Johnny Quinn

While companies vary greatly in terms of size, structure, scalability, profit margins and more, they share many of the same organizational challenges. Keynote speaker, author and former NFL receiver Johnny Quinn specializes in several of the areas that matter most to achieving peak performance. As a speaker and author, he tackles some of the most important issues businesses and other institutions face today, including:

  • Team culture
  • Resilience
  • Leadership development
  • Change management

With each keynote address, Quinn delivers more than a speech; he delivers an experience. His engaging style and ability to project authenticity as a speaker impact people from all walks of life.

Alongside his TEDx speech, “Understanding the Olympic Mindset,” Quinn has been featured by outlets such as ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. With that in mind, let’s look closer at Quinn and what booking him means for your company event.

Johnny Quinn embodies a mindset of goal-setting and achievement.

When it comes to increasing resilience and developing goal-setting skills for your teams, you want someone with real-world experience in struggle and achievement. Quinn delivers in ways few others can via the experience gained over the course of his own remarkable journey.

With unwavering commitment to his goals, he played in three college football conference championships, leaving the University of North Texas as their “all-time leading receiver in receptions (187) and receiving yards (2,718),” according to his website. That helped launch his NFL career, but he was not chosen in the draft. Instead, signing on as a free agent, he played for the Buffalo Bills and the Green Bay Packers as well joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League. Again, challenges beset him. Facing cut after cut from these teams, he had a choice: Give up, or learn to face setbacks head-on by setting new goals with determination and drive.

Quinn chose the latter. After tearing his ACL and getting cut for the last time, he joined the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Through hard work and training, he was soon rocketing down mountains at more than 80 miles per hour. In 2014, he competed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, becoming the third NFL player ever to do so. Through these experiences, Quinn developed and honed his ability to bounce back from every difficulty.

Quinn describes these experiences in his deeply personal and impactful book, Push: Breaking through the Barriers. Much more than a chronicle of success, the book outlines his spiritual journey as well as his professional one. It details how achievement is more than commitment to yourself. It’s also commitment to improving the lives of family and those around you.

As Quinn informed his audience at TEDxPlano: “I don’t know where you’re at today. But what I do know is that tomorrow can look different. And, my friends, I’ve got some wonderful news: You get to choose, and that choice is giving more.

Johnny Quinn delivers powerful keynotes, breakouts and workshops.

Quinn’s transformational messages of building more confident leadership in times of change and developing resilience aren’t limited to TEDx talks and network appearances. He also delivers powerful keynotes with his virtual talks and in-person appearances.

Forward-looking companies, medical centers and associations and other institutions have benefited from Quinn’s keynote addresses, breakout sessions and workshops. Some of his past clients include Toyota, Battelle for Kids, Verizon, Baylor Medical Center at Frisco and dozens of others.

Quinn’s in-demand leadership and development speaking topics are:

1. “Breaking Through Barriers”

Learn how to overcome the barriers that hold you back by developing greater “resilience, determination and a growth mindset.” Quinn provides the real-world tools necessary to overcome both professional and personal challenges and take your career to the next level.

2. “Think Like an Olympian”

As an Olympian, Quinn knows what it takes to pursue and achieve excellence. With this talk, audiences learn how to channel their inner confidence while developing the mindset and discipline needed to achieve greatness in the marketplace.

3. “Cultivating a Champion Mindset”

The most successful leaders have positive, resilient mindsets and the ability to develop and achieve bulletproof goals. Quinn teaches the practical tools and techniques anyone can use to develop a positive and resilient mindset for high-yield opportunities and growth.

4. “Leading in the Digital Age”

Digital technology has utterly redesigned the marketplace, and leaders need to acquire new skills to meet the demands of the digital landscape. In this talk, Quinn focuses on areas such as new applications of adaptability, innovation and successful collaboration in the digital era.

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“Johnny [Quinn] was phenomenal, clear and captivating!” says Mona Phillips, broker at Realty ONE Group Elite. “We need more of his wisdom to reach everyone.”

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