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Keynote speaker and author Karen Allen wants to empower you with a healthy mindset. Her proven “Stop & Shift” method provides the tools and resources needed to take control of your life through mental strength. The results are transformational, as Allen teaches audiences mindful techniques and exercises which can be used to help you feel better, increase your creativity and improve your relationships.

Allen’s relatability as a speaker plays just as much of a role as her expertise in helping her spread her message of personal fulfillment and happiness. Her TEDxOrlando speech, “Use your tragedy to change the world,” tackles issues of grief and hardship head-on with humor, grace and transformative clarity. Through her gift for storytelling, she guides her audience on a powerful journey of healing and empowerment.

Top companies such as Citi, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Pace University, YouTube and more than 100 other institutions have trusted Allen to help employees create stronger mindsets and improve workplace culture, allowing leaders and teams to create better workplaces and boost their personal and professional skills. Given her results, it’s no surprise the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has named Allen a top personal development and self-care keynote speaker.

Before booking Allen as your next motivational speaker and mindset expert, let’s take a look at how her journey began.

Personal growth sometimes begins with tragedy.

Allen was a wife, mom and communications graduate from George Mason University. Her life seemed ideal and her future bright. But tragically, Allen learned that life can throw a curveball at any moment when her husband was killed in a shooting incident at the business he owned.

Allen experienced a downward spiral that consumed her. She lost her job, her car and her house. At only 29 years old, she was ready to give up—but her 2-year-old son needed her, and Allen knew things had to change, beginning with the intentional decision to improve her mindset. And on that difficult journey of building a self-care routine, Allen learned so much more.

“I rebuilt my life by letting go of perfectionism and surrendering to the flawed, human messiness that is life,” she writes on her website. “I opened my mind, my heart and my arms to let the light in; I stopped overthinking and started living.”

Allen learned to embrace all of life, including its challenges, tragedies and imperfections. She learned mindfulness techniques that guided her to make better decisions, manage her anxiety and rebuild her confidence. And over the course of that journey, she built a life she loves.

What is Karen Allen’s message for self-care and growth?

Allen has delivered her growth mindset keynote addresses and workshops for more than 100 companies and other institutions. Her powerful messages for building a thriving, human-centric work culture include “Stop & Shift: A Mental Exercise to Reset Your Mindset” and “100% Human: 3 Guideposts for a Human-Centric Culture.”

Stop & Shift

Amongst life’s ups and downs, it can be hard to remain positive. “Stop & Shift” provides a map for your mind, guiding you away from stress and into your inner strength. This resilience-building training technique helps audiences learn to face challenges with clarity and composure. Furthermore, it helps cultivate joy and peace, among other positive behaviors, allowing you to foster greater leadership skills and develop a growth mindset.

100% Human

Many business leaders have likely heard some form of the expression, “People are your most important asset.” Yet humans are complex. To function optimally, they require personal and professional well-being. Allen’s “100% Human” keynote address provides a guide to creating a workplace dedicated to that well-being. Audiences learn the strategies needed to help employees feel valued, enthused and supported, leading to greater trust and wellness while fostering a deeper connection to the company. 

Karen Allen delivers her self-care message across popular media.

Booking Allen means more than getting a top keynote speaker and mindset expert. She also brings widely recognized popularity, generating enthusiasm and buzz for your event.

Her SUCCESS podcast, In the Details with Karen Allen, provides powerful lessons and intimate insights through storytelling discussions with top thought leaders, coaches, athletes, executives and other change-makers. Her book, Stop & Shift: The Mindset Reset that Changes Everything, helps readers learn to release negative thoughts and create stronger, healthier mindsets. More than a typical self-help book, Allen provides action items, exercises and journaling opportunities to stay focused, intentional and happy.

For an entertaining, quick-take of Allen’s message and style, be sure to see her “2023 Speaker Reel” on YouTube.

Book Karen Allen with complete confidence.

“Karen [Allen] is a world-class speaker that is bringing the missing link to corporate America, deeper human connection.”

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