivers a transformational, science-based message of growth in the face of challenge and adversity. Her practical tools for building resilience have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals develop the habits needed for a stronger, healthier mindset. Top companies such as ADP, General Mills, Hallmark and Lockheed Martin have relied on Grady’s resilience-building methods.

“How do any of us get back up?” Grady asked at her St. Louis TEDx talk, “It’s About Time You Realized You Are Strong Enough.” She continued, “Life knocks us down, and we get back up. We are designed to bounce back.”

A growth mindset helps you to discover your own resilience.

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