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The Future of Work: Balancing Emergent Technology with Personal Well-Being

The future of work trends looks promising: Staff, managers, executives and the companies they serve will benefit from both emerging technologies and a greater emphasis on personal health and well-being. But reaping the fullest rewards of these benefits will require a balance.

Artificial intelligence as seen in large language models such as ChatGPT will increase productivity, but lightening the workload on employees doesn’t make wellness obsolete. Likewise, companies will be greener, more diverse and decentralized, but that may not happen without ambitious upskilling. Let’s look at seven major future of work trends set to accelerate over the next 10 years.

1. The future of work will include rapid AI integration.

Integration of recent AI tech advances in the workplace has just begun. From biological and chemical industries to marketing endeavors such as graphic design and marketing, AI has the potential to continue to enhance the workplace by adding value through increased efficiency and productivity.

Still, the developments bring concerns for some. Employees in traditional industries such as customer service are concerned about job displacement. A widely-cited report by Goldman Sachs indicates that as many as 300 million full-time jobs globally could be affected by job modification or loss. For instance, Wendy’s has begun testing utilizing Google Cloud-developed chatbots for drive-thru orders. Some analysts, however, see AI as enhancing rather than displacing customer service positions. 

2. Expect greater emphasis on upskilling and reskilling.

As emergent AI technology changes to the way we work, employees will need to learn new skills to maintain productivity for their employers while finding fulfillment for themselves. This will require a positive growth mindset and a commitment to constant, never-ending improvement.

But the responsibility will not lie entirely with employees. Top companies must consider including upskilling and reskilling programs to help their organizations and employees thrive. With some people even questioning whether college is worth the cost, companies may look at other means of workforce development to meet their evolving needs, including apprenticeships, expanded public-private partnerships and tuition assistance or reimbursement programs.

3. Remote and hybrid work models will remain resilient in the future.

COVID-19 led to a heightened adoption of remote work in 2020. Today, however, many major companies have begun requiring employees to return to the office. Still, hybrid and remote work remain a positive sentiment among employees. In fact, 98% of remote workers “would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their careers,” according to Buffer’s 2023 “State Of Remote Work” report. Rather than see this development as a conflict, consider it an opportunity.

Remote work provides too many benefits to ignore. Hybrid models allow for reduced and/or redesigned office spaces. Remote workers also offer greater regional diversity and choice in hiring. Teletherapy may be revolutionizing patient care, and remote technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality will further enhance remote collaboration.

4. Forward-looking companies will emphasize employee mental health and well-being.

The future of work is not all technical. The careful balancing act companies face depends on a company’s focus on its employees’ health and well-being. For instance, employee retention challenges will require emphasis on a healthy work-life balance. Greater productivity relies on putting the well-being of employees first.

Sadly, at some levels, the need to improve workplace health and well-being can be critical rather than simply beneficial. Workplace violence, substance misuse and rates of suicide each have the potential to create traumatic disruptions in the work and personal lives of employees. At a more routine level, physical and mental health challenges lead to higher medical costs, absenteeism and poorer overall performance. For overall job satisfaction, health and well-being programs will play an increasing role in the future of work.

5. Work environments will continue to grow in diversity.

Companies and other institutions will further expand their role in fostering more inclusive work environments. This will come in part through efforts to bring more diversity, equity and inclusion to the workplace, the benefits of which include greater employee creativity and innovation.

Strength in diverse workforces will also arrive through natural processes. Changing demographics, including trends in age, ethnicity, sexual identity and other factors, will help foster greater workplace diversity, further necessitating inclusion. Similarly, hybrid and remote work will bring together teams from across regions both rural and urban, potentially enhancing equitable outcomes.

6. Expect greener, more sustainable work environments in the future.

With greater emphasis on environmental, social and governance investment, sustainability-focused companies will lead the way toward a greener future. The adoption at the corporate end will include changes such as the use of renewable energy and more energy-efficient microprocessors. These course corrections for sustainability will potentially impact the future of work through opportunities and innovation in green technology sectors.

Green careers may include bio and chemical engineering and nanotechnology for the creation of biofuels, lighter materials and more sustainable and efficient solar and battery solutions. They may also include mechanical and electrical engineers to design more efficient motors, turbines and electrical transfers. For outdoor lovers, land and water management scientists will have roles to play, too. In fact, green career opportunities will continue to expand in fields ranging from environmental sciences to wind turbine technicians for the foreseeable future.

7. Dynamic, growth-focused organizations will decentralize.

Traditionally, companies have relied on a centralized structure of top-down decision-making. However, decentralized systems have begun to expand in recent years. 

In 2023, the emergence of the gig economy and solopreneurship have enticed many ambitious and creative workers away from corporate environments. Organizations may want to consider helping their employees determine what they want in their own future of work: While specialists may enjoy greater autonomy in decision-making, generalists willing to learn new skills and ask for help may benefit through expanded leadership roles. In each case, the organization wins.

Business leaders don’t need to navigate these future of work trends on their own.

Top event speakers and executive coaches specialize in staying informed on the topics that matter most today. That includes guiding you and your teams to take the fullest advantage of the transformations taking place.

Contact the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau to learn more about how our speaker talent team can assist you during this time of rapid growth and opportunity.

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Johnny Quinn
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Johnny Quinn Tackles Your Organizational Challenges Head-On

While companies vary greatly in terms of size, structure, scalability, profit margins and more, they share many of the same organizational challenges. Keynote speaker, author and former NFL receiver Johnny Quinn specializes in several of the areas that matter most to achieving peak performance. As a speaker and author, he tackles some of the most important issues businesses and other institutions face today, including:

  • Team culture
  • Resilience
  • Leadership development
  • Change management

With each keynote address, Quinn delivers more than a speech; he delivers an experience. His engaging style and ability to project authenticity as a speaker impact people from all walks of life.

Alongside his TEDx speech, “Understanding the Olympic Mindset,” Quinn has been featured by outlets such as ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. With that in mind, let’s look closer at Quinn and what booking him means for your company event.

Johnny Quinn embodies a mindset of goal-setting and achievement.

When it comes to increasing resilience and developing goal-setting skills for your teams, you want someone with real-world experience in struggle and achievement. Quinn delivers in ways few others can via the experience gained over the course of his own remarkable journey.

