Ricky Mendez Implements Prosperous Mindset Strategies

Keynote speaker and mindset fitness coach Ricky Mendez doesn’t see himself as an inspirational speaker. Though highly motivational for you and your team, he instead describes himself as an implementational speaker. He helps you establish a systematic process for building prosperous mindsets throughout your corporate teams. These healthy mindsets foster positive habits that lead to sustained, positive growth. Major corporations and thought-leaders agree: Top brands such as Home Depot, Costco and American Residential have partnered with Mendez to implement his strategies for lasting success.

Why should you consider booking Mendez as a keynote speaker for your next conference or major institutional event? And how does he help you move from modest sales growth to the top of your industry? There are many reasons. They begin with gratitude, listening and the willingness to embrace never-ending improvement and daily learning.

The Mendez approach to positive mindsets

Mendez’s approach to building prosperous mindsets began with his own experience in sales. With humility and gratitude, he knows the value of his mentors in guiding his success. They taught him lessons in discipline, leadership and willingness to make the most positive impact possible. With a commitment to lifelong learning, he asked his mentors questions, further learning the benefits of daily self-improvement, listening to others and sharing. While these lessons helped him in sales, he found that they applied to any profession and in all aspects of life.

Today, Mendez acts as a mentor himself. As a speaker, consultant and coach, he guides clients and audiences on how to defeat their fears. He guides them out of self-inhibiting habits such as procrastination and replaces them with proactive behaviors required for success. Rather than advocating for dependence of willpower alone, Mendez prioritizes building the overall mental fitness of his clients. 

Mendez aims to “shift paradigms and change the way people think,” a practice that includes setting clear goals and building an overall enthusiasm for life. The ability to embrace change with unlimited excitement becomes infectious. It improves both personal and professional relationships. It engenders success, but more than that, it creates happiness. “When we condition the mind with prosperity habits we shift paradigms and facilitate a change in behavior,” Mendez believes, “the body will follow.”  Just as a negative mindset can lead to poor habits, a positive one helps build positive habits.

But remember, Mendez is, above all else, an implementational speaker. He comes to his presentations and coaching sessions with clear, instructive strategies and processes. His goal is to help you build your own happiness in all aspects of life. And he delivers results.

The benefits of working with Mendez

Bottom lines and lasting outcomes drive the Mendez approach to building prosperous mindsets. He asks questions such as “Does your sales team completely exhaust every sales opportunity?” and “What is the price you pay when you fail to take action?” Yes, Mendez has big ideas. Just as importantly, he guides you through the systematic procedures required to implement change. Clients and audiences alike improve their performance in real, measurable ways.

Mendez has collaborated with billionaire entrepreneurs and thought leaders such as John Assaraf and Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. He achieves his outcomes by first focusing on the best practices required to create the most productive, profitable and happiest person. Through this process, he comes straight at tangible issues of procrastination and negative mindsets that lead to mediocre sales and self-defeating thoughts. The results? A happier and healthier workforce, enhanced corporate culture and wellness, increased sales and greater profits.

Corporate consulting, speaking and coaching

Mendez provides keynote addresses and coaching services that are relatable, actionable and energizing. He enhances the professional lives of his clients, and—just as importantly—their personal lives and well-being.

His keynote topics are:

  • “A Winner’s Mindset and Prosperity Planning”
  • “Be the Best Version of You—Feel the Vitality”
  • “The Art of Earning the Sale: Explode Your Revenues”

Some recent clients of Mendez’s include EXIT Realty, lululemon, Keller Williams Realty and Compass Real Estate. The result of Mendez’s motivation to inspire a dynamic work culture? Personnel who are ready to charge forward. Overall, he delivers better sales strategies and empowers staff to accomplish more than they previously knew they could. 

Booking Mendez

Join Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and game-changing thought-leaders who have shifted their thought paradigms by booking Mendez. It’s now simpler than ever to improve your teams, work culture, profits, sustainability and even your own personal and professional growth.

Check booking availability for Mendez to get started. Once you have determined that his services are right for you, you can let the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau handle the rest. We’ve got you covered from start to finish, including fee negotiation and booking logistics to help ensure that your event is a success!