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Tips for Moderating a Business Panel: Questions to Ask
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Tips for Moderating a Business Panel: Questions to Ask

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to moderate a business panel. You’re thrilled with the trust given, as well as the opportunity to learn from the best in business. But your excitement brings uncertainty, too. After all, the responsibility of managing a public dialogue can be an intimidating prospect. Don’t worry—the most important thing you can do as a panel moderator is to be prepared with thought-provoking questions that bring out the best in your guest speakers.

Below, we’ve assembled questions for moderators to ask panelists at conferences, conventions, virtual training sessions or other events. These include questions for:

  • Business success and entrepreneurship panels
  • Sales training panels
  • Leadership panels
  • Corporate culture and productivity panels
  • Marketing and communications panels

Moderators: how to prepare your questions

Before diving into our questions for moderators, consider what makes a good question. Our lists are meant as a starting point, but keep the following best practices in mind:

  1. Research your guests carefully. Know the backgrounds and expertise areas of your panelists well enough to ask poignant questions.
  2. Customize your questions based on your research. Rather than ask, “What was your greatest challenge starting your business?” refer to the actual business (book, event or other topic) by name.
  3. Start with basics as necessary. Depending on the depth of guest introductions, you may want to dig more. Questions such as “How did you get your start?” or “What first inspired your new product line?” are assumed and not included in the lists below.
  4. Follow the rule of two or three. Asking “What is the most important rule in business?” will lead to broad or even cliched replies, and asking for long lists will leave your guests struggling or even annoyed. Ask for two or three items, and follow up!

Questions to ask when moderating a business panel

Business success and entrepreneurship panels

  1. How has technology changed the landscape of entrepreneurship, and how can entrepreneurs best leverage this technology for success?
  2. What has changed most in the business landscape in the past few years? What has stayed mostly the same?
  3. What was the greatest unexpected challenge you faced in starting [company name]? How should future entrepreneurs best prepare to face this challenge?
  4. How have the best methods for raising capital changed in the past decade? What has remained much the same?
  5. Innovative and disruptive industries or products often have no existing demand. How do you mitigate risk in your innovation when there is a lack of market data?
  6. How have technological advances in the past three years impacted [your company] at operational or logistical levels?
  7. What strategies have you used in recent years to overcome materials [or talent] shortages?
  8. What are the two or three most useful lessons you have learned to maintain an advantage over your competition?

Sales training panels

  1. How do your sales teams’ motivational strategies differ between peak times and slow times? [Good for seasonal businesses.]
  2. What is the greatest obstacle you or your sales team face in nurturing a potential client from a prospect to a sale? What effective strategies do you use to overcome resistance barriers?
  3. What have you found to be the most and least effective digital tools in developing strong leads?
  4. Sales teams can have high burnout rates. How do you assist individual sales team members in overcoming self-limiting mindsets?
  5. What are the most effective methods you use to retain your top sales staff?
  6. What tools and strategies have you found to be most effective in identifying a potential client?
  7. What are the current strengths of your sales team, and what do you want to improve in the coming year?
  8. When it comes to increasing sales figures, do you lean more heavily on competition or cooperation among your team? And what training or incentive strategies have worked best to keep that balance?

Leadership panels

  1. What qualities do you look for prior to advancing an employee to a leadership position, and what steps do you take to test and prepare them?
  2. Describe your leadership style and practices and how they have benefited [your company]. What areas do you still want to improve?
  3. What two or three characteristics or values have you found that make the most effective leaders? How do those values benefit the organization?
  4. What strategies or processes have you found effective in balancing creativity and innovation among your team members while also maintaining time-tested procedures?
  5. Tell us about the challenges faced by introverts in obtaining and excelling in leadership roles. How do you help a talented introvert improve their networking skills?
  6. What do you like most about being in a leadership role? And what have you found the most challenging?
  7. Did leadership come naturally to you, or was it a struggle? What lessons did you learn along the way to become a better leader?
  8. How do you measure success, both in yourself and among your team members?

