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Speaker Spotlight: Trent Shelton Builds Better Mindsets
Business Speakers, Keynote, Motivational

Speaker Spotlight: Trent Shelton Builds Better Mindsets

Finding success in the face of adversity sometimes requires reinventing yourself, which may mean a change of career or taking on new opportunities for personal growth. But whatever your path, true prosperity will always challenge you to be more resilient, improve your mindset and be personally accountable in all that you do.

Keynote motivational speaker and author Trent Shelton has embodied each of these attributes while experiencing hardship and ultimate success. Best of all, he knows how to convey this message to vast audiences, building better mindsets for tomorrow’s leaders.

Shelton’s story

Shelton had big dreams while growing up in New Orleans and Fort Worth, Texas: he wanted to play pro football. Enrolling at Baylor University as a speech communications major helped him realize that dream. He excelled as a wide receiver for the Baylor Bears to wide acclaim. In 2007, he began his career in the NFL as a free agent, eventually becoming a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, as well as the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Commanders. But that NFL career ended abruptly. Plagued by injuries, Shelton did not make the next draft. Worse, this abrupt change led to depression and a loss of self-worth.

Home again in 2011, Shelton took an opportunity to speak at his church. His inspiring message immediately connected with the congregation. He soon took this gift online, making short YouTube videos with a curriculum for resilience through inner strength and personal responsibility. For Shelton, creating these videos served as a form of therapy. But for audiences, the videos served as deeply emotional and timeless motivational lessons. Shelton had found his true calling.

Known for his signature closing, “It’s Rehab Time,” Shelton soon founded the RehabTime Organization, a Christian-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. Here, he serves audiences worldwide with an empowering message of faith, mindset development and self-care.

Shelton’s inspirational podcast and books

With more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, the Straight Up with Trent Shelton podcast inspires millions with straight talk. Supercharged by his powerful voice and inner strength, physical fitness and reducing stress for greater well-being lie at the heart of his energetic message of personal motivation. Some of his most popular video titles include “Not Everyone Is Your Friend” and “Time to Move On: How to Change Your Life,” alongside topics including overcoming your fears and self-harm. You can find his weekly message of positive well-being and the role of fitness on platforms including Apple, Spotify and iHeart.

Shelton’s dynamic voice translates to the written page flawlessly with the same energy, style and personal assistance to achieve a healthier mindset. The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose and Straight Up: Honest, Unfiltered, As-Real-As-I-Can-Put-It Advice for Life’s Biggest Challenges have each gained him acclaim as an author, as well as just under five-star Amazon reviews.

With personal stories and solid advice, he guides his readers through relationships, depression and ultimate achievement as only Shelton can. Most of all, he helps his audience achieve the ultimate accomplishment: being all that you can be. And for an even deeper dive into romantic relationships, don’t miss You’re Perfect: for the heart that is meant to love you.

Keynote speaker for personal growth

Shelton’s message reaches more than 60 million people weekly through impactful videos and social media engagement, but there’s nothing quite like seeing him live at a corporate or institutional event. His energy exists in the moment and it’s irresistible. His stamina as an athlete and rhetorical gifts have led him to pack stadiums worldwide in cities including New York City and London.

Plus, as an internationally recognized motivational speaker, the mention of his name alone draws interest. A true professional, he never disappoints. He provides lasting benefits for audiences by creating a more positive work culture and inspiring every attendee to overcome challenges, develop healthier mindsets and be their best selves.

Booking information for Shelton

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Check booking availability for Shelton, or browse our menu of available speakers and coaches including categories such as motivational, personal development, training, celebrity and much more. You’ll find biographies, speaking reels and even bestselling book links to help you get started.

And if you’re still undecided on the best speaker for your next event, simply drop us a line. We’ll put our expertise and connections to work to make your next live or virtual event a game-winning touchdown!

What Does It Take to Become a Professional Speaker?
Business Speakers, Professional Development

What Does It Take to Become a Professional Speaker?

Choosing a career as a professional speaker can lead to immense personal and financial rewards. You may choose to deliver keynote addresses part-time, or you can dive right into a full-time career. What’s more, guest-speaking topics can range from broad areas to highly specialized niche topics. Health and wellness, real estate, sales, productivity, leadership and marketing: your speaking topic choices are endless. Plus, you can deliver your addresses in-person, virtually through webinars or even prerecorded. But no matter how you choose to make money as a professional speaker, there are seven key elements for success:

1. Make your personal journey into a relatable story.

The best professional speakers rely on the awesome power of storytelling. Engaging stories can turn an informative lecture into an unforgettable keynote speech. And as with any story, yours should have a beginning, middle and end: the challenges you faced, how you met them and the success or reward you achieved.

And don’t be afraid to dig deep. At your point of crisis, did you feel lost, alone or depressed? Did you face homelessness, become self-destructive or suffer health problems? Don’t worry about sounding weak or vulnerable. These details make you more relatable while also speaking to your overall strength, resilience and ability to develop a growth mindset. Look to speakers such as Anne Grady and Suzy Batiz to learn how to weave personal challenges into your story of success.

2. Convey how you succeeded at something… differently.

Today’s best motivational speakers typically provide a message of positive mindset, personal responsibility and hard work. Those attributes serve as a great model for any audience and industry. But alone, they do not offer something unique.

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, think deeply about your personal brand. Then, figure out how it relates to your message as a guest or motivational speaker. Did you succeed by finding some untapped niche through methods such as Blue Ocean Strategy? Were the challenges you faced somehow unique in and of themselves? And what exactly is the success that you achieved? You don’t need to be a top real estate mogul like Grant Cardone or a former fighter pilot like Carey Lohrenz to interest an audience, but defining your success at a personal level and describing the methods you used when obtaining it make your message more engaging.

