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Speaker Spotlight: Naveen Jain Turns Tomorrow’s Dreams Into Today’s Reality
Business Speakers, Innovation, Keynote

Speaker Spotlight: Naveen Jain Turns Tomorrow’s Dreams Into Today’s Reality

Visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and keynote speaker Naveen Jain has spent his life turning dreams into reality. Raised in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India, he looked up to people such as Bill Gates who created their own spaces in technology. Early on, he cut his teeth with several Silicon Valley startups before joining Microsoft in 1989. He earned three patents with Windows 95 development teams and helped develop Microsoft Networks.

He pressed on with his passion to improve the human experience through disruptive ideas and technology. Coupled with an unabashed approach to business, his greater vision led to game-changing expressions of the human spirit that shook the industry. He founded Viome, Moon Express, the World Innovation Institute, TalentWise, Intelius and others.

“Dream so big that people think you’re crazy,” Jain advises. Fortified by this motivational spirit, he has become an in-demand inspirational keynote speaker. Jain’s ability to think big and execute thoroughly has led to honors such as “Most Creative Person” by Fast Company, “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young and one of Red Herring’s “Top 20 Entrepreneurs,” among other prestigious recognitions.

But Jain’s commitment to bettering the way humanity lives doesn’t end with entrepreneurship. Through the Naveen & Anu Jain Family Foundation, he and his wife, Anu, aim to improve health, opportunity and educational access for women and girls, as well as improving access to healthcare, education and entrepreneurship opportunities for all. He also serves on the boards of the Xprize Foundation and Singularity University. Many might wonder, what could Jain possibly do next?

Jain confronts today’s greatest challenges with Moonshots.

Jain’s book, Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance, provides an aspirational look into his mind as a leading entrepreneur and thought leader. With a foreword by Sir Richard Branson, Jain challenges readers to “learn how curiosity, imagination and exponential innovation are creating life without limits.”

But Moonshots goes beyond the printed page. More than a book, it is a roadmap to discover individual potential and begin your very own “moonshot,” created by Jain himself to dream big, win big and create abundance from scarcity to improve all of humankind. The real-world manifestation of these ideas arrive in two key ventures: Viome and Moon Express.


Imagine making illness a thing of the past. What if we could precisely and truly address root causes of illness rather than mitigating symptoms? Lauded by publications including Elle, Forbes and Well + Good, Viome seeks to empower its clients by doing just that.

Viome health and wellness care begins with a simple, self-administered test of your microbiome analyzed by a CLIA-certified lab. An AI-driven platform provides the food and supplement recommendations matched precisely to your unique biological makeup for the prevention—and even reversal—of chronic disease and the furtherance of personal wellness.

Moon Express

Earth-bound humanity faces many challenges, including a scarcity of resources. Jain stands among the most ambitious entrepreneurs willing to reach the sky…and beyond.

With Moon Express, Jain seeks to redefine what we consider possible and build a truly multiplanetary society. With the assistance of their partners, Moon Express seeks to “redefine possible by returning to the Moon and unlocking its mysteries and resources for the benefit of humanity,” according to the website. 

As a keynote speaker, Jain motivates your talent to see beyond limits.

Yet, fixed mindsetsrather than growth mindsets—among staff, leaders and even investors and stakeholders can deter the progress you need to remain at the cutting edge. Today’s best motivational speakers provide the excitement, inspiration and tools your leaders need to challenge the impossible, think the unthinkable and disrupt your industry with bold, new thinking.

When you book Jain for your event, you don’t receive an obtuse technologist who talks over people’s heads. You get a foremost creative dreamer with a record of success. He excels at making the complex accessible. More than that, he inspires his audiences to embrace change, think beyond the next quarter and pursue big ideas with both boldness and curiosity.

With a message of “Stay focused on the mission,” Jain has spoken for TedX, SXSW, the Global Health Summit and soon for the 2023 Biohacking Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Check booking availability Jain

Easily find booking availability for Jain with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. We provide the confidence you need for all talent booking. With a century and a quarter of experience in connecting the world’s foremost thought leaders, the SUCCESS brand provides the professionalism, ease and clarity you need when booking top talent for your event.

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12 Top Trending Speaking Topics for 2023
Business Speakers, Keynote

12 Top Trending Speaking Topics for 2023

Booking a keynote speaker knowledgeable in trending topics provides valuable insights and perspectives on the most important issues facing your industry. Professional guest and keynote speakers deliver engaging presentations on a range of topics, from emerging technologies and environmental sustainability to workplace diversity and mental health.

By booking a speaker with knowledge of current trends, companies inspire and motivate their employees while driving innovation to stay ahead of the competition. Here are our top 12 speaking topics for 2023.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Companies face mounting pressures in 2023 from consumers, investors and other stakeholders to embrace environmental sustainability. But transitioning to a business model of environmental, social and governance (ESG) can prove challenging without adequate buy-in. Not all staff may be aware that ESG opens investor opportunities and elevates brand affinity. A professional speaker with expertise in the issue can educate your teams while motivating them to assist in your efforts.

Creativity and innovation

Corporations must continually adapt to a rapidly changing world. Innovation allows businesses to gain an edge in existing markets and to create new ones with a Blue Ocean Strategy. Creativity thought leaders such as Christopher Chapman and Michael Gelb bring expertise and science to the realm of creative thought. Such public speakers and executive consultants help you unlock your company’s single greatest asset: the creativity of your leadership and teams.

Enhanced customer experience

We usually think of customer service as the person we visit or call to change an order or register a problem. Increasingly, companies seek to enhance the broader customer experience. That is, what the client or potential client experiences at every point of contact with the company. A positive customer experience builds loyalty, and speakers such as Jeffrey Gitomer provide the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Employee engagement and retention

Even with a potential recession looming, finding and keeping employees has proven challenging. Retention usually provides the best cost-benefit, making engagement and retention a trending keynote topic in 2023. Employee engagement experts such as Daren Martin have thrived along with fellow thought-leader Cy Wakeman, a specialist in corporate culture who helps you remove drama from the workplace.