Corporate culture and productivity panels

  1. What do you see as the main benefits of a corporate wellness program? What has worked best in your company?
  2. Once a positive corporate culture is established, it needs maintenance. What are the top two or three methods you use to make sure your corporate culture sticks?
  3. How do you measure the costs and benefits of employee health and wellness programs, both short- and long-term?
  4. What methods or strategies do you use to ensure a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion?
  5. What are the signals you watch for that an employee has either disengaged or may be seeking another position? How do you re-engage and motivate them?
  6. What practices have worked best for your company to maintain a collaborative team environment even among remote workers?
  7. What strategies do you use to ensure that employees maintain optimal mental health? Also, how do you promote physical health without stepping over personal lines?
  8. What are the most important steps a company leader [human resources or other] can take to ensure that employees feel appreciated and remain productive?

Marketing and communications panels

  1. What are the top three marketing channels you use today, and how do they compare in terms of prospect volume and quality?
  2. What strategies do you use to keep you and your team up-to-date on marketing trends and technology?
  3. When do you start planning for a branding refresh? What are the early signals that it’s time to take the marketing of a product line in a new direction?
  4. What strategies and tools do you use to increase client engagement and retention? How do they compare in terms of cost and benefit?
  5. Tell us about a marketing campaign or initiative that did not work well for you. Did you make adjustments or scrap the campaign entirely?
  6. What are the differences you see between advertising, marketing, public relations and communications? Where do they overlap?
  7. What are the biggest changes you have seen in the digital marketing landscape in the past year or two? How have they impacted your overall outreach strategy?
  8. What are two or three of the greatest lessons you didn’t expect to learn in your time as a marketing director with [company]?

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Either way, start from a name you trust. The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest trendsetters, business movers and motivational speakers of today. And if you’re really hungry to learn more, follow us for interviews, news and other updates from top talent on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Why Hire an Educational Speaker for Your Corporate Event?
Business Speakers, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Sales

Why Hire an Educational Speaker for Your Corporate Event?

Top educational speakers provide an opportunity for your audience to learn and grow from leading experts in their respective fields. Educational guest and keynote speakers may speak in person or virtually for events, ranging from large conferences to informal webinars. In doing so, they improve your employees’ knowledge and skills in areas such as finance, personal development, marketing and branding, sales, corporate culture and more.

Educational speakers also bring added excitement and diversity to your corporate event. They come from a variety of backgrounds with inspiring stories and fresh, actionable ideas. Their ranks include top motivational authors and experts, personal development coaches and experts in every field related to business and personal growth. And with the right booking agency, learning how to hire the right public speaker is now easier than ever.

With that in mind, let’s look at some specific areas where your conference, convention, customer engagement webinar or other event will benefit from an educational speaker. We’ll also share some top speakers to check out so you can get started on your most memorable and informative institutional gathering ever.

Financial education

Greater financial literacy improves the security of your employees and associates. Booking a top financial education guest speaker provides valuable insights, budgeting strategies and actionable information for your staff. They will learn methods to spend and invest more wisely, working their way to a debt-free life.

Improving the financial wellness of your staff also provides cost-saving benefits for your company. Without debt and other financial worries, employees focus better at work and increase their individual and team productivity. Promoting financial security among your staff may also reduce employee turnover and improve mental well-being, providing long-term benefits all around.

Top financial education keynote speakers to book

  1. Anthony O’Neal is more than the bestselling author of Debt Free Degree. He serves as a leading voice in personal finance. We featured O’Neal in our Speaker Spotlight series for his gift in making every presentation real, relatable and actionable. In fact, his virtual and in-person keynote addresses have helped more than 250,000 people achieve financial freedom.
    Learn more and check booking availability for O’Neal.
  2. Business mentor and keynote speaker Sharon Lechter has advised two U.S. presidents in financial literacy. Recognized globally for her financial expertise, she is also the five-time New York Times bestselling author of such books as Think and Grow Rich for Women. Lechter has delivered addresses for Harvard University, World Financial Group, American Express and many other major institutions.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Lechter.

Sales training

Even with the most innovative products on the market, sales teams can miss the mark. Leaders rightly focus on product training and incentives as tools to improve numbers, but in that process, they might miss more global sales strategies and team development.

Top educational sales speakers provide a collective pause to the daily pursuit. As outside voices, they offer fresh perspectives and motivation to bring your team up to peak performance. They also provide insider knowledge in necessary sales skills such as lead generation, customer service, closing deals and building relationships. Educational sales speakers also build team confidence and morale to further boost your sales.