3. Develop your speaking skills at every opportunity.

If you want to become a professional speaker, you probably feel comfortable speaking before an audience. But like any skill, you get better with practice. Take every opportunity to develop your oratory skills by speaking virtually, live or both. No speaking opportunity is too small if it helps you learn and improve. In the meantime, create a podcast or YouTube channel. Top motivational speaker Trent Shelton began his speaking career with short, simple personal messages on YouTube.

And don’t forget that humor may be one of the most important ingredients for a speaker. The ability to know what makes audiences laugh, and to weave those moments through deeply emotional passages, takes more than talent. It requires both live and virtual audience feedback to hone your skills.

4. Don’t neglect your social media presence.

While we’re on the subject of podcasting, be sure to strengthen your overall social media presence. Learn how to use each social media platform to maximize your reach. For instance, Facebook is great for developing your story while Instagram gives audiences a peek into your life.

Social media serves multiple functions for the professional speaker. It spreads your message while building your audience, and allows you to develop your personal brand while gaining all-important feedback. Just try not to let negative comments affect you. If people are viewing, sharing and responding to you, you’re already on the right track. Practice your skill at interweaving the personal, the humorous and the profound while staying on brand. The best posts and tweets often manage all of them at once.

5. Ensure that your drive to share your growth message is genuine.

When you learn a new trick or skill at the office, do you keep it to yourself? Or do you share this valuable information with others? In your personal life, are you more likely to hold onto that great recipe so that yours is the best dish at the next dinner party? Or do you share it with others so that they can make it for themselves?

There are no right or wrong answers. Each approach to life can have its benefits. But to truly succeed in your career as a professional speaker, you want to be in the sharing category. To engage and motivate audiences, you need to be ready to deliver your secrets for personal and professional success. Today’s top motivational speakers and coaches all have something in common: a boundless passion to impart their best tips, tricks and guides to success.

6. Build your organizational skills and stamina.

Whether delivering a virtual address nationwide or an in-person talk locally, few things dampen your career like showing up late. Unlike turning in an assignment late to your manager, you can’t provide a personal excuse to dozens, hundreds or thousands of people waiting for you at 10:15 a.m. on a Thursday. Your organizational skills must be impeccable.

You also need to build your personal stamina. Your early morning keynote address following a 10-hour flight and no sleep must be as exciting and dynamic as the one you gave fully rested. To achieve that stamina, you need to remain mindful of your physical health and strength as well as your mental well-being

7. Find reliable booking representation.

With the right drive and a story to tell, your career as a professional speaker can lead to great rewards. But professional speakers sometimes fall short of their true potential. The problem isn’t a lack of talent—often, it’s right when a speaker’s career takes off that things fall apart. Back-to-back engagements aren’t easy to handle when your phone, email and direct messages blow up with inquiries.

That’s where being prepared with a trusted booking agency comes in. The Success Speakers Bureau makes your peak times manageable while keeping you in the public eye during the slow times. That way, you can focus on what you do best: delivering your message to ever-growing audiences.

Build your brand while leaving the logistics to us. Learn how to become a future speaker with the Success Speakers Bureau today.

Top Faith-Based Keynote Speakers Today
Business Speakers, Keynote

Top Faith-Based Keynote Speakers Today

Spirituality has served as a driving force for some of the top motivational speakers in history, including Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr. and countless others. But don’t expect a Sunday sermon from faith-based keynote speakers. Rather, their spirituality and sense of calling provides a center for them, building their personal resilience, confidence and drive to succeed.

It also helps instill a sense of purpose in assisting others. This is where public speakers and executive coaches come in. 

Our list of top faith-based keynote speakers includes people who motivate your audience in building winning teams, finding financial independence and cultivating more positive mindsets. Most of all, they help both current and future leaders find their spark and live their best lives.

Here are five of our favorite spiritually-based keynote speakers. Each has a stellar background in helping people transform their lives, both inside and outside the corporate world.

Anthony O’Neal

What does spirituality have to do with living debt free? For faith-based motivational speaker Anthony O’Neal, the two are inseparable. Debt binds millions of people to an existence where they don’t truly own their own property or labor. The journey to a debt-free existence means not only financial freedom, but the power to pursue prosperity and happiness both professionally and personally. But the journey is not easy. It requires mental fortitude, clarity, an inner strength and certainty in oneself. That’s where faith comes in.

Anthony O’Neal is the No. 1 national bestselling author of Debt Free Degree and its follow-up, Destroy Your Student Loan Debt. As a financial speaker, educator and podcaster, he has reached more than 15 million people in 15 countries through his podcast The Table. Additionally, his YouTube show, The Table with AO, has gained more than half a million subscribers. Here, O’Neal and his guests cover financial topics including money tips and building wealth, but also personal issues such as relationships and mental health.

O’Neal’s keynote addresses are at once passionate, relevant and relatable. He keeps it real with a sharp wit, resounding authority and an inner strength. At every engagement, he lives up to his pledge to “serve ambitious and purpose-minded people who are on a journey towards mental, spiritual and financial freedom.”

Live debt free.

Check speaking availability for Anthony O’Neal!

Simon T. Bailey

Inspirational messaging and limitless energy are the hallmarks of every one of Simon T. Bailey’s keynote presentations. An author, success coach and philanthropist, Bailey is, above all, someone who believes in you. Best of all, he has the passion and skills to help you believe in yourself.

At each event, Bailey’s inspirational messages achieve more than just improving the happiness and health of your employees—they assist audiences in creating a healthier work culture overall. Bailey has more than 30 years of experience in helping employees find their spark, having worked with more than 2,000 companies including Enterprise Fleet Management, Labcorp and Liberty Military Housing. He draws from his inner faith to help audiences move past their uncertainties and inhibitions to take full advantage of their talents and abilities. That is, to find their spark.