Employee health and well-being

Part of employee retention includes keeping your workplace healthy and happy. Building greater well-being doesn’t mean they’ll live stress-free lives. Rather, it means assisting them in understanding the tools needed to build resilience and remain productive. This year, corporations continue to follow the trend in promoting greater well-being for their employees. Resilience expert Anne Grady and health experts like Shawn Stevenson assist companies in building better mindsets to stay on top.

Personal finance

Financial literacy is a considerable asset for employee well-being. Lack of financial responsibility and understanding among associates directly impacts the company bottom line. Employees and leadership facing financial problems may become distracted, seek new or secondary employment and have poor work attendance. Often, basic financial wellness programs can pull your executive staff or team members back from the edge so that they regain focus, clarity and creative productivity at work. Top financial speakers such as Sharon Lechter and Anthony O’Neal continue to trend in 2023 for their ability to engage audiences with sound financial practices.

Entrepreneurship and startups

Data collected by the U.S. Small Business Administration shows that there were 33.2 million small businesses in the United States in 2022. Top business coaches and speakers like Billy Goldberg specialize in helping entrepreneurs and creative talent use heart-centered leadership for a long-lasting impact. For established companies, they also assist in guiding your teams to take a more entrepreneurial approach of personal responsibility and better relationship-building.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Many top brands are taking the lead in raising awareness of and combating systemic bias externally while promoting a more inclusive work culture internally. A trending topic for 2023, companies have many reasons to book a diversity, equity and inclusion speaker. These influencers provide education, promote a more positive work culture and even promote innovation through inclusivity. Celebrity keynote speakers such as Mally Roncal provide lasting benefits in a fun, engaging way to help your company thrive today and in the future.

The future of work: AI integration

Artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT, Palantir’s Foundry and other platforms assist with everything from improving supply chains to writing and graphic design. But these technologies also raise concerns. A 2022 Pew Research Center study found that, of respondents who are “more concerned than excited” about an increase in the use of AI, 19% worry about the “loss of human jobs.” Keynote tech speakers help your teams better understand the role of AI as a partner while providing insights to best leverage this digital transformation.

Emotional intelligence and self-awareness

While emotional intelligence (EQ) has been recognized as important for decades, AI technologies may have, in part, moved the ball further down the field in its favor. After all, machines can crunch numbers and provide optimal decisions. But only self-aware humans can motivate, inspire, build teams and understand the broader impact and ethics of decisions made. The shift toward EQ is fully embraced by speakers such as top self-awareness coach, organizational psychologist and author Tasha Eurich.

Leadership in the new normal

For many, we’ve moved to the post-pandemic age. But COVID-19 didn’t disappear. We’ve simply adapted to its existence. Many of the changes we made in the crisis such as remote or hybrid work schedule adoption have become the new normal. Still, challenges remain for many employees and their leadership. Business and training speakers such as Jairek Robbins deliver virtual keynote addresses to keep your teams working cohesively regardless of their respective locations. 

Change management

One commonality among trending speaking topics for 2023 has been “change.” And while change has occurred throughout history, it seems that it’s coming faster than ever. Top keynote and business speakers specializing in change management can help guide you through turbulent waters with clarity and assurance. Dan Thurmon and others provide valuable insights into how to manage change effectively to maximize outcomes while minimizing disruption.

Keynote Speaker Carey Lohrenz Takes Leadership to New Heights
Business Speakers, Keynote, Personal Development, Professional Development

Keynote Speaker Carey Lohrenz Takes Leadership to New Heights

Audiences know Carey Lohrenz for her excellence in leadership, team-building and personal development. As a keynote speaker and bestselling author, Lohrenz has what it takes to navigate complex situations with grace and precision. And her background as the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy exemplifies her willingness to approach life with a commitment to continual growth and improvement.

Building from her experience as a combat aviator, Lohrenz has become a top motivational business speaker. Hundreds of clients including Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions rely on her expertise in personal development. Her authentic keynote addresses go beyond delivering inspiration and motivation—she also provides the tools needed to develop the leaders of tomorrow. In doing so, leaders learn how to thrive in high-risk, crisis situations and maintain happiness with a healthy work-life balance.

Lohrenz brings a unique and valuable perspective to your event.

It took grit and determination to become a U.S. Navy lieutenant and the first female F-14 fighter pilot. But Lohrenz learned that such success takes teamwork. Piloting in combat mission-ready situations requires flawless communication skills. Lohrenz not only depended on fellow aviators for mission success, but also the teamwork of countless support crew on the ground.

In that process, Lohrenz became a master of decision-making and optimal performance under pressure. Flawless execution was critical in dynamic, high-stakes situations. While few of us will ever fly a naval mission, each of these in-demand skills transfer readily to work environments. Innovative leaders take risks by necessity, and flawless communication skills and teamwork result in maximum returns rather than loss.

But Lohrenz learned yet another skill: that well-being and personal development matter just as much as professional development. Chronic work stressamong other factorscan lead to burnout, reducing performance in the long run. Just as Lohrenz had to learn how to “wind down” after a mission, leaders also must learn the strategies necessary to “let go” and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Due to Lohrenz’s leadership strengths and advocacy for veterans, the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has twice featured Lohrenz as a foremost professional speaker. She has appeared both as a top leadership speaker to book in 2023 and top keynote speaker for charity events and causes.

Lohrenz brings excitement as a popular author.

You want to book a keynote speaker who brings excitement to your event. That enthusiasm increases engagement, raises attendance and builds greater networking opportunities. As a bestselling author, Lohrenz creates the buzz you need to help ensure your event is a success.

Fearless Leadership

In her first book, Fearless Leadership, Lohrenz displays her chops as a leadership expert as well as an engaging storyteller. Among other topics, she adroitly examines the “fundamentals of fearless leadership”— that is, “courage,” “tenacity” and “integrity.” Former CEO of Southwest Airlines Howard Putnam raves, “A fascinating read. If you aspire to be an exceptional leader and really make a difference, Fearless Leadership offers a down-to-earth, understandable flight plan.”