Top sales training keynote speakers to book

  1. Many corporate insiders consider real estate mogul and celebrity speaker Grant Cardone to be a top sales trainer. He owns and operates multiple privately held companies, including Cardone Capital. Known for his mastery in crowdfunding, his social media influence spans the globe. As the bestselling author of 11 business books, he brings unmatched wisdom and excitement to any sales training event.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Cardone.
  2. Sjodin Communications founder Terri Sjodin provides street-savvy keynote presentations that bring your sales force to top performance. Her addresses are always polished and persuasive, making her a favorite guest of Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC and other media outlets. Her bestselling book Small Message, Big Impact has earned her recognition as a lasting influence among today’s top sales educators.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Sjodin.

Corporate culture and productivity

Some of the most innovative and successful leaders struggle just as their company gets legs and grows. This fact may seem counterintuitive, but transformational growth often leads to changes in corporate culture and workflow. 

Corporate culture experts assist your entire organization in navigating both the ebbs and flows. Internally, these professional speakers assist you with best methods proven to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, creativity and more. Stakeholders also benefit through enhanced public reputation that helps you attract top talent in your industry.

Top educators in corporate culture and productivity to book

  1. Kevin Karschnik knows that the best-performing corporate cultures rely on effective leadership communications. Through dynamic and engaging keynote addresses, he assists top companies such as Dell, Emerson and Venterra to navigate today’s complex and rapidly evolving business environments. In fact, he has assisted more than 100 companies in 14 countries with building better-performing cultures through topics such as “Positivity Under Pressure” and “Agile Leadership.”
    Learn more and check booking availability for Karschnik.
  2. Corporate culture expert Dan Heath knows the benefits of corporate education at an unmatched level. He is a senior fellow at Duke University’s Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship and founder of the innovative education company, Thinkwell. Named by Fast Company as one of the 1,000 “Most Creative People In Business,” Heath delivers keynote addresses and guest talks that guide your company through change, improve decision-making and solve problems before they happen.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Heath.

Marketing, branding and influence

In marketing and public relations, it’s easy to get embroiled in the logistics of ad buys, digitization and audience reach. These items are critical, but not at the cost of losing sight of your main overarching goal: gaining influence among clients, prospects and community and institutional stakeholders.

By booking the best educational speakers in corporate branding, you don’t lose the creative talent you’ve built. Instead, you gain a broader, strategic perspective from an expert in the field, plus a more robust brand identity, better strategic campaigns and the best digital tools to gain a competitive edge shift and refocus to a broader picture. That is, to better influence the decisions of everyone you reach.

Top marketing and branding educators to book

  1. Courtney Keating has served as chief marketing officer for two major brands, including her current position at eXp Realty, the fastest growing residential real estate brokerage firm in the world. In each role, Keating leads in reenvisioning marketing strategies at a global level. She also led transformative strategies for CoreLogic, General Electric and Roostify. As a keynote speaker and digital-first marketing educator, she brings unmatched experience, expertise and energy to your company event.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Keating.
  2. Failure to take decisive action holds back individuals and companies. Branding strategist and educator Michelle Poler lives by the phrase, “Fear less, do more.” By challenging her audiences to seek growth over safety, Poler has inspired audiences from across the globe to reach maximum influence. This TEDx speaker has assisted top companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, NBC Universal and others to improve their brand recognition and global influence.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Poler.

Book your next educational keynote speaker

After more than a century as a leader in professional growth, SUCCESS now brings top keynote and educational talent directly to your stage. Browse our extensive list of celebrity, motivational, TEDx and bestselling keynote speakers by category.

Or simply contact SUCCESS Speakers Bureau with your speaker preferences and event needs. Not only will we find the best educational speaker or professional coach, but we will also save you time and money by handling all of the important booking details!

Find the Best Sales Keynote Speaker for Your Event
Business Speakers, Keynote, Sales

Find the Best Sales Keynote Speaker for Your Event

What is a keynote speaker?

You may have heard singers, such as a barbershop quartet, play a single note before singing. That establishes the key for the next song. Similarly, a keynote speaker sets the tone for your conference, convention, seminar or other event. For that reason, they typically speak first following an introduction. A second keynote speaker may speak last, effectively bookending your event.

Guest speakers, on the other hand, more often go into deeper detail regarding the substance of your event. The top sales speakers on this list and offered for booking by the Success Speakers Bureau may serve either or both of these roles.

How does a motivational sales speaker benefit my event?