His dynamic and wholly engaging speaking style has earned him recognition as a top motivational speaker by Direct Selling News and SUCCESS. His boundless energy and passion for helping others have also led him to sit on the board of both the U.S. Dream Academy and Orlando Health Foundation. Bailey’s business and self-help books include Success is an Inside Job, Shift Your Brilliance and Be the Spark.

Find your spark.
Check speaking availability for Simon T. Bailey!

Patrice Washington

Most people don’t make an immediate connection between personal finance and faith. But that’s part of why Patrice Washington stands out as a keynote speaker. Of course, there is still a financial aspect to wealth in Washington’s model, but it is made up of so much more. It includes a spirit-guided quest for purpose, empowerment and well-being. Rather than chase money, she knows that personal growth and fulfillment in work and life lead to true wealth and prosperity. And that includes the monetary kind!

Washington’s message and financial expertise have gained her devoted audiences and critical acclaim. An author, podcaster and keynote speaker, she encourages and guides people to claim prosperity as a birthright. Additionally, media outlets including SUCCESS magazine and Forbes have highlighted her Redefining Wealth podcast. 

Known as “America’s Money Maven,” Washington’s keynote messages serve as a shining light in the fog of self-doubt. She speaks with passion and clarity to help you “shift your mindset, earn more using your God-given gifts and live your life’s purpose.”

Know your purpose.

Check speaking availability for Patrice Washington!

Kelly Cardenas

The pulse of any organization lies in its humanity. To build an iconic brand, you need people. With faith in the right people, you can create a corporate culture of excitement, trust and enrichment. From there, your team will work together to build a company that defies the odds in hard times and grows to amazing heights in good ones.

Few inspirational speakers understand these timeless principles as well as Kelly Cardenas. A Forbes contributor, podcaster and author, he built his own multimillion-dollar brand as founder of Kelly Cardenas Salon. A master of building people and teams, his faith-based message of developing people first reaches all audiences at their very core.

For Cardenas, faith does not mean blind trust in anyone around you. Rather, it is a process you grow from the ground up. With the right choices of associates, you can create a corporate culture that refuses to lose. You need a team that can meet the challenge in bad times as well as good. Cardenas shows you how to build that team.

Create a winning team.

Check speaking availability for Kelly Cardenas!

Thomas Blackwell

Perhaps better than anyone, inspirational keynote speaker and coach Thomas Blackwell understands the connection between language and success. In fact, he serves as founder and CEO of Say Do Achieve, a company committed to improving results and mindset through language. His book, The Liberty of Our Language Revealed, explores how the words we use alone, in conversations and in our prayers impact our mindset, success and, ultimately, our overall happiness and well-being.

Blackwell’s background includes a music and voice scholarship as well as tennis and soccer competitions while in college. These pursuits helped him hone not only his captivating stage presence, but also his stamina. As a business leader, he owned and operated a successful insurance agency with more than 100 agents in three locations.

As a speaker and coach, Blackwell has delivered his impassioned message more than 1,000 times to corporations, sales teams, athletes, religious groups and students. Speaking topics include “We Bring About What We Talk About,” “The Liberty Of Our Language Revealed” and “Performance Pep Talk” among others.

Cultivate a better mindset.

Check speaking availability for Thomas Blackwell!

Speaker Spotlight: Kelly Cardenas Builds Winning Cultures
Business Speakers, Corporate Culture

Speaker Spotlight: Kelly Cardenas Builds Winning Cultures

Keynote speaker Kelly Cardenas knows that building iconic brands begins with the heartbeat of your organization: people. Your business empire can only go as far as your corporate culture allows. But that culture is made of individuals. While positive attitudes and strong ethics can build your brand, negative attitudes can spread. They can create weak links and infect your entire organization.

Renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author and podcaster Cardenas delivers more than a pep talk. He offers realistic, time-tested and goal-driven strategies to construct a thriving corporate culture that will lead your organization to success.

As we dive deeper into Cardenas’ philosophy and career as a business keynote speaker, keep this question he poses in mind:

“What would it mean to you to have a way to evaluate character, and integrity that would be directly linked to the bottom line performance and more importantly the sustainability of your organization or relationship?”

Learn to build people with Cardenas

Cardenas knows what it takes to build a multimillion-dollar brand from the ground up. In fact, he built his own as founder of Kelly Cardenas Salon. As with other leaders, one may wonder where he found the time to run the company, as well as contribute to Forbes magazine, develop a successful podcast, deliver keynote addresses and author a bestselling book. The answer is both simple and complex: You must create teams with the skills, motivation and empowerment to act. After all, not much gets done when employees need to wait for authorization to take action.

But building that cultural efficiency requires more than blind trust. For sustained success, you need to develop teams of people with the brilliance to lead, act and, when necessary, put questionable actions in check. To build your empire, you need to develop a team that can function perfectly beyond micromanagement and even in your absence. As Cardenas says, “First and foremost you build the people and then you allow the people to build the business!”

Cardenas: public speaker and cultural coach

Achieving higher levels of performance from your team takes more than a hunch. It requires distinct strategies. As a keynote speaker and coach, Cardenas delivers a proven system to hone in on the very heartbeat of your organization. By booking Cardenas, you will learn the best methods to:

Cardenas wants you to succeed. Audiences naturally gravitate toward his charm, humor and larger-than-life yet approachable persona. No one looks away while he speaks, but he wants commitment from you, too. 

In the spotlight: bestselling book and podcast

If you want to learn more about Cardenas, you need to look no further than the popular media he produces. His book, The 6 Indicators for Business and Life, guides you through his proven process of finding success in business and in life. In fact, numerous leaders praise the book: Global Expeditions founders Philip and Duran Atkins write, “Kelly Cardenas has been a breath of fresh air and inspiration since meeting five years ago. His personal and professional ‘culture’ is truly above and beyond; something that is so uplifting and outside of the box.”