With unwavering commitment to his goals, he played in three college football conference championships, leaving the University of North Texas as their “all-time leading receiver in receptions (187) and receiving yards (2,718),” according to his website. That helped launch his NFL career, but he was not chosen in the draft. Instead, signing on as a free agent, he played for the Buffalo Bills and the Green Bay Packers as well joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League. Again, challenges beset him. Facing cut after cut from these teams, he had a choice: Give up, or learn to face setbacks head-on by setting new goals with determination and drive.

Quinn chose the latter. After tearing his ACL and getting cut for the last time, he joined the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Through hard work and training, he was soon rocketing down mountains at more than 80 miles per hour. In 2014, he competed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, becoming the third NFL player ever to do so. Through these experiences, Quinn developed and honed his ability to bounce back from every difficulty.

Quinn describes these experiences in his deeply personal and impactful book, Push: Breaking through the Barriers. Much more than a chronicle of success, the book outlines his spiritual journey as well as his professional one. It details how achievement is more than commitment to yourself. It’s also commitment to improving the lives of family and those around you.

As Quinn informed his audience at TEDxPlano: “I don’t know where you’re at today. But what I do know is that tomorrow can look different. And, my friends, I’ve got some wonderful news: You get to choose, and that choice is giving more.

Johnny Quinn delivers powerful keynotes, breakouts and workshops.

Quinn’s transformational messages of building more confident leadership in times of change and developing resilience aren’t limited to TEDx talks and network appearances. He also delivers powerful keynotes with his virtual talks and in-person appearances.

Forward-looking companies, medical centers and associations and other institutions have benefited from Quinn’s keynote addresses, breakout sessions and workshops. Some of his past clients include Toyota, Battelle for Kids, Verizon, Baylor Medical Center at Frisco and dozens of others.

Quinn’s in-demand leadership and development speaking topics are:

1. “Breaking Through Barriers”

Learn how to overcome the barriers that hold you back by developing greater “resilience, determination and a growth mindset.” Quinn provides the real-world tools necessary to overcome both professional and personal challenges and take your career to the next level.

2. “Think Like an Olympian”

As an Olympian, Quinn knows what it takes to pursue and achieve excellence. With this talk, audiences learn how to channel their inner confidence while developing the mindset and discipline needed to achieve greatness in the marketplace.

3. “Cultivating a Champion Mindset”

The most successful leaders have positive, resilient mindsets and the ability to develop and achieve bulletproof goals. Quinn teaches the practical tools and techniques anyone can use to develop a positive and resilient mindset for high-yield opportunities and growth.

4. “Leading in the Digital Age”

Digital technology has utterly redesigned the marketplace, and leaders need to acquire new skills to meet the demands of the digital landscape. In this talk, Quinn focuses on areas such as new applications of adaptability, innovation and successful collaboration in the digital era.

Book Johnny Quinn or other top business speakers for your event.

“Johnny [Quinn] was phenomenal, clear and captivating!” says Mona Phillips, broker at Realty ONE Group Elite. “We need more of his wisdom to reach everyone.”

Read more testimonials, watch videos and check booking availability for Quinn at his bio page.

Or search other top motivational speakers, executive coaches and emcees provided by the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau. With more than a century of experience in building networks among thought leaders and entrepreneurs, SUCCESS will manage all the booking details for you with the professionalism and certainty you deserve.

Cost Analysis: Is Booking a Professional Speaker Worth the Fee for Your Company?
Business Speakers, Keynote

Cost Analysis: Is Booking a Professional Speaker Worth the Fee for Your Company?

Booking a professional keynote speaker can be a game-changer for your company event, seminar or nonprofit fundraiser. Whether hiring a virtual speaker or someone for an in-person address, top thought-leaders entertain, inspire and educate your audience.

More importantly, the best speakers leave lasting impressions that transform work cultures and amplify positive mindsets. They deliver results that reinvigorate legacy corporations while providing next-generation institutions with the tools needed to achieve the next levels of success. They provide expert guidance in areas such as:

Yet the cost of booking a professional speaker must be weighed against your budget and measurable outcomes. Booking fees vary widely based on factors such as speaker expertise, experience and availability. Additionally, analyzing the cost-benefit of hiring a professional speaker can become complicated. In this article, we will look at the range of booking fees as well as the short- and long-term benefits you can expect from booking a qualified speaker.

How much does it cost to book a professional speaker?

The cost of booking a professional keynote speaker varies based on measurable, real-world factors. These include the speaker’s level of experience, expertise in a particular subject and their individual popularity. Other factors may include the length or type of presentation you desire, the location of your event or their current schedule.

Top booking agencies such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau offer only the most popular public speakers and coaches available. They include nationally and internationally recognized speakers, TED Talk speaking alums, bestselling authors and leading business moguls such as Daymond John and Grant Cardone.

While relatively new speaking talent may charge as little as $500, speaking fees for a celebrity speaker can be as high as $100,000 per engagement, if not more. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the long- and short-term corporate benefits of booking a professional speaker for your event.

What are the financial benefits of booking a keynote or guest speaker?

Fortune 100 companies such as Walmart, AT&T, American Express and Johnson & Johnson have hired some of the best motivational and business speakers available. Clearly, they see a long-term advantage. But unlike booking an entertainer, the benefit cannot be measured in dollars collected at the door. Rather, the benefits may arrive in forms such as increased productivity and reduced expenses.

Depending on your type of event, cost benefits of booking a professional speaker include:

Top leadership speakers are an investment in your company’s future.

Ideally, every person in your company can step up when needed as situations change due to promotion, absence, retirement or other factors. Using proven methods, leadership speakers build the confidence, mindset and communications skills required to cultivate your leaders of tomorrow.

Sales and business speakers provide a tangible return.

From developing leads to closing the sale, digital and in-person sales are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. The best sales speakers such as Erin King and Justin Owens provide the tools necessary today to grow an aspirational brand, hold your prospect’s attention through critical phases and close the deal.

Motivational speakers increase employee engagement and performance.