Span of Control

In her follow-up Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Span of Control, Lohrenz dives deeper into the mindset required to overcome “the specific natures of uncertainty, stress, burnout, anxiety and pressure,” according to the book description. Through personal anecdotes and interviews, Lohrenz shows us how to better manage our fears and self-doubts and increase performance. Says retired U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, “If you’re going to buy one leadership book this year, make it this one!”

These speaking topics provide the professional development options you need.

Lohrenz has served as a trusted keynote and guest speaker for top brands and major educational institutions. Her clients include Comcast, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, State Farm Insurance, TripAdvisors, Verizon and many others.

Motivational keynote topics for optimal performance include:

  • “Lessons in Leadership”: Learn the fundamentals of tenacity, resilience and commitment to excellence that optimize performance and drive growth in challenging times.
  • “Lessons in Partnership”: Gain a competitive advantage with clear strategies to build and maintain strategic partnerships and alliances.
  • “Striking a Balance”: Succeed in both your personal and professional life with the tools you need to build a mindset of self-belief, purposeful actions, focus and firm planning
  • “Remaining Relevant”: Become empowered with the practical tools you need to adapt to dynamic situations and remain relevant to consumers, shareholders and your team.
  • “High-Risk, High Reward”: Mitigate risk with planning strategies that help you assess your situation, reduce error and increase performance for a more positive risk-to-reward ratio and optimizes returns..

Book Lohrenz as your next keynote speaker.

Lohrenz delivers her keynote addresses with the authenticity and courage you need to guide teams to successful outcomes. Now, booking Lohrenz with confidence is made simple by the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. All you need to do is visit Lohrenz’s bio page and drop us a note regarding your event needs. While you’re there, you can learn more about her background, watch a speaker reel or simply learn more about us.

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Why Should I Book a DEI Speaker?
Business Speakers, Corporate Culture

Why Should I Book a DEI Speaker?

Booking a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) speaker for your live or virtual event benefits both your employees and your corporate bottom line. An expert in DEI brings motivational expertise in areas such as gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, disability rights, racial equity and more. In doing so, they raise awareness of important cultural issues and can help you jumpstart your DEI initiative.

A DEI keynote or guest speaker also brings the energy and experience necessary to engage and enthuse audiences. With humor and the power of masterful storytelling, they educate your attendees while replacing resistance with greater support and buy-in. Your guests develop a fuller understanding of how to recognize social injustices and systemic barriers that may prevent their peers from reaching their full potential.

The result? When all voices are heard, employees feel more valued and the corporate culture improves. This inclusivity increases your prospective talent pool, too. A 2020 Glassdoor survey found that 76% of job seekers “report a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.” 

With these overarching advantages in mind, let’s examine eight distinct benefits of booking a DEI keynote speaker for your event.

DEI speakers provide education.

Misunderstanding often surrounds issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Some valued staff members may be resistant to DEI initiatives. Perhaps some have grown accustomed to the status quo and view any change as a threat. The first task of a professional speaker lies in clarifying definitions. They help resistant employees understand what DEI is and—just as importantly—what it is not.

Prepared with evidence and data, a professional speaker will educate your audience in the basics of DEI. Staff and other attendees will come to realize that a more open growth mindset will improve their potential career opportunities, productivity and resilience.

Raise mindful self-awareness among leaders and teams.

Beyond the educational value, a DEI speaker also helps attendees become more aware of themselves and others. The best speakers help team members to better recognize and acknowledge their own implicit and unconscious biases. After all, each of us lives in our own bubble to some extent. DEI speakers help penetrate that bubble with an understanding that we don’t all think and interact in the same way.

This shift in self-awareness may seem subtle at first, but the effects can be far-reaching. Through the understanding that we all have different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, DEI speakers plant the seeds of cultural competence. For many, this unlocking of the power of self-awareness can be transformative.

Spark meaningful DEI conversations.

Guarded conversations about intersectionality, equity and anti-racism can lead to conflict when raised without the right tools. However, a lack of communication has the potential to grow and metastasize into resentment in an environment of avoidance. Cliques based on age, education, race, sexual identity or other factors may form, impeding team harmony.

But with the education provided by a DEI speaker, productive conversations may begin. Intercultural communication is important to understanding, appreciating and working fully with one another. For a productive institution or workplace, effective communication is essential for leaders and their staff. A DEI keynote speaker provides the tools and methods needed to guide your human resources department, team leaders and other staff to begin a constructive dialogue.

Promote multicultural awareness and understanding.

DEI speakers promote a deeper multicultural understanding among employees. They begin to see the life experiences of others not as potential points of workplace conflict, but rather as complimentary pieces of a larger tapestry. This awareness dispels stereotypes and mitigates unconscious biases that hinder relationships.

An additional benefit of multicultural awareness is public-facing. Your company may better be able to communicate with clients, customers, stakeholders, vendors and others. Sales and marketing teams, for instance, can better express your values to potential clients and consumers of diverse backgrounds. 

Foster lasting inclusivity.

DEI speakers provide a crash course in inclusion. By sharing best practices and strategies for creating a more inclusive workplace, a DEI keynote speaker can help organizations build a culture of inclusivity. They provide real-world tactics and methods for developing more inclusive leadership and a richer work culture with better communication strategies.

This culture of inclusivity creates a healthier work environment. Many corporate leaders present their companies as “families.” But an employee cannot feel like they are part of that family if they are misunderstood, misrepresented and not included. DEI speakers address these hidden issues while also promoting more inclusive hiring practices.

Experience improved productivity.

A 2022 report by Research and Markets finds that inclusive teams are over 35% more productive and “earn 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee” than their less racially and culturally representative counterparts. Clearly, a policy of proactive inclusion and belonging for all races, genders and cultures has a positive, bottom-line impact for your business.

The best DEI keynote speakers know the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, most certainly. But they also know business. They have led corporations, startups, branding efforts and built stronger workflows. When you book a DEI speaker, you get a business expert as well as a multicultural guru. They craft their inspirational messages specifically for an improved, numbers-driven company or institution.