Plus, don’t miss his Attitude Determines Altitude podcast. Cardenas applies the “98/2 rule” (success = “98% attitude and 2% aptitude”) with his trademark humor, infectious smile and deep knowledge of business. And he makes a great host, too, with guests that include professional coaches, actors, influencers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople. With an overall rating of nearly five out of five stars on Apple podcasts, the podcast is sure to entertain you while also enriching your business awareness and personal sense of purpose.

Book Cardenas for your event

Booking Cardenas or other top keynote speakers is now easier than ever. The Success Speakers Bureau provides access to a host of the top motivational speakers, business experts and career coaches in the industry today. From founder Orison Swett Marden to the groundbreaking Napoleon Hill, SUCCESS puts its 125 years of experience to work for you. Simply search our featured speakers to find the right fit for your next live or virtual event. From conferences and conventions to leadership coaching and personal development, we have the right fit for you and your team.

And if you’re coming in a bit “cold” and not sure which corporate motivator is right for you, don’t worry. As network-building experts, we’re committed to helping you find exactly who you need. Simply contact the Success Speakers Bureau now, and we’ll get back to you promptly with the ideas and assistance you need to get rolling!

Keynote Speakers for Charity Events and Causes
Health & Wellness, Keynote, Women's Leadership

Keynote Speakers for Charity Events and Causes

Today’s top keynote speakers include the most diverse, dynamic and creative people on the planet. These are experts with passion. Their unique life experiences have led them to hold deep commitments to advocate for causes and charities close to their hearts. Nonprofit organizations, foundations and companies seeking genuine advancement of community missions each benefit from booking public speakers committed to their goals of societal improvement.

Mental health awareness, veterans advocacy, women’s leadership and LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion can each play a role in our professional and personal lives. Whether fundraising for a foundation or simply raising awareness to build a stronger workplace, you want the best keynote speaker possible. Let’s look at some of the top professional speakers certain to bring real, lasting value to your event.

Mental health advocacy expert speakers

Employers have made employee mental health and well-being a high priority in recent years. Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Salesforce and Microsoft have implemented their own mental health programs. Similarly, the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General includes workplace well-being on its list of “priority areas.” Better mental health in the workplace has a positive, cascading effect that includes higher productivity, fewer sick days taken and lower employee turnover.

Bestselling author of Mind Over Moment and two-time TEDx speaker Anne Grady delivers the goods from lived experience. Grady’s journey began when her son was diagnosed with severe mental illness and autism, leading her to study neurodevelopment and the human brain. Companies including United Healthcare, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Univision have used her speaking services to build stronger, more resilient leaders.

A true mental health advocate, Grady allocates portions of her book proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Illness Central Texas. Whether seeking to raise mental health awareness for a charitable event or to improve resilience within your corporate ranks, Anne Grady stands out among mental health advocates and speakers.

Learn more and check booking availability for Anne Grady

Veterans advocacy keynote speakers

Business and personal development speakers who served in the military bring unique perspectives. More than that, they embody rigorous training and experience in team building and decision-making under intense pressure. Keynote speaker Carey Lohrenz, for instance, served in the U.S. Navy as the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter pilot. The fundamental leadership and risk assessment skills she learned while working on an aircraft carrier have led her to work with companies such as Dell, Paypal, Cisco and many others.

But veterans face unique challenges, too. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other difficulties adapting to civilian life have left many veterans in the cold, sometimes literally. Health and wellness motivational speaker Mo Brossette made veteran assistance his personal cause. Prior to his departure from the company this January, he championed for veterans as the director of mindset at the Adaptive Training Foundation. There, he assisted disabled veterans through his “Redefine” program, a nine-week mental and physical training program. 

Learn more and check booking availability for Carey Lohrenz

Learn more and check booking availability for Mo Brossette

Women’s leadership & empowerment advocates

Women are rising in the business world. This is great for them and for companies: Research published in Financial Innovation shows that more women serving on board positions benefits the price-to-earnings ratio, and that an increase in board diversity “may enhance productivity, creativity and innovation” within the company.

Women’s leadership and empowerment keynote speakers leverage these facts to create stronger, healthier and more dynamic leaders within your company ranks and your community. Consider keynote speaker and women’s leadership advocate Suzy Batiz.

As an entrepreneur and empowerment advocate, Batiz has been featured on publications including CNBC and Fast Company, and was named by Forbes as one of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.” But that wealth and celebrity did not come easily for her. Not so long ago, she faced poverty, bankruptcy, and sexual and domestic abuse. She also survived a suicide attempt. Her transformational journey to successful founder of Poo~Pourri and supernatural required resilience, grit and determination. As a keynote speaker, she knows the hard road to personal empowerment and ultimate wealth. Her emotional, dynamic and always uplifting presentations inspire women to channel their creativity and brilliance.

Learn more and check booking availability for Suzy Batiz

The benefits of LGBTQ+ advocacy guest speakers

Over the past decade, the LGBTQ+ population in America has doubled to just over 7%. Some estimates are even higher. But even if LGBTQ+ represented fewer people, it would not matter in terms of individual rights in a free, individualistic-driven nation. Minorities of any size produce some of our most inspired perspectives, innovations and cultural advancements. Yet LGBTQ+ individuals face difficulties not so different from our veterans. Years of exclusion and worse have led to symptoms of depression and anxiety and acts of self-harm

Enter Mally Roncal. She’s a celebrity keynote speaker, makeup artist and LGBTQ+ community ally. As the founder of Mally Beauty, she’s also a highly successful entrepreneur who went at life in her own way and with her own style. A mother of three and author of Love, Lashes, and Lipstick, Mally loves all things glam. Her career as a makeup artist to the stars has led her to travel the world and practice her art with the likes of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. She has made it her mission to help all people see the beauty in themselves. In this way, she builds confidence, resilience and purpose for everyone she meets. Collaborations with celebrities including RuPaul have brought Roncal and her company into the spotlight in bold new areas, including drag culture and leadership. Booking “positivity preacher & spiritual cheerleader” Mally Roncal guarantees that everyone at your event will feel good about themselves and each other. 

