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Top Speakers Share Tips for Greater Resilience, Happiness and Well-Being

Improving well-being does not happen all at once. Healthy and mindful habits, self-care routines and stress management strategies each play a role in creating greater well-being. Top professional speakers can provide a roadmap for you and your teams to build your resilience and mental strength.

But before diving into specifics, let’s first look at what “well-being” means, and how it relates to health and wellness.

What is the difference between health, wellness and well-being?

Health, wellness and well-being are not mutually exclusive, yet they are different. For example, all trees are plants, but not all plants are trees.

  • Health commonly refers to the absence of affliction, either mental or physical. If you don’t wake up with the flu, you feel more healthy than if you did. Physiologically and neurologically, you are in “working condition,” if not functioning optimally.
  • Wellness is a more holistic concept. Beyond the absence of physical or mental illness, it includes uniquely human elements such as emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, strength and vitality.
  • Well-being goes a step further. Not only are you in good health and feeling emotionally robust, but you are in charge of your own strength, resilience and confidence. Socially and in the workplace, you have the clarity, inner peace and balance needed to meet every opportunity and challenge.

How can I improve well-being for myself and in the workplace?

Top keynote speakers help millions achieve greater well-being through videos, blogs, podcasts and speaking at events both in-person and virtually. They provide tools and methods such as mindfulness exercises and happiness habits to build a more holistic mind-body connection. Here are five key areas where well-being advocates can help.

1. Better health and nutrition

Improving well-being begins with better health and nutrition. Studies show that healthy lifestyle choices can boost your mood, enhance cognitive function and even build resilience to stress. In the simplest terms, it’s harder to feel motivated and empowered if you’re sick.

“Food controls so much more than our metabolism,” health expert Shawn Stevenson says in a discussion with Jay Shetty. “Our emotional intelligence is highly influenced by our nutrition. It also affects our relationships. The list goes on and on.”

But becoming “the healthiest version of you” requires a willingness to mindfully choose your environment. Steer yourself toward the friend or family member who wants to take a walk or visit the gym rather than the one who wants to go out for drinks.

2. Build resilience to improve well-being

Better health and nutrition go a long way in providing the opportunity to think, feel and even act better. But that doesn’t mean that life won’t still throw you some hardballs. Building resilience means finding perspective even after hitting rock bottom. Resilience expert Suzy Batiz faced crises and challenges including poverty, abuse and a resulting suicide attempt.

“I had the luxury of losing everything,” Batiz says. “I say ‘luxury’ because we rarely have that time to have a clean slate.”

Resilience lies in each of us. Stopping, breathing and silencing our negative inner voice provides an opportunity to reassess difficulties. From there, we can explore possibilities we missed in times of panic or fear and discover our true potential.

3. Manage fear and stress

Nutrition, movement and mindset converge with keynote speaker Mo Brossette. An expert in stress reduction and fear management, he has helped enhance well-being for everyone from teens in his wellness development programs to AT&T and Midwestern State University. In each case, audiences learn how to improve their well-being by conquering self-doubt and fear.

Greater well-being doesn’t mean that you have no fear. Rather, you learn to face your fears with a growth mindset. That is, like a muscle, every new challenge makes you stronger.

“Allow yourself space to feel those emotions,” Brossette says in a Starter Girlz interview. “And work with them, not in spite of them. Then you’re able to really flourish and find out who you’re supposed to be.”

4. Find more purposeful living to improve well-being

Many of us want to find our true purpose. But often, we begin with grandiose goals of changing those around us—or even the world. But do we perform mindful morning routines such as making breakfast or taking time for meditation with equal enthusiasm?

Change begins within. Purposeful living provides the structure and strength needed to achieve goals outside yourself. From morning meditation to brushing your teeth, Think Like A Monk author and mindfulness influencer Shetty shares the value of living with purpose.

“When you do something at the same place every day, at the same time every day, that space builds an energy, and that time builds a memory,” advises Shetty regarding the utility of building good habits. Better sleep, eating and work begin with creating purposeful spaces for each.

5. Build holistic wealth and success

Tying improved well-being to wealth and prosperity takes just a moment to digest, but then it makes total sense. After all, reduced stress, greater mindfulness and better resilience provide the clarity of mind and the overall energy and vitality needed for professional success.