Super-charge creativity and innovation.

Intersectionality—the way attributes such as age, gender and race affect the experience of an individual—applies to teams, also. Increasing these intersections creates more varied perspectives amid any group. A diverse, multicultural team will help you build more creative teams with many valuable perspectives, keeping your company at the cutting edge of any industry.

Show your commitment and allyship.

You don’t want employees who talk a big game and give only 50%. You want words to mean things. You want true commitment from your staff.

The same goes for leadership. By hiring a DEI keynote speaker, you show a true commitment to fairness, equity, social justice and anti-racism. Beyond words, you stand as an example for not only your employees, but also your consumers and stakeholders. This commitment improves your brand image and your bottom line. In fact, in a 2019 analysis McKinsey & Company concluded that companies that embrace DEI perform better across multiple criteria. Positive brand sentiment increases, too. Hiring a DEI keynote speaker for an in-person or virtual event may be one of the simplest and most fulfilling ways to signal that you are a true ally of multicultural and differently abled communities.

How do I choose and book the best DEI speaker?

When choosing a DEI speaker for your event, it is important to work with a trusted booking agency such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. Such a legacy talent agency can help you choose the right speaker to meet your long- and short-term goals, as well as handle negotiations and other logistics.

Simply contact us with your event needs. SUCCESS will put its century and a quarter of experience in thought leadership and relationship-building to work for you.

Billy Goldberg Optimizes Work Cultures for Growth
Business Speakers, Corporate Culture, Keynote

Billy Goldberg Optimizes Work Cultures for Growth

Billy Goldberg has what it takes to help you uncover new opportunities and build entrepreneurial mindsets within your company. As an executive coach and keynote speaker, he works with clients to leverage irresistible work cultures for optimized relationships, growth and profit. 

Pulling from his own background in sales and business development, he has put his leadership acumen to work in founding his own company, The Buckeye Group, based in Beverly Hills, California. With company clients as diverse as Part and Parcel, The Wild Unknown and SUCCESS, Goldberg has established himself as an executive coach.

Who is Goldberg?

Goldberg developed a heart-centered, mindful approach to business leadership early in his career. He served as an agent at William Morris and further developed his financial expertise as a vice president with the Bank of America. He also filled the role of account executive at the Tennis Channel and Gannet Sports. In each case, he learned to see where systems were inefficient and how work cultures could be improved through optimized talent management and hiring.

Bottom line entrepreneurial expertise

Goldberg put his background of business knowledge to the test by founding The Buckeye Group. As a consultant and coach, he helps leaders see themselves and their operations through a fresh lens. Goldberg guides clients through a process of diagnosing organizational weaknesses and taking action. This operations-based approach frees valuable time better spent elsewhere. Executives and their teams can then focus at a higher value level, such as developing creative solutions for sustained growth and prosperity. The result is that people feel better about what they do while also achieving more. In fact, Goldberg has “personally generated more than $50 million in new revenue for clients such as The Miss America Organization and DirecTV,” according to his Buckeye Group profile.

Fully human with laser focus

A man with endless drive and a growth mindset fueled by curiosity, Goldberg approaches life with the same joy as he does business. In fact, his organizational philosophy is based on a desire to help others achieve happiness through positive mindsets and expanded concepts of success. He lives that dream himself, residing in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. There, he co-founded and served as a former board chair of Melissa’s House, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating housing for persons with mental illness.

Services to amplify your productivity, relationships and business success.

Executive coaching

Are you ready to harness your best talent assets for maximum growth? As an executive coach, Goldberg assists high performers by aligning their vision with quantifiable, sustainable outcomes. Leadership development, financial wellness, corporate culture, organizational refinement and more fall within his experience. Plus, the coaching services require no long-term contracts. His program has been hailed for offering customizable solutions, offering the services you need at the frequency that works best for you:

“I need a very customized solution to the operational challenges I face in a creative agency business. Many other models do not apply to mine, nor do the conventional benchmarks for success necessarily interest me. TBG was able to understand our culture, and the nuances of the systems and tools we needed to gain visibility into the business. Billy rolled up his sleeves and helped us implement scalable, adaptable—ultimately measurable solutions—that allow us to maintain the integrity of how we create work product for clients, while still being very high touch, and profitable at the end of every day. Very few people could have done that.”

—Hilary Laffer, Part and Parcel

Coaching for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have different needs than C-suite executives. As a creative or entrepreneurial endeavor grows, many leaders find themselves buried in tasks that distract from their initial vision. From creatives to small and mid-sized businesses, Goldberg helps you align your passions with the people and processes you depend on. By taking their time back, entrepreneurs can then leverage their greatest asset: themselves. The result is a great leap forward to sustainable growth, personal happiness and increased profit without burnout.

Goldberg’s keynote addresses provide a master class in leadership.

As a top leadership speaker, Goldberg’s engaging keynote addresses are laser-focused and results-driven. He engages audiences in the best methods to build meaningful partnerships, establish thriving work cultures and develop heart-centered leaders. Trusted brands and organizations such as SUCCESS, Santa Monica College and AMDA have each benefitted from Goldberg’s crafted deliveries and high-value communications.

Speaking topics include:

  • “Find Your White Space”: Learn to look past filtering what you think you want, adjusting your mindset to have a sharper grasp of optimal deals, partners and market gaps. 
  • “Heart-Centered Leadership”: Make long-lasting impacts by taking a critical look at yourself as a leader and identify gaps that need attention to create sustainable growth.
  • “Thriving Corporate Cultures”: Tap into the elements needed to build lasting relationships with your team, vendors and clients.

Book Goldberg with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau.

Every company wants a happier, more creative work culture. Understanding how to systematically address routine decision-making and build stronger, lasting relationships helps them get there. Whether booking Goldberg for a keynote address or executive coaching, he has the passion and the experience to guide you to greater profit and sustainability.

Check availability for Goldberg at the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau today!

