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Jess Ponce III Knows How to Amplify Your Brand
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Jess Ponce III Knows How to Amplify Your Brand

When you think of brands that have transformed our culture, names like Warner Bros., Disney or Lucasfilm come to mind. And they each have someone in common: Jess Ponce III.

Ponce has worked with numerous celebrities, Fortune 500 company executives and other professionals. In each case, he trains individuals and companies to build better teams internally while increasing external reach, value and recognition. He’s even assisted TEDx speakers in strengthening their own communication skills while working with more than 1,500 television hosts, spokespeople, authors and experts. You might say Ponce is the influencer of influencers. The benefit of his work lies in teaching others how to break through in a noisy world.

An entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker, Ponce knows communications, personal branding and how to build, manage and amplify your brand and message in ways no one else can.

Ponce mentors influencers through coaching, training and workshops.

Ponce knows the talent business from end to end. He’s as knowledgeable and experienced in coaching as he is with guiding creative talent. Ad executives and public relations teams each benefit from his keynote speeches, personalized talent training and workshops.

You and your teams will learn to:

  • Own your role as a brand spokesperson
  • Equip your talent with the tools they need to stand out
  • Build the most memorable strategic branding initiatives
  • Pitch creative concepts and close deals

Self-promotion and corporate brand strategies matter to your future. But “fake it until you make it” usually comes across as inauthentic. With his A Factor® methodology, Ponce guides you and your team to be at your genuine best for greater recognition by teaching you his A Factor® formula: “Define your Audience, Create an Agenda, Call for Action, Maintain Authenticity.” 

Ponce knows the business of amplifying your brand.

Ponce doesn’t just tell you how to build your brand and increase visibility. He’s done it himself. As an entrepreneur, Ponce co-founded and owns Media 2X3, a U.S.-based creative agency. With Media 2X3, Ponce and his team “strengthen individual brands through negotiating sponsorships, producing media opportunities, and booking speaking engagements,” according to his website. Whether online, on-air or onstage, Media 2X3 trains talent in navigating the difficult terrain all media personalities face.

Ponce also co-develops training programs for The Awesome Group, a personal and professional development firm based in Taiwan. Similarly, Ponce customizes programs for TWP Hong Kong, a “provider of high-impact experiential learning and consulting services to businesses and government agencies worldwide,” according to his website. He also puts his vast experience to work producing programming for top networks including ABC, Fox, E! Entertainment and many others.

Check out Ponce’s books to get started.

If you consider booking Ponce as your next keynote speaker or media coach, consider familiarizing yourself and your team with some of his outstanding work. Ponce provides many of his lessons in personal brand development in his book, Everyday Celebrity: A Personal Branding Guide from a Hollywood Media Coach. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, Ponce guides the reader through best methods in creating opportunities, growing a professional network and becoming profitable. For a look at developing your skills as a public speaker, see A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: 7 Keys to Unlock the Speaker Within, co-authored with Emily Liu.

You need a keynote speaker with impact.

With such a winning background in personal branding and coaching trending celebrity speakers and influencers, it’s no surprise that Ponce has become a top speaker himself. He delivers keynote addresses and breakout programs both in-person and virtually. In each case, he provides custom solutions to amplify your brand online, in person, on camera and even in corporate presentations and meetings. Speaking topics include:

  • “The A Factor: The Art of Authentic Self-Promotion”
  • “Everyday Celebrity: Personal Branding Secrets from a Hollywood Media Coach”
  • “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Unlock Your Speaking Potential Within”

Ponce delivers his keynote addresses with all the skill you’d expect from a strategist who influences the influencers. Dynamic and engaging, he captivates audiences and always leaves them empowered with better tools for communications, networking and brand amplification.

We make booking Jess Ponce III easy!

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau makes booking Ponce easier than ever.

Simply visit the Jess Ponce III page and drop us a note to check availability. You’ll find his bio information there too, including a video reel to learn more.

Or explore our dozens of other top keynote, motivational, celebrity and business speakers. In each case, we’ll put our 125 years of trust and experience behind the SUCCESS name to work for you to make booking easy and fun!

Ricky Mendez Implements Prosperous Mindset Strategies
Business Speakers, Personal Development

Ricky Mendez Implements Prosperous Mindset Strategies

Keynote speaker and mindset fitness coach Ricky Mendez doesn’t see himself as an inspirational speaker. Though highly motivational for you and your team, he instead describes himself as an implementational speaker. He helps you establish a systematic process for building prosperous mindsets throughout your corporate teams. These healthy mindsets foster positive habits that lead to sustained, positive growth. Major corporations and thought-leaders agree: Top brands such as Home Depot, Costco and American Residential have partnered with Mendez to implement his strategies for lasting success.

Why should you consider booking Mendez as a keynote speaker for your next conference or major institutional event? And how does he help you move from modest sales growth to the top of your industry? There are many reasons. They begin with gratitude, listening and the willingness to embrace never-ending improvement and daily learning.

The Mendez approach to positive mindsets

Mendez’s approach to building prosperous mindsets began with his own experience in sales. With humility and gratitude, he knows the value of his mentors in guiding his success. They taught him lessons in discipline, leadership and willingness to make the most positive impact possible. With a commitment to lifelong learning, he asked his mentors questions, further learning the benefits of daily self-improvement, listening to others and sharing. While these lessons helped him in sales, he found that they applied to any profession and in all aspects of life.

Today, Mendez acts as a mentor himself. As a speaker, consultant and coach, he guides clients and audiences on how to defeat their fears. He guides them out of self-inhibiting habits such as procrastination and replaces them with proactive behaviors required for success. Rather than advocating for dependence of willpower alone, Mendez prioritizes building the overall mental fitness of his clients. 

Mendez aims to “shift paradigms and change the way people think,” a practice that includes setting clear goals and building an overall enthusiasm for life. The ability to embrace change with unlimited excitement becomes infectious. It improves both personal and professional relationships. It engenders success, but more than that, it creates happiness. “When we condition the mind with prosperity habits we shift paradigms and facilitate a change in behavior,” Mendez believes, “the body will follow.”  Just as a negative mindset can lead to poor habits, a positive one helps build positive habits.

