How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Celebrity Speaker?

Celebrity speakers include the most in-demand keynote speakers available for hire, motivational speakers known for marketing, investing, personal branding, real estate and so much more. We recognize them from their trending social media presence, best-selling books, guest appearances on popular networks, and even their podcasts and TEDx talks. Whether hiring for an in-person address or a virtual keynote speaker, celebrity speakers deliver the goods. So, how much does it cost to hire a celebrity speaker?

Celebrity speaker fees depend on a range of factors.

Celebrity speakers bring the star power and tested delivery style needed to make your event a success. That professionalism and name recognition may come at a higher price than other speakers. A relative newcomer not yet of celebrity status may price at only $1500 to $5000 for your event. To hire a trending celebrity speaker can mean a fee of $200 thousand or more. But a median fee range may be only $50-$60 thousand. Depending on the timing of your event, your needs, and their personal interests and goals, the fee for a celebrity speaker can vary widely.

Is a star speaker worth the price?

A celebrity speaker grabs attention at multiple levels and across industries. A top-tier star speaker can get the notice of:

  • Your employees
  • Local media
  • Bloggers
  • Investors
  • Local businesses and industry allies
  • Local or regional politicians

Ultimately, the choice of whether to book a celebrity speaker will depend on your budget and goals. But looking long term, it is wise to book someone who will make your event more memorable. Hiring a celebrity speaker will add social virality to your event that goes beyond immediate goals and even expectations.

Can I save money booking a celebrity speaker remotely?

Some of the top celebrity speakers are available for hire virtually. That is, they can speak for your event through remote, digital means. Hiring a speaker virtually has both benefits and drawbacks.

On the downside, you may feel some of the benefits mentioned above to a lesser degree. While we have become accustomed to remote meetings, in-person visits receive more attention—especially for celebrity or brand names.

On the plus side, a virtual address can save on the speaker fees. There are multiple things you can do with those savings. For instance, if there is a particular speaker you want who is out of your price range, you may find you can afford them virtually. Cost-reduction may be applied toward another speaker or toward events or services you otherwise would need to trim. And in some cases, depending on the size of your facility, many would have been watching the presentation from a screen—large or small—already anyway. Some may even be watching the event remotely! Just be sure to plan ahead with your team for logistics such as broadcast services across devices and live feedback such as Q&A sessions in real-time.

Book your next celebrity speaker.

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