Keynote Speaker Waldo Waldman Delivers ‘Wingman Values’

What kind of person with claustrophobia and a fear of heights becomes a combat-decorated F-16 fighter pilot? The answer is someone driven by “Wingman Values”: integrity, accountability and service.

Retired Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman worked to gain the focus and training necessary to succeed. An Air Force Academy graduate with an MBA focused in organizational behavior, he developed his “Top Gun” skills as part of “Operation Allied Force” in Iraq, Kosovo and beyond.

Those combat flight experiences fill the pages of his electrifying book, Never Fly Solo. Written with executives, managers and entrepreneurs in mind, this New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller urges readers to “power through the barriers holding you back from reaching new heights in your career.”

The success of Waldman’s book, in addition to his business experience as a former top producing sales manager, led to worldwide celebrity and acclaim. Waldman has appeared in top publications including SUCCESS, Inc. and Harvard Business Review. Major networks and popular broadcasts like CNN, Fox & Friends and Dr. Drew on Call have also featured Waldman for his growth and leadership insights. Today, he delivers bottom-line results to top companies as an executive coach and in-demand keynote speaker.

As a business speaker, Waldman offers executives and teams more than outcome-ready insights. He’s an engaging guest who brings crowds to their feet. His excellence in delivery has even led to his induction into the National Speaker’s Association Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor shared with fewer than 300 speakers worldwide.

With each in-person or virtual keynote address, Waldman provides the practical lessons and methods necessary to gain trust and create revenue-driving relationships both internally and with customers and stakeholders.

Waldman’s business philosophy: the fighter pilot mindset

Waldman believes that to achieve optimal success, organizations must move away from the combat mindset. “Just like well-trained fighter pilots,” Waldman says, “well-trained organizations should never enter into combat.”

He instead believes that “cooperation, communication and a commitment to a core set of values that serve others” create lasting growth and opportunity. While survivors may fly solo, winners build relationships and trust through teamwork. When business leaders develop that trust throughout their organization, achievers are more motivated and dedicated to their workplace. Then they can better focus on achieving the corporate objectives assigned to them.

With this philosophy in mind, Waldman developed “The Seven Wingman Principles”:

  1. “Winners Never Fly Solo”
  2. “Leaders Promote Collaborative Cultures”
  3. “Training and Preparation Drive Sales Excellence”
  4. “Standards Determine Culture”
  5. “Relationships are Foundational”
  6. “Be Courageous, Not Fearless”
  7. “Core Values are Essential for Growth”

Mission ready executive coaching

Even the best leaders have blind spots, and you need an executive coach who will reveal them with honesty and integrity. And as an executive coach, Waldman has you covered. He provides the insight you need, including an honest assessment of your current tactical and strategic situation. 

Among Waldman’s many clients, Matrix Home Solutions, one of the largest home remodeling companies in the nation, serves as a prime example. Thanks to Waldman, their leadership team and sales force got the “shot in the arm” they needed post-COVID pandemic. “Waldo really helps motivate you to lift other people up around you,” says CEO Nick Richmond. “And he is a great, great coach—probably one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Waldman’s custom keynote addresses

When hiring a keynote business speaker, every second of your guests’ time matters. That is why Waldman delivers addresses that are content-rich as well as motivational. Audiences remain engaged at every turn, leaving your event with takeaways that transform their lives and deliver bottom-line sales outcomes.

You can book Waldman for an in-person or virtual keynote address, seminar or video. In each case, he will customize his address to perfectly meet your goals and situational needs. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Dell EMC, Kroger, Deloitte and others have benefitted from his lessons in personal and team excellence.

Speaking topics include:

  • “Never Fly Solo®”—Transform relationships into revenue with communications, conviction and compassion.
  • “Wingman Leadership®”—Instill a “one team, one mission” mindset throughout your organization.
  • “Wingman Safety®”—Build a company a value-based culture of excellence with a commitment to safety and trust

Book Waldman

If you are ready to commit to growth and service with a speaker like Waldman, follow his advice and leave nothing to chance. Work with a trusted talent booking agency to ensure hassle-free, professional and cost-effective delivery.

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau stands firmly on a foundation that includes a century-long commitment to personal growth and relationship-building among the top influencers and business leaders in the world.

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