But remember, Mendez is, above all else, an implementational speaker. He comes to his presentations and coaching sessions with clear, instructive strategies and processes. His goal is to help you build your own happiness in all aspects of life. And he delivers results.

The benefits of working with Mendez

Bottom lines and lasting outcomes drive the Mendez approach to building prosperous mindsets. He asks questions such as “Does your sales team completely exhaust every sales opportunity?” and “What is the price you pay when you fail to take action?” Yes, Mendez has big ideas. Just as importantly, he guides you through the systematic procedures required to implement change. Clients and audiences alike improve their performance in real, measurable ways.

Mendez has collaborated with billionaire entrepreneurs and thought leaders such as John Assaraf and Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. He achieves his outcomes by first focusing on the best practices required to create the most productive, profitable and happiest person. Through this process, he comes straight at tangible issues of procrastination and negative mindsets that lead to mediocre sales and self-defeating thoughts. The results? A happier and healthier workforce, enhanced corporate culture and wellness, increased sales and greater profits.

Corporate consulting, speaking and coaching

Mendez provides keynote addresses and coaching services that are relatable, actionable and energizing. He enhances the professional lives of his clients, and—just as importantly—their personal lives and well-being.

His keynote topics are:

  • “A Winner’s Mindset and Prosperity Planning”
  • “Be the Best Version of You—Feel the Vitality”
  • “The Art of Earning the Sale: Explode Your Revenues”

Some recent clients of Mendez’s include EXIT Realty, lululemon, Keller Williams Realty and Compass Real Estate. The result of Mendez’s motivation to inspire a dynamic work culture? Personnel who are ready to charge forward. Overall, he delivers better sales strategies and empowers staff to accomplish more than they previously knew they could. 

Booking Mendez

Join Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and game-changing thought-leaders who have shifted their thought paradigms by booking Mendez. It’s now simpler than ever to improve your teams, work culture, profits, sustainability and even your own personal and professional growth.

Check booking availability for Mendez to get started. Once you have determined that his services are right for you, you can let the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau handle the rest. We’ve got you covered from start to finish, including fee negotiation and booking logistics to help ensure that your event is a success!

What Preparations Are Needed Before and After Booking a Speaker?
Business Speakers, Keynote

What Preparations Are Needed Before and After Booking a Speaker?

Booking the right guest or keynote speaker for your event requires careful preparation. As an executive event planner, you should know the actions to take both before and after your talent booking is finalized. Missing even a single component of speaker preparation can cause confusion, cost money and lead to less-than-desirable outcomes. With this guide, you’ll have a head start to ensure a flawless event for maximum impact. 

How do I prepare before booking a speaker?

1. Define your audience and desired outcomes.

First, consider your target audience. What topics and style will best engage them? What do you want them to learn? What actions do you want your employees or other guests to take afterward? What are the desired, long-term benefits?

These are high-view questions that require that you step back from the logistics of planning and consider long-term outcomes. If you are booking a keynote speaker, consider someone who can engage everyone from financial and sales teams to web and marketing personnel. But if you are hiring a guest speaker for select company segments, look for engaging subject matter experts who speak the language at an operational level.

2. Determine your speaker budget.

Know your budget limits. Items such as venues, materials and catering each raise the overall price tag. The cost of hiring a professional speaker is no exception, so you need to remain adaptive and willing to juggle priorities.

Top speakers may run anywhere between $5,000 to $35,000 according to Foundr, but the results can transform entire corporate cultures for the better. Knowing your budget will help you narrow down your options and focus on speakers who fit within your financial constraints. In some cases, booking a virtual speaker may reduce costs. On the other hand, a celebrity speaker will generally come at a higher price. Remain flexible in this early stage. For instance, maybe the celebrity speaker you want has a cost-effective option for virtual or pre-recorded delivery of the keynote address.

3. Online research can deliver your best (and unexpected) public speaker.

Once you have a clear understanding of your event goals, target audience and budget, you can start researching potential speakers. Look for speakers who have expertise in your event’s topic, as well as those who have a reputation for engaging and inspiring audiences like yours.

Even if you have a speaker in mind, perform due diligence by researching potential alternatives. Visit their websites. Know their areas of expertise and look at past clients and reviews. Watch their TEDx addresses or speaking reels. As objectively as possible, consider who best suits your budget, desired outcomes and event theme. Then, narrow down your top choices to just a few potential professional speakers.

4. Check speaker availability and negotiate terms.

Checking the availability of a professional speaker may seem simple at first. After all, they are either available for your event or they are not. But then you go to make the call or send the email, and it gets complicated. That’s because you’re not simply hiring them, but trying to entice them, too. You want them to know you are easy to work with and that your event fits and can even enhance their reputations. It’s easy to take a misstep, and negotiating terms gets even more complicated.

This is where working with a trusted and reputable booking agency such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau makes event planning so much easier and stress-free. Such talent agencies will know the speaker’s interests, motivations and, of course, availability. On top of that, they will negotiate the booking terms to your advantage.

What should I do after booking my event speaker?

Once you’ve booked your speaker, the hard work is done. You can enjoy a deep breath. You might even consider a three-day weekend or a spa day to celebrate!

But you’re a perfectionist, too. You want your event to go exactly right, and there are still post-booking details to consider. Here is a quick list of preparations to make after booking your guest speaker.

1. Confirm logistics through your booking agency.

Details matter. Confirm date, time, location and accommodation requirements. Ensure that there are no errors. A simple typo may lead to your speaker showing up at the wrong date or time, missing a flight or having the wrong reservation. It’s not necessarily an error on your part, of course. Hotels, travel companies, car rental agencies—they all can and do make mistakes, so double-check and confirm at every step.

2. Share event details with materials you develop.

If you planned wisely, you likely booked your speaker at least three months in advance, and in some cases, up to a year. Things change in that time. Provide your speaker or booking agent with an updated overview of the event, including the agenda, the audience profile and your overall goals and objectives. Be clear about the speaker’s role and expectations for their presentation, including any specific topics or themes they should cover.

