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Why do teams and companies sometimes fail? Fear, inefficiency and lack of discipline often play a role, leading both corporate and personal brands to underperform. Likewise, success may be elusive simply due to not knowing the science and techniques of building trust and influence. Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and bestselling author Rory Vaden teaches the tools necessary to become wealthy, well-known and successful.

Trusted by top names such as Google, Intel, Prudential and even the U.S. Army, Vaden provides the science-based expertise required to make better use of time, build relationships and propel your brand forward.

Influential leadership requires psychology.

A self-described nerd, Vaden lives in a world of performance-driven, data-based outcomes. His roots lie deep in the psychology of developing lasting influence for stronger leadership.

“What I’m really interested in is concrete evidence and provable techniques and strategies that can be deployed to create a result,” Vaden says. “The next level of results always requires the next level of thinking.”

For Vaden, initial outcomes are the first building blocks toward setting even greater goals. He sees every data point as an opportunity for continual improvement and growth. His motivational psychology techniques inform others of the best methods to defeat inefficiency and increase focus. Plus, he provides the actionable tools and strategies needed to make the most of your time and model exemplary leadership. 

His provocative yet inspirational approach to success led Vaden to co-found the Brand Builders Group, which focuses on personal brand strategy. Through this company, he, his wife AJ and others assist influencers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in amplifying their brands and turning their missions into revenue. The company’s approach aligns perfectly with Vaden’s overall vision for building wealth and reputation. That is, “People need to know you before they can trust you.”

Rory Vaden is recognized as a top influencer and author.

It takes more than knowledge to become a world-renowned keynote speaker. For someone to provide lasting value, they must inspire audiences through authenticity, humor and an attention-grabbing stage presence. Vaden brings each of these qualities and more to every presentation. A Certified Speaking Professional, he is among a prestigious few top thought leaders inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

Vaden has brought his powerful message of personal success and professional wealth to top networks and publications, including SUCCESS magazine, CNN, Fox News, The New York Times and many others. His TEDxDouglasville address, “How to Multiply Your Time,” has captured the attention of nearly five million online viewers. In this live address, he enthralls audiences by bringing better self-management strategies to life with wit, charm and clear insight.

As Vaden says in his address: “There is no such thing as time management. You can’t manage time, time continues on whether we like it or not. Really, there is only self-management.”

His first book, Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success, became a New York Times bestseller. In it, he delves into the science of success and techniques needed to increase focus while avoiding shortcuts and quick fixes. With his followup, Procrastinate on Purpose, readers are provided a master class in delegation of authority, automation and other techniques to multiply their time.

Rory Vaden delivers custom addresses for success.

Packed with hilarious anecdotes and powerful insights, Vaden delivers a keynote address that changes outlooks and optimizes work. “Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success” teaches leaders the methods needed to drive exponential results even when resources are limited.

With his “Take the Stairs” address, audiences learn to:

  • Disregard fear and take decisive action
  • Gain an awareness of their creative avoidance
  • Take personal responsibility without procrastination
  • Adopt a results-driven attitude of discipline
  • Create wealth with a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle
  • And much more

Best of all, the address is customizable for today’s top speaking topics. Focus options include a wide variety of topical themes to choose from including leadership, motivation, innovation, sales, teamwork, customer experience, corporate culture, performance improvement, ethics and values, productivity and corporate change.

For a preview of the experience, watch Vaden’s “Take the Stairs” speaker demo video.

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