With a century and a quarter of trusted experience in leadership development and networking, SUCCESS will put its resources to work for you. If you decide to book Goldberg or someone else among our library of top speakers and thought leaders, we will have you covered with every step of the negotiation, booking and logistics process.

Top 10 Bestselling Authors to Book for Your Event
Authors, Business Speakers, Keynote

Top 10 Bestselling Authors to Book for Your Event

New York Times bestselling authors are among the most prized keynote speakers for conferences and other events. Booking a bestselling author for your event creates a unique opportunity to generate change and motivate people throughout your organization. Some reasons authors make ideal speakers include:

  1. Expertise: Bestselling authors have researched and written extensively on their topics. As high-profile personalities, their expert insights have been vetted through review by other industry experts, as well as by thousands and even millions of readers.
  2. Credibility: Becoming a New York Times bestselling author isn’t easy. That recognition guarantees that your guest or keynote speaker has new and interesting ideas that are credible to the public and valuable to fields including personal growth, professional development, team-building, leadership training, sales and overall best business practices.
  3. Inspiration: Bestselling authors are no ordinary mindfulness or business experts. They also know how to weave their knowledge into an inspirational narrative through storytelling, such as the journey of their own personal success.
  4. Engagement: Melding that gift for inspirational narrative with well-practiced speaking skills is an unstoppable combination. Bestselling authors provide engaging presentations that reach audiences both emotionally and intellectually. Booking authors helps you create an event that is as memorable as it is transformational.
  5. Publicity and promotion: Making the New York Times bestseller list generates buzz for authors’ events and attracts diverse audiences. Bestselling authors also catch the eye of other industry experts and thought leaders, creating high-value networking opportunities.

With these benefits in mind, let’s look at 10 New York Times bestselling authors to consider booking for your event.

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty’s first book, Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Everyday, made a No. 1 debut at the New York Times. Named a “game-changer” by Forbes, this award-winning storyteller also made a splash online.

Shetty’s social media channels have earned millions of followers, and his On Purpose podcast received the People’s Voice award in health and wellness at The Webby Awards in 2022. A wellness and purpose coach and entrepreneur, Shetty speaks on topics that include “purpose,” “branding,” “innovation” and others.

Learn more and check booking availability for Jay Shetty.

Grant Cardone

A giant in the world of real estate, Grant Cardone advocates for others to reach their own pinnacles of success and financial security. The author of one of his bestselling books, The 10X Rule, Cardone founded both the 10X Movement and the 10X Growth Conference. He inspires others to strive for greater gains while teaching them how to set goals and identify barriers like self-doubt.

Cardone brings to your event not only celebrity status, but the knowledge that led him to build a “portfolio [valued at] over $4 billion in multifamily properties,” according to his website.

Learn more and check booking availability for Grant Cardone.

Cy Wakeman

Keynote business speaker Cy Wakeman brings more than two decades of excellence as a global thought leader and corporate culture and leadership consultant. She provides leaders and teams the tools needed to sharpen focus, increase productivity and achieve excellence. Companies such as Facebook, Google and even NASA have booked her services.

Wakeman’s New York Times bestselling book Reality-Based Leadership has cemented her standing as a corporate culture thought leader. Her speaking topics include “Employee Engagement is Broken,” “Reality-Based Leadership” and others.

Learn more and check booking availability for Cy Wakeman.

Waldo Waldman

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling Never Fly Solo author Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman learned leadership in the U.S. Air Force. Today, he has risen in the civilian ranks as well, becoming an in-demand leadership speaker and executive coach. He’s even been inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed to fewer than 300 professional speakers worldwide.

A combat decorated F-16 fighter pilot, Waldman assists corporations such as Dell EMC, Aflac and Home Depot through coaching and highly engaging keynote addresses. In each case, he provides expertise in building a culture where potential is maximized and people lead with integrity.

Learn more and check booking availability for Waldo Waldman.

Rory Vaden

TEDx speaker Rory Vaden became a bestselling author with insights shared in Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success. He has also contributed to publications such as Forbes and HuffPost, sharing his deep, practical knowledge on time management, self-discipline and productivity.

As a keynote speaker, Vaden is best known for his expertise in the psychology of leadership, motivation and influence-building. He has addressed audiences at the Global Leadership Summit, as well as major corporations such as Cargill, Merck, True Value and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Learn more and check booking availability for Rory Vaden.

Tasha Eurich

Organizational psychologist and author Tasha Eurich, Ph.D., debuted at No. 8 on the New York Times bestsellers list. With Bankable Leadership, she brought her groundbreaking research in self-awareness to vast audiences.

As an executive coach, Eurich has assisted leaders in improving their communications and governance skills, and her keynote addresses reinforce the self-awareness strategies needed for personal and professional success. Her client list includes Salesforce, Walmart and the NBA, among countless others.

Learn more and check booking availability for Tasha Eurich.

Jon Levy

Our behavior defines us, our interactions and our prosperity. Understanding the mechanisms of building meaningful relationships is just part of what makes Jon Levy such an in-demand keynote speaker.

As the bestselling author of You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Connection, Trust, and Belonging, Levy shares his unique insights into human behavior, drawing from his extensive research and personal experiences. He has spoken to audiences around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. In each case, his knowledge and presentation style motivates audiences and provides them with tools to build trust and connection.

Learn more and check booking availability for Jon Levy.

Daymond John

Branding guru, television personality and bestselling author Daymond John has what it takes to drive success for you and your team. As an entrepreneur and business leader, he co-founded FUBU, a fashion brand that grew into a multibillion-dollar empire. As a speaker, he delivers the inside knowledge needed to inspire long-lasting and far-reaching success.

John’s game-changing books include Rise and Grind, Powershift and The Power of Broke. With the energetic style that made him a Shark Tank celebrity, he delivers practical, no-nonsense methods to better communicate your brand, supercharge your executive sales teams and establish lasting success.

Learn more and check booking availability for Daymond John.

Sharon Lechter

Sharon Lechter has dedicated her career to empowering people with the knowledge and skills required to achieve financial security and business success. In fact, she is recognized as a top speaker and authority on financial literacy and has helped people around the world improve their financial literacy skills. As a master mentor, she has delivered addresses for American Airlines, The California Women’s Conference, Harvard University, IBM and many other top companies.