3. Coordinate technical requirements.

Whether booking a speaker for an in-person presentation or a virtual keynote address, technology is involved. We’ve all planned or attended enough events to know that technical problems often throw off the pacing and impact of even the most professional conferences. Confirm all technical and related necessities of your speaker including audio-visual equipment, microphones, Wi-Fi, accessibility considerations and the like. Your IT department will help greatly.

Follow up with your speakers post-event.

Lastly, don’t neglect the post-event opportunity to follow up with your speaker or speakers. Express gratitude. After all, these are passionate, committed people. Showing appreciation is not only the right thing to do, but it will help ensure your event was an overall positive experience for everyone. Professional speakers are a tight-knit community. Proper respect will help ensure they put out a good word for you and your company.

And while expressing gratitude, consider a few brief follow-up questions as you would with any client. Find out what they enjoyed most about the experience, and how you can improve the experience for your next speaker. This will help you ensure that you didn’t miss anything, and that your events will continually improve.

Questions? Contact us at the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. While you’re there, be sure to explore our extensive lineup of top speaker talent. 

What Is a Health and Lifestyle Speaker and Why Should I Hire One?
Business Speakers, Health & Wellness

What Is a Health and Lifestyle Speaker and Why Should I Hire One?

Has your staff faced issues of low morale, reduced productivity or even a rise in workplace disputes? These incidents have a way of spreading unnoticed. Many companies turn to health and lifestyle speakers for assistance as part of an overall corporate wellness program. These keynote speakers, guest speakers and executive coaches provide guidance to revitalize your teams and breathe new life throughout your company.

But how does hiring a health and lifestyle speaker create long-term benefits? To answer that question, it helps to understand what such a wellness professional actually is.

What is a health and lifestyle speaker?

The best health and lifestyle speakers blend two major areas of expertise. First, they have proven experience in areas such as health, fitness, nutrition, personal development and related fields. Second, as seasoned speakers, they know how to convey their knowledge to corporate teams in a way that is engaging and transformative.

This blend of expertise is rare, creating high demand for the best health and lifestyle speakers. Proven in their ability to educate audiences, they deliver their speeches at conferences, seminars and workshops either in person or through virtual addresses. In each case, they help others develop positive mindsets. They enhance your work culture through improved wellness, helping you skyrocket your productivity.

What are the benefits of hiring a health and lifestyle speaker?

You trust your directors and managers to hire only the best and most motivated.

But the world is dynamic. Life happens, both for your team and in your corporate directives. Some employees may develop closed mindsets due to lack of confidence or fear of change. A few may even lose control of their health and personal lives. These circumstances lead to burnout, absenteeism and reduced productivity that affect the entire organization.

Health and lifestyle speakers address these issues by providing the tools necessary to build positive habits and growth mindsets throughout your organization. They provide motivational talks, yes. But for long-term gain, they also educate your teams with practical means to manage stress, set meaningful goals, live mindfully, improve their health and to grow both personally and professionally.

The results include reduced absenteeism and conflict while fostering better overall health and well-being. And these benefits alone make these speakers invaluable. Yet, beyond that, they also improve overall productivity and creativity. They enhance team cohesion and happiness, creating a stronger, healthier and more dynamic work culture.

What kinds of personal development speakers are there, and who should I hire?

Health and lifestyle speakers each have their own specialized areas. While individual speaker specialties overlap, choosing the right keynote speaker to meet your objectives is important. We’ve provided categories for niche areas of personal development speakers and links to a few leaders you may want to investigate further.

Healthy living and nutrition

Exercise, proper nutrition, stress management and an improved mindset go hand-in-hand for overall better well-being. Experts in these areas deliver the inspiration and guidance needed for your associates to gain confidence, increase productivity and develop better leadership skills.

Consider booking these top healthy living and nutrition speakers:

Mo Brossette
With over two decades of experience in health and nutrition, Brossette specializes in human behavior, movement and the mindset required to overcome fear. As a corporate speaker, he uses proven methods to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Anne Grady
Recognized as a top resilience expert, Grady’s knowledge of neuroscience helps teams build strength and overcome adversity. An author and keynote speaker, Grady brings an engaging personal story plus plenty of wit and humor to her presentations.

Shawn Stevenson
Creator and host of top health podcast The Model Health Show, health and fitness expert and author Stevenson has helped people to change their story and begin to live healthier.

Focus and productivity

Focus and productivity speakers approach health and lifestyle from a different angle. They also help improve mindset and lifestyle, but with emphasis on time management, goal-setting and professional development.

Consider booking these top focus and productivity speakers:

Cy Wakeman

Bestselling author and global thought leader Wakeman helps companies “restore sanity” by “ditching the drama.” She has assisted major corporations such as Google, Facebook and NASA build better work cultures and increase focus and productivity.

Allison Graham

Health, wellness and personal development speaker Graham engages audiences with lively, dynamic keynote addresses. Her science-based methods help her audiences better manage stress, gain resilience and focus on what matters most.

Dan Thurmon

Speaker Hall of Fame inductee Thurmon brings expertise in business, health and workplace performance. With topics such as “Perform-Ability” and “Leading Others Through Change,” he helps companies and their teams evolve and succeed during dynamic and often unpredictable circumstances.


While businesses thrive from the creativity of their employees, many team members become inhibited by self-doubt or past critiques. Creativity speakers help rejuvenate your teams’ innovative spirits while enhancing their mental health and wellness.

Consider booking these top creativity speakers:

Naveen Jain

Serial entrepreneur and author Jain knows that creativity and technology drive innovative solutions. His speaking topics include “The Most Dangerous Person in Any Industry: How being a non-expert is actually an advantage” and “Mindset of Abundance: Instead of focusing on conservation, focus on creation.”

Michael Gelb

Author and keynote speaker Gelb is an authority on “the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development,” according to his website. Companies seek his talents to improve workplace culture and nurture innovative leaders. His speaking topics dive deep into the topics of innovation, creativity and team-building.

Dewitt Jones

Jones perfectly blends topics of creativity and mindset. A renowned photographer for National Geographic for 20 years and a TEDx speaker, he inspires audiences to find joy, grow creatively and “Celebrate what’s right with the world.”

