Top Motivational Speakers in Los Angeles

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles offers some of the most recognized motivational speakers in the world. After all, LA is known for producing top talent and setting tomorrow’s trends in style, health and wellness. Plus, as a major destination for business travelers and vacationers alike, it hosts some of the most exciting and high-profile conventions and conferences in the world. When you plan to hold an event in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, keep that “California vibe” going by booking local talent to deliver your keynote address. 

Here are some of our favorite motivational speakers in Los Angeles County:

James Whittaker 

Financial planning expert and motivational speaker James Whittaker wants you to Win the Day®. Armed with experience in running a company with more than $2 billion under management, this Los Angeles resident has personally advised Olympic gold medalists, billion-dollar CEOs and Special Forces operators. In each case, he helps his clients develop bulletproof plans for success through his personal motivation techniques and acute financial savvy. Whittaker’s bestselling motivational books include The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth and Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite, which was released in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Whittaker’s engaging speaking style makes him unmatched as a top financial speaker in Los Angeles. Topics include “Win the Business: How to 10x Your Influence, Income and Impact” and “Win the Influence: How to Create, Manage and Leverage High-Level Relationships.” Check out Whittaker’s Win the Day® podcast on platforms including Youtube, Spotify and Apple for a glimpse of what this LA-based keynote speaker will provide for your event.

Christopher Chapman

Mindset expert and LA resident Christopher Chapman motivates audiences to embrace both their courage and curiosity on the road to success. In fact, his background includes 14 years at the Walt Disney Company as a designer, global creativity & innovation director, and innovation catalyst. Currently, he serves as the co-founder, president and head of design at Imaginology, a design studio for daring collaborations at the “frontier of impossible.”

Chapman’s motivational keynote addresses are valued across the globe for their positive and sometimes rebellious attitude. A master storyteller, his public speaking topics include:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Workplace Culture
  • Storytelling
  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership 

Tan Le

California-based keynote speaker Tan Le founded Emotiv in 2011 to “empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally” using electroencephalography (EEG) hardware and software. An award-winning inventor, Le is also a highly sought-after speaker for her work in the understanding of the human brain as we adapt to merge with developing technologies. A popular TED Talk speaker, Le has been noted as one of the “most influential women in technology” by Fast Company and has been recognized by National Geographic as a top innovator and entrepreneur.

While Le and her company’s advancements exist in the realms of science, she makes her presentations relatable to her audience. Terms such as “bioinformatics” not only make sense but also become personal through Le’s delivery. In this way, she details how individuals and their unique communities can thrive and survive as humans seek personal value and happiness in the digital age.

John Salley

Tarzana, California, resident John Salley has lived the California lifestyle in the healthiest, most exciting ways possible. This NBA veteran of multiple teams, including the LA Lakers, has offered his talents as a top television host and actor. But he has found his ultimate voice more recently as a motivational speaker and wellness advocate. A vegan chef, wellness master, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Salley has made it his life’s mission to advocate for better health.

Salley’s message of personal reinvention through healthy living, mindfulness and a vegan diet has motivated millions to become stronger, healthier and more focused. He is actively involved in advocating for organizations focused on boosting children’s nutrition and fighting against animal cruelty and diabetes.

Oya Thomas

Inspirational speaker Oya Thomas began her career at age 10 as a singer and actress and launched her own modeling and talent management agency while still in her teens. This combined business drive and understanding of performance has made her a rising star among inspirational speakers in Los Angeles and beyond.

Yet, Thomas remains down-to-earth as a women’s speaker, delivering addresses for women’s groups and churches as well as major brands and institutions such as PayPal, Showtime, the NAACP and others. In each keynote delivery, she offers her unique talent as a “soul-centered strategist.” Her book, The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose, carries a coveted 5-Star total review on Amazon.

Ashley Stahl

Ashley Stahl begins with a simple question: “What should you do with your life?” In this way, her career as a bestselling author, motivational keynote speaker and career coach is not so different from her career as a counterterrorism expert. She does the reconnaissance, learns the facts and then directs best actions from there.

A TEDx speaker, this Los Angeles-based author of You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career has supported clients in 31 countries. Every time, she assists both individuals and companies in building confidence and finding fulfillment while achieving their goals. Stahl has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other major outlets.

Booking a keynote speaker for your LA event

Booking an LA-based speaker for your keynote address helps keep that local color and excitement going throughout your event. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard other options. Professional speakers travel worldwide, of course. Plus, virtual deliveries have become standard practice, putting nearly any speaker at your fingertips.

As part of your research, be sure to check out The Success Speakers Bureau. Our huge collection of professional keynote speakers and executive coaches is easily searchable by the type of speaker you need including sales, health and fitness, marketing and much more. Or simply contact us with a note describing your event needs. We’ll put our 125 years of networking and relationship-building to work for you. Together, we’ll not only find the right speaker for you, but we’ll even handle all of the booking details. Booking the best motivational speaker for your Los Angeles event has never been easier!