“You can create anything you want,” says Lee Marie Jacobs in her video, “How to Create Auric Wealth.” She continues, “Attuning to your highest frequencies of peace, joy, creativity, excitement, inspiration and heart-centered emotions is where cosmic success happens.”

An expert in conscious leadership, body alignment and clinical nutrition, Jacobs is also an in-demand speaker, yoga instructor and author of the book, Beautiful Money. A mentor for more than 20 years in areas of healing, integrative health and detoxification, Jacobs has been featured by Glamour, SUCCESS and other popular outlets.

How can I book the speakers in this article?

For more information, or to check booking availability for any of the speakers mentioned in this article, simply contact us at the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. With more than a century of building relationships among the world’s top influencers, you can rely on us to handle all arrangements for these well-being experts or other top speaking talent.

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woman struggling with mental health
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Top Keynote Speakers Share How Companies Can Support Mental Health at Work

Mental Health Awareness Month has spotlighted mental health issues since 1949, promoting education around mental health while also attempting to remove the stigma that once plagued people seeking care. Top keynote speakers address the importance of mental health from a variety of angles, serving as messengers for greater well-being and self-care.

Is there a mental health crisis today, and how does it impact the workplace?

Sadly, raising awareness has become increasingly important. 5.5% of adults over the age of 18 suffered from “serious mental illness” in 2021, according to the “2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.” The number of people in the same age range experiencing “any mental illness” was even higher at 22.8%. And many more people experience less-than-optimal well-being due to anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, self-limiting thoughts, low resilience and more. This mental health reality impacts not only individuals, but also their performance in the workplace.

According to the 2022 “Gallup Panel” results, employees who “rate their mental health as fair or poor… report about four times more unplanned absences due to poor mental health than do their counterparts who report good, very good or excellent mental health.” Additionally, they take more unplanned absences than other employees (on average, 12 days to 2.5 days), which results in an estimated cost of “$47.6 billion annually in lost productivity.” Similarly, a 2019 report by Unum found that mental health issues account for 62% of missed workdays while also adversely impacting their focus, coworker and family relationships, overall productivity and other aspects of their work and personal lives.

How can companies contribute toward mental health solutions at work?

Keynote speakers specializing in well-being tackle these mental health issues head-on. As experienced storytellers, they engage and inspire your teams while providing real-world strategies needed to live healthier, happier and more resilient lives. Let’s look at some of the important mental health issues at work addressed by today’s top health and wellness speakers.

Build resilience for personal and company growth.

We all face difficulties. Yet, some people persevere seemingly unscathed. They bounce back quickly and without drama, a key skill for effective leadership. But it’s not that they don’t feel stress or hardship. Rather, they have developed psychological resilience. Fortunately, resilience is neither finite nor fully innate. As with many skills, one can learn to become more resilient through specific exercises and daily habits.

Consider the work of leading resilience expert Anne Grady. She knows the strategies needed to build resilience in uncertain times. A two-time TEDx speaker, author and entrepreneur, Grady began researching neurodevelopment and the brain after her son was diagnosed with severe mental illness and autism. Later, her own health issues led her to utilize the tools she learned from working with her son to persevere in the face of adversity, tools which were later codified in her books Mind Over Moment and 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work.

“Your mindset is literally the story you tell yourself about yourself and your life,” Grady writes in a SUCCESS article. She continues on to say, “It helps to understand your brain and how it interprets your stories.”

In the same article, Grady explains that our brain “has evolved to overestimate the negative and underestimate the positive” as a form of self-protection. Through tested, mindful practices, she provides the tools needed to overcome life’s challenges and get unstuck when progress feels remote.

Develop a positive growth mindset for everyone on the team.

Self-limiting beliefs may impede our academic performance, career and personal lives. These self-imposed restrictions may not cause stress or unhappiness in the short term. In fact, confining ourselves to our existing notions of ourselves may serve as a defense mechanism to avoid stress. But over the course of our lives, this style of coping may prevent us from reaching our potential.

But there are solutions. Growth mindsets involve an understanding that our talents, abilities and even our intelligence are not fixed. Rather, we can grow into new roles and challenges. Plus, these growth mindsets can easily be cultivated and grown.

In this vein, growth mindset coach and keynote speaker Karen M. Allen is passionate about helping others reach their potential. Her “Stop & Shift mindset reset regimen helps remap minds with healthier thoughts and a more proactive approach in life. Resilient in her own right following the tragic loss of her husband, Allen has worked with institutions such as Google, YouTube and Experian while hosting her In the Details mental fitness podcast.