Building a positive corporate culture means that much of your team is motivated, engaged and incentivized to stay with the company. Today’s top motivational speakers such as Mel Robbins and Jay Shetty provide your audiences with the tools needed to increase team buy-in and develop prosperous mindsets. Speakers with expertise in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion similarly help ensure every member of your team feels valued, creating a positive work culture and improving team productivity.

Healthy workplaces are happier… and more cost-effective.

“Total health benefit cost per employee reached $15,013 on average in 2022,” according to the 2022 “National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans” conducted by Mercer. Add to that the additional “$7.8 trillion in lost productivity” Gallup found disengaged employees cost employers worldwide in their “State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report.” Health and wellness speakers such as Shawn Stevenson and Mo Brossette provide expertise in movement and nutrition as a fundamental. But they don’t stop there. They also inspire individuals at every level of your organization to build better habits and mindsets while providing the tools needed to live healthier lives.

Professional keynote speakers help you make the most of your event.

Events themselves can be costly, but keynote speakers can help make them truly worthwhile. They play a unique service role by setting the tone of your conference, webinar or symposium from the outset, building interest and enthusiasm for the proceedings that will follow by engaging audiences in an entertaining way while introducing the major themes of your event. They are the kick-off from which all else follows.

Booking professional speakers provides positive impacts for your event itself. 

As experienced storytellers, professional speakers deliver engaging, transformative addresses with a balance of takeaways and critical subject matter expertise. In fact, many top speakers will customize their message to fit your company’s unique needs and goals. Plus, top speakers raise interest in your event through name recognition, increasing attendance and networking opportunities for you and your guests.

Are there other cost and time benefits of booking a professional speaker?

Many professional speakers work through talent services, something which provides additional benefits, as top booking agencies make every step of the booking process quicker, easier and more cost-effective. There is no need to spend hours googling for the perfect speaker when you can choose from an extensive menu of the best speakers available.

Furthermore, agencies such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau provide speaker categories, bios, videos, testimonies and speaking topics for each speaker who interests you. We’ll even help you with a personalized analysis to meet your needs and your budget. All you need to do is contact us using a simple form—it’s really that easy!

Once you’ve chosen your speaker, we’ll handle the delicate communications, fee negotiation and even travel arrangements and other logistics. Learn more about the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau and how we can make your next webinar, conference or symposium the most impactful and cost-beneficial one yet.

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woman struggling with mental health
Business Speakers, Health & Wellness, Keynote

Top Keynote Speakers Share How Companies Can Support Mental Health at Work

Mental Health Awareness Month has spotlighted mental health issues since 1949, promoting education around mental health while also attempting to remove the stigma that once plagued people seeking care. Top keynote speakers address the importance of mental health from a variety of angles, serving as messengers for greater well-being and self-care.

Is there a mental health crisis today, and how does it impact the workplace?

Sadly, raising awareness has become increasingly important. 5.5% of adults over the age of 18 suffered from “serious mental illness” in 2021, according to the “2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.” The number of people in the same age range experiencing “any mental illness” was even higher at 22.8%. And many more people experience less-than-optimal well-being due to anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, self-limiting thoughts, low resilience and more. This mental health reality impacts not only individuals, but also their performance in the workplace.

According to the 2022 “Gallup Panel” results, employees who “rate their mental health as fair or poor… report about four times more unplanned absences due to poor mental health than do their counterparts who report good, very good or excellent mental health.” Additionally, they take more unplanned absences than other employees (on average, 12 days to 2.5 days), which results in an estimated cost of “$47.6 billion annually in lost productivity.” Similarly, a 2019 report by Unum found that mental health issues account for 62% of missed workdays while also adversely impacting their focus, coworker and family relationships, overall productivity and other aspects of their work and personal lives.

How can companies contribute toward mental health solutions at work?

Keynote speakers specializing in well-being tackle these mental health issues head-on. As experienced storytellers, they engage and inspire your teams while providing real-world strategies needed to live healthier, happier and more resilient lives. Let’s look at some of the important mental health issues at work addressed by today’s top health and wellness speakers.

Build resilience for personal and company growth.

We all face difficulties. Yet, some people persevere seemingly unscathed. They bounce back quickly and without drama, a key skill for effective leadership. But it’s not that they don’t feel stress or hardship. Rather, they have developed psychological resilience. Fortunately, resilience is neither finite nor fully innate. As with many skills, one can learn to become more resilient through specific exercises and daily habits.

Consider the work of leading resilience expert Anne Grady. She knows the strategies needed to build resilience in uncertain times. A two-time TEDx speaker, author and entrepreneur, Grady began researching neurodevelopment and the brain after her son was diagnosed with severe mental illness and autism. Later, her own health issues led her to utilize the tools she learned from working with her son to persevere in the face of adversity, tools which were later codified in her books Mind Over Moment and 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work.

“Your mindset is literally the story you tell yourself about yourself and your life,” Grady writes in a SUCCESS article. She continues on to say, “It helps to understand your brain and how it interprets your stories.”

In the same article, Grady explains that our brain “has evolved to overestimate the negative and underestimate the positive” as a form of self-protection. Through tested, mindful practices, she provides the tools needed to overcome life’s challenges and get unstuck when progress feels remote.

Develop a positive growth mindset for everyone on the team.

Self-limiting beliefs may impede our academic performance, career and personal lives. These self-imposed restrictions may not cause stress or unhappiness in the short term. In fact, confining ourselves to our existing notions of ourselves may serve as a defense mechanism to avoid stress. But over the course of our lives, this style of coping may prevent us from reaching our potential.

But there are solutions. Growth mindsets involve an understanding that our talents, abilities and even our intelligence are not fixed. Rather, we can grow into new roles and challenges. Plus, these growth mindsets can easily be cultivated and grown.

In this vein, growth mindset coach and keynote speaker Karen M. Allen is passionate about helping others reach their potential. Her “Stop & Shift mindset reset regimen helps remap minds with healthier thoughts and a more proactive approach in life. Resilient in her own right following the tragic loss of her husband, Allen has worked with institutions such as Google, YouTube and Experian while hosting her In the Details mental fitness podcast.

“As a leader, developing a growth mindset is key to your success,” Allen’s “Leading with a Growth Mindset” course description states. “It has the potential to increase creativity, motivation, empathy, ambition, self-improvement, brain development, performance levels and so much more.”