Lechter rose to acclaim as a New York Times bestselling author with works such as Think and Grow Rich for Women and Outwitting the Devil, among others.

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Neil Pasricha

Renowned keynote speaker and bestselling author Neil Pasricha has inspired followers around the world to live more fulfilling lives through intentional living through a blend of his deep knowledge of business, well-being and happiness and an infectious stage presence.

Pasricha’s motivational bestsellers include The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation. A TEDx speaker, Pasricha has delivered addresses for Harvard, SXSW, Shopify and others. Each time, he brings unique insights for building resilience, happiness, trust and greater overall mental health.

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Tasha Eurich Delivers Success Through Self-Awareness
Business Speakers, Keynote, Personal Development

Tasha Eurich Delivers Success Through Self-Awareness

Can enhanced self-awareness empower leaders, motivate teams and increase corporate productivity? Keynote speaker and executive coach Tasha Eurich, Ph.D., has proven that the answer is yes. Trained in organizational psychology, she’s a New York Times bestselling author whose methods have led to two acclaimed books and a wide range of media appearances.

Eurich arrives with a 20-year background of excellence.

With a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology, Denver native Eurich brings a science-based approach to emotional intelligence and talent management.

In her groundbreaking research published by Harvard Business Review, Eurich sets herself apart as a self-improvement thought leader. “What Self-Awareness Really Is” distinguishes internal and external self-awareness and how to cultivate both. She further explores self-awareness myths and unlocks the secrets of effective leadership and how game-changers can be hindered by power, past experience and even introspection.

But don’t expect a lecture when you book Eurich for your event. This self-described “theater nerd” knows how to present, engage and entertain your audiences. You and your team will come away with the skills needed to improve personal and professional growth, put mindfulness to work and supercharge corporate innovation. In fact, Eurich has assisted thousands of top and emerging leaders throughout the world while influencing many more through popular media.

Media appearances bring self-awareness science to vast audiences.

Eurich appeals to vast and diverse audiences through guest appearances, feature writing and interviews. Her pragmatic approach to self-awareness has been featured by SUCCESS magazine, Fast Company, Well+Good and other top publications for innovators and executives.

She’s also made television and video appearances on Cheddar News, Business Insider and TEDx. Always ready for lively discussion, Eurich joins podcasts and radio with guest spots on NPR and the HBR IdeaCast, among others. Named a top “40 Under 40” by the Denver Business Journal, Eurich’s impact as a leader in emotional intelligence and organizational psychology is as boundless as her knowledge and energy. Yet, she still has more to offer in the realm of popular media.

Eurich’s first book, Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom-Line Results, and the Power to Deliver Both, debuted in the top ten New York Times best-sellers list. In it, she lays out her research-based methods for driving workplace results while also building lasting relationships

In her follow-up, Insight, one of Business Insider’sbest business books of 2017,” Eurich dives deeper into the mechanisms of enhanced self-awareness. Here, Eurich’s background in psychology assists readers in developing their internal and external self-awareness while overcoming the common roadblocks to success.

What does Eurich deliver as an executive coach and keynote speaker?

Every company is different. That’s why Eurich provides customized speaking and coaching sessions to address your unique pain points and goals. You come away motivated and armed with the knowledge necessary to implement lasting gains for both you and your organization.

Executive coaching

Institutions ranging from the National Institute of Health to Google have relied on Eurich’s high-impact executive coaching sessions. Designed for senior-level executives and high-potential leaders, the customized programs target long-term behavioral change for current and emergent leaders. In the process, Eurich helps you to accelerate team collaboration, with the goal of higher stock prices and greater stakeholder engagement. In fact, her focus on measurable results led her to be named the “No. 1 Self-Awareness Coach in the world” by the Thinkers50/Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards in 2019.

Keynote addresses

Eurich’s public addresses dive into techniques to help audiences discover how to positively transform themselves and others, using a blend of scientific data, Eurich’s storytelling prowess and a set of actionable tools. Designed for sales professionals, customer experience teams and others in both public and private sectors, you will learn to crush sales quotas while enriching overall company culture. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and Gerdau have benefited from Eurich’s methods proven to harness greater self-awareness.

Eurich’s most popular keynote speaking topics are:

  • “The Power of Insight: How Self-Awareness Helps Us Succeed”
  • “Leading with Insight: How Self-Awareness Helps Teams Work and Win Together”
  • “Influence with Insight: How Self-Awareness Ignites Sales”

Whether you lead an emerging startup or a Fortune 100 corporation, Eurich delivers the measurable results you need. As an audience member of The Art of Leadership for Women said:

“In a room of thousands of powerful and busy women, Tasha held the audience captive for over an hour. Her content was fresh and her advice, pragmatic.”

Book Eurich for your conference, kickoff or other event.

The self-awareness required to build stronger sales teams and inspire innovation probably isn’t what you think it is. Myths, misunderstanding and roadblocks stand in the way of the most effective leadership development possible. But you can change that: Booking Eurich is surprisingly easy with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau.

Simply drop us a line. Or explore other top leadership development coaches and keynote speakers. At SUCCESS, we’ll put our century of experience in relationship building to work for you to ensure you get the event you want at the booking fee you need.

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How to Become an Authentic Speaker in 7 Steps
Business Speakers, Keynote

How to Become an Authentic Speaker in 7 Steps

Guest and keynote speakers need to deliver addresses that are warm, engaging and authoritative. Authenticity makes all the difference between a forgettable speech and one that leaves a lasting impact. And as with any performer, you as the talent are inseparable from the message itself. After deciding that you have what it takes to be a professional speaker, learning how to come across as genuine is paramount. Here, we will explore seven steps required to become the authentic speaker your audience will never forget.

Begin with your authentic passions and lived experience.

Authenticity begins with focusing on topics you know. You need speaking topics where your lived experience has led to deep familiarity. Just as importantly, you need to be passionate about your subject. Audiences will pick up on any lack of enthusiasm. 