“As a leader, developing a growth mindset is key to your success,” Allen’s “Leading with a Growth Mindset” course description states. “It has the potential to increase creativity, motivation, empathy, ambition, self-improvement, brain development, performance levels and so much more.”

Improve mental health at work through movement, nutrition and meditation.

Mind and body—mental and physical health—are inextricably connected. Study after study links physical fitness with mental and cognitive well-being. Likewise, the American Psychiatric Association and Healthline cite multiple studies regarding the link between good nutrition and improved mental health, including the treatment of depression.

But diets and exercise can be difficult to adhere to. Try taking small steps when developing the body and improving personal mindset—literally, go at it one step at a time.

“Walking is meditation,” says health and wellness expert Mo Brossette in a video interview with Grady. “If I walk outside, and I just breathe… and I look at the trees and I look at the leaves… I’m doing a mindfulness practice. I’m paying attention to something, in the present moment, without judgment, on purpose. That is meditation.”

As Brossette explains on the podcast Brilliant Thoughts, no first action is too small, and steady improvement wins the race.

“With people, I start with breath,” Brossette says. “You’ve got time to take 10 breaths before you get out of bed. When you can learn how to control your breathing on a regular basis, you can start your day with relaxed diaphragmatic breathing.”

Mental health awareness reduces the risk of severe illness and suicide.

Mental Health Awareness Month reminds us to maintain overall psychological health and well-being. But even with proper care, our cognitive systems sometimes falter and break, and that can be a cause for concern.

According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one death by suicide occurred every 11 minutes in the United States in 2021. Equally alarming, more than 12 million adults had serious thoughts about taking their own lives.

Author, documentary filmmaker and global keynote speaker Kevin Hines knows the experience of suicidal ideation beyond the data. He has experienced it himself. He attempted suicide in 2000, and his first thought after leaping from a bridge was one of regret.

Today, Hines speaks on the topic of better mental health and suicide prevention. As a motivational speaker and leader of the #BeHereTomorrow movement, he travels the world to help others build resilience and improve wellness. His inspirational book, Cracked, Not Broken, as well as his transformative and life-saving film, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, reach readers and viewers deeply from a space of personal experience.

As Hines’ mantra goes: “Life is a gift; that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always.”

For his life-saving work, Hines has received the Clifford W. Beers Award from Mental Health America, their highest honor, as well as other prestigious awards for his ongoing role in assisting others in self-harm prevention.

Learn more about suicide prevention, including important hotlines, at

For booking information regarding any mental health awareness speakers mentioned in this article, contact the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau.

What Is a Health and Lifestyle Speaker and Why Should I Hire One?
Business Speakers, Health & Wellness

What Is a Health and Lifestyle Speaker and Why Should I Hire One?

Has your staff faced issues of low morale, reduced productivity or even a rise in workplace disputes? These incidents have a way of spreading unnoticed. Many companies turn to health and lifestyle speakers for assistance as part of an overall corporate wellness program. These keynote speakers, guest speakers and executive coaches provide guidance to revitalize your teams and breathe new life throughout your company.

But how does hiring a health and lifestyle speaker create long-term benefits? To answer that question, it helps to understand what such a wellness professional actually is.

What is a health and lifestyle speaker?

The best health and lifestyle speakers blend two major areas of expertise. First, they have proven experience in areas such as health, fitness, nutrition, personal development and related fields. Second, as seasoned speakers, they know how to convey their knowledge to corporate teams in a way that is engaging and transformative.

This blend of expertise is rare, creating high demand for the best health and lifestyle speakers. Proven in their ability to educate audiences, they deliver their speeches at conferences, seminars and workshops either in person or through virtual addresses. In each case, they help others develop positive mindsets. They enhance your work culture through improved wellness, helping you skyrocket your productivity.

What are the benefits of hiring a health and lifestyle speaker?

You trust your directors and managers to hire only the best and most motivated.

But the world is dynamic. Life happens, both for your team and in your corporate directives. Some employees may develop closed mindsets due to lack of confidence or fear of change. A few may even lose control of their health and personal lives. These circumstances lead to burnout, absenteeism and reduced productivity that affect the entire organization.