Learn more and check booking availability for Mally Roncal

Find the Best Sales Keynote Speaker for Your Event
Business Speakers, Keynote, Sales

Find the Best Sales Keynote Speaker for Your Event

What is a keynote speaker?

You may have heard singers, such as a barbershop quartet, play a single note before singing. That establishes the key for the next song. Similarly, a keynote speaker sets the tone for your conference, convention, seminar or other event. For that reason, they typically speak first following an introduction. A second keynote speaker may speak last, effectively bookending your event.

Guest speakers, on the other hand, more often go into deeper detail regarding the substance of your event. The top sales speakers on this list and offered for booking by the Success Speakers Bureau may serve either or both of these roles.

How does a motivational sales speaker benefit my event?

Perhaps more than any other team in your company, sales departments require two very different skill sets. First, they require the ability to remain motivated. Salespeople, such as real estate agents or industrial marketers, may experience prolonged “dry spells.” The best motivational sales speakers have been there. They are masters at both reinvigorating your team and providing them the tools they need to gain resilience in the face of obstacles.

Second, salespeople require skills that go beyond conventional training and product storytelling. Time-tested best practices in communication, influence and knowing when to listen and when to “close the deal” come into play. Keynote sales speakers have both the background experience as sales leaders themselves and the gift for conveying their talk compellingly while entertaining your guests.

Who are the top sales keynote speakers to book today?

The Success Speakers Bureau provides dozens of the world’s top sales, real estate, financial and motivational keynote speakers. Browse our extensive speakers list to find the best fit for you. To get started, here are some of our top keynote sales speakers today.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer provides some of the most riveting and in-demand sales keynote addresses of the 2020s. In fact, he has earned the titles of Certified Speaking professional from the National Speakers Association and was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. With a message of “Disrupt and Dominate,” he provides addresses that your teams can immediately turn into money.

Book now, or learn more about Gitomer.

Justin Owens

Atlanta-based sales speaking and training superstar Justin Owens brings the experience you need in a keynote address. In fact, Owens himself has generated more than $30 million dollars in sales. A thought leader, author and entrepreneur, Owens has become an in-demand keynote speaker by sharing the sales and exemplary leadership strategies that brought him to lead multimillion-dollar organizations. 

Book now, or learn more about Owens.

Mel Robbins

International bestselling author of The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins has earned her spot as one of the most booked keynote speakers in the world. Namely, she provides your audience with actionable, science-backed tools to achieve their sales goals. Plus, her engaging style has led to her hosting the No. 1 education podcast in the world, The Mel Robbins Podcast. A master motivational speaker, Robbins has worked with top brands such as Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase.

Book now, or learn more about Robbins.

Grant Cardone

Keynote speaker Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of 11 business books, including The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. He built that success on solid experience through his real estate investment firm, Cardone Capital, which has raised over $1 billion in total funds. With experience in both the real estate and automotive industries, Cardone knows sales like no other. His 10X Growth Conference has grown into the “world’s largest business training event for sales and marketing,” according to the website. A master speaker and sales educator, he also founded the Grant Cardone Foundation to assist underprivileged youth in gaining financial literacy.

Book now, or learn more about Cardone.

Simon T. Bailey

Former Disney Institute Sales Director Simon T. Bailey has used his more than 30 years of experience to assist more than 2,000 companies in achieving their goals. His award-winning speaking style engages audiences while challenging them to achieve their dreams through self-actualization and personal empowerment. In fact, he joined the ranks of Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Brené Brown in SUCCESS magazine as one of the top 25 people to help you change your life. When not delivering jaw-dropping keynote addresses, Bailey serves as a board member with the U.S. Dream Academy and the Orlando Health Foundation.

Book now, or learn more about Bailey.

Bob Burg

Keynote sales speaker and bestselling author Bob Burg stands as a leading authority on relationship marketing and gaining influence. His book, Endless Referrals, is considered a timeless sales classic. A member of the National Speakers Association and inductee into their Speaker Hall of Fame, Burg delivers his keynotes with a unique balance of force and wit. Clients include real estate and financial firms, direct sales organizations, franchises, national trade associations, insurance companies and more. In each case, he helps build an effective sales approach in an entertaining, impactful style for every client.

Book now, or learn more about Burg.

How can I book my next sales keynote speaker?

You have a lot riding on your sales event. Beyond simplicity in booking, you need reliability, confidence and professionalism. You need a booking agency with a history in working with the best and most reliable business leaders.

For more than 125 years, SUCCESS has worked with and connected the top thought leaders, motivational planners and business leaders. Along with the keynote sales speakers listed above, we also work with Jim Cathcart, Terri Sjodin, Chris Widener and many, many others. Just drop us a note, and we’ll connect you with the best available, professional speaker for your event. And if you decide we have the right, nationally-recognized speaker for you, we’ll handle all the booking details.

Ready to get motivated to meet and exceed your sales goals? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for the latest news, interviews and inspirations!

Speaker Spotlight: Patrice Washington Redefines Wealth and Prosperity
Motivational, Personal Finance

Speaker Spotlight: Patrice Washington Redefines Wealth and Prosperity

Celebrity keynote speaker and author Patrice Washington wants to redefine wealth and prosperity. In fact, this inspiring young Black woman says that wealth has nothing to do with money at all. At least, not in how you pursue it. With a focus on personal development and well-being as well as financial expertise, her message goes beyond budgeting and debt management. She empowers people to find true purpose and happiness in their lives.