Improve mental health at work through movement, nutrition and meditation.

Mind and body—mental and physical health—are inextricably connected. Study after study links physical fitness with mental and cognitive well-being. Likewise, the American Psychiatric Association and Healthline cite multiple studies regarding the link between good nutrition and improved mental health, including the treatment of depression.

But diets and exercise can be difficult to adhere to. Try taking small steps when developing the body and improving personal mindset—literally, go at it one step at a time.

“Walking is meditation,” says health and wellness expert Mo Brossette in a video interview with Grady. “If I walk outside, and I just breathe… and I look at the trees and I look at the leaves… I’m doing a mindfulness practice. I’m paying attention to something, in the present moment, without judgment, on purpose. That is meditation.”

As Brossette explains on the podcast Brilliant Thoughts, no first action is too small, and steady improvement wins the race.

“With people, I start with breath,” Brossette says. “You’ve got time to take 10 breaths before you get out of bed. When you can learn how to control your breathing on a regular basis, you can start your day with relaxed diaphragmatic breathing.”

Mental health awareness reduces the risk of severe illness and suicide.

Mental Health Awareness Month reminds us to maintain overall psychological health and well-being. But even with proper care, our cognitive systems sometimes falter and break, and that can be a cause for concern.

According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one death by suicide occurred every 11 minutes in the United States in 2021. Equally alarming, more than 12 million adults had serious thoughts about taking their own lives.

Author, documentary filmmaker and global keynote speaker Kevin Hines knows the experience of suicidal ideation beyond the data. He has experienced it himself. He attempted suicide in 2000, and his first thought after leaping from a bridge was one of regret.

Today, Hines speaks on the topic of better mental health and suicide prevention. As a motivational speaker and leader of the #BeHereTomorrow movement, he travels the world to help others build resilience and improve wellness. His inspirational book, Cracked, Not Broken, as well as his transformative and life-saving film, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, reach readers and viewers deeply from a space of personal experience.

As Hines’ mantra goes: “Life is a gift; that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always.”

For his life-saving work, Hines has received the Clifford W. Beers Award from Mental Health America, their highest honor, as well as other prestigious awards for his ongoing role in assisting others in self-harm prevention.

Learn more about suicide prevention, including important hotlines, at

For booking information regarding any mental health awareness speakers mentioned in this article, contact the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau.

Speaker Spotlight: Daymond John Challenges Entrepreneurs to Dream Bigger
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Daymond John Challenges Entrepreneurs to Dream Bigger

The name Daymond John resonates for achievers worldwide. As a self-made millionaire, top business and motivational speaker and bestselling author, he commands the attention of millions. And just when you think he’s done it all, John challenges himself with his next big venture. Best of all, he shares his genius by inviting you along for the ride.

From his humble origins in Queens to a global empire, John has become one of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers. Whether he’s discussing the power of branding, the importance of perseverance or the value of teamwork, John’s keynote addresses can inspire every member of your organization from the ground floor to the C-suite. That’s why he made our bestselling authors list as well as our top celebrity speakers and best sales speakers lists.

Even if you know John from his starring role on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning Shark Tank, there’s still much to learn. John’s business savvy coupled with his electrifying personality supercharges brands and transforms companies. He has partnered with top corporations such as Chase for Business, AARP and Audible. As a keynote speaker and executive coach, he can inspire your team to take on the challenges of game-changing perseverance and success.

Background: The making of a Shark

Like any authentic public speaker, John has a stunning personal story to tell. It begins with growing up in Queens, New York, and working handing out flyers at age 10. Facing the challenges of poverty, dyslexia and difficulty at school, he worked full time in his teens. He waited tables. He started a commuter van service. He did the hard grind it takes to get ahead, missing no opportunity and always having bigger goals in mind.

John founded his first company from his mother’s home. By building his own sense of purpose, he made his dream a reality. John turned his startup company FUBU into a major fashion brand with over $6 billion in product sales worldwide.

“It takes the same energy to think small as it does to think big,” John tweeted in 2017. “So dream big and think bigger.”

With experience as a successful and forward-thinking entrepreneur established, John co-hosted the hit ABC series Shark Tank. Here he grew further as a globally recognized business strategist, assisting entrepreneurs in achieving their own dreams and establishing his own personal brand as “The People’s Shark.” His popularity soared, gaining more than 5 million social media followers as one of the “LinkedIn Top Voices” of 2020.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, he dovetailed his fame as a top business strategist to launch his services as a cutting-edge brand ambassador and adviser. He worked or is currently working with companies such as AARP, The American Cancer Society, Shopify, Knocking and others, continuing his mission to educate and empower the brands and leaders of tomorrow.

John’s books

Someone with John’s business expertise and a penchant for helping others never runs dry of personal motivation or game-changing ideas. Throughout his journey, he developed his inspirational message of success as a bestselling author. As a writer, he shared in an even more personal way his formulae for success. John’s popular and life-changing books include:

Keynote addresses and consulting services

Booking John means that you are willing to deliver to your guests one of the most entertaining, exhilarating and tested keynote speakers of our time.

His celebrity status brings attention, and his compelling rags-to-riches story both captivates and inspires audiences from all walks of life. But more than that, he delivers the goods in helping your teams achieve their own success. His message of hard work, personal sacrifice, resilience and the willingness to think big challenges and uplifts your teams.

“Poverty of the mind is permanent,” John has said. “Being broke, that’s temporary.”

John teaches the strategies to overcome self-limiting mindsets. He provides the proven, winning methods to negotiate from a position of strength, win the sale and optimize the talents of your staff. His message is universal, but it’s pragmatic, too. Students, entry-level employees and chief officers alike learn from his story and his methods. That is why John is so demanded by major companies and educational institutions alike. John has spoken for General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, and AT&T as well as Yale and Purdue University. In each case, listeners leave with the tools they need to move the company and change their lives.

Book John

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau has made hiring your next motivational business or celebrity speaker easier than ever. Visit John’s speaker page to learn more about him and check booking availability.

SUCCESS will put its century-and-a-quarter of relationship-building and thought leadership experience to work for you, including negotiating your best fees and handling your most important talent logistics.