Health and lifestyle speakers address these issues by providing the tools necessary to build positive habits and growth mindsets throughout your organization. They provide motivational talks, yes. But for long-term gain, they also educate your teams with practical means to manage stress, set meaningful goals, live mindfully, improve their health and to grow both personally and professionally.

The results include reduced absenteeism and conflict while fostering better overall health and well-being. And these benefits alone make these speakers invaluable. Yet, beyond that, they also improve overall productivity and creativity. They enhance team cohesion and happiness, creating a stronger, healthier and more dynamic work culture.

What kinds of personal development speakers are there, and who should I hire?

Health and lifestyle speakers each have their own specialized areas. While individual speaker specialties overlap, choosing the right keynote speaker to meet your objectives is important. We’ve provided categories for niche areas of personal development speakers and links to a few leaders you may want to investigate further.

Healthy living and nutrition

Exercise, proper nutrition, stress management and an improved mindset go hand-in-hand for overall better well-being. Experts in these areas deliver the inspiration and guidance needed for your associates to gain confidence, increase productivity and develop better leadership skills.

Consider booking these top healthy living and nutrition speakers:

Mo Brossette
With over two decades of experience in health and nutrition, Brossette specializes in human behavior, movement and the mindset required to overcome fear. As a corporate speaker, he uses proven methods to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Anne Grady
Recognized as a top resilience expert, Grady’s knowledge of neuroscience helps teams build strength and overcome adversity. An author and keynote speaker, Grady brings an engaging personal story plus plenty of wit and humor to her presentations.

Shawn Stevenson
Creator and host of top health podcast The Model Health Show, health and fitness expert and author Stevenson has helped people to change their story and begin to live healthier.

Focus and productivity

Focus and productivity speakers approach health and lifestyle from a different angle. They also help improve mindset and lifestyle, but with emphasis on time management, goal-setting and professional development.

Consider booking these top focus and productivity speakers:

Cy Wakeman

Bestselling author and global thought leader Wakeman helps companies “restore sanity” by “ditching the drama.” She has assisted major corporations such as Google, Facebook and NASA build better work cultures and increase focus and productivity.

Allison Graham

Health, wellness and personal development speaker Graham engages audiences with lively, dynamic keynote addresses. Her science-based methods help her audiences better manage stress, gain resilience and focus on what matters most.

Dan Thurmon

Speaker Hall of Fame inductee Thurmon brings expertise in business, health and workplace performance. With topics such as “Perform-Ability” and “Leading Others Through Change,” he helps companies and their teams evolve and succeed during dynamic and often unpredictable circumstances.


While businesses thrive from the creativity of their employees, many team members become inhibited by self-doubt or past critiques. Creativity speakers help rejuvenate your teams’ innovative spirits while enhancing their mental health and wellness.

Consider booking these top creativity speakers:

Naveen Jain

Serial entrepreneur and author Jain knows that creativity and technology drive innovative solutions. His speaking topics include “The Most Dangerous Person in Any Industry: How being a non-expert is actually an advantage” and “Mindset of Abundance: Instead of focusing on conservation, focus on creation.”

Michael Gelb

Author and keynote speaker Gelb is an authority on “the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development,” according to his website. Companies seek his talents to improve workplace culture and nurture innovative leaders. His speaking topics dive deep into the topics of innovation, creativity and team-building.

Dewitt Jones

Jones perfectly blends topics of creativity and mindset. A renowned photographer for National Geographic for 20 years and a TEDx speaker, he inspires audiences to find joy, grow creatively and “Celebrate what’s right with the world.”

Find the best health and lifestyle speaker for your event.

The speakers mentioned above get you started, but the list is by no means exhaustive. The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau provides a long list of expert speakers and coaches in the realms of health, nutrition, mindset, well-being and lifestyle.

Explore our growing roster of professional speakers by topic. We provide biographical information, speaking topics and even video to help you choose exactly the right speaker. Checking talent availability is as simple as dropping us a note through the speaker page. Or contact us with your event needs. We’ll help you get started and even handle all the booking logistics from start to finish!

Keynote Speakers for Charity Events and Causes
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Keynote Speakers for Charity Events and Causes

Today’s top keynote speakers include the most diverse, dynamic and creative people on the planet. These are experts with passion. Their unique life experiences have led them to hold deep commitments to advocate for causes and charities close to their hearts. Nonprofit organizations, foundations and companies seeking genuine advancement of community missions each benefit from booking public speakers committed to their goals of societal improvement.