Find the best health and lifestyle speaker for your event.

The speakers mentioned above get you started, but the list is by no means exhaustive. The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau provides a long list of expert speakers and coaches in the realms of health, nutrition, mindset, well-being and lifestyle.

Explore our growing roster of professional speakers by topic. We provide biographical information, speaking topics and even video to help you choose exactly the right speaker. Checking talent availability is as simple as dropping us a note through the speaker page. Or contact us with your event needs. We’ll help you get started and even handle all the booking logistics from start to finish!

What Is a Keynote Speaker and How Do I Find the Best One?
Business Speakers, Keynote

What Is a Keynote Speaker and How Do I Find the Best One?

You want your event to be a lasting success, and part of making your webinar or conference truly memorable means finding the best keynote speaker you can. A lot rides on your decision, and success begins with understanding what a keynote speaker really is. In some cases, a guest speaker, emcee or panel moderator may be more appropriate. Understanding the different kinds of speakers and what they do helps you better plan your event while avoiding confusion and saving time and money. 

What is a keynote speaker?

In some ways, a keynote speaker plays the most important role in your event. Their address sets the tone and introduces the theme of your conference, seminar, webinar or symposium. In fact, the term “keynote” itself derives from music, referring to the key in which singers or other musicians will perform their musical number.

Similarly, a keynote speaker introduces the style, theme and major points that your event will address. As such, this speaker typically provides the first major speech following only their own introduction. In some cases, they may also provide the closing address as a summary of the proceedings.

Most importantly, keynote speakers are your main attraction. They provide exciting, motivational speeches that connect all areas of your event in a meaningful way. Professional keynote speakers bring name recognition and even celebrity status, raising interest and awareness for your event. By booking a top keynote speaker, you signal to prospective attendees that you are serious and that your event carries weight.

How does a keynote speaker differ from a guest speaker?

Guest speakers typically speak on a specific topic later in your event. That is, they provide an opinion or guidance for your guests but in narrower subject areas. Keynote speakers, on the other hand, may be specialists in a certain area, but they provide a broader, motivational overview. Many are top thought leaders and widely recognized achievers. As professionals, they bring an ability to tie all of the other speakers’ subtopics together thematically.

As an example, a guest speaker may discuss the latest trends in email marketing or how to build an effective personal brand. A keynote speaker, on the other hand, would offer a motivational speech covering transformative digital marketing trends overall.

How do I choose the best keynote speaker for my event?

Knowing how to choose the best keynote speaker helps you ensure the most successful event possible. Consider these three steps every event planner should take.

1. Consider the big-picture outcomes you want your event to achieve.

Planning an event can be stressful. It includes knowing all the details and logistics from catering to welcoming guests. But for the moment, step back from all that. Get in a workout, meditate or whatever it takes to clear your mind of daily stress. Then, look at your event from a mile-high vantage point. Consider the overall objective you wish to achieve and why. You may even consider using top goal-setting strategies and worksheets.

Once you’ve taken that time, consider what you need most from your keynote speaker—maybe it’s someone with the ability to inspire, empower and motivate every department and every attendee. The best speaker will leave your guests transformed and ready to engage with everything you have planned.


  • Who will inspire your guests not only tomorrow but for years to come?
  • Who can tie your event together in a way that every attendee regardless of department will understand?
  • And who has the engaging, dynamic presence to transform the leaders of tomorrow?

2. Spend some time looking at what top keynote speakers deliver.

Once you have a clear idea of theme and outcomes for your event, it’s time to begin investigating specific speakers. As you search, keep in mind the terms describing what you want from your keynote speaker. For instance, you may use “sales,” “motivational,” “personal finance,” “millennial” and “corporate culture” among other similar search terms and queries. And don’t be afraid to combine these words as many speakers fall under several categories.

Once a few prospects interest you, dig a bit deeper. Visit some top speaker websites. You’ll find speaker biographies and get a sense of their general message and tone as well as speaking topics. Most professional speakers have videos, including TED Talks, on their pages, or you can search for them on YouTube. Note their past clients and customer testimonials. One great place to start is the speakers page on the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau website. There you’ll find all of that information with easily searchable speaking topics.

3. Work only with a reputable booking agency.

With so much effort put into your event, you don’t want to leave booking to amateurs. Booking a keynote speaker through a reputable booking agency ensures that you have access to the most experienced and reliable professional speakers. These talent agencies can also guide you through the selection process, recommending speakers you may not have considered but who may be a perfect fit.

Reputable agencies can save you time and money, too. They will work with you to understand keynote speaker booking rates and negotiate the best price for your preferred keynote speaker. They even handle the booking logistics for you, freeing your time while also ensuring top professionalism and experience in the process.

Consider booking your speaker with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau.

When it comes to reputation, the SUCCESS brand is unmatched with more than a century of history and experience. From founder Orison Swett Marden to author and publisher Napoleon Hill, SUCCESS continues its mission of connecting visionary professionals and empowering audiences.

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau further expands this mission by providing top keynote speakers, guest speakers and motivational coaches for major corporate and institutional events. Explore our top motivational and business talent, including speakers such as Erin King, Anthony O’Neal, Anne Grady and dozens more.

Still not quite sure who you’re looking for? No problem. That’s where the vast experience of SUCCESS helps most. Along with handling negotiations and booking logistics, we can assist you in finding exactly the right keynote speaker for your event or cause. Simply contact the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau with your needs, and we’ll put our wealth of connection-building knowledge to work for you!

Speaker Spotlight: Mally Roncal Brings Glam to Entrepreneurship
Business Speakers, Influencers

Speaker Spotlight: Mally Roncal Brings Glam to Entrepreneurship

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal made her mark as a beauty expert for the stars. Through television appearances and her gift as a social media influencer, she became a celebrity in her own right. Her dedicated followers attest to the pride, confidence and empowerment they attain from her beauty tutorials and tips. As an entrepreneur, Roncal took the road less traveled and beat the odds. She found lasting success with Mally Beauty, her own brand of premium cosmetics and quality skincare products.

But in many ways, fame and fortune were only the beginning of Roncal’s journey. As a wife and mother, she finds the fulfillment needed to remain resilient. And as a public speaker, advocate and philanthropist, she helps others by sharing her journey. 