Still not certain of the best speaker for your event? Browse the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau talent list of top business speakers including Erin King, Grant Cardone, Simon T. Bailey and dozens of others. Or simply drop us a note with your event needs, and we’ll match you with the best speaker or coach to meet your event planning and business needs.

Speaker Spotlight: Michelle Poler Embraces Fear—And Encourages You to Do the Same
Business Speakers, Keynote, Personal Development

Speaker Spotlight: Michelle Poler Embraces Fear—And Encourages You to Do the Same

Motivational speaker and branding strategist Michelle Poler brings rare excitement and inspiration to every event. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, she moved to New York City to obtain her master’s in branding at the School of Visual Arts. While serving as art director at Young & Rubicam, she worked with top brands such as Hershey’s, Wendy’s, AT&T and Revlon. 

This highly sought millennial speaker and social entrepreneur later gained acclaim as an author and speaker, helping others to grow by facing their fears. Her TEDx talk in Houston, “100 Days Without Fear,” exemplifies her clear message and exhilarating style, garnering nearly half a million views on YouTube alone. Now a resident of Miami, she has grown to become an internationally known “fear-facer” and social movement founder. She has delivered her transformative message of confidence and courage for Google, Facebook, ESPN, Yum! Brands, Toyota and many others. In fact, Poler has earned spots in both our “Best Motivational Speakers to Know in 2022” and “7 Best Social Media Speakers for Your Keynote Address” lists.

But her electrifying delivery style aside, what is her message for personal growth? And why should you consider booking Poler for your next in-person or virtual event?

What is Poler’s message for fearless living?

Imagine a leadership speaker so empowering, that her message inspires an entire movement. That is exactly what Poler has accomplished in teaching people to become the bravest version of themselves. The “Hello Fears” movement continues Poler’s life-changing message that “the enemy of success is not failure, it’s comfort.”

After all, not leaving one’s comfort zone can tempt anyone. Yet, your comfort zone is the most dangerous place to live, and the results of doing so are self-limiting. As a public speaker, Poler doesn’t attempt to change people. She instead teaches them to become the bravest version of themselves. She inspires them to break free from the bonds of comfort and face their fears by embracing new challenges. Only by adopting this growth mindset can we truly meet our full potential both personally and professionally.

Best of all, Poler provides the tools and step-by-step methods needed to gain this courage. And as with any positive habit-building, living bravely eventually becomes routine, a way of acting that was within us all along. The change not only benefits us, but those around us, too. The success is shared, at home, at work and in our communities. As Poler writes in Hello, Fears, “When you believe in yourself so much, you make others believe in you as well.”

Hello, Fears builds confident women and men.

Poler wrote her  book, Hello, Fears: Crush Your Comfort Zone and Become Who You’re Meant to Be, as a fun, motivational guide for anyone to enjoy and learn from. Each engaging page delivers the humor and no-holds-barred attitude you expect from Poler. But while Poler is a thoroughly enjoyable author, she also challenges her readers. Poler dares her audience to become the hero of their own lives by facing fears, taking risks and becoming the people they are meant to be.

Only with courage can we find joyful purpose. In Hello, Fears, Poler lays out the strategies to guide you in meeting that objective. Rather than playing the victim, she explicitly explains how you can approach challenges, reach your full potential and live unapologetically as your best and most authentic self. As Poler writes, “Sometimes the things we want the most are just one act of courage away.”

Speaking topics that inspire confident teams.

The strongest corporations have a superpower. That is, each member of every team acts with confidence. Poler, who has been featured by CBS, CNN and Cosmopolitan, among others, has the skills to engage and motivate audiences whatever their position. Major brands such as P&G, Univision, Wells Fargo, NBC Universal and Mondelēz International have relied on her to motivate, inspire and drive success with professionalism and confidence.

Plus, Poler’s keynote addresses are never delivered in “cookie-cutter” fashion. She approaches each client with the professionalism and heartfelt care you’d expect. She customizes each engagement to your needs, including for:

  • Virtual events
  • Women organizations
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership conferences
  • College and universities

Her speaking topics are:

  • Courage: Poler explores what limits us and answers with what motivates us. Teams and individuals learn how to deal with the unknown, embrace change and redefine our fears. In this address, she inspires the leaders of tomorrow to lead with accountability and authenticity.
  • Confidence: We all bring different gifts to the table. One does not measure a fish by its ability to climb a tree. And yet, we often persist in measuring ourselves against others. In this address, Poler helps audiences stop comparing and begin contrasting themselves to build greater confidence, authenticity and values.

Book Poler.

Check booking availability for Poler with the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau.

It’s as simple as sending us a brief message. At SUCCESS, we will put our 125 years of experience in leadership and relationship-building to work for you. Each of our motivational, personal development and celebrity speakers brings unique, professional talent that we stand by to make your event or executive coaching session the success you want and deserve!

Top International Motivational Speakers to Book in 2023
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Top International Motivational Speakers to Book in 2023

Today’s top motivational speakers bring out the best from you and your teams. They rally your audiences with inspirational, actionable messages that drive institutional growth and prosperity. Whether speaking on topics of women’s leadership, self-care or personal development, booking a motivational keynote speaker adds lasting and measurable value for your company. Additionally, motivational speakers with international experience may provide even further benefits.

For instance, your company may employ people from all walks of life and around the globe. You may have customers living beyond U.S. borders as well. International motivational speakers provide a unique, global perspective and expertise that enriches your audience’s experience. 

With these benefits in mind, let’s look at five top international motivational speakers to consider booking for your next major in-person or virtual event:

Ricky Mendez

Are you ready to increase sales, create a better company culture and improve prosperity both for yourself and your peers? International speaker and mindset fitness coach Ricky Mendez shows you how. He teaches top global brands the tactics and strategies needed to build winning mindsets. Through his systematic process, audiences learn how to defeat negativity, procrastination and the minimalistic mindsets that hold them back. The result? A healthier, happier and higher-achieving workplace.

Through Mendez’s mindset and prosperity planning methods, he has improved companies and their cultures, working with top companies such as Home Depot, Costco and Sears, among others. In each case, he builds the confidence required to motivate action.