Perhaps more than any other team in your company, sales departments require two very different skill sets. First, they require the ability to remain motivated. Salespeople, such as real estate agents or industrial marketers, may experience prolonged “dry spells.” The best motivational sales speakers have been there. They are masters at both reinvigorating your team and providing them the tools they need to gain resilience in the face of obstacles.

Second, salespeople require skills that go beyond conventional training and product storytelling. Time-tested best practices in communication, influence and knowing when to listen and when to “close the deal” come into play. Keynote sales speakers have both the background experience as sales leaders themselves and the gift for conveying their talk compellingly while entertaining your guests.

Who are the top sales keynote speakers to book today?

The Success Speakers Bureau provides dozens of the world’s top sales, real estate, financial and motivational keynote speakers. Browse our extensive speakers list to find the best fit for you. To get started, here are some of our top keynote sales speakers today.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer provides some of the most riveting and in-demand sales keynote addresses of the 2020s. In fact, he has earned the titles of Certified Speaking professional from the National Speakers Association and was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. With a message of “Disrupt and Dominate,” he provides addresses that your teams can immediately turn into money.

Book now, or learn more about Gitomer.

Justin Owens

Atlanta-based sales speaking and training superstar Justin Owens brings the experience you need in a keynote address. In fact, Owens himself has generated more than $30 million dollars in sales. A thought leader, author and entrepreneur, Owens has become an in-demand keynote speaker by sharing the sales and exemplary leadership strategies that brought him to lead multimillion-dollar organizations. 

Book now, or learn more about Owens.

Mel Robbins

International bestselling author of The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins has earned her spot as one of the most booked keynote speakers in the world. Namely, she provides your audience with actionable, science-backed tools to achieve their sales goals. Plus, her engaging style has led to her hosting the No. 1 education podcast in the world, The Mel Robbins Podcast. A master motivational speaker, Robbins has worked with top brands such as Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase.

Book now, or learn more about Robbins.

Grant Cardone

Keynote speaker Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of 11 business books, including The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. He built that success on solid experience through his real estate investment firm, Cardone Capital, which has raised over $1 billion in total funds. With experience in both the real estate and automotive industries, Cardone knows sales like no other. His 10X Growth Conference has grown into the “world’s largest business training event for sales and marketing,” according to the website. A master speaker and sales educator, he also founded the Grant Cardone Foundation to assist underprivileged youth in gaining financial literacy.

Book now, or learn more about Cardone.

Simon T. Bailey

Former Disney Institute Sales Director Simon T. Bailey has used his more than 30 years of experience to assist more than 2,000 companies in achieving their goals. His award-winning speaking style engages audiences while challenging them to achieve their dreams through self-actualization and personal empowerment. In fact, he joined the ranks of Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Brené Brown in SUCCESS magazine as one of the top 25 people to help you change your life. When not delivering jaw-dropping keynote addresses, Bailey serves as a board member with the U.S. Dream Academy and the Orlando Health Foundation.

Book now, or learn more about Bailey.

Bob Burg

Keynote sales speaker and bestselling author Bob Burg stands as a leading authority on relationship marketing and gaining influence. His book, Endless Referrals, is considered a timeless sales classic. A member of the National Speakers Association and inductee into their Speaker Hall of Fame, Burg delivers his keynotes with a unique balance of force and wit. Clients include real estate and financial firms, direct sales organizations, franchises, national trade associations, insurance companies and more. In each case, he helps build an effective sales approach in an entertaining, impactful style for every client.

Book now, or learn more about Burg.

How can I book my next sales keynote speaker?

You have a lot riding on your sales event. Beyond simplicity in booking, you need reliability, confidence and professionalism. You need a booking agency with a history in working with the best and most reliable business leaders.

For more than 125 years, SUCCESS has worked with and connected the top thought leaders, motivational planners and business leaders. Along with the keynote sales speakers listed above, we also work with Jim Cathcart, Terri Sjodin, Chris Widener and many, many others. Just drop us a note, and we’ll connect you with the best available, professional speaker for your event. And if you decide we have the right, nationally-recognized speaker for you, we’ll handle all the booking details.

Ready to get motivated to meet and exceed your sales goals? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for the latest news, interviews and inspirations!

Speaker Spotlight: Erin King Delivers “Yes” with Digital Persuasion
Business Speakers, Keynote, Sales

Speaker Spotlight: Erin King Delivers “Yes” with Digital Persuasion

What word do you most want to hear from customers, prospects, colleagues or even your boss? In each case, the word is “yes.” That single syllable affirms that you got the sale, the appointment, the cooperation or even the raise. Yes = Success.