Mental health awareness, veterans advocacy, women’s leadership and LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion can each play a role in our professional and personal lives. Whether fundraising for a foundation or simply raising awareness to build a stronger workplace, you want the best keynote speaker possible. Let’s look at some of the top professional speakers certain to bring real, lasting value to your event.

Mental health advocacy expert speakers

Employers have made employee mental health and well-being a high priority in recent years. Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Salesforce and Microsoft have implemented their own mental health programs. Similarly, the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General includes workplace well-being on its list of “priority areas.” Better mental health in the workplace has a positive, cascading effect that includes higher productivity, fewer sick days taken and lower employee turnover.

Bestselling author of Mind Over Moment and two-time TEDx speaker Anne Grady delivers the goods from lived experience. Grady’s journey began when her son was diagnosed with severe mental illness and autism, leading her to study neurodevelopment and the human brain. Companies including United Healthcare, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Univision have used her speaking services to build stronger, more resilient leaders.

A true mental health advocate, Grady allocates portions of her book proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Illness Central Texas. Whether seeking to raise mental health awareness for a charitable event or to improve resilience within your corporate ranks, Anne Grady stands out among mental health advocates and speakers.

Learn more and check booking availability for Anne Grady

Veterans advocacy keynote speakers

Business and personal development speakers who served in the military bring unique perspectives. More than that, they embody rigorous training and experience in team building and decision-making under intense pressure. Keynote speaker Carey Lohrenz, for instance, served in the U.S. Navy as the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter pilot. The fundamental leadership and risk assessment skills she learned while working on an aircraft carrier have led her to work with companies such as Dell, Paypal, Cisco and many others.

But veterans face unique challenges, too. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other difficulties adapting to civilian life have left many veterans in the cold, sometimes literally. Health and wellness motivational speaker Mo Brossette made veteran assistance his personal cause. Prior to his departure from the company this January, he championed for veterans as the director of mindset at the Adaptive Training Foundation. There, he assisted disabled veterans through his “Redefine” program, a nine-week mental and physical training program. 

Learn more and check booking availability for Carey Lohrenz

Learn more and check booking availability for Mo Brossette

Women’s leadership & empowerment advocates

Women are rising in the business world. This is great for them and for companies: Research published in Financial Innovation shows that more women serving on board positions benefits the price-to-earnings ratio, and that an increase in board diversity “may enhance productivity, creativity and innovation” within the company.

Women’s leadership and empowerment keynote speakers leverage these facts to create stronger, healthier and more dynamic leaders within your company ranks and your community. Consider keynote speaker and women’s leadership advocate Suzy Batiz.

As an entrepreneur and empowerment advocate, Batiz has been featured on publications including CNBC and Fast Company, and was named by Forbes as one of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.” But that wealth and celebrity did not come easily for her. Not so long ago, she faced poverty, bankruptcy, and sexual and domestic abuse. She also survived a suicide attempt. Her transformational journey to successful founder of Poo~Pourri and supernatural required resilience, grit and determination. As a keynote speaker, she knows the hard road to personal empowerment and ultimate wealth. Her emotional, dynamic and always uplifting presentations inspire women to channel their creativity and brilliance.

Learn more and check booking availability for Suzy Batiz

The benefits of LGBTQ+ advocacy guest speakers

Over the past decade, the LGBTQ+ population in America has doubled to just over 7%. Some estimates are even higher. But even if LGBTQ+ represented fewer people, it would not matter in terms of individual rights in a free, individualistic-driven nation. Minorities of any size produce some of our most inspired perspectives, innovations and cultural advancements. Yet LGBTQ+ individuals face difficulties not so different from our veterans. Years of exclusion and worse have led to symptoms of depression and anxiety and acts of self-harm

Enter Mally Roncal. She’s a celebrity keynote speaker, makeup artist and LGBTQ+ community ally. As the founder of Mally Beauty, she’s also a highly successful entrepreneur who went at life in her own way and with her own style. A mother of three and author of Love, Lashes, and Lipstick, Mally loves all things glam. Her career as a makeup artist to the stars has led her to travel the world and practice her art with the likes of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. She has made it her mission to help all people see the beauty in themselves. In this way, she builds confidence, resilience and purpose for everyone she meets. Collaborations with celebrities including RuPaul have brought Roncal and her company into the spotlight in bold new areas, including drag culture and leadership. Booking “positivity preacher & spiritual cheerleader” Mally Roncal guarantees that everyone at your event will feel good about themselves and each other. 

