What Is a Health and Lifestyle Speaker and Why Should I Hire One?

Has your staff faced issues of low morale, reduced productivity or even a rise in workplace disputes? These incidents have a way of spreading unnoticed. Many companies turn to health and lifestyle speakers for assistance as part of an overall corporate wellness program. These keynote speakers, guest speakers and executive coaches provide guidance to revitalize your teams and breathe new life throughout your company.

But how does hiring a health and lifestyle speaker create long-term benefits? To answer that question, it helps to understand what such a wellness professional actually is.

What is a health and lifestyle speaker?

The best health and lifestyle speakers blend two major areas of expertise. First, they have proven experience in areas such as health, fitness, nutrition, personal development and related fields. Second, as seasoned speakers, they know how to convey their knowledge to corporate teams in a way that is engaging and transformative.

This blend of expertise is rare, creating high demand for the best health and lifestyle speakers. Proven in their ability to educate audiences, they deliver their speeches at conferences, seminars and workshops either in person or through virtual addresses. In each case, they help others develop positive mindsets. They enhance your work culture through improved wellness, helping you skyrocket your productivity.

What are the benefits of hiring a health and lifestyle speaker?

You trust your directors and managers to hire only the best and most motivated.

But the world is dynamic. Life happens, both for your team and in your corporate directives. Some employees may develop closed mindsets due to lack of confidence or fear of change. A few may even lose control of their health and personal lives. These circumstances lead to burnout, absenteeism and reduced productivity that affect the entire organization.

Health and lifestyle speakers address these issues by providing the tools necessary to build positive habits and growth mindsets throughout your organization. They provide motivational talks, yes. But for long-term gain, they also educate your teams with practical means to manage stress, set meaningful goals, live mindfully, improve their health and to grow both personally and professionally.

The results include reduced absenteeism and conflict while fostering better overall health and well-being. And these benefits alone make these speakers invaluable. Yet, beyond that, they also improve overall productivity and creativity. They enhance team cohesion and happiness, creating a stronger, healthier and more dynamic work culture.

What kinds of personal development speakers are there, and who should I hire?

Health and lifestyle speakers each have their own specialized areas. While individual speaker specialties overlap, choosing the right keynote speaker to meet your objectives is important. We’ve provided categories for niche areas of personal development speakers and links to a few leaders you may want to investigate further.

Healthy living and nutrition

Exercise, proper nutrition, stress management and an improved mindset go hand-in-hand for overall better well-being. Experts in these areas deliver the inspiration and guidance needed for your associates to gain confidence, increase productivity and develop better leadership skills.

Consider booking these top healthy living and nutrition speakers:

Mo Brossette
With over two decades of experience in health and nutrition, Brossette specializes in human behavior, movement and the mindset required to overcome fear. As a corporate speaker, he uses proven methods to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Anne Grady
Recognized as a top resilience expert, Grady’s knowledge of neuroscience helps teams build strength and overcome adversity. An author and keynote speaker, Grady brings an engaging personal story plus plenty of wit and humor to her presentations.

Shawn Stevenson
Creator and host of top health podcast The Model Health Show, health and fitness expert and author Stevenson has helped people to change their story and begin to live healthier.

Focus and productivity

Focus and productivity speakers approach health and lifestyle from a different angle. They also help improve mindset and lifestyle, but with emphasis on time management, goal-setting and professional development.

Consider booking these top focus and productivity speakers:

Cy Wakeman

Bestselling author and global thought leader Wakeman helps companies “restore sanity” by “ditching the drama.” She has assisted major corporations such as Google, Facebook and NASA build better work cultures and increase focus and productivity.

Allison Graham

Health, wellness and personal development speaker Graham engages audiences with lively, dynamic keynote addresses. Her science-based methods help her audiences better manage stress, gain resilience and focus on what matters most.

Dan Thurmon

Speaker Hall of Fame inductee Thurmon brings expertise in business, health and workplace performance. With topics such as “Perform-Ability” and “Leading Others Through Change,” he helps companies and their teams evolve and succeed during dynamic and often unpredictable circumstances.


While businesses thrive from the creativity of their employees, many team members become inhibited by self-doubt or past critiques. Creativity speakers help rejuvenate your teams’ innovative spirits while enhancing their mental health and wellness.

Consider booking these top creativity speakers:

Naveen Jain

Serial entrepreneur and author Jain knows that creativity and technology drive innovative solutions. His speaking topics include “The Most Dangerous Person in Any Industry: How being a non-expert is actually an advantage” and “Mindset of Abundance: Instead of focusing on conservation, focus on creation.”

Michael Gelb

Author and keynote speaker Gelb is an authority on “the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development,” according to his website. Companies seek his talents to improve workplace culture and nurture innovative leaders. His speaking topics dive deep into the topics of innovation, creativity and team-building.

Dewitt Jones

Jones perfectly blends topics of creativity and mindset. A renowned photographer for National Geographic for 20 years and a TEDx speaker, he inspires audiences to find joy, grow creatively and “Celebrate what’s right with the world.”

Find the best health and lifestyle speaker for your event.

The speakers mentioned above get you started, but the list is by no means exhaustive. The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau provides a long list of expert speakers and coaches in the realms of health, nutrition, mindset, well-being and lifestyle.

Explore our growing roster of professional speakers by topic. We provide biographical information, speaking topics and even video to help you choose exactly the right speaker. Checking talent availability is as simple as dropping us a note through the speaker page. Or contact us with your event needs. We’ll help you get started and even handle all the booking logistics from start to finish!