But getting to “yes” requires more than a compelling communication style that holds people’s attention and drives outcomes. To successfully influence others to the point of action, you need a combination of clarity, brevity and purpose. Most people find this mix a challenge both personally and professionally. That’s where sales expert and master of digital persuasion Erin King comes in.

Booking King as your next event speaker or virtual trainer means that you get more than a sales and digital communications expert. You get someone whose dynamic presence and actionable message transforms audiences. In fact, Plexus Worldwide lauded her by stating, “Erin’s session had the highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit.”

So who is King? And why might she be the best keynote speaker to book for your next event?

King’s mastery of digital sales

As a world-renowned professional speaker, sales trainer and author, King helps audiences learn the “gift of gab” through the science of digital persuasion.

King’s background includes her former position as CEO and founder of the marketing firm Socialite Agency and current position as the chief digital officer of Strikepoint Media. She also authored the Amazon bestsellers You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity and Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, in which she details her “PUB method” of digital sales and communications. King knows that in the online world, you have less than three seconds before someone forms an opinion about you and your message. Not only does she tell you how to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, but her methods teach you to grab and hold the attention of prospects and clients alike.

King’s talents, however, reach far beyond a monitor and keyboard. As a top keynote speaker and trainer, she draws upon her very public—and very physical—background competing in World Irish Dancing Championships and playing NCAA Division One lacrosse. Kristen Montgomery, vice president of Global Events at Younique Products, raves, “I’ve hired Erin for multiple conventions over the years and she kills it every single time.” As an event or marketing director, you can be assured that King’s delivery and professionalism will come through with every workshop, virtual training session or keynote address.

Topics covered in King’s keynote addresses

King’s expertise in digital sales and online engagement transforms audiences through classic humor one moment and deeply motivational anecdotes the next. Her addresses are customized too, fitting your company’s branding needs and desired outcomes.

Her presentations assist your audience in developing several key mindset components adaptable to any rank and position. These include:

  • Audacity: facing the world with a certainty of who you have been, who you are, and who you are destined to become
  • Courage: building the resilience required to overcome defeats and challenges while remaining resolute in your goals
  • Leadership: developing concrete goals and the steps needed to achieve them through proactive and informed decision-making

The result? “Our global sales force began using the PUB method for immediate, measurable results,” says George Pla, an executive director for Merck Pharmaceuticals. “Erin’s like a modern Dale Carnegie.”

King’s media appearances and notable clients

Widespread media appearances—including NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, CNN and ESPN—as well as King’s own On Your Terms podcast with SUCCESS, make her both exciting and familiar to audiences, and speak to her professionalism under pressure. 

Likewise, major national and international brands have benefited from King’s live keynote addresses, virtual training sessions and workshops. Some of these major clients include Adobe, Disney, the Oscars, the U.S. Navy and Zyia Active, alongside many more.

Booking King as your next keynote speaker

Are you ready to learn exactly how to communicate in the digital marketplace? If so, there has never been a better time to book King. From world-renowned and customized live keynote addresses to virtual training and full-day workshops, King will assist you and your team in achieving the sales and digital reach you need to compete.

Hear more “yes” in your life from your prospects and clients, both online and off. Simply contact the Success Speakers Bureau with a short note about your keynote speaking or leadership training needs. We’ll put our 125 years of experience to work helping ensure your event is the success you need it to be!

Or, browse our full list of live and virtual speakers. From motivational and productivity speakers to top hosts and emcees, we provide the best business speakers for your convention, conference or other event.

Business Speakers, Sales

10 Best Sales Speakers to Inspire Your Teams and Increase Revenue

Whether hiring a sales speaker for an in-person or virtual keynote address, you and your organization deserve the best. You want someone with entrepreneurial experience and proven business savvy. But you must also demand someone who captivates, motivates and entertains your sales and marketing teams. Plus, unforgettable takeaways are a must! With these requirements in mind, we present the Success Speakers Bureau’s top picks for the best sales speakers in 2022 and beyond.