His game-changing speaking topics include:

  • “Mindset Fitness”
  • “Prosperity Planning”
  • “Leadership from Within”
  • “Borrow your Way to Wealth”

Learn more and check booking availability for Mendez.

Lee Marie Jacobs

International speaker Lee Marie Jacobs offers a refreshing, attention-grabbing perspective. One of our “Top Leadership Speakers to Book in 2023,” she specializes in the space where holistic health and wealth meets transformational leadership. She is a certified yoga and pilates instructor and clinical nutritionist who holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical toxicology as well as a master of business administration. She’s also a former sales and marketing manager who worked with companies including L’Oreal, DuPont and Johnson & Johnson. An advocate for better health and well-being to build truly sustainable wealth and happiness, Jacobs inspires readers with her four-week plan that advocates for “creating joyful, powerful and meaningful wealth in her book, Beautiful Money

Her speaking topics include:

  • “Soul Leader: The New Era of Leadership”
  • “Energy Management: The Evolution of Time Management”
  • “Beautiful Money: Holistic Wealth Creation”

Learn more and check booking availability for Marie Jacobs.

Nataly Kogan

“Challenge in life is constant,” says international speaker and bestselling author Nataly Kogan. “But struggle is optional.”

An immigrant of the former Soviet Union at age 13, Kogan learned English by watching Who’s the Boss? Today, executives know her as a storyteller and jubilant speaker. Her book, Happier Now, explores her own journey from cynicism to joyfulness through a science-based shift in mindset. A globally recognized expert in emotional fitness and leadership, she has been featured and authored articles for top media outlets including Time, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. She also created the Happier Method™ and serves as founder of Happier and Happier @ Work.

With each media appearance and speaking engagement, Kogan provides life-affirming, evidence-based tools people can use to improve emotional fitness, manage stress and become stronger, more resilient leaders. One of our top self-care motivational speakers, Kogan’s speaking topics include:

  • “The Power of Emotional Fitness @ Work”
  • “Happier Now!”
  • “Thriving Through Change”

Learn more and check booking availability for Kogan.

Nick Santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso knows firsthand the value of motivation and goal-setting. Born with the rare genetic affliction known as Hanhart syndrome, he entered this world with no legs and only one arm. Through perseverance, he nevertheless joined his high school wrestling team, later gaining success as a bodybuilder, fitness model, author and international keynote speaker. Throughout his journey, he chose to become a victor, learning the values of resilience and building the perseverance needed to dominate his goals.

Santonastasso shares his motivational message through a massive social media presence including more than 650,000 followers on Instagram, as well as substantial followings on TikTok and YouTube. A top speaker for schools, sports teams, conferences and Fortune 500 companies alike, Santonastasso is also one of our top motivational speakers due to his inspirational message and compelling delivery. His keynote message, “Victim to Victor: Annihilate Excuses to Effortlessly Dominate Your Goals,” continually captivates audiences.

Learn more and check booking availability for Santonastasso.

Thomas Blackwell

International speaker, author and peak performance coach Thomas Blackwell has one driving vision: “to significantly improve the language and mindset of more than one billion people worldwide through authorship, inspirational talks and workshops and peak performance coaching,” according to his website. Featured as one of our “Top Faith-Based Keynote Speakers Today,” his addresses and workshops have reached into the hearts and souls of his audiences.

A former Division I athlete and coach, Blackwell brings the stamina and dynamism you want from a motivational speaker. He also offers real-world entrepreneurial experience as the founder and CEO of Say Do Achieve, a company dedicated to improving lives through language and mindset. This bestselling author of The Liberty of Our Language Revealed motivates and inspires through his unforgettable keynote topics that include:

  • “We Bring About What we Talk About”
  • “Instructional, Motivational, Inspirational… The 3 Levels of Effective Speaking and Teaching”
  • “The Liberty of Our Language Revealed”

Learn more and check booking availability for Blackwell.

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Keynote Speaker Waldo Waldman Delivers ‘Wingman Values’
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Keynote Speaker Waldo Waldman Delivers ‘Wingman Values’

What kind of person with claustrophobia and a fear of heights becomes a combat-decorated F-16 fighter pilot? The answer is someone driven by “Wingman Values”: integrity, accountability and service.

Retired Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman worked to gain the focus and training necessary to succeed. An Air Force Academy graduate with an MBA focused in organizational behavior, he developed his “Top Gun” skills as part of “Operation Allied Force” in Iraq, Kosovo and beyond.

Those combat flight experiences fill the pages of his electrifying book, Never Fly Solo. Written with executives, managers and entrepreneurs in mind, this New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller urges readers to “power through the barriers holding you back from reaching new heights in your career.”

The success of Waldman’s book, in addition to his business experience as a former top producing sales manager, led to worldwide celebrity and acclaim. Waldman has appeared in top publications including SUCCESS, Inc. and Harvard Business Review. Major networks and popular broadcasts like CNN, Fox & Friends and Dr. Drew on Call have also featured Waldman for his growth and leadership insights. Today, he delivers bottom-line results to top companies as an executive coach and in-demand keynote speaker.

As a business speaker, Waldman offers executives and teams more than outcome-ready insights. He’s an engaging guest who brings crowds to their feet. His excellence in delivery has even led to his induction into the National Speaker’s Association Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor shared with fewer than 300 speakers worldwide.

With each in-person or virtual keynote address, Waldman provides the practical lessons and methods necessary to gain trust and create revenue-driving relationships both internally and with customers and stakeholders.

Waldman’s business philosophy: the fighter pilot mindset

Waldman believes that to achieve optimal success, organizations must move away from the combat mindset. “Just like well-trained fighter pilots,” Waldman says, “well-trained organizations should never enter into combat.”

He instead believes that “cooperation, communication and a commitment to a core set of values that serve others” create lasting growth and opportunity. While survivors may fly solo, winners build relationships and trust through teamwork. When business leaders develop that trust throughout their organization, achievers are more motivated and dedicated to their workplace. Then they can better focus on achieving the corporate objectives assigned to them.

