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London Lazeron has become an online sensation, going viral since 2015. London started his own company at age 21 to revolutionize the way we listen to music. He’s directed, produced, and edited thousands of videos, most of which are pretty funny.

He went on to destroy the TikTok game, gaining over 3 million followers in just 12 months using specific strategies that he now teaches in his “Viral Blueprint” TikTok course. He believes in impact over income, people over profits. A career highlight was doing a Tesla commercial for Kimbal Musk auctioning off a Tesla Model Y for the charity Big Green. London loves his Tesla, his wife, and his family (in that order), and his ultimate career goal is to entertain millions while having a positive impact on the world.


London Lazerson

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Social Media
Creating loyal fan base on Social Media
Powerful Posting Strategies
Creating Viral Content
Create an Income Machine


“This masterclass series completely blew me away 🔥 Came into the course pretty skeptical, but over the course of 6 episodes, I went from knowing very little about TikTok to having a crystal clear roadmap for massive TikTok growth. The production value of this course is INSANE. 🤯 Full disclosure: I received early access to the course when it was in beta. This testimonial is 100% my own.” @thecliffedge on Instagram