Justin Owens

Business speaker, author and entrepreneur Justin Owens has generated more than $30 million in sales over the course of his career. As founder and CEO of New Age CEOS International Inc. and Run the Play Inc., he knows how to build multimillion-dollar organizations from the ground up. His motivational presentations inspire people to build meaningful relationships that help them create powerful teams and company brands. Considered a business visionary, his book Run The Play Playbook: Leadership 101 and keynote addresses provide powerful strategies to enhance relationships and increase sales.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales and customer loyalty expert Jeffrey Gitomer brings more than 40 years of successful experience to every podcast, online course and keynote address he delivers. Known as “The King of Sales,” he brings attention-grabbing insight and humor to every presentation. These skills have earned him the designation of Certified Speaking Professional and induction into the Speaker Hall of Fame. Gitomer has worked with major brands including Apple, USAA, Comcast and many others, garnering him a vast social media presence and more than 3 million podcast downloads.

Erin King

As an author, branding expert and business speaker, Erin King knows the value of personal persuasion in sales and entrepreneurship. She has assisted companies such as ABC, Disney, Merck, SUCCESS magazine and Forbes in building their strongest possible digital brands. Her best-selling book, Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, provides valuable insights and practical lessons in using digital platforms more persuasively and to their fullest benefit. As a speaker, King brings these same skills of persuasion to every sales and marketing address, motivating your sales staff with her enthusiasm, accessible lessons and sharp wit.

Chris Widener

Chris Widener is one of the world’s best-known business speakers and motivational coaches. After founding the publishing company American Community Business Network in the 1990s, he transformed it into Made for Success and began selling personal development programs to major retailers including Costco, Sam’s Club, Target and others. As a speaker, he brings these same sales insights to every presentation. His addresses provide the humor and wisdom you’d expect from one of the world’s most in-demand speakers.

Ricky Mendez

Can you create an amazing corporate culture while also increasing revenue? Business speaker and corporate culture expert Ricky Mendez knows you can! His easy to understand and simple to implement strategies have assisted corporations such as ARS, Costco and Home Depot. As a coach and motivational speaker, he teaches audiences how to build a dynamic and prosperous company culture, create strategies for action and develop effective sales skills through a system he calls “Mindset Fitness.”

Grant Cardone

Business expert and celebrity speaker Grant Cardone is one of the world’s top sales trainers. In fact, his sales education platforms have assisted more than 350,000 individuals and Forbes 100 clients. Popularly known as the creator of the 10X Rule, he teaches and inspires people to increase their income, business and life success tenfold. Cardone built a $5 billion portfolio of multifamily properties from scratch, becoming a top real estate mogul and earning him the No. 1 spot on Forbes Marketers to Watch list.

Terri Sjodin

Author of the New York Times best-seller Small Message, Big Impact, Terri Sjodin brings particular expertise when it comes to increasing sales. She founded Sjodin Communications with a vision of assisting others in the art and science of both public speaking and sales training. With more than 20 years of experience as a coach and speaker, she offers personal stories of lessons learned and valuable sales performance insights to every keynote presentation. She is a popular guest on television and radio shows including The Today Show, CNN and CNBC, making her one of the most recognized and desired sales speakers available.

Daymond John

Shark Tank celebrity business and sales speaker Daymond John knows every aspect of entrepreneurship. Having begun his career by setting up shop in his mother’s basement, he has gone on to build an empire that includes global lifestyle brand FUBU, the five best-selling books he has authored and, of course, fame as host of Shark Tank and founder of the marketing firm Shark Group. His more than 35 awards include Brand Week Marketer of the Year, Advertising Age Marketing 1000 Award for Outstanding Ad Campaign and Ernst & Young’s New York Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Simon T. Bailey

Ready to unlock your own potential and that of your associates and staff? Simon T. Bailey can help. His inspirational message begins with the belief that you are brilliant, and that you are designed to share that brilliance. It’s more than a slogan—Bailey himself has worked with more than 2000 companies across the world. His skills have even earned him a position as Sales Director with the highly-respected Disney Institute. As a speaker, author, television host and entrepreneur, Bailey delivers entertaining, practical lessons that begin with overcoming limiting mindsets to unlock your fullest potential.

Dr. Daren Martin

Sales and relationship-building have a lot to do with understanding thought processes and needs. Armed with a PhD in psychology, Culture Architect Daren Martin provides forward-thinking strategies that transform both teams and entire companies. Transformative companies such as Concentric, VeriSign, Office Dynamics and many others have trusted his consultation services. Martin also serves as CEO of Global Company Culture Association, a company he founded.