Dreams change—and so can you!

Born in Middletown, New York, Roncal may have known her true calling at an early age. She loved experimenting with makeup, including trying new things with handy family members and friends. From the start, her parents instilled in her the understanding that we each find value in our uniqueness. Difference is beauty, a knowledge that lies at her core.

Ever passionate and resourceful, Roncal first followed in her parents’ footsteps. Like them, she pursued dreams of becoming a doctor. But healthcare just wasn’t the right fit. In fact, she found working at a makeup counter more fulfilling. She learned both networking and makeup skills on the job and soon gained the experience needed to build her own client list.

Roncal’s patron list grew. So did her talent in beauty and cosmetics. For more than a decade, she traveled the world as the makeup maven to the stars. Her A-list celebrity clients included Beyoncé, Rihanna, RuPaul and Jennifer Lopez, among many others. 

Roncal thrives as an entrepreneur with Mally Beauty.

The trick for entrepreneurs lies in exploring new territories while also leaning on learned strengths. For Roncal, that meant founding Mally Beauty. The makeup line succeeded brilliantly through her knowledge of personal branding, enjoyment of networking and electrifying personality. Her products soon became top-sellers for names such as QVC, Ulta Beauty, AS Beauty and others.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Roncal still had dreams to pursue. She remained grounded by her desires to help others discover their own beauty and to give back her gifts through charity. Beyond the glam, this gratitude and love for others are part of what make Roncal such a popular public figure and keynote speaker today.

Roncal wins as a social media influencer, author and philanthropist.

With more than 136,000 followers on Instagram, Roncal is always in reach of her adoring fans. She shines perpetually with her message of positivity, advocacy and—of course—stunning beauty tips. Most recently, she hosted her very own limited-time talk show on QVC. Premiering in February 2023, Over 50 and Fabulous featured a new topic and celebrity co-host each week, with Roncal sharing both advice and some spicy discussion with her fans.

Roncal’s book, Love, Lashes, and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life, further seals her fame as a ‘positivity preacher.’ With the humor and grace only Roncal can achieve, her pages provide everything from entertaining insider stories to step-by-step makeup and beauty guides.

With such an enormous platform, Roncal also recognized her ability to spread love and joy in other ways. A believer in “God & Family first,” she uses that positivity as an advocate for LGBTQ+ communities and is a proponent of animal rescues. 

Roncal emerges as a favorite keynote speaker and guest.

Roncal furthered her role as a speaker with guest appearances on popular television, appearing as a guest on shows such as The Wendy Williams Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rachael Ray and TODAY. She widened her audience with interviews and even guest editorials in The New York Times, SUCCESS, Huffington Post and others.

Roncal’s personality, fame and her motivational and empowering message have made her an exciting and in-demand guest speaker. She’s appeared at events such as RuPaul’s DragCon and Beautycon in Los Angeles. Given her dynamic and engaging style plus her philanthropic endeavors, we’ve even named her a top “Keynote [Speaker] for Charity Events and Causes.”

You can now book Roncal for your event!

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has made booking your next keynote speaker, motivational author or guest expert easier than ever. Check booking availability for Roncal.

Or browse our growing list of nearly 100 top health, business and motivational speakers. The SSB will handle all of the booking logistics for you. Plus, we’ll even put our 100-plus years of experience with the SUCCESS brand to work by helping you find exactly the right speaker for your conference or virtual event. Simply contact us to get started!

How Words Empower an Audience
Business Speakers, Motivational

How Words Empower an Audience

Motivational speakers and authors empower audiences to make transformative changes in themselves. These empowering changes can have benefits reaching across personal relationships, corporate teams and entire communities. The greatest speakers throughout history changed the world with the empowerment of words, and today’s top motivational speakers continue that legacy. Whether through bestselling books, keynote addresses or virtual guest appearances, words can spark emotions that resonate at personal, communal and even spiritual levels.

But stirring the inner strength of others is only the first step. For lasting change, an audience needs to truly feel motivated and empowered. They also need to know how they can make a difference. With words as their primary tools, today’s best motivational speakers and authors must provide listeners with the means to organize themselves and others for change. How do they use words to do that? And how can future speakers leverage this knowledge and skill?

Motivational speakers and authors create an emotional connection.

The skilled use of language can stir emotions in any of us. For motivational authors and speakers, building an emotional connection with an audience is often the primary tool in gaining and holding our attention. Through their words, speakers create feelings of inspiration, hope, sadness or joy. The most talented speakers can have audiences literally laughing through their tears.

One of the most effective means of stirring these emotions lies in storytelling. Motivational keynote speakers and authors such as Anne Grady and Suzy Batiz share deeply personal, sometimes painful stories from their lives. While we may not share their exact experiences, we relate to the emotions they experienced. We share the universal connection of personal tragedy, seeming defeat, fear and worry, and the strength required to thrive. In this way, the best speakers use words to guide us through a catharsis of tears and laughter while building trust.

Cultural motivators use words to build communities.

In a group setting, the emotions public speakers stir in us take on an even greater power. When we laugh, those around us laugh, too. When we cry or cheer, we see, hear and feel those around us sharing in those emotional releases. Whether those around us are team members or strangers, the catharsis of emotion becomes communal. The energy is often palpable, creating a sense of a greater community.

In this way, politicians, preachers and community activists use words as a foundation to grow entire movements for change. Veteran advocates such as Mo Brossette or women’s leadership speakers like Mally Roncal empower us through a strength in numbers. They use this gift to create a sense of a larger community in every public address.

Many speakers enhance spiritual connections through words.

If you attend religious gatherings, you know the power of words in building spiritual connections. This sort of shared spiritualism applies to churches, mosques and synagogues, but also to meditation retreats we love. Whatever your spiritual connection, great leaders and guides use language to transform a personal experience into a shared spiritual one.This form of empowerment can be electrifying.