First, develop topics where your personal and professional life provide interesting insights, amusing anecdotes and transformational outcomes. But make sure to avoid embellishment of your knowledge and experience. In the digital age, your true history will be discovered. You can likely think of several examples of politicians being caught in misrepresentations. Plus, question-and-answer periods will certainly test your credibility.

Define how your speaking topics benefit your audience.

Yes, you are the person at the center stage. But ultimately, public addresses are not about you. The best public speakers have just as much passion for improving the lives of their audiences as they have for their speaking topics. The best motivational speakers truly want to empower people and transform lives.

To get started, define who your audience is and how your keynote address will benefit them. Know exactly the key elements you want your audience to remember. Likewise, provide clear calls to action so that people know how to get started. Without taking these steps, you can come across as inauthentic in your desire to advocate for change.

Don’t try to be someone else in your speaking address.

This is the most challenging step in some ways. Yes, it’s important to learn from the great public speakers such as Kindra Hall, Jay Shetty and Simon T. Bailey. You want to watch videos and learn from the top TED speakers of today. But learning from the best public speakers does not mean impersonating them.

In developing your stage presence, be sure to make it an extension of your personality, not an alter-ego. Be yourself as much as possible without putting on an act to establish your credibility and gain your audience’s trust.

Redirecting your nervousness.

There’s nothing wrong with being nervous—it’s a normal and common reaction to public speaking. With time, you will learn how to channel your inner confidence and let it shine through. 

So what do you do with all that anxiety and nervous energy? The answer is to redirect it. Psychology Today recommends a distracting exercise—singing the first song that comes to mind, and following that with “a song lyric that contains the last word sung from the previous song.” Keep going until you cheer up or start to feel ridiculous, then take stock of how you feel. 

Additionally, Inc. magazine compiled a list of three ways to “harness your nervous energy,” including meditating and labeling your emotions

Rehearse your speech delivery.

It may sound counterintuitive, but speaking with authenticity requires rehearsal. Lack of proper familiarity with the beats of your public address will only add to the unnatural pauses and “ums” that result from a lack of preparation. Even if you know your subject inside and out, unpreparedness can make you appear inauthentic.

To prepare, record your delivery both in rehearsal and at events. Test your speech with family, friends or associates. You may consider starting a YouTube channel or podcast. Local events, fraternal organizations, graduation ceremonies and churches each provide opportunities to hone your message. Then, you are better prepared for the next step for becoming an authentic speaker: focusing on your audience.

Focus on and engage your audience to build a personal connection.

Many public speakers quickly establish a personal connection with their audiences. That is why so many speakers begin with a joke or amusing personal anecdote. In doing so, they immediately move from action to interaction.

But that level of engagement should not end after the first few seconds or minutes. To maintain rapport and attention, speakers must continually reestablish and build upon the connection they created. Sprinkle your delivery with moments of levity even if your topic is serious or somber. Establish eye contact across various segments of your audience. Ask questions and invite feedback such as polling by applause. Remind your audience continually that you are listening to them as much as you want them to listen to you.

Mindfulness means a willingness to improvise.

Improvisation, in this case, does not mean going off on tangents. But it does mean being situationally aware and mindful of your audience and your surroundings. As an authentic speaker, you should have both the familiarity with your topic and rehearsal time that allows you to respond to situations as they occur.

Unforeseen questions, audience reactions, technical difficulties or a commotion such as crashing plates in an adjacent dining area should not throw you off. Rather, they provide an opportunity for you to let your charisma shine through. Don’t appear robotic by ignoring the situation or—worse—becoming flustered. Embrace the opportunity to share the moment with the audience with wit and grace.

Are you considering a career as a public speaker?

Are you an author, business leader, social media influencer or simply someone with a great and motivational story to tell? Public speaking allows you to inspire others both in-person and virtually while following your dreams. You can make great money, too!

Though top booking agencies such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau have stringent requirements for talent representation, there’s no harm in investigating. Often, those with the most to offer hold themselves back unnecessarily. Take a look at our Future Speakers page to see if becoming a SUCCESS speaker is right for you.

Motivational Speaker Nick Santonastasso Leads Teams to Dominate Their Goals
Business Speakers, Personal Development

Motivational Speaker Nick Santonastasso Leads Teams to Dominate Their Goals

Motivational speaker, author and social media influencer Nick Santonastasso has faced challenges few of us will ever know. Born with a rare genetic disorder, he developed a positive attitude and personal resilience to become a success and a leading motivational talent. Now, Santonastasso shares his message of mental toughness with major corporations and other institutions.

So who is Santonastasso? And how can this youthful professional speaker help supercharge leadership development and team-building at your next corporate event?

Santonastasso’s background inspires others with a message of resilience.

Santonastasso is one of only four living people born with Hanhart syndrome, leaving him with only one arm and no legs. Yet, not only did he persevere with a positive mindset, but he excelled. He learned that lasting success takes perseverance and a champion mindset. He even defied the odds and met the challenges of high school varsity wrestling, willing himself to stardom as a bodybuilder, fitness model, author and keynote speaker.

Today, his message of self-improvement, goal setting and diversity and inclusion has launched him to unexpected heights. He has transformed himself to become one of the most highly-sought keynote speakers in the world. Universities, professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies laud his stage presence and inspiring stories that set a higher bar for self-improvement and personal grit. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said of Santonastasso:

“Life deals us cards on a daily basis, but we always get to decide how we’re gonna play ’em. Keep crushing life my man and inspiring all those around you. And thank you for helping frame my perspective on life just a little bit more.”

His social media draws vast awareness with a purpose.

When you book Santonastasso, you get more than a motivational keynote address—you get a youthful celebrity who knows audiences of all ages. And as a digital native millennial speaker born at the cusp of Gen Z, he knows the power of harnessing social media for growth and influence.

Santonastasso has cultivated more than 600,000 followers on Instagram. He also maintains a strong presence on TikTok and YouTube. On each platform, he posts inspirational stories, photos and videos of his workouts and clips from his engaging speaking events. Using these platforms to their full advantage, he is a creative spark for persons with disabilities.

