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The best tech keynote speakers bring more than digital expertise. When you book a top keynote speaker with a strong digital background, you get an accomplished businessperson who knows the art of audience engagement. Hiring a technology speaker for your event provides you with a thought leader who drives sales, builds stronger corporate cultures and guides you through even the most complex digital transformations.

Data on corporate technology use shows that “over 90% of all [small and medium-sized businesses] use digital tools for communication purposes,” according to a 2019 Deloitte report. Likewise, 44% of businesses “report cost savings from AI adoption in the business units where it’s deployed, with respondents from high performers more than four times likelier than others to say AI adoption has decreased business units’ costs by at least 10%, on average,” according to a 2019 McKinsey survey. Yet, even the most positive changes have the potential to fail or fall short of their intended goal. When implementing new tools, businesses must weigh factors including initial costs, training costs, business fit and the complexity versus the agility of the technology. They must also consider staff buy-in and how to make the best tactical use of their new tech services.

This is where tech keynote speakers shine. With a broad view of business strategy and expertise in issues of communications and creativity, they help you and your team approach the transition with confidence and understanding. With these benefits in mind, let’s look at some of the top tech speakers available in 2024.

Top tech keynote speakers to book this year

1. Robert Herjavec

Investor and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec knows the speed and precision it takes to compete and win. This Shark Tank investor has built several IT companies and founded the Herjavec Group, one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies, now Cyderes, which specializes in cybersecurity operations critical to today’s advanced corporate operations.

A competitor and Rookie of the Year in the “Ferrari Challenge North America” series, he’s equally adept at connecting technology to where the rubber meets the road. “You have to stay laser-focused when driving a car over 200 miles an hour, and the same approach is required when growing a business in today’s world of rapidly changing technology,” Herjavec says.

Author of The Will to Win, Herjavec has the ability to see several moves ahead in business and on the track to every customized public speaking engagement.

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2. Erin King

Digital transformation has changed multiple aspects of business operations, including how organizations interact with and learn from consumers. Digital Persuasion author and business speaker Erin King knows how to get more “yes” in all your communications. From clients and colleagues to stakeholders and managers, she breaks the “gift of gab” down to a science.

King’s methods teach your teams how to persuade others by making the best use of the time you have before people form an opinion of you during your online communications. And, as an expert speaker, she likewise seizes your audience’s attention from the first moment and holds it throughout her presentation. In fact, Plexus Worldwide raved that Kings’ session provided the “highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit.”

Top brands including Abbott, Adobe, America’s Navy, Merck and Visa have relied on King’s tech keynote speaking topics and coaching talent. In each case, she provides an engaging and lively presentation that transforms the way we approach persuasive digital communication.

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3. Naveen Jain

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain knows tech intimately and hands-on. He worked on the Microsoft Network management team in its infancy and founded InfoSpace. A serial entrepreneur and thought leader, he also founded Intelius and Moon Express, the latter committed to mining precious metals as well as Helium-3 from the moon. With yet another company, Viome, Jain uses cutting-edge mRNA technology and an AI-powered platform to analyze your physiology to recommend foods and supplements to enhance health and well-being.

Named “Most Creative Person” by Fast Company, Jain is technically adept, yes. But he’s also a businessman. He knows the value of creating programs that create and hold everyone’s attention. To that end, he currently offers a masterclass, “Mindvalley Masterclass: The Power of Boldness,” which guides participants toward creating and achieving their own “moonshot” ideas.

Other keynote speaking topics include “Mindset of Abundance” and “Disrupting Healthcare.”

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4. Jon Levy

Jon Levy is a behavioral scientist and New York Times bestselling author of The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure. He is best known for his work in human connection, trust and influence, applying the latest research to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement and culture. His clients range from Fortune 500 brands to startups.

More than a decade ago, Levy founded the Influencers Dinner, a secret dining experience for industry leaders ranging from Nobel laureates, Olympians, celebrities and executives to artists, musicians and even the occasional princess. Guests cook dinner together but can’t discuss their career or give their last name and, once seated to eat, they play a game to reveal who they are. Over time, these dinners developed into a community. With thousands of members, Influencers is the largest community of its type worldwide.

In Levy’s latest book, You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Connection, Trust and Belonging, readers are guided through the art and science of creating deep and meaningful connections with anyone, regardless of their stature or celebrity. Levy demonstrates how we develop influence, gain trust and build community so that we can impact our communities and achieve what’s important to us.

Levy has a number of keynote addresses to share with your organization including: “The Science of Trust: The Hidden Factors That Make or Break Our Relationships,” “The Influence Equation: How Connection, Trust and Belonging Define Our Success” and “The Future of the Hybrid Workplace: Making Work Work for Everyone.”

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5. Christopher Chapman

Keynote speaker Christopher Chapman specializes in the space where human creativity and technology meet. Where others see hard lines between imagination, business outcomes and tech, Chapman finds thrilling new opportunities that transcend the usual limits.

Chapman served Disney for more than 15 years, first as a graphic designer and art director and later as global creativity and innovation director. He led innovation across channels including Disney Studios, Pixar, Walt Disney Imagineering and ABC News. Even more recently, he has provided tech thought leadership at companies including Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Kaiser Permanente and Sony Pictures.

As a tech keynote speaker, Chapman’s addresses engage and inspire teams and guests in the areas where you need to develop most for sustainable outcomes. Game-changing topics include “Creative Problem-Solving,” “Storytelling in Business,” “Creativity and Innovation” and much more. 

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