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Terri Sjodin is the Principal and Founder of Sjodin Communications, a public speaking, sales training and consulting firm based in Newport Beach, CA. For over 20 years, she has specialized in helping people build and deliver more polished, persuasive, and effective presentations. She is the author of five books, including “Scrappy” and the New York Times Best Seller, “Small Message, Big Impact.”

Terri is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows throughout the country appearing on The Today Show, Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, and more. You will find that her approach is fresh, real-world, and her style is fun, sassy and practical. Get ready to take notes as her programs are loaded with street-worthy ideas, methods, and tips that you can use immediately to get results.

Terri Sjodin

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Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect
Dirty Dozen – Understanding the 12 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
The Scrappy Advantage… It’s About Choosing to Play Big!


“…Everyone loved your dynamic and instructive presentation. It set the stage and was referenced often throughout the rest of the day. You were definitely a highlight of the Retreat!” Mike James, President and CSO, National Financial Partners Corporation (NFP)
“We recently had the pleasure of working with Terri Sjodin for a 1 ½ day Boot Camp. The immediate feedback from the group was very positive. Much more so than I would have expected from a group of seasoned high producers… The program was specifically designed for accomplished people and we all came away realizing how much better we could be. There is no doubt that Sjodin Communications can be very beneficial…” Donald A Verleur, Chief Executive Officer, Olive Crest
“Terri’s enthusiasm and personal engagement were apparent from our first conversation and her Small Message, Big Impact is creative, motivating and necessary in today’s market. Her connection with the group kept them engaged from start to finish and we could not have asked for a more dynamic, energetic and quite frankly, fun way to close out our time together!” M. Michael Rooney, Senior Executive Vice President, AXA Advisors, LLC
“The importance of strong communication skills cannot be overstated in today’s business world. Terri shows us how to enhance our ability to reach even higher goals through more persuasive communication.” Steve Thompson, EVP of National Production, Primelending
“Terri has the ability to teach you how to use your own authentic voice when you deliver a speech or message. She challenges you to create your own path, continue to improve and grow, enjoy the ride by being creative and scrappy, above all enjoy the ride!” Randy Quirk, CEO Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
“…your ability to grab an audience’s attention is excellent. You are very skilled at your profession and as such, you scored the highest of all of our speakers on our evaluations. The content of your material is one that everyone can relate to, regardless of their job title, as we all do some degree of public speaking and sales and can benefit with improved communication skills.” Tom Bardenett, Chief Operating Officer Extended Stay Of America Hotels
“…you do an excellent job teaching and motivating the seminar participants. Your energy level is infectious but, most importantly, your honest concern for my employees’ success encourages them to work harder to try to meet your challenges.” Dean E. Rodewald, VP Matrix Financial Services
“Terri Sjodin delivers. While she came to us highly recommended, she definitely exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was the highlight of our event and comments heard from attendees included: Terri’s presentation was excellent. Not only did she give me some great ideas to help me be a better presenter, but I found it very entertaining as well. We would have Terri back again. Thanks for helping make our event a success.” Bernard Difiore, Chief Executive Officer, Benefitmall
“You are truly an outstanding professional…and thanks for energizing our audience. We value your unique presentation style. The time you take to customize your program to meet the needs of our group.” Lynda Svenson Green, Regional Development Officer, Smith Barney
“I am writing this letter to you now because I want to share with you the great success we have had incorporating key elements of your message and presentation into our sales trainings this past summer. We have been able to provide our sales team with a model to follow for moving their presentations from informative to persuasive. This has helped us to differentiate ourselves from the competition not only with our products and services, but also in the way we sell. Our sales team is now more eager, prepared, and successful in their efforts. Thank you for that. Your presentation in Phoenix was a catalyst that helped make that happen.” Jean Hoagland, Senior Vice President, Cendant Event Marketing
“They loved you and your message! Thank you for being part of our annual convention. Our dealers needed to hear that 99 percent of selling is dependent on your presentation.” Terry Lane, Director Of Training, Herff Jones Photography
“You won’t find a more captivating, enthusiastic, humorous, and street savvy speaker than Terri Sjodin.” Nancy Jewell, Publicity Director, Viking Sewing Machines, Inc.
“Fantastic! Your presentation to the members of the House Republican Conference got rave reviews. I know there were a lot of members and staff who really appreciated your help. As we head into a key election cycle, so many of the tips you offered will be crucial. Thank you again for your time and all your efforts.” Jessica Lawless, Assistant Director, Northwestern Mutual
“…right away, you encouraged us to realize we are “green and growing”, alleviating any notions that we should already have our messaging perfected. This allowed for a safe, collaborative, constructive environment with you and our peers where we could improve our messaging and delivery. With your guidance, we were able to develop our message moving away from being solely informative and instead creating a persuasive message with great nuggets of information delivered with passion and creativity… We thank you for your time with us and hope to work with you again. We would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.” Deborah Pryce, Chairman of House Republican Conference
“Terri Sjodin’s Small Message has made a Big Impact on our entire organization. Her message screams “sell don’t tell” and provides the reader an alternative road map with strong examples and access to forms from her website. Her approach is not manipulative, but provides a professional “persuasive build your case” approach that prospects and clients appreciate and respect. If nothing else, Chapter 4 and 5 will change your perspective on presentations and what you need to do NOW to change your approach. Trust me; it works! Our sales are up 150% over last year even in this sluggish economy.” Dustin Whisenhunt, Vp Of Sales Support, Eclipsys
“Whether you’re an executive presenting to a sales force or company shareholders, or an advisor presenting to prospects and clients, Terri Sjodin’s Small Message, Big Impact, will guide you every step of the way to build and deliver a brief and effective presentation. Her book will help you transform and clearly articulate your message so that you are confident with the content and your delivery… I find myself consistently referring back to this book whenever I am crafting a speech or talk… it’s a very practical resource for today’s busy professional.” Jerry D. Anderson, Executive MD, Sperry Van Ness Brokerage
“Over the last 20 years I have had many opportunities to observe sales trainers, motivational speakers, and various business communication “experts”…and I must say, you rank up there with the very best I’ve ever seen. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your energy is invigorating. Moreover, your experience, confidence and credibility shine through…you don’t just talk about selling, you actually do it! I experienced it first hand when you sold me…and that’s not such an easy thing to do. You do more than simply inform – you persuade!” Jennifer A. Borislow, President of Borislow Insurance