So what is Washington’s bold new message? And why should you book this inspiring and original young star for your next event?

A fresh take on personal finance

Those who chase only money rather than purpose often achieve neither. But those who seek purpose and fulfillment build both wealth and prosperity in their journey. That truth lies at the core of Washington’s message. Whether making a television appearance or delivering a keynote address, Washington changes the way her audience thinks of wealth.

Washington first entered the public eye as a personal finance expert, and eventually became known as “America’s Money Maven.” But her background in financial psychology led her to look even deeper into human behaviors. Why do we handle—and sometimes mishandle—our money? And who achieves lasting prosperity? Through this process, she redefined “wealth” from something you can find on a spreadsheet or in material possessions. Instead, she defines it as something bigger, something that includes the spiritual aspects of creating true fulfillment in life. Only then do we shift from a life of scarcity to one of opportunity and abundance.

As a motivational speaker and financial coach, Washington sees prosperity as a birthright. Through her podcast, books and speaking engagements, she assists all of us in reaching prosperity through purpose, discipline and joy, not self-deprivation.

Washington shines in media

Washington’s message has reached millions while gaining mass critical acclaim. Featured by Steve Harvey as a personal finance expert on both television and radio, she has also appeared on Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends. SUCCESS magazine named her on a list of the top “16 Motivational Podcasts by Black Hosts You Need to Listen To.” She has also been featured in hundreds of publications including Essence magazine and The New York Post.

Her holistic approach to wealth has also led her to host the Redefining Wealth podcast, available on platforms including Apple, Audible and Spotify. Here, Washington helps millions redefine wealth through personal transformation and well-being as she tackles issues of career and work-life balance, health and personal finance.

Washington also shines as a bestselling author. Her books include Real Money Answers for Every Woman, Real Money Answers for Men and, most recently, Redefine Wealth for Yourself: How to Stop Chasing Money and Finally Live Your Life’s Purpose. In this newest title, Washington engages and inspires readers to live their best, most prosperous lives through stories, exercises and principles including her “Six Pillars of Wealth.” At every step, she inspires us with practical methods to create goals, change habits, prioritize relationships and live with purpose in work we love.

Keynote speaking that transforms lives

Now you know why Washington has become such a shining star in the world of finance. But what can you expect when you book her as your next celebrity keynote speaker?

True to form, Washington delivers personal finance expertise and so much more. To get a sense of her energetic style, check out Patrice Washington’s Speaker Demo Reel on YouTube. No matter the audience or amount of pressure, she engages her audience with excitement and charm while leaving them with key takeaways that change lives. Washington’s signature workshops include “Redefining Wealth: A Blueprint for Creating Success on Your Own Terms” and “‘S’ is for Surrender: How to Find Peace + Prosperity in the Simplicity.”

“It’s not easy for a speaker to transfer a live moment into a virtual moment and still have it feel like you were in the room,” says a recent client. “Your virtual keynote was literally FIRE!”

Maximize your event: booking information for Washington

When you see Washington on television or read one of her books, the connection you feel is immediate. It’s like no one exists except the two of you. But, as any publisher or event planner knows, cultivating that seamless connection takes effort.

SUCCESS provides more than a century of expertise in connecting business leaders with the people whose lives they change. Today, the Success Speakers Bureau puts that experience to work for you. Book Washington now, or simply contact the Success Speakers Bureau to see how easy we make booking top thought leaders, TED speakers, personal financial coaches, women’s leadership speakers and more.

Why Hire a Motivational Keynote Speaker
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Why Hire a Motivational Keynote Speaker?

When hiring a motivational keynote speaker, your goal is the motivation of your audience. You want a professional speaker who kicks off your event in the best possible way, of course. But the long-term goal is one of transformational growth.

Consider the data. Statistics on workplace engagement show motivated employees are more engaged, while “low engagement teams endure turnover rates that are 18% to 43% higher” than their highly engaged counterparts, according to Gallup. Above all else, motivational keynote speakers enhance that engagement and increase the sense of purpose among your audience. That means activating deep, personal engagement not only during your corporate event, but for years to come.

But is it worth it to hire a motivational speaker? To answer that question, we’ll look at the role they play, the types of motivational speakers available and when (and how!) to book one.

What is a motivational keynote speaker?

A keynote speaker does more than kick off your event. Like a musician or singer in a troupe, they set the key or tone of your conference, convention or virtual event. Unlike a guest speaker who may dig into the nitty-gritty of highly specialized topics, a professional keynote speaker provides an overarching message.

This ability to introduce and frame the theme of your event in a message that uplifts the audience makes motivational speakers especially valuable as keynote speakers. Like the opening theme of a great movie, they excite and invigorate everyone in attendance. They open minds through wisdom, performance and humor, preparing your audience to receive more information.

What kinds of motivational speakers are there?

As with any profession, motivational speakers develop areas of expertise. This expertise includes learning and training, but it goes beyond that. They often develop wisdom based on deeply personal, transformational experiences, which may include anything from personal tragedy to intense military training and service. Additionally, backgrounds in overcoming poverty, severe health issues and even abuse often play an equally important role in their motivational keynote speeches by providing deeply personal and emotional narratives.

Just a few of the many types of popular motivational keynote speakers include:

Women’s leadership

Cultivating women’s leadership within your organization makes bottom-line sense, and women’s leadership keynote speakers such as Suzy Batiz bring out the best in your female workforce. Drawing from their personal experiences of working and fighting for success, women’s leadership motivational speakers encourage your leaders of tomorrow.

Self-care and well-being

Motivational speakers with specializations in self-care and well-being understand human performance. That is, we cannot perform optimally when we don’t care for ourselves—without care, we break down. Motivational speakers such as Karen M. Allen and Shawn Achor open your event with motivational messages of finding happiness in ourselves and in our work.

