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Improving well-being does not happen all at once. Healthy and mindful habits, self-care routines and stress management strategies each play a role in creating greater well-being. Top professional speakers can provide a roadmap for you and your teams to build your resilience and mental strength.

But before diving into specifics, let’s first look at what “well-being” means, and how it relates to health and wellness.

What is the difference between health, wellness and well-being?

Health, wellness and well-being are not mutually exclusive, yet they are different. For example, all trees are plants, but not all plants are trees.

  • Health commonly refers to the absence of affliction, either mental or physical. If you don’t wake up with the flu, you feel more healthy than if you did. Physiologically and neurologically, you are in “working condition,” if not functioning optimally.
  • Wellness is a more holistic concept. Beyond the absence of physical or mental illness, it includes uniquely human elements such as emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, strength and vitality.
  • Well-being goes a step further. Not only are you in good health and feeling emotionally robust, but you are in charge of your own strength, resilience and confidence. Socially and in the workplace, you have the clarity, inner peace and balance needed to meet every opportunity and challenge.

How can I improve well-being for myself and in the workplace?

Top keynote speakers help millions achieve greater well-being through videos, blogs, podcasts and speaking at events both in-person and virtually. They provide tools and methods such as mindfulness exercises and happiness habits to build a more holistic mind-body connection. Here are five key areas where well-being advocates can help.

1. Better health and nutrition

Improving well-being begins with better health and nutrition. Studies show that healthy lifestyle choices can boost your mood, enhance cognitive function and even build resilience to stress. In the simplest terms, it’s harder to feel motivated and empowered if you’re sick.

“Food controls so much more than our metabolism,” health expert Shawn Stevenson says in a discussion with Jay Shetty. “Our emotional intelligence is highly influenced by our nutrition. It also affects our relationships. The list goes on and on.”

But becoming “the healthiest version of you” requires a willingness to mindfully choose your environment. Steer yourself toward the friend or family member who wants to take a walk or visit the gym rather than the one who wants to go out for drinks.

2. Build resilience to improve well-being

Better health and nutrition go a long way in providing the opportunity to think, feel and even act better. But that doesn’t mean that life won’t still throw you some hardballs. Building resilience means finding perspective even after hitting rock bottom. Resilience expert Suzy Batiz faced crises and challenges including poverty, abuse and a resulting suicide attempt.

“I had the luxury of losing everything,” Batiz says. “I say ‘luxury’ because we rarely have that time to have a clean slate.”

Resilience lies in each of us. Stopping, breathing and silencing our negative inner voice provides an opportunity to reassess difficulties. From there, we can explore possibilities we missed in times of panic or fear and discover our true potential.

3. Manage fear and stress

Nutrition, movement and mindset converge with keynote speaker Mo Brossette. An expert in stress reduction and fear management, he has helped enhance well-being for everyone from teens in his wellness development programs to AT&T and Midwestern State University. In each case, audiences learn how to improve their well-being by conquering self-doubt and fear.

Greater well-being doesn’t mean that you have no fear. Rather, you learn to face your fears with a growth mindset. That is, like a muscle, every new challenge makes you stronger.

“Allow yourself space to feel those emotions,” Brossette says in a Starter Girlz interview. “And work with them, not in spite of them. Then you’re able to really flourish and find out who you’re supposed to be.”

4. Find more purposeful living to improve well-being

Many of us want to find our true purpose. But often, we begin with grandiose goals of changing those around us—or even the world. But do we perform mindful morning routines such as making breakfast or taking time for meditation with equal enthusiasm?

Change begins within. Purposeful living provides the structure and strength needed to achieve goals outside yourself. From morning meditation to brushing your teeth, Think Like A Monk author and mindfulness influencer Shetty shares the value of living with purpose.

“When you do something at the same place every day, at the same time every day, that space builds an energy, and that time builds a memory,” advises Shetty regarding the utility of building good habits. Better sleep, eating and work begin with creating purposeful spaces for each.

5. Build holistic wealth and success

Tying improved well-being to wealth and prosperity takes just a moment to digest, but then it makes total sense. After all, reduced stress, greater mindfulness and better resilience provide the clarity of mind and the overall energy and vitality needed for professional success.

“You can create anything you want,” says Lee Marie Jacobs in her video, “How to Create Auric Wealth.” She continues, “Attuning to your highest frequencies of peace, joy, creativity, excitement, inspiration and heart-centered emotions is where cosmic success happens.”

An expert in conscious leadership, body alignment and clinical nutrition, Jacobs is also an in-demand speaker, yoga instructor and author of the book, Beautiful Money. A mentor for more than 20 years in areas of healing, integrative health and detoxification, Jacobs has been featured by Glamour, SUCCESS and other popular outlets.

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