Today’s top faith-based keynote speakers use words to create that same kind of bond even in business settings. No, they are not preachers, but they understand audiences at that spiritual core. Speaker and author Anthony O’Neal uses that understanding to empower audiences to live debt-free. Thomas Blackwell, on the other hand, creates stronger corporate cultures by improving individual mindsets. And Kelly Cardenas uses his gift for words to build and inspire stronger teams. In each case, their understanding of human spirituality creates stronger connections to motivate their audiences.

Speakers use words to transform self-perception.

The greatest obstacle in life can sometimes be ourselves and our own negative self-perception. The simple words “I can’t” often hold us back from happiness, learning and prosperity, and certain life experiences may inhibit us from being our best. Negative friends, family members, bosses and other social experiences can teach us to limit ourselves.

Gifted authors and speakers use words to help us move from a self-limiting mindset to a growth mindset. Through shared stories and wisdom, they guide us to see ourselves in a new light. Positive mindset experts such as Karen M. Allen, Shawn Achor and Nataly Kogan use words to help us reflect on ourselves. By enhancing our self-awareness, they empower us to see where we hold ourselves back and how we can rise above self-doubt.

Words can empower us to focus on self-care and well-being.

Part of enhancing our self-perception involves improving our overall self-care. That means better health, nutrition and lifestyle. Greater well-being improves performance, and with improved performance comes greater opportunities for success. Even small, daily or weekly gains can be the most self-affirming spark to empower us in the long run.

Keynote speakers such as Allison Graham remind us of the necessity to care for our own well-being. By doing so, we become better leaders for those around us. Others such as health expert Trent Shelton help us better understand that mental and physical wellness are inseparable. Through healthy, mindful habits, we build resilience and become stronger both for ourselves and those around us. Empowering us to take those necessary actions requires the gift truly motivating us to action.

Motivational experts provide a clear call to action.

Using the techniques outlined above, motivational speakers and authors create a sense of excitement and empowerment among their audiences. But that enthusiasm will be short-lived without one more critical piece: a call to action. But this is no simple task for the speaker. It requires building subject matter trust, authority and expertise. It also challenges the speaker to craft their words so that anyone in the audience can understand what to do while remaining enthused to do it. To do this, two main strategies come into play.

First, the speaker must simply and concretely articulate the actions necessary. Northwestern Medicine reports a routine can have benefits including improving mental health, mood and sleep efficiency. Audience members feel more empowered when they know exactly what to do next. The best motivators don’t say “Exercise daily.” Rather, they lay out a specific and unique fitness regimen that explains how to build a healthy lifestyle.

The second strategy lies in using words to guide audiences to visualize the exciting outcomes of their actions. These mental images and feelings should be colorful, personalized and inspiring. Advertisers, politicians and religious leaders each paint with words so that audiences see and feel the results of their actions. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech resonates to this day due to his artful use of language. He enabled his listeners to visualize an improved future, going beyond the how to take action and accentuating why. This method further motivates audiences through an understanding of outcomes and what lies at stake.

To keep up with today’s most empowering speakers, including news and video interviews, follow the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Speaker Spotlight: Mo Brossette Motivates Audiences to Master Their Fears
Business Speakers, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Mo Brossette Motivates Audiences to Master Their Fears

Stronger teams begin with healthy, self-aware and confident individuals. Motivational speaker Mo Brossette has made his mark as an expert on human behavior, mindset and nutrition. He has taught corporate leaders and their teams how to reduce burnout through stress management, movement and mindset training. Taken together, his audiences are equipped to master their fears and overcome self-limiting beliefs. In fact, Brossette has made both our “Top Personal Development Keynote Speakers” and “Top Health and Fitness Speakers lists for his accomplishments and unwavering commitment to improved well-being.

At the heart of Brossette’s techniques lies an important message: Stop attempting to overcome fear, and master it instead. When interviewed for SUCCESS’ Brilliant Thoughts podcast, Brossette had this to say: “It’s not about not being afraid. It’s about being in the middle of the fear and learning how to use that to do the right things.”

But where did this top motivational speaker and powerhouse in the worlds of nutrition and wellness come from? And how does booking him as your next keynote speaker help you and your team to become stronger, healthier and more confident both personally and professionally?

Brossette brings a background of expertise and service.

Brossette has made a difference in health and fitness motivation for more than 25 years. He previously served as director of mindset and nutrition for the Adaptive Training Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas. There, he led the “Redefine” program for critically injured military veterans and helped those wrestling with trauma and physical pain overcome their fears and self-doubt.

Brossette also operates the Alpha Training Academy. More than a fitness program, the academy trains individuals to accept fear and stress and use it to build Focus, Excitement, Awareness and Resolve. Requirements of the program include breath work, journaling, good nutrition and learning first aid. His academy for youths, the Young Alpha Leadership Academy, assists tomorrow’s leaders through development of life skills, stronger communications and self-reliance.

Brossette improves mindsets through motivation and mastery.

With this background in nutrition, movement and mindset, Brossette has risen to become a top leader, coach and motivational speaker. His philosophy of “lean forward and fight hard” lies at the heart of his inspirational message.

Brossette does more than tell people where they need to go. He teaches them how to get there. He uses his wealth of experience to train clients and executive teams in proven methods to build greater self-awareness and confidence. Plus, his problem-solving and stress management techniques help clients create better lives for themselves, both professionally and personally. Most of all, Brossette’s message builds stronger teams by showing them how to transform worry and fear into fuel for strength and achievement.

Transformative keynote speeches and coaching.

As you can imagine, a mental and physical fitness counselor knows how to command a room. His encouraging style includes humor and relatable anecdotes, but there’s an objective to his every word. Brossette knows that there’s a lot at stake. For instance, a 2022 Gallup survey found that employees experiencing “fair or poor mental health are estimated to have nearly 12 days of unplanned absences annually compared with 2.5 days for all other workers,” resulting in an overall economic cost of nearly $48 billion in lost productivity each year.

Brossette’s programs reduce that stress and anxiety, building stronger communications skills and healthier habits. Your teams will learn how to increase resilience, reduce fatigue and even sleep better. The result is healthier, happier and more productive individuals throughout your organization. Associates come away charged and ready to meet the challenges of leadership with confidence.