Santonastasso’s book creates victors from victims.

Santonastasso may be a social media star, but he’s no stranger to traditional authorship. His 2018 book, Victim to Victor: How to Overcome the Victim Mentality to Live the Life You Love, invites the reader to follow his life journey and lessons that lead to growth and happiness.

Part memoir, part self-help guide, Victim to Victor shares his painful experiences of being bullied in his youth. He describes the feelings of victimhood, anxiety, depression and how he overcame them. While his life is inspirational in itself, Santonastasso also offers clear, practical help for every reader. He provides exercises and lessons in goal-setting and ways to defeat self-limiting thoughts.

Santonastasso’s honest and authentic message has gained the praise of its readers, earning him a 4.7-star rating at

His keynote addresses motivate others to dominate their goals.

You want motivated, resilient corporate teams who meet their goals. But what’s even better? Teams who will dominate their goals and lead your company to total victory. And Santonastasso can help get you there. His powerful speaking topic, “Victim to Victor: Annihilate Excuses to Effortlessly Dominate Your Goals,” delivers exactly the captivating punch you need.

His well-honed keynote addresses provide the practical strategies and step-by-step tools necessary to transform your audience and lead them to victory. Your teams come away understanding the top self-motivational tools necessary to become stronger, more resilient leaders, both at work and in their personal lives.

That is why Santonastasso has been trusted by eXp Realty at EXPCON, Keller Williams, GoBundance and many other major institutions including universities and professional sports teams. In each case, he delivers exactly the keynote address needed for success.

As author, motivational speaker, blogger and entrepreneur Rachel Hollis says:

“It’s impossible to hear Nick Santonastasso speak and not be inspired by the determination and excellence he approaches life with.”

Book Santonastasso today!

Booking Santonastasso is now easier than ever with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. Simply visit his page to learn more about him. Along with a biography and video reel, you’ll find a simple form to check his speaking availability.

Or learn more about us, and explore our other top speaking talents. With every motivational keynote speaker or executive coach we offer, we also handle all speaker negotiations and booking logistics to help ensure your best, most memorable event.

Speaker Spotlight: James Whittaker Shares the Secrets to Success
Business Speakers, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: James Whittaker Shares the Secrets to Success

Motivational keynote speaker James Whittaker wants you to succeed. He knows the secrets of success through gaining influence and winning at every pursuit. And he has dedicated himself to sharing the secret sauce to help your business thrive to its fullest potential.

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, this bestselling author and keynote speaker has a gift for helping others achieve success. He helps audiences gain clarity and resilience in the face of financial challenges and both business and personal setbacks. 

To achieve that level of acclaim, Whittaker developed a deep understanding of the tools and methods used to help the world’s leading entrepreneurs build lasting relationships, develop goal-setting skills and grow their companies. As a gifted speaker, he knows how to articulate these messages in a way that motivates audiences across the entire spectrum of commercial fields.

Whittaker’s background makes him a top business speaker across industries.

When people think of James Whittaker, they think of financial success. He built a 10-year career as a financial planner, and his journey did not end there. With an unceasing entrepreneurial drive, he gained a wealth of knowledge in industries including film, publishing and marketing.

Whittaker further explored the secrets of success by interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs. From top business moguls and television personalities to thought leaders and athletes, he unlocked the mindsets and behaviors that led these individuals to success. He learned the formula for optimal motivation as well as goal-setting strategies, growing a circle of influence and the value of anticipating challenges through planning. Collectively, this knowledge developed into his Win the Day® strategy for success.

Whittaker supercharges your event as a financial icon.

As a bestselling author and popular podcaster, Whittaker brings excitement to your event. In fact, he is a well-known speaker in the realms of motivation, business relationships and financial well-being. Booking James Whittaker creates buzz and improves attendance as a widely-recognized business planner and entrepreneurial success story.

He is a co-author of Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite: How to Unlock the Awesome Power of You released in 2020 in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Mental Dynamite features the often unlikely and always inspiring success stories behind some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. Whittaker also wrote the bestselling Think and Grow Rich The Legacy. This masterpiece of motivation and personal finance also offers a rare introduction by Bob Proctor, who was named one of the “Top 10 Motivational Speakers of All Time” by SUCCESS magazine.

Whittaker also hosts the immensely popular Win The Day® podcast, further exploring the stories and secrets of success behind some of today’s most interesting leaders. He’s appeared on television shows such as The Today Show, as well as in top publications including SUCCESS magazine, Entrepreneur, The Sydney Morning Herald and others.

Whittaker provides impactful keynote addresses.

Even the most knowledgeable people can give a lifeless keynote address. To motivate audiences and transform minds, you need someone gifted at capturing and holding their attention. You also need topics that matter at a personal level across diverse populations.

James Whittaker delivers. His confident delivery style engages audiences with passion and humor, interweaving inspiring stories with lasting takeaways.The result? His crafted style captivates audiences and leaves them with a sense of purpose and a desire to take action.

While Whittaker has a list of speaking topics, they remain versatile across industries and audiences. He will even tailor his message for your specific needs. His current speaking topics are:

  • “Win the Day™️: How the World’s Most Successful People Win the Day Every Day … and How You Can Too”
  • “Win the Influence: How to Create, Manage, and Leverage High-Level Relationships”
  • “Win the Business: How to 10x Your Influence, Income, and Impact”

Now you can book James Whittaker with confidence.

With so much riding on your live or virtual event, you need a talent agency you can trust. SUCCESS provides a 125-year history in building connections among entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and top motivational talent. By booking James Whittaker with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau, you can be confident in working with a legacy brand. You also receive logistical support and professional guidance.

Still not sure who is the best keynote speaker or professional coach for you? No problem! Explore our wide range of top speaking talent including motivational, business, finance, women’s leadership and professional development, or simply contact the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau with your needs. Our experts will work with you to find exactly the right speaker at a price to best fit your goals and your budget.

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