With this philosophy in mind, Waldman developed “The Seven Wingman Principles”:

  1. “Winners Never Fly Solo”
  2. “Leaders Promote Collaborative Cultures”
  3. “Training and Preparation Drive Sales Excellence”
  4. “Standards Determine Culture”
  5. “Relationships are Foundational”
  6. “Be Courageous, Not Fearless”
  7. “Core Values are Essential for Growth”

Mission ready executive coaching

Even the best leaders have blind spots, and you need an executive coach who will reveal them with honesty and integrity. And as an executive coach, Waldman has you covered. He provides the insight you need, including an honest assessment of your current tactical and strategic situation. 

Among Waldman’s many clients, Matrix Home Solutions, one of the largest home remodeling companies in the nation, serves as a prime example. Thanks to Waldman, their leadership team and sales force got the “shot in the arm” they needed post-COVID pandemic. “Waldo really helps motivate you to lift other people up around you,” says CEO Nick Richmond. “And he is a great, great coach—probably one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Waldman’s custom keynote addresses

When hiring a keynote business speaker, every second of your guests’ time matters. That is why Waldman delivers addresses that are content-rich as well as motivational. Audiences remain engaged at every turn, leaving your event with takeaways that transform their lives and deliver bottom-line sales outcomes.

You can book Waldman for an in-person or virtual keynote address, seminar or video. In each case, he will customize his address to perfectly meet your goals and situational needs. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Dell EMC, Kroger, Deloitte and others have benefitted from his lessons in personal and team excellence.

Speaking topics include:

  • “Never Fly Solo®”—Transform relationships into revenue with communications, conviction and compassion.
  • “Wingman Leadership®”—Instill a “one team, one mission” mindset throughout your organization.
  • “Wingman Safety®”—Build a company a value-based culture of excellence with a commitment to safety and trust

Book Waldman

If you are ready to commit to growth and service with a speaker like Waldman, follow his advice and leave nothing to chance. Work with a trusted talent booking agency to ensure hassle-free, professional and cost-effective delivery.

The SUCCESS Speakers Bureau stands firmly on a foundation that includes a century-long commitment to personal growth and relationship-building among the top influencers and business leaders in the world.

Check speaking availability for Waldman by clicking or tapping here.

Top 5 Tech Keynote Speakers to Book in 2023
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Top 5 Tech Keynote Speakers to Book in 2023

The best technology speakers bring more than digital expertise. When you book a top keynote speaker with a strong digital background, you get an accomplished businessperson who knows the art of audience engagement. Hiring a technology speaker for your event provides you with a thought leader who drives sales, builds stronger corporate cultures and guides you through even the most complex digital transformations.

Data on corporate technology use shows that “over 90% of all [small and medium sized businesses] use digital tools for communication purposes,” according to a 2019 Deloitte report. Likewise, 44% of businesses “report cost savings from AI adoption in the business units where it’s deployed, with respondents from high performers more than four times likelier than others to say AI adoption has decreased business units’ costs by at least 10%, on average,” according to a 2019 McKinsey survey. Yet, even the most positive changes have the potential to fail or fall short of their intended goal. When implementing new tools, businesses must weigh factors including initial costs, training costs, business fit and the complexity versus the agility of the technology. They must also consider staff buy-in and how to make the best tactical use of their new tech services.

This is where tech keynote speakers shine. With a broad view of business strategy and expertise in issues of communications and creativity, they help you and your teams approach the transition with confidence and understanding. With these benefits in mind, let’s look at some of the top tech speakers available in 2023.

Robert Herjavec

Investor and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec knows the speed and precision it takes to compete and win. This Shark Tank investor has built several IT companies and founded the Herjavec Group, one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies, now Cyderes, which specializes in cybersecurity operations critical to today’s advanced corporate operations.

A competitor and Rookie of the Year in the “Ferrari Challenge North America” series, he’s equally adept at connecting technology to where the rubber meets the road. “You have to stay laser-focused when driving a car over 200 miles an hour, and the same approach is required when growing a business in today’s world of rapidly changing technology,” Herjavec says.

Author of The Will to Win, Herjavec has the ability to see several moves ahead in business and on the track to every customized public speaking engagement.

Learn more and check booking availability for Herjavec.

Erin King

Digital transformation has changed multiple aspects of business operations, including how organizations interact with and learn from consumers. Digital Persuasion author and business speaker Erin King knows how to get more “yes” in all of your communications. From clients and colleagues to stakeholders and managers, she breaks the “gift of gab” down to a science.

King’s methods teach your teams how to persuade others by making the best use of the time you have before people form an opinion of you during your online communications. And as an expert speaker, she likewise seizes your audience’s attention from the first moment and holds it throughout her presentation. In fact, Plexus Worldwide raved that Kings’ session provided the “highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit.”

Top brands including Abbott, Adobe, America’s Navy, Merck and Visa have relied on King’s keynote speaking and coaching talent. In each case, she provides an engaging and lively presentation that transforms the way we approach persuasive digital communication.

Learn more and check booking availability for King.

Naveen Jain

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain knows tech intimately and hands-on. He worked on the Microsoft Network management team in its infancy and founded InfoSpace. A serial entrepreneur and thought-leader, he also founded Intelius and Moon Express, the latter committed to mining precious metals as well as Helium-3 from the moon. With yet another company, Viome, Jain uses cutting-edge mRNA technology and an AI-powered platform to analyze your physiology to recommend foods and supplements to enhance health and well-being.

Named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young and “Most Creative Person” by Fast Company, Jain is technically adept, yes. But he’s also a businessman. He knows the value of creating programs that create and hold everyone’s attention. To that end, he currently offers a masterclass entitled “Mindvalley Masterclass: The Power of Boldness,” which guides participants toward creating and achieving their own “Moonshot” ideas.

Other keynote speaking topics include “Mindset of Abundance” and “Disrupting Healthcare.”

Learn more and check booking availability for Jain.

Tom Corley

Today, technology plays a major role in fields such as financial planning and modern tech tools can provide assistance with tasks including data-crunching and decision-making. Keynote speaker and author Tom Corley knows the high-stakes world of high tech in financial planning better than anyone.