Working with organizations both big and small, Brossette brings his best to every session or event. In fact, AT&T, Midwestern State University, Body Machine Fitness and other organizations have benefited from Brossette’s speaking and training services.

His corporate and institutional speaking topics include:

1. “Breath and Stress Management”

You and your team will learn how to better cope with fear, stress and anxiety through breath work and proven communication techniques. The result is reduced burnout and a greater edge in daily performance.

2. “Improving Leadership & Teamwork”

Here, your team will learn the keys to greater emotional intelligence and communication, improving individual confidence and company outcomes. Higher morale and stronger inter-office understanding will result, driving greater overall productivity.

Book Mo Brossette today!

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Tips for Moderating a Business Panel: Questions to Ask
Business Speakers, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Sales

Tips for Moderating a Business Panel: Questions to Ask

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to moderate a business panel. You’re thrilled with the trust given, as well as the opportunity to learn from the best in business. But your excitement brings uncertainty, too. After all, the responsibility of managing a public dialogue can be an intimidating prospect. Don’t worry—the most important thing you can do as a panel moderator is to be prepared with thought-provoking questions that bring out the best in your guest speakers.

Below, we’ve assembled questions for moderators to ask panelists at conferences, conventions, virtual training sessions or other events. These include questions for:

  • Business success and entrepreneurship panels
  • Sales training panels
  • Leadership panels
  • Corporate culture and productivity panels
  • Marketing and communications panels

Moderators: how to prepare your questions

Before diving into our questions for moderators, consider what makes a good question. Our lists are meant as a starting point, but keep the following best practices in mind:

  1. Research your guests carefully. Know the backgrounds and expertise areas of your panelists well enough to ask poignant questions.
  2. Customize your questions based on your research. Rather than ask, “What was your greatest challenge starting your business?” refer to the actual business (book, event or other topic) by name.
  3. Start with basics as necessary. Depending on the depth of guest introductions, you may want to dig more. Questions such as “How did you get your start?” or “What first inspired your new product line?” are assumed and not included in the lists below.
  4. Follow the rule of two or three. Asking “What is the most important rule in business?” will lead to broad or even cliched replies, and asking for long lists will leave your guests struggling or even annoyed. Ask for two or three items, and follow up!

Questions to ask when moderating a business panel

Business success and entrepreneurship panels

  1. How has technology changed the landscape of entrepreneurship, and how can entrepreneurs best leverage this technology for success?
  2. What has changed most in the business landscape in the past few years? What has stayed mostly the same?
  3. What was the greatest unexpected challenge you faced in starting [company name]? How should future entrepreneurs best prepare to face this challenge?
  4. How have the best methods for raising capital changed in the past decade? What has remained much the same?
  5. Innovative and disruptive industries or products often have no existing demand. How do you mitigate risk in your innovation when there is a lack of market data?
  6. How have technological advances in the past three years impacted [your company] at operational or logistical levels?
  7. What strategies have you used in recent years to overcome materials [or talent] shortages?
  8. What are the two or three most useful lessons you have learned to maintain an advantage over your competition?

Sales training panels

  1. How do your sales teams’ motivational strategies differ between peak times and slow times? [Good for seasonal businesses.]
  2. What is the greatest obstacle you or your sales team face in nurturing a potential client from a prospect to a sale? What effective strategies do you use to overcome resistance barriers?
  3. What have you found to be the most and least effective digital tools in developing strong leads?
  4. Sales teams can have high burnout rates. How do you assist individual sales team members in overcoming self-limiting mindsets?
  5. What are the most effective methods you use to retain your top sales staff?
  6. What tools and strategies have you found to be most effective in identifying a potential client?
  7. What are the current strengths of your sales team, and what do you want to improve in the coming year?
  8. When it comes to increasing sales figures, do you lean more heavily on competition or cooperation among your team? And what training or incentive strategies have worked best to keep that balance?

Leadership panels

  1. What qualities do you look for prior to advancing an employee to a leadership position, and what steps do you take to test and prepare them?
  2. Describe your leadership style and practices and how they have benefited [your company]. What areas do you still want to improve?
  3. What two or three characteristics or values have you found that make the most effective leaders? How do those values benefit the organization?
  4. What strategies or processes have you found effective in balancing creativity and innovation among your team members while also maintaining time-tested procedures?
  5. Tell us about the challenges faced by introverts in obtaining and excelling in leadership roles. How do you help a talented introvert improve their networking skills?
  6. What do you like most about being in a leadership role? And what have you found the most challenging?
  7. Did leadership come naturally to you, or was it a struggle? What lessons did you learn along the way to become a better leader?
  8. How do you measure success, both in yourself and among your team members?

Corporate culture and productivity panels

  1. What do you see as the main benefits of a corporate wellness program? What has worked best in your company?
  2. Once a positive corporate culture is established, it needs maintenance. What are the top two or three methods you use to make sure your corporate culture sticks?
  3. How do you measure the costs and benefits of employee health and wellness programs, both short- and long-term?
  4. What methods or strategies do you use to ensure a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion?
  5. What are the signals you watch for that an employee has either disengaged or may be seeking another position? How do you re-engage and motivate them?
  6. What practices have worked best for your company to maintain a collaborative team environment even among remote workers?
  7. What strategies do you use to ensure that employees maintain optimal mental health? Also, how do you promote physical health without stepping over personal lines?
  8. What are the most important steps a company leader [human resources or other] can take to ensure that employees feel appreciated and remain productive?

Marketing and communications panels

  1. What are the top three marketing channels you use today, and how do they compare in terms of prospect volume and quality?
  2. What strategies do you use to keep you and your team up-to-date on marketing trends and technology?
  3. When do you start planning for a branding refresh? What are the early signals that it’s time to take the marketing of a product line in a new direction?
  4. What strategies and tools do you use to increase client engagement and retention? How do they compare in terms of cost and benefit?
  5. Tell us about a marketing campaign or initiative that did not work well for you. Did you make adjustments or scrap the campaign entirely?
  6. What are the differences you see between advertising, marketing, public relations and communications? Where do they overlap?
  7. What are the biggest changes you have seen in the digital marketing landscape in the past year or two? How have they impacted your overall outreach strategy?
  8. What are two or three of the greatest lessons you didn’t expect to learn in your time as a marketing director with [company]?

