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Employees with financial wisdom and low debt benefit the workplace in multiple ways. First, their financial acumen helps assure that they are better able to make sound, responsible decisions. They inspire others around them to do the same, serving as role models of abundance for their peers. Second, struggling employees are often distracted. They may receive debt collection calls at work or even seek higher-paying jobs or second careers on the side. Plus, they may find it difficult to manage anxiety caused by their debt, leading to friction on the job.

But increased wages or second incomes don’t always help those struggling with debt. Even millionaires can—and do—spend beyond their limits. Top financial speakers help build a stronger workforce and corporate culture by sharing financial wisdom and the secrets to getting out of debt. More than that, they help your employees thrive by developing stronger habits to build their own financial freedom and wealth.

Let’s look at how personal finance and motivational speakers can help.

Financial literacy guides others to create their own abundance.

As our incomes increase, so do our expenses. Success may deliver our first car, first mortgage and a family vacation. But at each stage of increased income, we tend to add to our expenses. Lack of motivation, passion and the wrong associations can further deepen our financial obligations and stress.

The solution to this dilemma lies in increasing our assets along the way. That is, to spend less on the transitory and invest in the permanent.

“Subconsciously, we’re fearful when it comes to money,” says keynote speaker Sharon Lechter. In her “Be the CEO of Your Own Life” address. “We’re afraid we’re never going to have enough. And then when we become successful, all of the sudden we’re afraid we’re not going to be able to keep it.”

A five-time New York Times best-selling author of books such as Three Feet from Gold, Lechter has advised two presidents with financial wisdom as well as top companies such as American Express, Cardone Ventures and IBM. She knows that in order to win big, you have to play big.

“It’s not what you do for your paycheck that’s important,” Lechter says. “It’s what you do with your paycheck that determines your financial future.”

Learn the financial wisdom to live debt-free and build wealth.

Debt wears on us. It can deplete our physical and emotional health. Yet every spending decision we once made—from an impulse-buy online to a student loan we couldn’t afford to repay—was a gamble on the future. We expected to get more out than we put in. Our decisions accumulate as debt.

As keynote speaker Anthony O’Neal says, “The caliber of your future will be determined by the choices you make today.”

The bestselling author of Debt Free Degree and Destroy Your Student Loan Debt, O’Neal understands what it takes to get out of debt and how to avoid it. Better planning coupled with a belief in one’s own abilities lie at the heart of O’Neal’s mission and message. In fact, O’Neal has led more than a quarter million people to better understand themselves and succeed in becoming debt-free.

“If you can’t afford the phone and pay for it in cash, you can’t afford the phone,” advises O’Neal in his “Debt Payoff 101” video. “Financial freedom is not just getting out of debt. Financial freedom is having money in your bank account.”

As our top faith-based speaker for adults and youth, O’Neal provides the awareness, financial wisdom and tools needed for a fuller, happier and more meaningful debt-free life.

Build a wealthier future with good habits.

Things like education, intelligence and emotional intelligence can help energize careers. But not all wealthy people are educated, and some of the brightest people often have lackluster careers. What if we are missing a major component of what creates sustainable wealth?

Keynote speaker and best-selling author Tom Corley believes that your habits define your level of wealth. Taking a scientific approach, he spent five years researching the habits of the wealthy for his book Rich Habits. He found that 16 very particular “Rich Habits” contributed not only to career success, but overall happiness. One of those habits is setting aside self-limiting beliefs.

“Self-limiting beliefs alter your behavior in a negative way,” Corley writes. “Almost four out of five wealthy people attribute their success in life to their beliefs. Change your negative beliefs into positive affirmations by reading lessons from the greats of personal development, like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Jim Rohn.”

Other habits Corley extols in his writings and motivational keynote addresses include emotional control, avoiding toxic people, talking less while listening more and setting goals rather than wishes.

“Every year, 70 percent of the wealthy pursue at least one major goal,” Corley writes. “Only 3 percent of those struggling to make ends meet do this.”

Book the best speaker to share financial wisdom with your teams.

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