Recognized as a leading authority in building habits for wealth creation, Corley brings solid financial acumen to the table. He is a CPA, CFP and holds a master’s degree in taxation. In 2004, he began studying the daily habits that differentiate wealthy individuals from those struggling financially. His comprehensive research included interviews with 361 individuals. He wrote several books based on this topic, including Change Your Habits, Change Your Life and Effort-Less Wealth. He has also contributed to major media outlets including Business Insider, CNBC and SUCCESS magazine.

His motivational speaking topics include “The 4 Paths to Wealth,” “Why Habits Matter” and more.

Learn more and check booking availability for Corley.

Christopher Chapman

Keynote speaker Christopher Chapman specializes in the space where human creativity and technology meet. Where others see hard lines between imagination, business outcomes and tech, Chapman finds thrilling new opportunities that transcend the usual limits.

Chapman served Disney for more than 15 years, first as a graphic designer and art director and later as global creativity and innovation director. He led innovation across channels including Disney Studios, Pixar, Walt Disney Imagineering and ABC News. Even more recently, he has provided tech thought leadership at companies including Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Kaiser Permanente and Sony Pictures.

Chapman’s keynote addresses engage and inspire teams and guests in the areas where you need to develop most for sustainable outcomes. Game-changing topics include “Creative Problem-Solving,” “Storytelling in Business,” “Creativity and Innovation” and much more. 

Learn more and check booking availability for Chapman.

15 Networking Tips That Land You Speaking Gigs
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15 Networking Tips That Land You Speaking Gigs

Getting hired as a professional speaker requires hard work. After all, public speaking is a business. And as with any business, a career in public speaking requires networking for success. After deciding that you have what it takes to become a professional speaker, you must build great relationships to make money from public speaking. Here are our top 15 networking tips to help you succeed in your search for public speaking jobs.

Get started networking with local public speaking events.

  1. Contact friends, family and colleagues and convey your interest in public speaking. A cousin or aunt may have just the opportunity to help you get started. Managers and associates could have or develop a presentation they’d love to involve you in. Even if no immediate opportunity exists, they may remember you when one arises.
  2. Find your area of expertise. That may be business, finance or technology. Attend industry events, seminars and conferences related to your field at every opportunity. It’s a great way to learn from like-minded professionals while also allowing you to embrace the value of networking. These tactics could lead to speaking gigs among planners and potential clients or employers you meet.
  3. Whatever your profession, see if your company has opportunities to network at trade shows or expos. Find out your company schedule through human resources, the marketing department or even online. Then, express your willingness to attend and even to contribute to these events. A strong performance at a company booth can benefit both you and the company.
  4. Volunteer to speak at local events. Chambers of commerce, charitable fundraisers and community organizations such as Rotary International may provide opportunities for speaking engagements. You’ll find multiple benefits as a new or even seasoned speaker. Volunteer work provides the opportunity to develop your speaking brand and style and gain exposure while networking among peers.
  5. Offer to speak at colleges, universities and trade schools. Educational institutions provide excellent opportunities for speakers. At first glance, you may think of events such as commencements. But you may find even greater networking opportunities with individual colleges or departments. An alumni dinner for a business college, entrepreneurial institute or innovation program may provide great networking opportunities for business speakers.

Use digital tools to network and promote your speaking availability.

  1. Utilize the networking power of social media. With the rise of influencer culture, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok provide opportunities to network with spokespeople and trendsetters. Just as importantly, use the opportunity to keep up with trending speaking topics. Follow talent agencies such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up to date.
  2. Consider joining professional speaking organizations. Entities such as Toastmasters International, the National Speakers Association and The Global Speakers Federation provide learning and networking opportunities. Yet many speakers simply join public speaking groups on LinkedIn. There, you will find public speaking groups across myriad industries, many with hundreds or thousands of members.
  3. Start your own professional blog or website. Doing so provides an excellent opportunity to showcase yourself as a motivator, thought-leader or industry expert. Study some of the best professional speaker websites for inspiration. Note that most promote themselves as leaders by offering thoughtful content for free. And don’t be intimidated by the intricacies of web-building. You can begin building your personal brand as a speaker with a simple WordPress blog and expand it into a full website later.
  4. Research trendsetters, business leaders and even other speakers in your field of expertise. As part of your networking goal, reach out to them. Offer to write a guest article or blog post for their website. Briefly outline a topic you could explore that both aligns with their existing content while providing a unique take. Sometimes, leaders will be happy to showcase you while providing your contact information or link to your blog.
  5. Start a podcast. This might sound intimidating at first. Maybe all you’ve seen are somewhat professional studio productions. But many of those top podcasters, YouTubers, Rumblers and others started simply with a phone. Top health and mindset speaker Trent Shelton began with short, inspirational clips in this way. The most important thing is to be yourself and remain authentic as a speaker.

Collaborate generously while you develop as a professional speaker.

  1. Conduct free workshops or webinars. This doesn’t mean “going it alone.” But if you work within a corporation, educational institution or nonprofit, your organization may have internal or external training events. Whether acting as an in-person or virtual speaker, carefully consider the event and what expertise you may add for greater success. Then, reach out to the organizer or relevant manager with your proposal.
  2. Similarly, your organization may attend a conference or host its own event. Even if there are no public speaking slots available, you may still have a public speaking opportunity. Consider providing your talents as a panelist or as a moderator with carefully prepared questions. This form of collaboration helps you gain visibility and showcase your speaking skills to a larger audience.
  3. Collaborate with other speakers at every opportunity. By now, you’ve likely begun meeting other professional speakers. Some may even be friends. Never neglect an opportunity to collaborate with them. Even if you simply offer to introduce them at an event or assist them in writing or editing their public addresses, you show yourself as a useful team player. More opportunities will come.
  4. Get to know event organizers. Reach out to event organizers directly and offer your expertise as a speaker. Even when it doesn’t work out, you may find other opportunities. Offering your services by registering guests or helping set up the event shows that you are a team player who believes in the cause.
  5. Connect with a trusted speaking talent agency. As you get more public speaking jobs, your time will get stretched thin. A trusted talent agency such as the SUCCESS Speakers Bureau lifts much of the burden by building vital relationships, assisting with your brand and handling logistics for you. Then, you can focus on what you do best: being the best public speaker possible. Visit our “Be a SUCCESS Speaker” page to learn more.
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