Find the Best Sales Keynote Speaker for Your Event

What is a keynote speaker?

You may have heard singers, such as a barbershop quartet, play a single note before singing. That establishes the key for the next song. Similarly, a keynote speaker sets the tone for your conference, convention, seminar or other event. For that reason, they typically speak first following an introduction. A second keynote speaker may speak last, effectively bookending your event.

Guest speakers, on the other hand, more often go into deeper detail regarding the substance of your event. The top sales speakers on this list and offered for booking by the Success Speakers Bureau may serve either or both of these roles.

How does a motivational sales speaker benefit my event?

Perhaps more than any other team in your company, sales departments require two very different skill sets. First, they require the ability to remain motivated. Salespeople, such as real estate agents or industrial marketers, may experience prolonged “dry spells.” The best motivational sales speakers have been there. They are masters at both reinvigorating your team and providing them the tools they need to gain resilience in the face of obstacles.

Second, salespeople require skills that go beyond conventional training and product storytelling. Time-tested best practices in communication, influence and knowing when to listen and when to “close the deal” come into play. Keynote sales speakers have both the background experience as sales leaders themselves and the gift for conveying their talk compellingly while entertaining your guests.

Who are the top sales keynote speakers to book today?

The Success Speakers Bureau provides dozens of the world’s top sales, real estate, financial and motivational keynote speakers. Browse our extensive speakers list to find the best fit for you. To get started, here are some of our top keynote sales speakers today.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer provides some of the most riveting and in-demand sales keynote addresses of the 2020s. In fact, he has earned the titles of Certified Speaking professional from the National Speakers Association and was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. With a message of “Disrupt and Dominate,” he provides addresses that your teams can immediately turn into money.

Book now, or learn more about Gitomer.

Justin Owens

Atlanta-based sales speaking and training superstar Justin Owens brings the experience you need in a keynote address. In fact, Owens himself has generated more than $30 million dollars in sales. A thought leader, author and entrepreneur, Owens has become an in-demand keynote speaker by sharing the sales and exemplary leadership strategies that brought him to lead multimillion-dollar organizations. 

Book now, or learn more about Owens.

Mel Robbins

International bestselling author of The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins has earned her spot as one of the most booked keynote speakers in the world. Namely, she provides your audience with actionable, science-backed tools to achieve their sales goals. Plus, her engaging style has led to her hosting the No. 1 education podcast in the world, The Mel Robbins Podcast. A master motivational speaker, Robbins has worked with top brands such as Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase.

Book now, or learn more about Robbins.

Grant Cardone

Keynote speaker Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of 11 business books, including The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. He built that success on solid experience through his real estate investment firm, Cardone Capital, which has raised over $1 billion in total funds. With experience in both the real estate and automotive industries, Cardone knows sales like no other. His 10X Growth Conference has grown into the “world’s largest business training event for sales and marketing,” according to the website. A master speaker and sales educator, he also founded the Grant Cardone Foundation to assist underprivileged youth in gaining financial literacy.

Book now, or learn more about Cardone.

Simon T. Bailey

Former Disney Institute Sales Director Simon T. Bailey has used his more than 30 years of experience to assist more than 2,000 companies in achieving their goals. His award-winning speaking style engages audiences while challenging them to achieve their dreams through self-actualization and personal empowerment. In fact, he joined the ranks of Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Brené Brown in SUCCESS magazine as one of the top 25 people to help you change your life. When not delivering jaw-dropping keynote addresses, Bailey serves as a board member with the U.S. Dream Academy and the Orlando Health Foundation.

Book now, or learn more about Bailey.

Bob Burg

Keynote sales speaker and bestselling author Bob Burg stands as a leading authority on relationship marketing and gaining influence. His book, Endless Referrals, is considered a timeless sales classic. A member of the National Speakers Association and inductee into their Speaker Hall of Fame, Burg delivers his keynotes with a unique balance of force and wit. Clients include real estate and financial firms, direct sales organizations, franchises, national trade associations, insurance companies and more. In each case, he helps build an effective sales approach in an entertaining, impactful style for every client.

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How can I book my next sales keynote speaker?

You have a lot riding on your sales event. Beyond simplicity in booking, you need reliability, confidence and professionalism. You need a booking agency with a history in working with the best and most reliable business leaders.

For more than 125 years, SUCCESS has worked with and connected the top thought leaders, motivational planners and business leaders. Along with the keynote sales speakers listed above, we also work with Jim Cathcart, Terri Sjodin, Chris Widener and many, many others. Just drop us a note, and we’ll connect you with the best available, professional speaker for your event. And if you decide we have the right, nationally-recognized speaker for you, we’ll handle all the booking details.

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