Health and fitness

Getting motivated to eat well and stay healthy may be one of life’s most difficult challenges. It’s also one of the most important. Fitness makes us feel and perform better in every area of our lives. Keynote speakers specializing in nutrition and health have the knowledge of what it takes to take your team to the next level. Nutrition experts such as Mo Brossette and Trent Shelton do more than deliver motivation to stay fit. They provide high-impact changes in mindset and lifestyle that amplify teamwork.

Personal development

Resilience, creativity and communication skills each involve—in fact, require—personal development. High-demand keynote speakers such as Jay Shetty and Anne Grady embody the importance of that development. Their messages of continual growth in the face of adversity drive audiences to become better, stronger people, which in turn creates a happier, more productive work culture. Suitable for nearly any live or virtual event, personal development speakers stimulate your audience to learn more while cultivating maximum engagement.

Motivational keynote speakers have other specialties, too. Sports, sales, real estate and financial speakers—among others—can each meaningfully help you kick off your event with humor, deep truths and excitement.

When should I book a motivational speaker?

We are all familiar with keynote speakers kicking off live, in-person conferences, conventions and corporate celebrations such as groundbreakings or product kick-off events. But motivational keynote speakers assist with virtual events such as client product education programs and prospective sales outreach events, too. Just as a keynote speaker kicks off your live event in a booked convention area, they serve the same important purpose for your virtual event. And with the popularity of hybrid events, some speakers may appear from remote locations to tie together multiple, regionally-based events.

Whatever your needs, the most important aspect is that you research and book your motivational keynote speaker in advance. We recommend starting the process up to a year in advance and—when possible—no later than six months prior to your event. This guarantees choices for access to your preferred professional keynote speaker.

Is it worth it to hire a motivational keynote speaker?

Booking a motivational speaker absolutely adds value to your event. Yes, their keynote addresses are uplifting in and of themselves. Yes, they provide emotional impact and add critical takeaways. But just as importantly, they make your ensuing presentations more memorable by providing an overarching context. Professional keynote speakers open your audience’s minds, better enabling them to receive important messages throughout your event.

From there, your decision to book a motivational speaker is one of cost-benefit analysis. We have provided data on the price of professional keynote speakers and the cost of virtual speakers specifically for a deeper dive. In either case, the most important thing you can do to get started is to work with a reputable booking agency such as The Success Speakers Bureau. That way, you are not only assured of a wide choice of keynote speaker experts, but you will also save on your time-benefit analysis, too. That’s because SUCCESS will handle all of the booking details and arrangements for you.

Learn more about us, or simply drop us a note to get started!

Speaker Spotlight: Erin King Delivers “Yes” with Digital Persuasion
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Speaker Spotlight: Erin King Delivers “Yes” with Digital Persuasion

What word do you most want to hear from customers, prospects, colleagues or even your boss? In each case, the word is “yes.” That single syllable affirms that you got the sale, the appointment, the cooperation or even the raise. Yes = Success.

But getting to “yes” requires more than a compelling communication style that holds people’s attention and drives outcomes. To successfully influence others to the point of action, you need a combination of clarity, brevity and purpose. Most people find this mix a challenge both personally and professionally. That’s where sales expert and master of digital persuasion Erin King comes in.

Booking King as your next event speaker or virtual trainer means that you get more than a sales and digital communications expert. You get someone whose dynamic presence and actionable message transforms audiences. In fact, Plexus Worldwide lauded her by stating, “Erin’s session had the highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit.”

So who is King? And why might she be the best keynote speaker to book for your next event?

King’s mastery of digital sales

As a world-renowned professional speaker, sales trainer and author, King helps audiences learn the “gift of gab” through the science of digital persuasion.

King’s background includes her former position as CEO and founder of the marketing firm Socialite Agency and current position as the chief digital officer of Strikepoint Media. She also authored the Amazon bestsellers You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity and Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, in which she details her “PUB method” of digital sales and communications. King knows that in the online world, you have less than three seconds before someone forms an opinion about you and your message. Not only does she tell you how to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, but her methods teach you to grab and hold the attention of prospects and clients alike.

King’s talents, however, reach far beyond a monitor and keyboard. As a top keynote speaker and trainer, she draws upon her very public—and very physical—background competing in World Irish Dancing Championships and playing NCAA Division One lacrosse. Kristen Montgomery, vice president of Global Events at Younique Products, raves, “I’ve hired Erin for multiple conventions over the years and she kills it every single time.” As an event or marketing director, you can be assured that King’s delivery and professionalism will come through with every workshop, virtual training session or keynote address.

Topics covered in King’s keynote addresses

King’s expertise in digital sales and online engagement transforms audiences through classic humor one moment and deeply motivational anecdotes the next. Her addresses are customized too, fitting your company’s branding needs and desired outcomes.

Her presentations assist your audience in developing several key mindset components adaptable to any rank and position. These include:

  • Audacity: facing the world with a certainty of who you have been, who you are, and who you are destined to become
  • Courage: building the resilience required to overcome defeats and challenges while remaining resolute in your goals
  • Leadership: developing concrete goals and the steps needed to achieve them through proactive and informed decision-making

The result? “Our global sales force began using the PUB method for immediate, measurable results,” says George Pla, an executive director for Merck Pharmaceuticals. “Erin’s like a modern Dale Carnegie.”

King’s media appearances and notable clients

Widespread media appearances—including NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, CNN and ESPN—as well as King’s own On Your Terms podcast with SUCCESS, make her both exciting and familiar to audiences, and speak to her professionalism under pressure. 

