Top Health and Fitness Speakers to Book for Your Next Event

Booking health and fitness keynote speakers has grown in popularity among top companies. The benefits are substantial. On the surface, employees may become inspired to adopt healthier lifestyles. And a healthier workforce provides numerous cost benefits, including higher overall productivity.

But beneath the service, health and fitness motivational speakers bring even greater outcomes. Their personal stories of overcoming adversity inspire all of us. Plus, they serve as models of resilience, perseverance, motivation and work ethic. With those things in mind, let’s look at some of the top health and fitness speakers available today.

Kayla Itsines

Recognized as one of the most influential fitness trainers in the world, Kayla Itsines has educated millions through her speaking engagements, e-books and educational workout videos. Itsines’ overall drive and entrepreneurial spirit led her to be named by Time Magazine as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. On top of that, the popularity of her Sweat with Kayla workout app and overall social media prowess speak to her business savvy. She brings that same energy and wisdom to her speaking engagements, making her one the most highly sought-after professional fitness speakers worldwide.

Mo Brossette

Nutrition, movement and mindset expert Mo Brossette has worked in health and fitness for more than two decades. As Director of Mindset and Nutrition for Dallas-based nonprofit the Adaptive Training Foundation, he assists disabled veterans through mental and physical training. As a keynote speaker, he helps corporations achieve their goals by addressing the topics of fear and human potential. With decades of hands-on experience to back him, Brossette brilliantly engages audiences as few others can. In that process, he teaches how to correct limiting beliefs that have no place in a successful individual, team or corporation.

Trent Shelton

When an injury cut this NFL wide receiver’s career short, he reinvented his purpose in life. He began by recording short videos on his rehabilitation progress. Many followed his journey of hard work and physical progress. Soon, what began as a means of holding himself accountable evolved into something much more. He founded the RehabTime Organization, a Christian nonprofit organization where he continues to serve as CEO. His message of hard work, resilience, ethics and meeting the challenges of life’s demands have made him one of the most sought-after health and fitness speakers in the world.

Chris Ruden

Fitness expert Chris Ruden is a diabetic and an amputee. He’s also a powerlifting champion who brings his message of stamina, strength and resilience to every keynote presentation he delivers. Ruden’s client list includes Facebook, Nike, Zappos and the American Diabetes Association among others. His message of hard work and optimism speaks to all of us, whatever the industry or position held, making him one of the top fitness speakers available today. His address topics include peak performance, overcoming adversity, and diversity and inclusion. Every company struggles with obstacles, and Ruden knows how to face and overcome each of them from within.

Shawn Stevenson

Keynote fitness speaker Shawn Stevenson knows personal challenges. Diagnosed with an incurable spinal disease while in college, he experienced terrible pain and lost much of his function in one leg. Diagnoses at the time did not show much hope for improvement, but Stevenson did not accept defeat. He embraced resilience. Today, the highly sought fitness speaker goes beyond “managing” adversity to transforming it for a greater role in a better life. Through diet and exercise, he reversed his “incurable” affliction. Now host of the Model Health Show, Stevenson brings this message of hard work and success to every event.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels knows health and fitness. She knows business, too. A certified nutritionist, she’s also a life coach and entrepreneur with more than 100 million followers across social media platforms. Her popular fitness app includes meal plans and recipes as well as workout routines, adding to the vast reach of this personal trainer and author. As a fitness celebrity, Michaels appeared on the popular NBC series The Biggest Loser for 12 seasons. Her speaking topics include business, motivation and wellness, and her charitable work includes serving as an ambassador for the American Cancer Society.

John Salley

Wellness advocate and vegan John Salley is more than an NBA star, though his records speak for themselves. He’s also one of the most in-demand health and wellness speakers of our time. His raw, plant-based diet is certainly about health, but it’s also about discipline, reinventing oneself and remaining versatile. An achiever with the energy and stamina to light up any corporate event, he’s remained ahead of the curve with his understanding of global health issues and the demands of personal excellence. Salley is a soldier in the fight against diabetes, and he serves as a partner with the Vegan Vine wine label in partnership with Clos LaChance Winery.