Speaker Spotlight: Anthony O'Neal and the Power of Financial Education

Living debt-free and financially secure requires fiscal know-how and economic acumen. But it takes self-awareness and a positive mindset, too. Just ask No. 1 bestselling author of Debt-Free Degree Anthony O’Neal.

From his popular podcast The Table with Anthony ONeal to keynote speaking engagements, O’Neal has helped millions of individuals maximize their assets, pay off their debts and save for the retirement they deserve. Yet, his holistic approach to finding financial freedom goes beyond mere accounting and investment. His message embodies an overall grace, mindfulness and spirituality that reaches his audiences at their core. In this process, his followers develop the skills needed to live a purposeful and financially secure life.

When you book O’Neal for your event, you get a financial speaker your colleagues will never forget. That’s because he reaches people in ways few other keynote speakers can. Here’s how.

O’Neal knows finances.

O’Neal has proven his expertise in all things financial. From paying off credit card debt and student loan obligations to assisting entrepreneurs in maximizing their revenue, there is no doubt about his talents. But his number one self-stated mission is assisting others in living a secure, debt-free life. This provides two key benefits for your company:

1. Financially stable associates make stronger, more resilient employees.

Financial security creates stronger, more attentive and resilient employees. They are happier and more focused. Those facing debt, on the other hand, are more distracted. They may need to take second and even third jobs that leave them worn out and less mindful. Even something as basic as calls from collectors might leave them less focused.

Employees facing financial hardships may even come to resent their work. They may apply for new roles or seek yet-unearned raises. But even if you paid them more, it would not necessarily help. Without a change in behavior, they’ll likely keep making the same mistakes that led them into debt in the first place.

O’Neal guides your teams and associates toward financial security using proven methods. He is an expert in areas including student loan debt, retirement savings, personal investment and budgeting. With his motivational presentations, he helps your employees to lead happier, more secure lives.

2. His lessons apply to your corporate finances, too.

As with an individual, a company burdened with unmanageable debt can become distracted. It can lose sight of its core mission and values and take unnecessary risks. Even during a revenue growth period, unmanageable debt can make a company less attractive to investors, too. O’Neal’s best strategies for personal financial freedom have a way of leaving their mark on the entire corporate culture, including your CFO and other executive leadership.

While O’Neal speaks at a personal level, his lessons are equally applicable to institutional finances. His “Entrepreneur’s Blueprint” online course, for example, speaks to business needs and the value of personal branding

Audiences know—and love—O’Neal.

“I’m so grateful that God has placed this mission in my heart to help others reach their goal of mental, spiritual and financial freedom.”

—Anthony O’Neal

O’Neal reaches his vast audiences by keeping his virtual and in-person presentations real, relevant and relatable. His common sense approach to communications connects to audiences, yes, but combined with his uplifting spiritualism and focus on the individual, he reaches people at an unforgettable level. In assisting people to take control of their futures, he transforms lives.

Plus, as a rapidly emerging celebrity speaker, O’Neal brings excitement to your conference or corporate event. People know him from top-selling books such as Debt Free Degree and Destroy Your Student Loan Debt. They also know him for his appearances on Good Morning America, CNN, Essence, Rachael Ray and other popular media outlets.

But while his global reputation precedes him, O’Neal remains down-to-earth. His personable style builds trust with your staff. As O’Neal says, “You deserve a life of abundance, so let’s take the first step together.” This welcoming demeanor, along with his warm, approachable presentation style, has ensured his success as one of the most in-demand financial speakers today. They make him a coach, a friend and a guide in your journey to personal fulfillment.

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