Likewise, major national and international brands have benefited from King’s live keynote addresses, virtual training sessions and workshops. Some of these major clients include Adobe, Disney, the Oscars, the U.S. Navy and Zyia Active, alongside many more.

Booking King as your next keynote speaker

Are you ready to learn exactly how to communicate in the digital marketplace? If so, there has never been a better time to book King. From world-renowned and customized live keynote addresses to virtual training and full-day workshops, King will assist you and your team in achieving the sales and digital reach you need to compete.

Hear more “yes” in your life from your prospects and clients, both online and off. Simply contact the Success Speakers Bureau with a short note about your keynote speaking or leadership training needs. We’ll put our 125 years of experience to work helping ensure your event is the success you need it to be!

Or, browse our full list of live and virtual speakers. From motivational and productivity speakers to top hosts and emcees, we provide the best business speakers for your convention, conference or other event.

Top Motivational Speakers in Los Angeles
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Top Motivational Speakers in Los Angeles

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles offers some of the most recognized motivational speakers in the world. After all, LA is known for producing top talent and setting tomorrow’s trends in style, health and wellness. Plus, as a major destination for business travelers and vacationers alike, it hosts some of the most exciting and high-profile conventions and conferences in the world. When you plan to hold an event in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, keep that “California vibe” going by booking local talent to deliver your keynote address. 

Here are some of our favorite motivational speakers in Los Angeles County:

James Whittaker 

Financial planning expert and motivational speaker James Whittaker wants you to Win the Day®. Armed with experience in running a company with more than $2 billion under management, this Los Angeles resident has personally advised Olympic gold medalists, billion-dollar CEOs and Special Forces operators. In each case, he helps his clients develop bulletproof plans for success through his personal motivation techniques and acute financial savvy. Whittaker’s bestselling motivational books include The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth and Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite, which was released in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Whittaker’s engaging speaking style makes him unmatched as a top financial speaker in Los Angeles. Topics include “Win the Business: How to 10x Your Influence, Income and Impact” and “Win the Influence: How to Create, Manage and Leverage High-Level Relationships.” Check out Whittaker’s Win the Day® podcast on platforms including Youtube, Spotify and Apple for a glimpse of what this LA-based keynote speaker will provide for your event.

Christopher Chapman

Mindset expert and LA resident Christopher Chapman motivates audiences to embrace both their courage and curiosity on the road to success. In fact, his background includes 14 years at the Walt Disney Company as a designer, global creativity & innovation director, and innovation catalyst. Currently, he serves as the co-founder, president and head of design at Imaginology, a design studio for daring collaborations at the “frontier of impossible.”

Chapman’s motivational keynote addresses are valued across the globe for their positive and sometimes rebellious attitude. A master storyteller, his public speaking topics include:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Workplace Culture
  • Storytelling
  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership 

Tan Le

California-based keynote speaker Tan Le founded Emotiv in 2011 to “empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally” using electroencephalography (EEG) hardware and software. An award-winning inventor, Le is also a highly sought-after speaker for her work in the understanding of the human brain as we adapt to merge with developing technologies. A popular TED Talk speaker, Le has been noted as one of the “most influential women in technology” by Fast Company and has been recognized by National Geographic as a top innovator and entrepreneur.

While Le and her company’s advancements exist in the realms of science, she makes her presentations relatable to her audience. Terms such as “bioinformatics” not only make sense but also become personal through Le’s delivery. In this way, she details how individuals and their unique communities can thrive and survive as humans seek personal value and happiness in the digital age.

John Salley

Tarzana, California, resident John Salley has lived the California lifestyle in the healthiest, most exciting ways possible. This NBA veteran of multiple teams, including the LA Lakers, has offered his talents as a top television host and actor. But he has found his ultimate voice more recently as a motivational speaker and wellness advocate. A vegan chef, wellness master, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Salley has made it his life’s mission to advocate for better health.

Salley’s message of personal reinvention through healthy living, mindfulness and a vegan diet has motivated millions to become stronger, healthier and more focused. He is actively involved in advocating for organizations focused on boosting children’s nutrition and fighting against animal cruelty and diabetes.

Oya Thomas

Inspirational speaker Oya Thomas began her career at age 10 as a singer and actress and launched her own modeling and talent management agency while still in her teens. This combined business drive and understanding of performance has made her a rising star among inspirational speakers in Los Angeles and beyond.

Yet, Thomas remains down-to-earth as a women’s speaker, delivering addresses for women’s groups and churches as well as major brands and institutions such as PayPal, Showtime, the NAACP and others. In each keynote delivery, she offers her unique talent as a “soul-centered strategist.” Her book, The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose, carries a coveted 5-Star total review on Amazon.

Ashley Stahl

Ashley Stahl begins with a simple question: “What should you do with your life?” In this way, her career as a bestselling author, motivational keynote speaker and career coach is not so different from her career as a counterterrorism expert. She does the reconnaissance, learns the facts and then directs best actions from there.

A TEDx speaker, this Los Angeles-based author of You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career has supported clients in 31 countries. Every time, she assists both individuals and companies in building confidence and finding fulfillment while achieving their goals. Stahl has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other major outlets.

Booking a keynote speaker for your LA event

Booking an LA-based speaker for your keynote address helps keep that local color and excitement going throughout your event. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard other options. Professional speakers travel worldwide, of course. Plus, virtual deliveries have become standard practice, putting nearly any speaker at your fingertips.

As part of your research, be sure to check out The Success Speakers Bureau. Our huge collection of professional keynote speakers and executive coaches is easily searchable by the type of speaker you need including sales, health and fitness, marketing and much more. Or simply contact us with a note describing your event needs. We’ll put our 125 years of networking and relationship-building to work for you. Together, we’ll not only find the right speaker for you, but we’ll even handle all of the booking details. Booking the best motivational speaker for your Los Angeles event has never been easier!

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