Learn more and check booking availability for Mally Roncal

Book a Speaker for Your Holiday Event
Business Speakers, Celebrity / Entertainers, Health & Wellness, Personal Development

Book a Speaker for Your Holiday Event

The holiday season often includes events, seminars and retreats for your corporate teams. Alongside the excitement of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holiday celebrations, the coming new year reminds us to leave old habits behind and mindfully embrace healthier lifestyles. It’s no surprise that this is the perfect time of year to book a motivational speaker.

But whether hiring a speaker for a virtual appearance or booking them for a live presentation, you’ll want someone with a message that hits the right tone for both your company and for the season. Let’s explore some ideal speaker categories from the Success Speakers Bureau that will motivate your teams and bring out their best over the coming year.

Personal development

Along with good cheer, the holidays can bring a lot of stress. After all, many people are trying to juggle both work and family planning, and others are coping with sadness or loneliness. Even those of us who love the holidays will admit they can be overwhelming!

Personal development speakers empower your employees with the confidence that comes with resilience. TEDx speaker alum Anne Grady quite literally wrote the book on resilience—several, in fact, including Mind Over Moment and Strong Enough. Motivational speaker Dan Thurmon, on the other hand, entertainingly teaches employees the path to success through facing and coping with their fears. And youthful influencer and best-selling author Jay Shetty, always a hit with the crowd, endows your corporate audiences with a message of inner peace that is so welcome during the holidays.

Health and wellness

New Year’s resolutions usually involve working on our health and well-being. Whether that means eating more nutritious foods, achieving greater wellness through exercise or practicing meditation for improved mindfulness, the new year provides an opportunity for growth. But we also know that our resolutions seldom remain fulfilled. Much of that has to do with the fact that we simply don’t have the skills or best practices for sustained health and wellness.

With employee wellness programs growing in popularity, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your workplace health initiatives. Motivational speaker Mo Brossette, for instance, knows the power of nutrition and movement in helping us keep focused and accomplishing our dreams. Likewise, Shawn Stevenson improves your corporate culture with an inspiring message of the power found in fitness and nutrition. And Karen M. Allen provides the tools needed to feel and live better through a more positive mindset. Trusted by Google, The Women’s Foodservice Forum and many others, Allen’s talks are always personal, captivating and informative.

Personal finance

Holiday cheer usually comes at a (literal) cost. Gifts, travel and meal expenses not only affect your employees’ personal lives, they can impact employee performance. Many of your employees may lack proper money management skills, and no time brings that home quite like the holidays.

Better personal finance skills provide a holiday gift for your employees that lasts year-round. Not only that—by preventing employees from being distracted or depressed by debt, it also helps corporate culture, unity and productivity. Financial expert and professional speaker Anthony O’Neal has helped more than a quarter million readers with his book Debt Free Degree, plus another 15 million with his The Table with Anthony ONeal podcast. Similarly, financial literacy expert and best-selling author Sharon Lechter brings her exciting and personally empowering message of better money management to every event. And guest financial speaker Tom Corley never misses with his insights on the habits that separate the wealthy from those struggling financially.

Celebrity speakers

When considering a guest speaker for your corporate holiday event, you might also consider booking a celebrity speaker. They bring a sense of excitement to your event that is ideal as you close out the year. It’s a wonderful gift to your employees to keep the mood up. Plus, their range of expertise and topics makes it simple to find the perfect speaker to suit your corporate messaging goals.

Mindset coach and social media influencer Natasha Graziano always entertains and lights up a crowd with her transformational message of personal growth. Likewise, Shark Tank host, author and entrepreneur Daymond John brings headliner star power to your event, as well as a motivational message of self-empowerment and success. Meanwhile, crowd-pleaser and memory champion Ron White shares the secrets of a better memory with an exciting presentation honed from appearances on Good Morning America, Superhuman on Fox and, of course, countless speaking engagements. 

Booking your speaker for the holidays

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of the top-name speakers available to book through the Success Speakers Bureau for your company holiday event. With more than a century of experience building relationships with leading coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs, SUCCESS has leveraged our contacts to bring you a growing list of the top speakers in the world.