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Why Hire an Educational Speaker for Your Corporate Event?
Business Speakers, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Sales

Why Hire an Educational Speaker for Your Corporate Event?

Top educational speakers provide an opportunity for your audience to learn and grow from leading experts in their respective fields. Educational guest and keynote speakers may speak in person or virtually for events, ranging from large conferences to informal webinars. In doing so, they improve your employees’ knowledge and skills in areas such as finance, personal development, marketing and branding, sales, corporate culture and more.

Educational speakers also bring added excitement and diversity to your corporate event. They come from a variety of backgrounds with inspiring stories and fresh, actionable ideas. Their ranks include top motivational authors and experts, personal development coaches and experts in every field related to business and personal growth. And with the right booking agency, learning how to hire the right public speaker is now easier than ever.

With that in mind, let’s look at some specific areas where your conference, convention, customer engagement webinar or other event will benefit from an educational speaker. We’ll also share some top speakers to check out so you can get started on your most memorable and informative institutional gathering ever.

Financial education

Greater financial literacy improves the security of your employees and associates. Booking a top financial education guest speaker provides valuable insights, budgeting strategies and actionable information for your staff. They will learn methods to spend and invest more wisely, working their way to a debt-free life.

Improving the financial wellness of your staff also provides cost-saving benefits for your company. Without debt and other financial worries, employees focus better at work and increase their individual and team productivity. Promoting financial security among your staff may also reduce employee turnover and improve mental well-being, providing long-term benefits all around.

Top financial education keynote speakers to book

  1. Anthony O’Neal is more than the bestselling author of Debt Free Degree. He serves as a leading voice in personal finance. We featured O’Neal in our Speaker Spotlight series for his gift in making every presentation real, relatable and actionable. In fact, his virtual and in-person keynote addresses have helped more than 250,000 people achieve financial freedom.
    Learn more and check booking availability for O’Neal.
  2. Business mentor and keynote speaker Sharon Lechter has advised two U.S. presidents in financial literacy. Recognized globally for her financial expertise, she is also the five-time New York Times bestselling author of such books as Think and Grow Rich for Women. Lechter has delivered addresses for Harvard University, World Financial Group, American Express and many other major institutions.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Lechter.

Sales training

Even with the most innovative products on the market, sales teams can miss the mark. Leaders rightly focus on product training and incentives as tools to improve numbers, but in that process, they might miss more global sales strategies and team development.

Top educational sales speakers provide a collective pause to the daily pursuit. As outside voices, they offer fresh perspectives and motivation to bring your team up to peak performance. They also provide insider knowledge in necessary sales skills such as lead generation, customer service, closing deals and building relationships. Educational sales speakers also build team confidence and morale to further boost your sales.

Top sales training keynote speakers to book

  1. Many corporate insiders consider real estate mogul and celebrity speaker Grant Cardone to be a top sales trainer. He owns and operates multiple privately held companies, including Cardone Capital. Known for his mastery in crowdfunding, his social media influence spans the globe. As the bestselling author of 11 business books, he brings unmatched wisdom and excitement to any sales training event.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Cardone.
  2. Sjodin Communications founder Terri Sjodin provides street-savvy keynote presentations that bring your sales force to top performance. Her addresses are always polished and persuasive, making her a favorite guest of Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC and other media outlets. Her bestselling book Small Message, Big Impact has earned her recognition as a lasting influence among today’s top sales educators.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Sjodin.

Corporate culture and productivity

Some of the most innovative and successful leaders struggle just as their company gets legs and grows. This fact may seem counterintuitive, but transformational growth often leads to changes in corporate culture and workflow. 

Corporate culture experts assist your entire organization in navigating both the ebbs and flows. Internally, these professional speakers assist you with best methods proven to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, creativity and more. Stakeholders also benefit through enhanced public reputation that helps you attract top talent in your industry.

Top educators in corporate culture and productivity to book

  1. Kevin Karschnik knows that the best-performing corporate cultures rely on effective leadership communications. Through dynamic and engaging keynote addresses, he assists top companies such as Dell, Emerson and Venterra to navigate today’s complex and rapidly evolving business environments. In fact, he has assisted more than 100 companies in 14 countries with building better-performing cultures through topics such as “Positivity Under Pressure” and “Agile Leadership.”
    Learn more and check booking availability for Karschnik.
  2. Corporate culture expert Dan Heath knows the benefits of corporate education at an unmatched level. He is a senior fellow at Duke University’s Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship and founder of the innovative education company, Thinkwell. Named by Fast Company as one of the 1,000 “Most Creative People In Business,” Heath delivers keynote addresses and guest talks that guide your company through change, improve decision-making and solve problems before they happen.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Heath.

Marketing, branding and influence

In marketing and public relations, it’s easy to get embroiled in the logistics of ad buys, digitization and audience reach. These items are critical, but not at the cost of losing sight of your main overarching goal: gaining influence among clients, prospects and community and institutional stakeholders.

By booking the best educational speakers in corporate branding, you don’t lose the creative talent you’ve built. Instead, you gain a broader, strategic perspective from an expert in the field, plus a more robust brand identity, better strategic campaigns and the best digital tools to gain a competitive edge shift and refocus to a broader picture. That is, to better influence the decisions of everyone you reach.

Top marketing and branding educators to book

  1. Courtney Keating has served as chief marketing officer for two major brands, including her current position at eXp Realty, the fastest growing residential real estate brokerage firm in the world. In each role, Keating leads in reenvisioning marketing strategies at a global level. She also led transformative strategies for CoreLogic, General Electric and Roostify. As a keynote speaker and digital-first marketing educator, she brings unmatched experience, expertise and energy to your company event.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Keating.
  2. Failure to take decisive action holds back individuals and companies. Branding strategist and educator Michelle Poler lives by the phrase, “Fear less, do more.” By challenging her audiences to seek growth over safety, Poler has inspired audiences from across the globe to reach maximum influence. This TEDx speaker has assisted top companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, NBC Universal and others to improve their brand recognition and global influence.
    Learn more and check booking availability for Poler.

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