Best of all, booking your next speaker during the holidays—or at any time—has never been easier. We handle the logistics for both live and virtual guest appearances so you don’t have to. Simply drop us a note with your speaking engagement needs or questions, or contact us via email. With just that step, you’ll be well on your way to making your organization’s event as fun and memorable as you dreamed!

Top Health and Fitness Speakers to Book for Your Next Event
Health & Wellness

Top Health and Fitness Speakers to Book for Your Next Event

Booking health and fitness keynote speakers has grown in popularity among top companies. The benefits are substantial. On the surface, employees may become inspired to adopt healthier lifestyles. And a healthier workforce provides numerous cost benefits, including higher overall productivity.

But beneath the service, health and fitness motivational speakers bring even greater outcomes. Their personal stories of overcoming adversity inspire all of us. Plus, they serve as models of resilience, perseverance, motivation and work ethic. With those things in mind, let’s look at some of the top health and fitness speakers available today.

Kayla Itsines

Recognized as one of the most influential fitness trainers in the world, Kayla Itsines has educated millions through her speaking engagements, e-books and educational workout videos. Itsines’ overall drive and entrepreneurial spirit led her to be named by Time Magazine as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. On top of that, the popularity of her Sweat with Kayla workout app and overall social media prowess speak to her business savvy. She brings that same energy and wisdom to her speaking engagements, making her one the most highly sought-after professional fitness speakers worldwide.

Mo Brossette

Nutrition, movement and mindset expert Mo Brossette has worked in health and fitness for more than two decades. As Director of Mindset and Nutrition for Dallas-based nonprofit the Adaptive Training Foundation, he assists disabled veterans through mental and physical training. As a keynote speaker, he helps corporations achieve their goals by addressing the topics of fear and human potential. With decades of hands-on experience to back him, Brossette brilliantly engages audiences as few others can. In that process, he teaches how to correct limiting beliefs that have no place in a successful individual, team or corporation.

Trent Shelton

When an injury cut this NFL wide receiver’s career short, he reinvented his purpose in life. He began by recording short videos on his rehabilitation progress. Many followed his journey of hard work and physical progress. Soon, what began as a means of holding himself accountable evolved into something much more. He founded the RehabTime Organization, a Christian nonprofit organization where he continues to serve as CEO. His message of hard work, resilience, ethics and meeting the challenges of life’s demands have made him one of the most sought-after health and fitness speakers in the world.

Chris Ruden

Fitness expert Chris Ruden is a diabetic and an amputee. He’s also a powerlifting champion who brings his message of stamina, strength and resilience to every keynote presentation he delivers. Ruden’s client list includes Facebook, Nike, Zappos and the American Diabetes Association among others. His message of hard work and optimism speaks to all of us, whatever the industry or position held, making him one of the top fitness speakers available today. His address topics include peak performance, overcoming adversity, and diversity and inclusion. Every company struggles with obstacles, and Ruden knows how to face and overcome each of them from within.

Shawn Stevenson

Keynote fitness speaker Shawn Stevenson knows personal challenges. Diagnosed with an incurable spinal disease while in college, he experienced terrible pain and lost much of his function in one leg. Diagnoses at the time did not show much hope for improvement, but Stevenson did not accept defeat. He embraced resilience. Today, the highly sought fitness speaker goes beyond “managing” adversity to transforming it for a greater role in a better life. Through diet and exercise, he reversed his “incurable” affliction. Now host of the Model Health Show, Stevenson brings this message of hard work and success to every event.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels knows health and fitness. She knows business, too. A certified nutritionist, she’s also a life coach and entrepreneur with more than 100 million followers across social media platforms. Her popular fitness app includes meal plans and recipes as well as workout routines, adding to the vast reach of this personal trainer and author. As a fitness celebrity, Michaels appeared on the popular NBC series The Biggest Loser for 12 seasons. Her speaking topics include business, motivation and wellness, and her charitable work includes serving as an ambassador for the American Cancer Society.

John Salley

Wellness advocate and vegan John Salley is more than an NBA star, though his records speak for themselves. He’s also one of the most in-demand health and wellness speakers of our time. His raw, plant-based diet is certainly about health, but it’s also about discipline, reinventing oneself and remaining versatile. An achiever with the energy and stamina to light up any corporate event, he’s remained ahead of the curve with his understanding of global health issues and the demands of personal excellence. Salley is a soldier in the fight against diabetes, and he serves as a partner with the Vegan Vine wine label in partnership with Clos LaChance Winery.